Misti’s Adventures Part 90

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Misti’s Adventures Part 90Sue and Rick sat talking quietly with Truman and Belinda. They had been driving around to different places looking for unusual, or interesting things to photograph. He was a Photography Professor at a private university in a neighboring state, and she had been one of his prize students. They shared an interest in things that were out of the ordinary, unusual, or just plain weird. They shared some of their work, as if it would be shocking. The first, a picture of a wild buffalo cow, giving birth, was to them, weird. Rick and Sue both had to laugh at their apparent lack of living. They had both seen horses, cattle, and other livestock giving birth many times. Most of the other pictures were much of the same. Each of them also admitted enjoying taking pictures of the erotic. This is why they had so readily photographed Rick and Sue when they had happened upon them. They were engaged so freely, and not a bit shy about having sex in front of strangers. One more reason they had been drawn to them.Sue looked over at Rick. “Shall we tell them, Sweetheart?” she asked. Rick smiled back. “Go ahead. It’s no secret. More people do as we do, than you might think.” You could see the curiosity glowing from the couples eyes.Sue settled back into Rick’s arms, snuggling against him. “Well. You see. It’s like this. We come from families that are strongly bonded. Some might, and probably do, think we’re weird, or perverted, but it is how we are, and we’re not about to change. We don’t force anything on anybody. Anybody who joins in, does it because they WANT to. The same for just watching. If you want to watch what we’re doing, FINE! If you don’t, go in another room, or somewhere else. No skin off of OUR noses.” Both were totally intrigued by what Sue was leading up to, and were leaning forward to catch every syllable she uttered. She continued, “We have sex freely, and without reservations with each other, and others of the same bent. My Mother taught all my brothers how to eat pussy, and fuck a girl, and the brothers taught us, their sisters, in turn. My oldest brother took my virginity, taught me how to suck a boy’s dick, and shot my first load of cum inside my pussy. The boys fucked all of us girls, AND our Mama. Daddy watched us, but never fucked us girls, ’cause he says he was worried about knocking one of us up. I am the youngest. I have been trying to make him fuck me for over a year now. Mom knows, and gave me her blessing, to seduce him, if I can. I think I”ve got him just about ready to give up and fuck me. Now its Ricky’s turn.”Ricky leaned down and kissed her. “Okay, Sweetie.” He turned back to the couple. “I’m next to the youngest in MY family. My Father and Mother have been friends with another couple ever since they married. He and his partner have been friends all their lives, and are more like brothers than friends. EVERYTHING our two families do, is together. My parents had five of us, 4 boys and 1 girl. She’s next to the oldest, and just older than me by 2 1/2 years. Dad’s partner has 4 k**s, too. His oldest is a girl, the second a boy, and the other 2 are daughters. They bought a place when the 2 oldest were babies, and lived in the one house ’till thing got going. They all lived in one house for almost 2 years. They all loved each other, and our Moms were more like sisters than they ever imagined. They had bedrooms next to each other, and, saw each other naked almost every day. Men, being men, they talked about their wives, and how good they were in bed, and, before long they decided to see about swapping. They sat down at the table, in our house the table is the center of our lives,and started talking it over to see what their wives thought about it. The partner’s wife, I call her Mom, started laughing out loud. Seems that the wives had talked about it, already. My oldest brother, and the girl were in their room taking a nap, so they had thing pretty well done for the day, and decided to go ahead and try each other out. Mom was a free spirit, anyway, and liked to do her housework in the nude, and my Mother just wore her panties. Nothing else. Both of the men had seen both of the women naked every day for several years. MY Dad, I call him Pop, took Mom up to HIS bedroom, and Dad, the partner, took Mother, MY Mom up to his bedroom. They fucked each other a few times, and each husband took his own wife to bed for the night. It’s been like that ever’ since. Us k**s watched each other’s parents fucking all the time. They NEVER closed the doors. When they got old enough, the oldest girl, Betty, had her first period, and a few days later, her Mom took her to get birth