Mistress J

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It all starts innocently enough, with kissing of course. On the mouth, on the ears, on the cheeks and the eyelids. Gentle nibbles and licks of her tongue and lips. Meanwhile, the hands are roaming, caressing and fondling: shoulders and arms, hips and breasts. You let me undress you as this commences, so those kisses slowly move down from lips to chin to neck and then cleavage. Access to breasts should be next, gently lapping at hardening nipples, then a little faster and more forcefully, maybe even a playful bite, but certainly sucking between the lips. While the mouth is at play with the breasts, the hands are working south, hips and belly, caressing and fondling. Fingers gently glide over panties (milky white, I assume), seeking moisture and warmth. Fingernails graze puffy panty-clad lips while tongue continues to bathe nipples, big swirls, little laps.

My hand explores the damp darkness and yet comes back up to the belly only to reposition and dive under the waist-band, to seize the flesh. A single finger finds its way between the folds, feels the moisture, and then lubes the lips. It’s time now, you tell me; time for a taste.

Moving down rapidly, to kiss the belly, two hands tug off the panties, over the hips. You raise your ass so I can get these out of the way. Oh, so lovely looking! My soul, my sin, my desire. I kneel beside the bed and position your butt at the edge of the mattress, spreading your legs, and then with big strong-but-gentle fingers, split your lips apart and lower my mouth over you. A first lick and the succulent, pungent flower…

I’m kneeling in front of you, orally worshiping you pussy. Your fingers are in my hair as I insert my tongue deep inside you, bumping your clit with my nose. Then taking long laps from your butt to your clit, stopping at the end to suck on it, graze it with my teeth.

I could lick like this for hours. My tongue dances across you clit, up and down, then side to side, all around. You’re so hot and so wet. The moisture is rolling down my chin and onto my chest as you’re fucking my face. I could lick like this for hours, but you want more. Enough of the “soft touch;” it’s time for you to take control.

We change positions. You pull me up onto the bed and place my head on the pillows, instructing me to grab the headboard. I hadn’t noticed the silk scarves you’d pre-positioned there, so I’m a little surprised but excited when you bind my wrists with them. Satisfied, you tug on my erection, squeezing out a drop of pre-cum, which you lick off your finger tauntingly. Then you mount the bed, swinging one leg over my chest, facing me. You look into my eyes and say, “I’m going to rape your mouth,” as you grab the headboard and slide your drooling pussy over my chin and onto my mouth. My tongue goes out to you, into you, sucking deeply at your wetness. You begin to rock your hips back and forth controlling the location of Tipobet my tongue in your pussy. You let me suck your clit, you let me lick the bud of your ass. My cock is straining but you ignore it. This is your time, your pleasure. I’m your pussy-slave. You fuck my face, hard and fast, your orgasm is building and we both can feel it. My tongue is straining to probe you deeper. I’m awash in the mixture of my saliva and your pussy juice. You’re pounding into me now, rocking hard, hardly even feeling my tongue, using my whole face for your pleasure. “Eat me, eat me,” you call out as you hips wildly thrash about my open mouth.

You freeze, and a flood of juice cascades over me as your orgasm washes over you. But again you begin to rock you sweet pussy across my face, forcing me to lick and suck you to another orgasm and another. And when you’re through, you slide your dripping pussy down my body, over my chest and belly until you’re positioned just above my straining cock. You hesitate. I hope to god you’re going to fuck me. You know I want to be inside you again, so badly. But you might not, just tease me and taunt me, and show me who’s in charge.

Oh yes, you would straddle my straining cock, just close enough that the very tip is touching your wet pussy. You know I want you, you know that I need to feel me. You slowly rock over me, while holding my cock, letting it graze between your full lips but no closer. Do I like this? Do I want to fuck you? You want to see it in my eyes. You want to hear me beg for it. You want me to whimper, to lose all control. You slide down you, my cock sitting stiffly between my pussy lips, wrapped in that wetness. With one hand, you hold it tightly against yourself, slowly rubbing your pussy against it. With the other, you rub that area just under my balls, working very near my asshole. “Beg me, Frank,” you say. “Beg me to fuck you. Show me how much you want it.”

Yes, yes. “Fuck me, please, Mistress. Let me fill you, please. Ride my cock, Mistress, I’m begging.” You squeeze out more pre-cum and wipe it over your clit. I’m just a toy to you, my cock a dildo with breath. Yes, yes.

“Please, Mistress, please fuck me. Please milk the come from my cock. Please, Mistress, engulf me; I’m begging.”

“That’s it baby, that’s the way,” you say. “Is your cock straining, aching?” You slowly raise up and slip the head of it inside you. “What about now? Do you like that?” you move slowly, only fucking a little of it and lean back, slipping a finger into my ass. You move just a little faster, fucking the first couple of inches into me, you’re finger fucking me. “Do you like that Frank?” You raise up, until I almost slip out of you. And then down, hard, fast, taking my entire cock into your pussy. You ride me. You fuck me. You slam your pussy down over me. Harder, harder: raping my ass with your fingers.

