Mistletoe Trigger

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Well, with my usual timing, here’s a Christmas story in August. Just goes to show, you never what your muse is going to show up with. I look forward to getting feedback, be it positive or negative. Enjoy

As usual, all characters are fictional – they exist only within the confines of my imagination.


You know, I’d heard all the mother in law jokes before I got married, but honestly, from the moment we met, I never had a single problem with John’s mom, in fact, I found Cora to be as supportive and sweet as I think my own mother would have been. Of course, some of my friends argued that it was because John and I lived in Seattle while his Mom lived in rural Michigan. We both taught high school and on teachers’ salaries we could barely afford our single annual trip home at Christmastime to see his Mom.

I didn’t mind the trips each Christmas. My folks had passed away while I was in college and John and his mother were all the family I had and besides, Cora’s a wonderful person and we both looked forward to going home and spending time with her in her farm house.

John and I had met in college and fell in love and were living the typical young couple’s life in Seattle. Seattle and its rain is an acquired taste, but we enjoyed living there and after a few years were looking for a house to buy and had begun to talk about having kids. The highpoint of the year however was splurging on plane tickets and flying into Detroit and driving on to John’s childhood home at Christmas. Cora always had the house decorated with a huge Christmas tree and Christmas trim all through the house. We almost always have snow and, well, it just seems that it’s like we’re living in some old classic Christmas movie and life was indeed (forgive the pun) wonderful!

It was our fourth Christmas trip home that things began to change for John and his mother and me. It began with just a little silly moment, but even then, I knew that something more had begun even if I didn’t understand it. It’s funny how it’s those little things that can change your life forever…

It was a Christmas out of a storybook. It had snowed off and on since the morning of the twenty-third and now the woods and farmland around us looked like a winter wonderland. Inside my mother in law’s warm and cozy house I could sit and watch Cora for hours, amazed at her energy and her imagination and her kindness while she did all the little things that made her old farmhouse a real home. John’s dad had passed away the year after John started college and Cora had sold the farm, but not the house and surrounding property. Although at age forty-seven, she could still go out and work, between the sale of the farm and a pension from her late husband’s company, she lived comfortably, content to grow a large garden, do seamstress work when she felt like it (often donating her time to church), and of course making sure that Christmas was wonderful.

She and I were in the kitchen on Christmas Eve — Cora working on an apple pie for tomorrow’s dinner while I watched at the kitchen table (a huge old wooden work of art — the surface worn smooth from six generations of the family using it day after day). Cora moved around the kitchen effortlessly with the energy of a teenager and I have to admit, a figure any woman my age would admire.

Cora had long black hair streaked with gray that she usually kept braided, the end of which scraped along the seat of her tight blue jeans, the seams stretched by her voluptuous bottom. She had on a thick sweater that did nothing to conceal her equally voluptuous breasts which swayed braless underneath the warm wool material. Her big brown eyes sparkled with laughter and I wished I had her fair, almost flawless complexion.

As she put the finishing touches on her apple pie, she gave me a quick glance and a smile and asked, “So, Diana — are you and John going to make me a grandmother anytime soon?”

I giggled and took a sip of hot chocolate from the mug in front of me. “We’re talking about it. We’d like to find a house first — neither of us want to bring up kids in an apartment, especially like the little cracker box we have now.”

Cora nodded and said, “I understand that — a family needs a house.” She turned away from the counter and smiled at me. “Well, it makes me happy just to know you two are at least thinking about children, by now I’m sure you know how to make them.” She winked at me naughtily while I felt my jaw drop.

“Why, Cora Holland — I can’t believe you said that!” Sometimes I think John’s mother made jokes like that just to see my reaction. I grew up in a strict, conservative home where just uttering the word “sex” could get you spanked.

Cora walked across the room with a hot pitcher of cocoa and topped off my mug and while pouring two more mugs full, said, “Well, its true and this old house has seen a fair sight of babymaking. John’s old room — that big old poster bed you’re sleeping in used to belong to John’s erenköy escort grandparents and they conceived ten kids in that bed including John’s daddy.”

While I tried to get my mouth to work, Cora leaned down and kissed the top of my head and said, “You two should get some practice in while you’re here — who knows, the old Holland family luck might kick in!”