control pills, ’cause she figured güvenilir bahis it was just a matter of time till she got herself laid, and Mom didn’t want her to get pregnant. Sure enough, a few days later she gave my oldest brother, Tod, his first shot of pussy, and lost her cherry. She had given him blowjobs, before, but they hadn’t fucked.””By that time the rest of us had been born. Mom, and Mother both, made the comments that they didn’t know, or care, which Father had knocked them up. They had 8 k**s walking the Earth, and were proud of ALL of ’em. We would have had 9, but one brother was killed in a rodeo when he was 18, so Mother gave birth to 5 instead of 4. Dave and Carol were the second 2, and were 4 months apart. Joe, the brother that was killed, and Sharon were the third set, and were 8 DAYS apart. I was the loner. I’m a year younger than Joe would have been. Billy, my youngest brother, is a week short of 2 years younger than me, and the last girl, Roberta, we call her Robbi, is a month younger than Billy. Billy’s real name is William Tell. Mom heard it on the radio, and decided it was a good name. The “Lone Ranger” was on.Before long, Betty married Tod, which was no surprise. They were together all the time, day or night. They were a few months apart, in age and went all through school together. They got married a year out of school, and have 3 k**s, as of today. She had her this morning. Dave went to school for a few years, and Carol went to college for a bit, but they got married a few years ago, and have a little girl. Sharon got married, but it didn’t work out, and she came and lived with Carol and Dave, in their house, and is gonna marry the guy that lived next door to them. He is a widower, and they’re both are crazy about each other. I’m just out of some time in the Navy, and gettin’ home, again. My youngest bro is a Veterinarian, and his wife is a nurse. Our youngest sister stays with him, and is in college.””Now to give the story I have been explaining. Our parents switched partners all the time, and fucked each other in front of us k**s, all our lives, so we knew what was happening. They knew we, the k**s, were going to try each other out, so the Mothers took all the girls in and got ’em birth control pills, as soon as they had their first periods. Just in case, they also brought the girls in, the boys watched all the time, anyhow, and had the girls watch while both of the Fathers fucked both of the wives. They would watch while their own Father fucked his, AND the other wife, then watch the other Father do the same thing. It taught us NOT to be JEALOUS. That pussy was just as good after it had been fucked by someone else, and the Mothers explained that every cock tickled just as good as it did after being pulled out of another hole. Just wait your time. It’ll split ya’ soon enough. We All fucked each other, any time we wanted. I fucked my Mom and sister at least once or twice a week, and the other girls every time I had a chance. Which was OFTEN. Around the farm, unless it’s cold, or they’re helpin’ with the work, they’re ALL naked. In the house, it’s ALL the time. MY Mother wears just her panties, and they’re see through, that don’t hide nothin’, and Mom goes naked. They put on clothes to go places, but, most times, even if someone comes to the house, they don’t put on clothes. I’ve fucked all my sisters, and ALL the girls are my sisters, and both of my Mothers. My Dads both fuck all the daughters, And the Daughters-in Law, too, just as my Mothers fuck the Sons-in-Law when they want. Everybody enjoys it, and nobody feels left out, or taken advantage of. It just a matter of time before Sue gets fucked by the rest of the men in the my family. They’ll want to welcome her the right way, with a good shot of cum, and a pussy lickin’. Billy’s already fucked her a time or 2, and told me she was some good ass. He’s right. She’s a fantastic fuck, on top of bein’ beautful and sweet natured” Sue turned to kiss him. “How long will I have to wait to have your Dads fuck me. I want to feel them splittin’ my fuzz for me.” Rick smiled at her. “SOON, Sweetheart. It’ll be SOON!” Truman and Belinda were traveling in a RV, that was nicer than many homes, and pulling a trailer, with a very small “Smart Car.” It was big enough for the 2 of them, and the few things that they bought, choosing to eat most of their meals in restaurants, or cafes. They parked the RV in a suitable place, and took the car to look around, trying to find the right things to photograph. They also took many picture of themselves, with each other, AND with other partners. There were a printer hooked to a computer, secured to the counter in the güvenilir bahis siteleri dining area. This was the most important part of their