Mistress and Her pet go Shopping Ch. 02

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Startled from T/their steamy embrace, C@itlin and Her pet realized that T/their hot sexual explorations had not gone unnoticed when T/they heard a knock at the changing room door. With B/both of T/them still naked, C@itlin opened the door with a grin on Her face.

“I couldn’t help but hear You and Your bitch in here.” Seeing the flesh colored panties in disarray on the floor Marie picked them up, bringing them to Her face. Breathing in a deep breath, Marie let out a soft moan, smelling Jess’s scent on them. “And from what I can tell Your whore was already wet when she tried them on, I think Your slut needs to be taught a lesson, what do You think, Sis?” Marie asked with a deviant grin.

“Mmm…yes, I think Mah pet could use a lesson, couldn’t you pet?” C@itlin said looking at Her pet.

“Y-yes, Mistress.” Jess said with her eyes widened.

Shutting and locking the door, Marie turned to face T/them again. Gliding over to Jess, Marie grabbed her by the hair roughly, smiling at her widened eyes, and forced her into a bruising kiss, making her open her mouth and accept Her tongue. Marie reached down feeling Jess’s cunt, hot and slick from just being with her Mistress, and from Her kiss, causing desire laced with fear. “Mmm, Your bitch’s fucking sopped. you a filthy little whore, aren’t you?!” Marie said hotly in her ear.

“Y-yes, pet is a filthy whore.” Jess said shaking.


Jess cried out in shock, and slowly turned her face back to Marie, her face red and stinging from Her slap and tears burning behind her eyes.

“Yes, what? you filthy bitch!” Marie demanded, glaring down at Jess.

“Y-yes, Ma’am.” Jess stammered.

“Better whore.” Marie said taking the flesh colored panties and shoving them into Jess’s mouth.


“Shut up bitch! you’re Ours to use now, fucktoy.”

Jess nodded, tears streaming down her face.

C@itlin stepped over to Marie, kissing Her deeply, tasting Her pet still on Her tongue. “Let Me help You out of these clothes, Sis.”C@itlin said grinning.

“Mmm, please do.” Marie said smiling, reaching back and removing Her silver barrette from Her hair, letting Her long brown hair tumble and cascade across Her shoulders, breasts and down Her back.

C@itlin ran Her fingers through Marie’s long silk locks before sliding Her hands down, caressing Her breasts while easing up Her blouse exposing them, Her nipples erect, poking through the silk of Her bra. Marie moaned softly tossing Her head back while C@itlin raised Her blouse up and over Her head.

Jess sat watching, transfixed, seeing her Mistress putting Her mouth to Marie’s hardened nipples, biting them through the silk.

“OOooohhh…” Marie gasped, Her fingers digging into C@itlin’s shoulders.

Unclasping Marie’s bra, C@itlin smiled as Her breasts spilled out, nipples hard, screaming to be touched. C@itlin pinched and rolled Marie’s nipples, causing izmir escort Her to gasp, before gliding Her hands down Her belly in tantalizing patterns, until She reached Marie’s waistband to Her skirt.

With a quick hard tug, C@itlin pulled Marie’s skirt down and off, leaving Her wearing only a white see-through thong, which was visibly wet.

C@itlin licked Her lips and looked at Marie with a gleam of mischief in Her eyes. Taking Marie’s panties in Her hands, C@itlin ripped the fabric from Her, causing Marie to gasp and whimper out a moan. There Marie stood, 5″10′, tanned, toned, and naked before T/them.

Strutting over to Jess on Her patent black leather heels, C@itlin put Her hand under her chin, looking into her sapphire eyes. “you enjoy the show, pet?”

Shaking her head , Jess mumbled through the panties, but her words were muffled.

“Good pet, because the show’s just beginning.” C@itlin said, smiling.

With that C@itlin went over to Her purse, pulling out a medium length, wide dildo, and handed it to Marie.

“Mmm, this will do nicely, thank You Sis.” Marie said gleaming, as She walked over to Jess. “But first, this bitch needs to be restrained, there is no escaping, whore.”