I could feel myself blushing and managed to get out — “Cora, you’re awful!”

My mother in law just laughed in reply and was about to say something else when John called from the living room, “Hey, you girls ever coming in here — its getting late and we haven’t even listened to the old records yet!” There was a pause and Cora and I looked at each other and together perfectly lip-synced silently as my husband hollered, “It’s tradition, you know!”

Cora rolled her eyes and shook her head as she said, “That boy and his traditions.” She picked up the two mugs of hot chocolate and motioned towards the hallway. “I guess we better go before your husband has a cow.”

I laughed as we walked down the narrow hall, “Well, you raised him, you know.” I said in a bantering tone as we approached the narrow entrance to the living room which in itself was quite spacious. John was a bit anal retentive when it came to some things. My husband is big on traditions — like his Christmas records that had to be played on Christmas Eve — a tradition that dated back to his childhood. Another was Christmas Goose for Christmas dinner and sending out only Currier and Ives prints for Christmas cards. Others were more benign, like never attending a Mariners – Tigers game without his ratty, sweatstained Detroit Tiger’s cap that he bought the first time he attended a game or always stopping at the local Dairy Queen for a chili dog while driving in from the airport in Detroit. Yeah, he’s weird, but I love the big goof.

Cora and I joined my husband in her living room, me pausing at the doorway to once again admire the enormous Christmas tree erected in the corner next to the big bay window and the pile of presents underneath the tree. Then I turned my gaze to admire my husband as he accepted a mug from his mother. He sat cross-legged in front of an old stereo with several albums scattered around him. I let out a little sigh. We’d been married for almost four years now and still — just looking at him made my heart beat a little faster.

John stands almost six feet tall and although he’s a bit stocky, it’s all muscle. He has his Mom’s big brown eyes and her black hair that he wears a bit longer than he prefers because he knows I think he looks sexier that way. He’s a sweet man, a good son and I know that when we have kids, he’ll make an awesome father. Oh…bonus, he is an awesome lover and knows how to use his mouth and fingers just as well as that lovely cock between his legs. Just thinking that as I looked at him reminded me of his mother’s words from a few minutes ago — maybe, maybe we might try out that bed for something besides sleeping this Christmas Eve.

John looked over at me and held up two albums. “What do you say, Diana — Perry Como or Gene Autry?”

Cora groaned silently and headed for the couch, looking at me and mouthing the words, “Perry Como, please!”

I moved to join my mother in law on the couch and replied, “It’s such a romantic, snowy evening out, lets go with Perry Como!”

I tried not to snicker as John’s expression turned crestfallen for a moment and then he grinned and said, “Good idea — we’ll save Gene for last!”

I looked at his mother with a look of dismay and she shrugged and said, “Don’t blame me, you married him — you fix him.” Then we both broke out in laughter while John looked at us bemusedly.

It was a wonderful evening as we talked and listened to Christmas albums — Cora and John entertaining me with stories from their family history, especially John’s getting into mischief as a boy. While John stuck to cocoa, his mother and I opted to break open a nice bottle of wine I’d brought with us and by midnight, we’d pretty much finished it off.

As the chimes on Cora’s old grandfather clock began to chime the arrival of Christmas, Cora stood and stretched, her breasts straining against her heavy sweater as she raised her hands over her head. “Oh my, I know some children that need to get to bed before Santa shows up,” she said in a mock scolding tone.

I stood up and had a stretch myself, my own heavy breasts bulging out against my sweatshirt. I looked down at John who was looking at me speculatively — oh, I knew that look! He winked at me and I subtly nodded. “You’re right, Cora — time to get to bed.”

I gathered up the cocoa mugs to carry to the kitchen and didn’t pay attention as I moved towards the doorway and wound up colliding with Cora as we both tried to get through the doorway together. We both stopped and began to apologize to each other, facing each other, our breasts gebze escort mashing together as we looked at each other.

John laughed and said, “Uh-oh! You gals need to kiss!” We both looked at him and then looked above us to see what he was pointing at. Above us was a large sprig of mistletoe that Cora had hung over the doorway for the holidays.

Cora laughed and leaned in a bit, her breasts mashing against mine and we gave each other a peck on the cheek. “Merry Christmas, daughter in law,” she said in a happy voice.