equipment, to them. The fridge was stocked with a variety of beverages, and snack items were in the cabinets. They guided Sue and Rick through to show it to them. The also took advantage of the King-size bed, for another round of fun. Sue and Truman explored each other at one end of the bed, and Belinda and Rick did the same. This time, though, there were 8 movie cameras, each from a different angle, filming them, from start to finish. Every detail of their lovemaking was recorded, and would be edited to its final forms. Truman got the address of Billy and Cathy, so copies could be sent to them.After parting company, Rick and Sue headed to Sue’s house. She wanted to tell her parents of the 2 new arrivals, and meeting the rest of the family. She had been smitten by one and all, declaring them to be the NICEST people she could hope to meet. The only one she hadn’t met was Mike. He would arrive later that day, home from work. It had turned out that Carol, Misti, and her had one striking commonality. They were ALL SHORT! Rick’s Mom was short, but not as much as the 3 of THEM. Even Sam was taller than the 3 mini-beauties. They had all laughed about dynamite coming in small packages, and Sue had told them, “YES!!! And nitro glycerin comes in even SMALLER PACKAGES.” SHE WAS PROVING TO BE AS ASTUTE AS THE OTHER LADIES. Rick was becoming more proud of her by the minute. She had hugged and kissed each one of them, and had received a pat on the butt from the 2 Grandpas, who declared it as soft as anything. She kissed each of them, promising to show them just how soft it ALL was, at the first opportunity. Her words were greeted by more laughs.They arrived at the Kelly farm, just as Pete was walking up from the barn. He had been planting some corn, and had just finished. He hugged both of them, and kissed Sue, who turned her face just in time to receive her Father’s kiss on her lips, instead of her cheek. She had her arms around his neck to hold it long enough to give him a long, wet kiss, instead of the peck on her cheek. She backed from him, and looked down to see a rising bulge in his pants. “SEE, DADDY!!! You DO want me. I KNOW you do. When are ya’ gonna fuck me, like I want ya’ to do?” Pet looked at the open door. Doris was standing there, looking through the screen door, and smiling. “You might as well give up, Pa. She ain’t gonna stop till ya lay her. She wants it worse than any of the other girls did.” She turned and went back to the kitchen. She was completely naked, as usual. Sue drove home the point. “Rick’s folks are the same as us, Daddy. They love each other, and the Pa’s all fuck their daughters ALL the time. They all LOVE it. The older men get some young pussy, and the girls get an experienced cock to drill ’em. Ever’body comes away happy.” Pete, shaking his head, was visibly reassessing his former thoughts. “I won’t promise, anythin’, but I’ll think it over.”They went in the house, enjoying the aromas that greeted them. They could smell fried chicken, coffee, and what smelled to be a spice cake cooking. Pete peeked into the oven. IT WAS!!! It was also his favorite. Doris made the BEST icing for them. He could already feel his stomach growling in anticipation. His resolve was melting, rapidly. Sue had gone to change clothes, and came back carrying a tank top, and a pair of shorts. SHE was naked. She went over and pulled a chair out and pushed her Father down into it, and plopped down in his lap. She quickly placed his hand between her legs, which were spread, giving him a feel of her wet pussy. He started to pull it back, but she held it. “See how much I want to feel YOU in ME. I’M WET, JUST FROM THINKING ABOUT IT!!! I want to feel you on top of me, driving your dick deeper and deeper inside of me, and feel your cum shooting inside me. That’s all I think about. Feeling you fuck me.” His resolve was broken. “OKAY, HONEY! I’ll fuck ya. We’ll eat supper, and relax a bit, then we can take a shower together, and I’ll do what ya want. How does that sound?” Her answer was to wrap her arms around his neck, and give him the longest, sweetest, wettest kiss she had EVER given him. “THANK YOU, DADDY. I’LL DO THE BEST I CAN TO MAKE YOU WANT ME EVEN MORE!” Tears were running down her cheeks.Rick was invited to stay the night with them, so he called Billy, then Cathy, to tell them where he would be, and not cause them to worry. Cathy was the first to giggle. “Gonna try out the new Mom-in-Law, while you’re there? We’ll not wait up for ya. Robbi called to tell us she’s bringin’ her iddaa siteleri new beau to meet us. He had something he had to do, today and couldn’t come to the hospital. She told me to get naked when I get home. They’ll be there at about 7:30. She wants him to see both