Eyes wide, Jess nodded to Marie as She pulled her up by her long raven locks. Taking the flesh colored bra from the floor, Marie preceded to tie one end on her right wrist and the other to an eyelet on the side wall of the changing room that Jess hadn’t noticed beforehand. Then did the same with her left wrist with the black bra She had handed T/them earlier for Jess to try on. Making sure Jess’s restraints were tight and secure, Marie grinned in approval. “There that should do it.” And then kicked Jess’s feet further apart. “Keep them spread wide, you filthy bitch!” She demanded.

Jess shook her head and mumbled into her panty gag.

C@itlin came up behind Marie, Her hands traveling across Her Sis’s bare, fevered flesh. “Let’s use her, Sis.”

“Mmm, Yes. Let’s use this bitch like the dirty cunt she is.” And with that Marie slammed C@itlin’s dildo hard and fast into Jess’s cunt.

“MMMmmppphhhh!” Jess cried out into the gag in shock and pain.

Thrusting it deep and hard into Jess’s hungry cunt, Marie spoke harshly and hotly telling her what a filthy bitch she is.

C@itlin stepped behind Her pet, licking her neck and down her back slowly, sending tremors down Jess’s spine.

“Mmmm…” she uttered through muffled moans.

Sliding Her hand down to Jess’s damp slit, C@itlin got two of Her fingers wet from her dripping cunt, lubing them before crossing them and pressing against Jess’s star, hearing her let out muffled moans.

C@itlin pressed Her fingers into Jess’s ass, twisting inside, feeling her hot silky anal walls, pumping Her fingers to the same rhythm Marie was slamming the dildo hard into Jess’s cunt.

“OOoohh…mmmphhh…” alsancak escort Jess screamed out muffled by the panties slightly.

Pinching and twisting her nipple hard, Marie spoke harshly. “you’re enjoying this a lot, aren’t you? you fucking cunt!”

“Mmmphh.” Jess moaned in reply, shaking her head, her face contorted from pain and pleasure.

Pumping steadily and deeply into Her pet’s ass, C@itlin bit Jess on her soft, milky ass and licked her, trailing Her tongue closer to her star, still pumping into her in a fast rhythm.

“OOOOoohhhhhhhhh!” Jess moaned. Feeling her muscles contracting deep within her belly and her thighs trembling, Jess knew she was close.

Seeing her cunt contracting and spasming, grasping the dildo, Marie could see the bitch was close. “Don’t you fucking cum, bitch!”

“Mmmmpphh…” Jess nodded her head through moans, her breathing erratic, heart pounding, feeling herself losing control, shaking and quivering.

“Don’t you dare cum, Mah pet!” C@itlin demanded, ramming Her fingers deep and hard into Jess’s ass.

“AAaaaagghhhhhh!” Jess cried out, feeling herself being fucked relentlessly in both holes. Not knowing how much more she could take before she completely lost control to her thrashing.

Marie reached up with one hand taking the saliva-drenched panties from Jess’s mouth. “Beg for it bitch, beg for your release.”

“Ooohhh, godddd…please…Mistress…Marie Ma’am…please…let this filthy whore cum…” Jess begged through gasps and moans.

C@itlin looked at Marie. “I don’t know, what do You think, Sis?”

Pinching Jess’s clit She replied. “I think this fuckmeat can do better than that!”

“AAhhhh!” Jess cried out at Marie’s harsh pinch to her swollen clit. “Please, Mistress and Marie Ma’am, allow this no good filthy fuck whore to cum…she will do anything, please…” Jess cried out begging for release.

“Mmm…much better cunt.” And with C@itlin’s approving nod, Marie granted her request. “Cum, bitch. Now!!”

“OOOooohhhh…goddd…Thank You, Mistress and Marie Ma’am…MMmmmmmmmm…” Jess moaned as she lost control, ridding wave after wave of her fierce orgasm, cumming hard.

After her body calmed, Jess slumped slightly, felling her hot juices flooding down her thighs.