I started to reply, but John interrupted and said, “Is that what you call a kiss? That’s mistletoe and it’s Christmas. C’mon, Diane — Mom. You have to KISS — its tradition, right?”

We both laughed and I don’t know, maybe it was the wine — maybe it was anticipating a little lovemaking with John that made me feel a little naughty, but I leaned in and with my mouth open, moved to kiss Cora again, planning to just run my lips over her lips, but to my surprise, Cora’s open mouth met me and I gasped as I felt her tongue spear through my open lips and brush against my own tongue.

Now, I’ve kissed a girl before. Jenny, my roommate all through college, and I had done more than a little girl on girl loving on those lonely nights when we were between boyfriends, but it didn’t prepare me for the jolt of pure excitement that ripped through my body as I French-kissed my mother in law for maybe fifteen seconds, our tongues dueling fiercely.

When we parted, I was slack-jawed with amazement. Cora smiled back at me and turned and looked at her son who was also sitting there with his mouth hanging wide open and said, “Satisfied, John, is that tradition enough for you?” His mom laughed, the merriment still evident in her voice. “The things a mother has to do to make her children happy.” She moved out into the hallway then, her breasts dragging heavily against mine and while I was positive my nipples had become rock hard, I was equally sure that I could feel her nipples, even through the heavy sweater, as well.

Acting like it was no big deal, my mother in law called out to just leave the mugs in the sink and she’d clean up in the morning. I stood for a moment still in shock at what we’d done and then I felt John come up behind me, his arms wrapping around my waist and his lips on the back of my neck, kissing me in that one spot that never fails to make me weak in the knees. “C’mon, Diana, lets get to bed…now!” he murmured in his best Barry White — let’s fuck baby voice.

I didn’t argue as he almost dragged me upstairs, hearing his mother’s bedroom door close just as we passed. In John’s old bedroom, he slammed the door shut behind us and then practically slammed me against the door as he pressed up against me, locking his lips on my mine, his tongue thrusting into my mouth much as his mother’s had just moments ago. A naughty thrill rippled between my legs as I wondered if he could taste his mother on my lips!

I found myself kissing him back, my hands pulling his shirt out of his jeans, nails running down his strong chest and then undoing his jeans and reaching in and finding — mmmm — that lovely cock of his already hard and throbbing. Reluctantly, John broke the kiss and roughly jerked my sweater over my head, flinging it into a corner as he ducked his head and began kissing my heaving, meaty breasts, his tongue slithering around and around my swollen nipples — urging them to grow even more turgid — thick, rubbery knobs like quarters that ached to be sucked and pinched.

John dropped to his knees and began tugging down my jeans as I watched him in the full length mirror across the room. I’m not bad looking if I say so myself. Long, red hair and blue eyes, big 40D tits that still rode high on my chest and as John worked my jeans off, long shapely legs. True, I’ll never be a supermodel and I’ll struggle to keep waistline under control my whole life, but I know I can still turn heads and am probably providing day dream material for a lot of my biology students in high school.

My panties came down and off and then my husband’s mouth was in my sex, his tongue slashing through my labia to taste the hot juices already boiling inside me. I let out a grunt and banged my head against the door as John gently tongued my clit. As much as I loved his tongue, I needed more and I needed it quickly. “C’mon, lover — fuck me right now!” I moaned, gently pulling on his shaggy hair.

John responded, kissing his way back up my body, stopping momentarily to suck and bit my nipples, making me bang my head again on the door as pleasure arced again through my body. Then my husband was kissing me — I could taste my own cream on his lips and tongue. I wrapped my arms around John’s neck as I used my foot to work his jeans and boxers down until he could step out of them, then I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel his cock throb against my stomach — he felt so incredibly göztepe escort hard.

John carried me to the bed, never ending the kiss as he did and as he lowered me down, he hunched and then he was sliding into me and I cried out as he filled me. He was so stiff and swollen. I looked into my husband’s eyes and there was a strange gleam there — a hungry smile on his face unlike anything I had ever seen before.

“That was so fucking hot, Diana,” John growled as he moved his hips to partially withdraw and then thrust hard into me, making me groan. “You and Mom kissing like that, both of you looked like you were enjoying it!”