Yeah, insult me a little, Tipobet Giriş tease me a lot. Ride my cock hard until you come again, then squeeze my balls to make me spurt into you. You know you want it. You want to feel the hot jets of semen fill your pussy. Then you can have me lick you clean again and taste myself from your snatch.

You’re so slutty and commanding, making me debase myself that way. But you’re not finished. Oh no, you’re only just getting warmed up.

You climb off me, leaving my cock hard and slick and pulsing in the air, straining to enter you again. I watch you walk across the room to your bag, from which you withdraw a blindfold. Coming back to where I’m tied down, you lean over me and offer you breasts for sucking, then fit the blindfold over my head.

“Can you see?” you ask.

“No, Mistress,” I whimper in reply.

“I’d better not catch you peaking.”

“I can’t, Mistress.”


I feel you untie the silk scarves that have held my arms raised to the headboard, but you quickly bind my hands together. You get me upright, and lead me towards the bathroom. The door is opened, and you have me raise my arms again and hook the cloth over the top of the door.

“Spread your legs,” I hear you say, and I comply, silently, the thin sharp edge of the door against my spine. Naked and exposed before you, my cock twitching and straining in frustration, my balls dangling with the weight of semen yearning to explode into you I stand there waiting in trepidation. I hear random rustling and bumping from different places around the room. Then to my shock I hear the click of a camera shutter: you’re photographing me in my subjugation and subordinate position. It’s embarrassing to think of you showing this photo to your friends, knowing they’ll be laughing at my humiliation even though in their hearts they’ll be jealous of you and not a little aroused at the sight of my hard-on lewdly protruding.

These thoughts are shattered and I’m brought back to the reality of your lips wrapped around my cock. You suck me in casually, just another little tease to keep me hard. Then another sound, metallic snaps: you’re putting a leather cockring on me, strapping me in. One band goes under my balls and closes over the top of my erection. I feel others, separating each ball and snapping to the side. I’m glad I’m shaved–the pull on pubic hairs would have been excruciating. I feel a large drop of clear salty pre-com ooze from the tip of my cock, which you catch with your fingertip and then trace across my lips. Another second and another click of the camera. Though I can’t see, I sense you kneeling before me for a close-up.

“You want to come, boy?” you taunt.

“Yes, Mistress. Please let me come.”

“Where? Where do you want to shoot your load?”

“Wherever it will please you, Mistress.”

Again the sound Tipobet Güncel Giriş of rustling across the room as you dig something else from your bag. “I’m going to let you masturbate for me,” you say approaching me again. Another new sound, the hum of a vibrator. You squeeze my cock roughly, coaxing out another large glob of pre-come and I feel the vibrator buzz against it. “Just a little lube,” you say. Then you roughly pull my forward by the prick until I’m leaning against the door, my feet splayed and my arms high. I feel you spread my ass cheek and find my butt hole with one hand as you slowly guide the vibrator to the puckered opening.

“I’m going to fuck your ass with this while you jerk off for me,” you say, so matter-of-factly. I groan with lust as the slender toy pierces me, the vibrations resounding in my leather-clad scrotum. My cock is twitching involuntarily as the rods probes my ass and touches against my prostate.

“Fuck” I hiss, uncontrollably.

“Don’t like it?”

“It’s wonderful, Mistress.

“Good,” you reply, laughingly. “You little slut. Cock-bound, manacled, butt-fucked with my come dripping from your chin and you like it. What a whore you are.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m your whore.”

I feel you undo my hands from the top of the door, but because me feet are so far apart, I have to continue to lean against it to support myself.

“Go ahead,” you say, twisting the vibrator in my ass, “jerk yourself.”

My two hands are still bound together, and I grab my cock with both of them. I know you’ll be unhappy if I go as quickly as I’d like, so I start out with long, slow strokes swabbing my palm over the head to gather the copious lubricant I’m producing. From the way you’re fucking my ass with the vibrator, I calculate that you must be on your knees before me, inches away from my cock. I imagine I can feel your breath against it. I imagine that when I come, it’s going to hit you.

“Go ahead,” you say again, “speed it up a little, make yourself come.”

My hands are stoking steadily now, increasing in tempo and squeezing harder. I want to shoot my load on your breasts, I want you to see what a good boy I am. Just then you jam the vibrator in deeper and command me to “Come! Now!” A loan, guttural moan escapes my lips and I feel the semen rising. On the down stroke, with my cock aimed straight forward, I feel the first spurt jet out. Even you’re a little surprised by the force and intensity for I hear you gasp slightly. And spurt that I’m sure arcs through the air, hopefully falling on your milky white breasts. I begin stoking again to squeeze every drop out and even when I think I’m done, the removal of the tool from my ass cause another big clot of come to ooze out.

I’m spent, but still blinded. You stand before me and I feel your breasts touch my face. “Lick me clean, boy,” you say, and as I begin to swab your breasts with my tongue, I taste myself on you. I’ve come on your tits and you’re having me lick it off.

“Don’t swallow,” you order, “save it in your mouth.” You pull away and yank my head back, and I feel your tongue force my mouth apart so you too can taste my come.

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