of us in the raw. She said he ain’t got no girlfriend at home, and she’s gonna try to get him to spend the night with us. She wants him to see both twats when he gets there. Let ya know who does what to whom, and how many times they do it, tomorrow. Give our neighbors hugs and kisses from us. Bye.”Sue had thrown her clothes on the arm of a chair in the living room, and had started helping her Mom to put supper on the table. Rick excused himself to use the bathroom, and to clean up for supper. Sue had tied her apron on. Now that she knew her Dad was going to make love to her, she didn’t want to get burned, and ruin it for them. It covered her from the neck to her knees, but, ONLY in the front. That beautiful ass was STILL in plain sight. Doris was wearing one just like it. HER ass was just as nice as her daughters, even though there was almost 30 years between their ages. Rick, just before he left, saw her bending down to check her cake in the oven. Her slit, framed by a fairly large mons, was glistening. HER PUSSY WAS ALREADY WET!!! He covered himself, but she smiled at him. “YA FINALLY NOTICED!!! We girls talk among ourselves, too. Sue told me how good ya fuck ‘er. I wanna see for myself. She said ya can make a girl cream ‘er jeans for a week. I’m from Missouri. YA GOTTA SHOW ME!!!” Sue gave him a devilish grin. Her Mom would tell her every detail of what they did, together, as she would share her night with her Father.He met Pete, who was coming back, and went to take care of his business. He did what was needed, washing his hands, arms, and face, and dried with a towel that was hung next to the sink. He want back to the kitchen, where there was a large platter of fried chicken, a large bowl of mashed potatoes, an equally large bowl of fresh made gravy, and green beans. There was also a platter of biscuits there, with butter and several kinds of jams and jellies. Doris cooked the same way as the ladies of HIS family did. The only thing different was that they bowed their heads and said Grace before they ate. Pete looked at him. “We got to thank the Creator for his blessings, and to watch over us. We go to church for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but only once in a while the rest of the year. IF or WHEN, Y’ALL get hitched, it’ll be by a preacher, and done proper. I did it with all my k**s. I’ll do the same with Sue, too. I’m hopin’ it will be you and Sue. I think you’re good fer each other. I met Betty, and Cathy the day the colts were born. If you’re half as good as them, you’ll be a fine man. I love all of ’em. Cathy and Betty are 2 of the nicest ladies, and good lookin,’ too, I ever met. I’m gonna enjoy bein’ neighbors with ’em. Betty came by a day or two later, an’ met Ma. She fell in love with Betty. We’re both proud to death the girls are well and have them fine young uns. I’m even MORE glad the babies are well, an’ get to go home tomorrow. I’m thankful, and proud to know, and, I HOPE, welcome ya’ to our family. We hope ya won’t all be strangers. Betty tole Doris what fine people y’all ALL are. She’s proud as punch of ALL of ya.”Food was passed around and enjoyed. The cake was baked and set out to be iced, when it finished cooling, and eaten later. It would taste better after a rest, and served with a tall glass of cold milk, or a cup of coffee.The meal, once finished, was cleaned up after, along with the rest of the kitchen. Pete turned on the TV and watched the local news and weather. They were expecting the warm weather to continue, and a show was expected in the next few days, but nothing severe. Pete laughed. “It’s almost time to be torpedo season. We had one last year. Didn’t do much but knock down a couple of trees over on the river, though. Mr. Goodrich and his boys cleaned it up the next day. Torpedo is what I call tornadoes. Makes ’em sound less scary.”The women had come in to join them. Sue had urged Rick to take his clothes off, and Doris had simply knelt in front of Pete and wordlessly started removing his. Shoes were almost always removed when coming in to the house, to not track mud and dirt in. Sue followed her Mother’s lead, and unbuckled Rick’s belt and unsnapped his shirt. It had snaps instead of buttons. She pulled it, and his T-shirt off and folded them neatly, then taking the cuffs of his jeans, pulled them off of him. She smiled at him. “Raise up and drop yer drawers, boy. We wanna see the goodies.” He looked over to see Pete was already buck naked, and Doris was sitting in his lap. He raised up, and she pulled them off of him. “We’re gonna play musical dicks tonight. Both of us are gonna fuck both of ya. Ya got a good supper, now ya got the energy to fuck us both.”

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