Mistis’ Adventures Part 121

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 121Sorry ’bout the mix up. Blame it on “Old timers.” Memory shorter than a skeeter’s peter, or a chigger’s jigger.Hiram and Levi, with their arms around Sam and Clara, respectively, departed the house, headed toward Billy’s office, after being told there were 2 large futons there, and that the door WASN’T locked, but could be, if they wanted. Neither couple was worried. All 4 enjoyed “playing” to and audience. It made the encounters all that much MORE exciting. Hiram and Levi, being “Farm Folk,” enjoyed the smells of feed, hay, and the chemicals used to keep the a****ls medicated. It was one of the reasons that, around home, their favorite “hang-out, had been the local co-op. Many of the people felt the same way.Sam and Clara enjoyed the smells, because it reminded them of the happy memory of Cathy and Billy’s wedding day. It had not only been hugely romantic, but they had come to know many fine folks at the ceremony. Both STILL snickered when they remembered the shock on some og the people’s faces, when Cathy had lifted, and held her dress high enough for all to see her fresh shaven pussy, plain as day. She had held it up, giving everyone at least 5 minutes to see where Billy (and others) had such a good time playing. The funniest of all, though, had been the poor guy that fainted, when Cathy’s warm garter had hit him in the face.They let themselves in, and spying the small fridge, checked and found, cold drinks. Hiram and Levi both opted for a cold brew, and Sam and Clara both chose soft drinks. They paired off, Sam cuddling up next to Hiram, and Clara doing the same with Levi. They wanted to get to know each other as people, BEFORE they got down to the sex. They had all night to do everything they wanted. Hiram was fascinated by the small lady that was sitting so near him. She was almost HIS age, he had been told, yet looked all in the world like a teenager. Had he seen her on the street, he would have thought she was, at MOST 21 or 22. Her smile held all the promise he had seen, of a hot time in the old town, tonight.Clara sat next to Levi, wearing just her usual see through panties. Sam, like the other ladies, in the house, was completely naked. Clara was sitting with her feet tucked under her, leaned against Levi. Both men had put their arms around their ladies shoulders. BOTH ladies had immediately took their partners hands and put them on their breasts, inviting them to “feel them up” ALL they wanted.They sat there talking about their grandc***dren, their likes, and dislikes, and the recent past. They were ALL interested in Sam’s first impression of the United States, and reminded her to be sure and buy a good coat, preferably with a hood, for the coming winter. She had never seen it so cold that water froze outdoors, or snow. They agreed that it COULD be a shock for her. They assured her, though, that she would soon become acclimatized to the cold, and might even come to enjoy it. She related her love of the old time westerns, and her enjoyment of her first ride on a horse. ESPECIALLY when Betty and Misti had insisted she ride naked. The cool leather, and the motion of the horse, she admitted, had made her VERY excited, and, not knowing any of the men better, she had jilled off several times. If she HAD known, she would have gladly pulled a train for every man present. THAT night she had been fucked several times, partially making up for the lack of knowledge.Hiram and Levi had fun listening to her, since both had ridden horses, and mules, since before they could walk. Hiram’s Father, and Grandfathers had ALL plowed with mules, and had wagons for transportation early in their lives. They had grown up with a deep appreciation for horses and mules. Levi’s Grandfather had used a mule, when he was a little tyke, but had also had a tractor. An old “Popping Johnny,” one cylinder tractor. IT could be heard for miles around. He was trying to restore it, but parts were almost impossible to find. It was almost ready to drive, now. He had to locate a rear wheel for it. They had located the locker with the sarıyer escort bedding in it, and set to making their beds. They all appreciated having something under them, so they didn’t stick to the vinyl of the futons. It was a bother when they got the least bit sweaty. Hiram found some spring mounted hooks that were used to fasten the blankets over an a****l, so it wouldn’t come off, and secured the moving blankets over the cushions. They would do nicely. Clara, even though everything she had was plainly visible, removed her panties, and the women aided the men in removing THEIR clothes. Both smiled and complimented the men about their physiques. Even though both had a bit of “Middle-age Spread,” they were in FINE shape. Each reached out to fondle their partner(s) for the night. Neither had been cut, and were as they were when they had been born. Each was in excess of 7 inches, and nicely thick. Hiram, Sam noticed, could easily have as much as 8 inches. The thought made her start oozing juices at the thought. Clara was just as pleased that Levi had requested HER companionship. She was anxious to see what he could do with it. They smiled and led their partners to the futons, and initiate the evening. Hiram had opened both of the doors to allow the breeze through. He used an air-conditioner only when it got over a hundred. He had one in the house, but it was seldom used.Both women, being old-fashioned, chose to serve their