I gasped as he drove into me again and then again, but I felt an altogether separate thrill of pleasure beyond John’s wonderful cock. Kissing his mother had been enjoyable and I was wet just from knowing it turned on my husband. “She’s a fantastic kisser — her tongue is like a snake!” I moaned.

My words hit John like a hammer and he was suddenly fucking me like a madman, his hips pistoning as he pounded my cunt with his long, hard dick — I swear to God, he felt bigger than ever before. “Mommy makes you hot, huh, baby?” I sneered at him, trying to squeeze his cock with my pussy. “I loved her tongue in my mouth, John — she stuck her tongue in my mouth first!”

John growled and I felt his hands on my legs, slipping down to my ankles and suddenly lifting them up, spreading my legs wide as he sought to get deeper, his cock thrusting madly into me. I flung my hips upwards, trying to help in get even deeper into my womb. An orgasm came roaring out of nowhere and I couldn’t help but scream my pleasure. “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard — Fuck me like you want to fuck your Mommy!”

Oh my god, John did. He began pounding me hard, slamming my head against the headboard, my meaty tits bouncing all over my chest as his big, thick cock slid in and out of me again and again, making me sob and writhe with lust and desire. I’d known John for almost five years and we’d had fun in bed since the beginning with all sorts of fun and games, but we’d never done any kind of incest fantasy, but I knew we would from now on — my husband was fucking me harder than ever before — even our wedding night!

John threw my legs over his shoulders and leaned in — kissing my mouth and then biting and sucking my aching nipples. I was almost curled up like a ball and John was drivng as deep into me as he could go, his pubic hair grinding against my cunt, his black curly hair entangling with my thick red haired snatch. His cock seemed to swell or my cunt was contracting like never before — I felt so full and stuffed with his meat.

My orgasm crested and began to wane but between wet, sloppy kisses and bites on my nipples I heard my husband groan, “Mom…Mom!” as he fucked me and that sent me over the precipice again and I was again sobbing and crying as John’s words triggered yet a bigger, more violent orgasm and we were bucking and clawing and fucking and biting, my fingernails clawing his back as I screamed, “Fuck me, John, give me that big cock!” The bed slammed against the wall and I think we actually scooted that old wooden bed around a little.

John stiffened and plunged deep and then in a loud voice, moaned. “I love you, Diane!” and as he began to cum, his hot semen flooding my womb, my husband cried out, “Mom!” and my orgasm climbed to levels I didn’t know existed. John came and came and then he sighed, “I love you, Diana!” and collapsed on top of me.

John’s heart was pounding against my breasts and we both were gasping for air, his mouth breathing warmly against my neck. My legs fell away — splayed widely on the bed. The air reeked with our sweat and sex and things seemed almost strangely quiet as we calmed down, no longer filling the air with fuck noises. Then I heard it. A long, drawn out moan — someone in pain…or pleasure.

My eyes opened wide as it repeated — a loud and long groan of someone in the throes of erotic pleasure — clearly Cora’s voice! “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, BABYYYYY!”

John stiffened and then rose up to look me in the eyes, that gleam from earlier burning again in them. “FUCKKKK MEEEEE! FUCK MOMMMMMMY GOOOOD!”

My husband grinned at me even as his cock stopped shrinking inside me and began to harden again, recovering more quickly than I could ever recall. “Do you hear that?” he whispered. “Do you believe that?”

I nodded, squirming as my sensitive cunt flesh reacted to the thick dick expanding again me. “Maybe her noisy fucking son and daughter in law got her turned on,” I gasped as he began to slowly rock in and out of me again. I bit my lip as the pleasure quickly increased and hissed, “And maybe your Mom’s pussy got all hot and wet kissing me in front of her son!”

John kissed me hard, his tongue finding mine and as they dueled furiously, he began to piston in and out of me again, all the while the both of us listening to his mother’s cries and moans of “FUCK MEEEE! YESSSSS, FUCK MEEE, FUCK MOMMYYY!”

As John’s cock pummeled my hot, creamy pussy, my voice joined Cora’s to make an erotic duet of lusty cries. “FUCK MEEEEE, JOHNNNNN!”




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