C@itlin and Marie pulled out of Jess at the same time, her grasping muscles clenching as They drew out of her. Taking the sopped dildo from Marie, C@itlin held it next to Her soaking wet pussy. “you’re going to suck it clean, Mah pet.”

Moaning softly, Jess replied. “Yes, Mistress.”

Undoing her restraints, Marie watched, fingering Her hungry cunt, as Jess got on all fours and took the dildo into her mouth, tasting her juices and smelling the intoxicating sweet aroma of her Mistress’s pussy, taking it further down her throat.

“Mmm…” Jess moaned, sucking the dildo clean, looking buca escort up at her Mistress with glazed, lust-filled, sparkling sapphire eyes.

“Mmmm, that’s good, pet. you can stop now. Make Mistress cum, slut.”

“Mmm…Yes, Mistress.” Jess said after sliding her mouth off the dildo and putting her lips gently to her Mistress’s wet, hot, silky slit. Breathing in Her arousing scent, Jess parted Her lips gently, licking Her slit up then down and then coming to Her pearl.

“MMmmm…yesssss,pet…”C@itlin moaned.

Smiling into Her pussy, Jess continued, licking Her pearl in circles, rolling it between her lips, nibbling gently.

“OOohhh…god…yes, pet…”

Watching Jess sucking her Mistress’s clit had Marie hot and ready, close to cumming as She fingered her hot, wet pussy.

“MMmm….” Marie moaned and arched Her back, watching Jess, imagining her tongue on Her needy clit.

Taking her Mistress’s pearl into her mouth, Jess began sucking hungrily, milking Her pearl, pressing her finger to Her dark star rim, and pressing inside, massaging Her anal walls while sucking Her clit needily.

“Fuckkkkkkk…Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhh!” C@itlin moaned loudly, Her pussy flooding with Her nectar, cumming hard.

Licking feverishly, Jess licked her Mistress’s creases and folds and trailed her hot, wet tongue down Her slit to Her star, pressing her tongue inside, giving Her a deep clean. Jess’s tongue swirling and climbing Her anal walls, tasting Her.

“Ooohhhhh shittttt! Goddd…pet!” C@itlin screamed out, cumming hard again.

“Mmm…” Jess moaned against her Mistress’s thighs as she lapped her tongue all over her Mistress’s soaked pussy, cleaning Her.

Pulling Jess up, C@itlin kissed her hard and deeply, tasting Her juices on Jess’s tongue. “Mmmmm…” She moaned into Jess’s mouth.

Breaking off the kiss breathlessly, C@itlin looked over at Marie, seeing Her thrashing and bucking against Her fingers. “Mmm…cumm, Sis.”

Moaning, Marie continued rubbing Her magic spot rhythmically, Her head thrashing, cunt gyrating.

“Ohhhh..Mmmmmmm…” Marie cried out as She came in a flooding rush, Her hot juices flowing down Her thighs.

“Mmm…” C@itlin moaned seeing Her Sis’s juices dripping from Her pussy.

“Go clean Her, Mah pet.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jess obeyed, crawling over to Marie, seeing Her swollen clit still throbbing. Taking it into her mouth, Jess sucked Her dry, milking every drop from Her quivering clit, sending Her body into uncontrollable tremors.

“Gawd…Your bitch is fucking fantastic, Sis. You ever consider getting rid of her, let Me now!”

“I plan on keeping her, Sis, she’s a good little slut. Aren’t you Mah pet?”

Raising her face from Marie’s pussy, Jess nodded. “Yes, Mistress, and happy to be Yours.”

C@itlin smiled. “Come here, baby.”

Jess smiled back. “Yes, Mistress.” And crawled back over to her Mistress, curling up in Her warm and loving embrace.

C@itlin held her close and kissed her, tasting Her Sis’s juices on her tongue. “Mmmm…”

“Love You Mistress.” Jess said smiling, her eyes twinkling.

“I love you too, baby.” C@itlin said smiling down to her, lightly kissing her forehead.

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