men. It, to them, was what they had been intended to do. Women served men, to make their lives better, so they could provide for them. Each kneeled and took their lovers in hand, stroking and kissing the objects of their affection. Both men responded, causing the women to smile at their new found “play pretties.” Clara started licking Levi, to further stimulate him, and Sam was trying to get Hiram all the way inside her mouth. She was revising her estimation of him. He MIGHT be as much as 9 inches. Both men were laying with their arms and hands under their heads. Neither had much hair, except around their penises, but Levi had a thin line up to his belly button. It was slightly grey, and was hardly noticeable, though.They quickly reached down to hold the ladies heads, as they felt the warmth of their mouths, tongues, and lips. Both had voices deep enough that it sounded like they were growling, instead of moaning, at the contact. Sam was bobbing her head in a fucking motion, stimulating Hiram to full length, and Clara was deep throating Levi. Both were feeling like they were ready for a little stimulation of their own. Almost as if they had been rehearsed, the turned and got on top of their partners, inviting them to snack at the “Y.”Their invitations were accepted, and both ladies felt tongues returning their efforts. Hiram had opened Sam’s legs a bit wider and was licking her ample Mons Pubis up and down, parting her tiny nether lips, and pushing his tongue inside her. He was discovering her exotic flavor. She gasped and moaned lightly at the invasion. She began to wriggle, and whimper. This was, to her, what it was all about. Two (or more) people, striving to bring pleasure to each other. She humped his face unabashedly, enjoying each new stimulation. She smiled inwardly, and thought, THIS guy eats my pussy like he knows what he’s doing. She was using her legs to move up and down, rubbing her nearly hairless pussy on his face. He had found her clit, and was sucking lightly, and licking it with the very tip of his tongue. She was VERY wet, and soon had the lower part of his face covered in her pussy juice. He was humping up into her mouth, making it feel like he was fucking her face. She was coming for the 4th or 5th time since they started. She released him, for a huge spasm to take her. She drew in a DEEP breath, and whimpered and groaned at the same time. She felt her body shaking from it. “SO FUCKING GOOOD!!!” she said out loud. She felt his body moving under her as he laughed. He was having more fun than he had thought he would.Clara esenyurt escort had Levi in her throat, and had felt him twitch as she swallowed. She repeated several times, but stopped when she felt him getting ready to coat her throat with joy juice. She wanted MUCH more, before he “split her fuzz.” She withdrew him from her mouth, and began a series of tiny kisses, and love bites, to allow him to settle down. She enjoyed having a man cum in her mouth, always had, but, this was too soon, by far. She got the reaction she wanted, and settled to go even further. She took one finger and wet it in her mouth, and inserted it in his ass, just to the first joint, and wiped it around. She examined it, and smelled it. It was clean, so she started rimming him. She heard HIM inhale. She licked from his asshole to the tip of his dick, and back down several times, feeling HIM shake and shiver. She smiled, but refrained from giggling. THAT might be TOO MUCH! She resumed licking him. HE was no piker, she thought. He must have done this many times over the years. He knew just where, and how, to touch, and where, and how much to lick. He was hitting ALL the right notes to play her like a violin. She had been quivering, and moaning non stop almost from his first touch. She couldn’t remember MANY men that could eat her pussy like HE was doing. Mr. Baldwin could come close, but he was still falling short of what Levi was doing to her.She felt him push his tongue all the way inside her, and nearly fainted. “OH MY GOD!!!” she exclaimed aloud. HE had hit her panic button, DEAD ON. her legs shook, uncontrollably. Spasms overtaking her, and melting her will. She WAS ready to have him inside of her. She sprang up and turned, almost in mid air, and took his full length inside her pussy. She was riding him to a fair-thee-well, and sobbing as she did it. The satisfaction on his face attested to how he felt about it. The highly satisfied smile told her she had done exactly the right thing. As she rode him, he reached up and took a breast in each hand, kneading them, and rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. This only served to make her hotter. She leaned down and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth, licking his teeth and gums, and grinding their lips together.She was laying with her body on his, her elbows on the bed on either side, and her hands grasping his shoulders. She rolled over, pulling him on top of her, and spreading her legs as wide as she could. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!” she demanded. “FUCK ME LIKE A TWO-BIT WHORE!!! MY CUNT IS NEEDIN’ A BREEDIN’!!! FILL ME UP AND MAKE ME HOLLER!!! MAKE ME SQUEAL, SHIT, AN’ SHIVER!!! YER DICK IS DRIVIN’ ME CRAZY!!! GIMME MORE, GIMME MORE, GIMME MORE!!!” He had pinned her legs wide, around his elbows, and was humping her as hard as he could. Her body jumped with each thrust. She pulled him down to kiss more, but she was too busy sucking air to kiss. She was almost screaming with each breath. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!” Tears of pure joy were running down her cheeks as she matched each of his thrusts with one of her own. It was arguable, which was fucking whom. He suddenly drove to the hilt, and his ass muscles clinched as he filled her with hot cum. Her fingers like claws, grasping the cheeks of his ass, pulling him into her, her pussy pushed up to him to fill. She gave a mighty groan, and collapsed, arms and legs akimbo. She was totally spent. He managed to roll off of her, and laid at her side, his cock resembling a well-cooked noodle, dribbling a small stream of cum.Sam and Hiram were, for the most part, oblivious to what their friends were doing. They were more interested in each other. Hiram was discovering tricks he had only heard about. Sam was taking both balls, each in turn, into her mouth, and working them around in such a way, that was MOST unusual. It was nearly impossible to describe. it was stimulating, and relaxing, at the same time. He felt like he would be able to take this for a VERY long time, WITHOUT blowing his load. He was eating her, and avrupa yakası escort relishing her flavor. She WAS, at the VERY least, highly unusual. He had heard about some of these women, but, SHE was the FIRST he had tried. He promised himself to join her as much as possible in the future.She was the softest woman he could remember in a LONG time. She looked back at him, a question in her eyes. It was all the invitation he needed. He helped her to rise, and she turned, this time asking him, “Top, or bottom?” He answered, “Top.” to her. She smiled and opened her legs to reveal one of the most beautiful pussies he had EVER seen. He rolled over, after putting a pillow under her, and laid full length on top of her, resting his weight on his elbows. She was so WARM! He raised a tiny bit, and she reached down to take his dick in her soft hand, and place it to where it needed to be. “Push, My Darling. Push it all the way in me. Put your dick in my pussy, where it belongs. For tonight, this is your pussy. Use it as you will. Fuck it, eat it, or just look at it, if you want. I’ll do anything you want. I have 3 holes, and 2 hands to make you happy. That is my job as long as we’re together. To make you happy. No matter how disgusting it might be, if you want it, I’ll do it. I won’t be happy, but I’ll STILL do it.” The last thing he wanted to do is to make her unhappy. She was too willing, too beautiful, and MUCH too sweet to even think about doing something bad to. She had already taken a tiny piece of his heart, as she did almost every man she joined. He wanted to give her as much pleasure as she had him.He pushed gently, going as deep in her as he could reach. Even though her eyes grew big for a second, the smile stayed on her face. She began a waving motion, that was gentle and stimulating at the same time. He began to thrust slowly in and out of her. She had shown him the pace she enjoyed, and he matched it. Her arms and legs enfolded him, and she offered her lips to him to be kissed. As they met, he felt the tip of her tongue slipping between his own, in the most loving, sweet kiss he had ever received. He could feel her body melting into his own. She described a circular motion with her soft ass, that seemed to consume him. He was totally surprised at her skill. She, as a courtesan, could have demanded any price she wanted. She was giving it to him, free of charge. He would have been surprised at learning of HALF of the men she had allowed to possess her body. The total would have been totally astounding, if not unbelievable. In her lifetime, she had had possibly in the hundreds, of lovers. It would have been not too far off to say that they were over 1000 men that had had her, especially if the repeaters were counted. She had learned how to keep herself nice and tight, as well as moist. She was easily excitable, and loved to be touched, in the most intimate ways. Many times, in Thailand, she had been shopping at the market, and a stranger would put his hand inside her pants, and insert his fingers into her pussy, or reach under her top, and feel her breasts. It was no big surprise when it happened. Just as frequently, she would be out going somewhere and a group, sometimes as few as 2, or as many as a dozen men, would guide her to a place so they would not be easily seen, and fuck her, in ALL holes, until they couldn’t do it any more. She never fought. When they finished, she would thank them, and go her way. If they kept her clothes, as they sometimes did, she would borrow something to cover herself with and go home. If not, she went about her intended business, provided she wasn’t robbed, too.Hiram stayed long within her. They changed to doggy style, so he could see himself go in and out of her, and admire how tight her pussy was. She was VERY proud of THAT fact. She knew how tight she was. Hiram was getting tired. They had been fucking for over an hour. THAT was VERY good, considering he was well past 60. She eased him to his back, and straddled him. She would do the work, and allow him to enjoy. She began the rocking motion that she knew would bring him to a peak. Especially with her pussy chewing his cock. He looked up in wonder and she felt a surprising stream of cum going inside her. She leaned down and gave him a long kiss. He was smiling.She felt proud of what, and with whom she had done the deed with. She hoped she could coax him one more time.

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