Mistis’ Adventures Part 116

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 116After the initial shock, the group decided to go ahead and clean the place before departing. The men did much of the loading, while the women made sure there was nothing left to attract undue attention from a scavenger. A mouse would have had problems finding a snack after they had finished. Bruce remarked that it was probably more disturbed by their just being there, and the bright lights, than the lack of food left behind.All was ready and they went on up to the house. Another surprise came a few minutes after they got to the house. Royce had finished his last final exam that morning, and had cleaned his room out, loaded everything in his car, and driven home. As there was nobody at their house, he had surmised, rightly, that his family was PROBABLY at Billy and Cathy’s house. Annie and Cathy were bringing in the last of the things from their car, and rushed over to greet him like a returned, conquering hero. Cathy, after kissing him several times, took the small parcel of things to the front door, and called to Robbi. “HEY, ROB!!! C’MERE A MINUTE, WOULDJA?” Robbi stuck her head around the door facing. “YEAH, SIS! WATCH’A GOT?” Cathy suppressed a giggle. “Got sumpin’ fer ya. HURRY!”Robbi scurried to the screen door, and looked out. All she could see, right away, were Annie and Cathy standing shoulder to shoulder, blocking her view out to the fence in front. As she opened the door, they stepped apart, and she saw Royce standing at the foot of the steps, smiling up at her. She froze for a millisecond, not believing what was in front of her. HE WAS HERE!!! She let out a screech of surprise and delight, and jumped over the steps into his open arms, smothering him with kisses, and crying. The dream had come true. Royce was back in her arms. She had vowed to lay her cards completely on the table when she saw him, again, and now, here he was. Her wet face going all over his, kissing everything she could touch. Holding him so tight he had trouble catching his breath. He was holding her just as tightly as she was holding him. “OH, SWEETHEART!!! IT’S ONLY BEEN 10 DAYS, BUT, IT SEEMS LIKE FOREVER!!!” he told her. All the reply he got from Robbi was, “I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, SO MUCH!!!” He was ushered inside, and received much the same greeting as he had from Cathy and Annie, in the yard. He hadn’t met Abe or Gail, and was introduced to them at once. It was explained that he was, in age, between Sue and Annie. Sue being the baby of the family. Abe shook hands first, then hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Gail, however, touched hands lightly and pulled him to her, kissing him on the lips as all the other women had. He quickly noted that HE was the only one in the house that was wearing any clothes. This, with much help from the ladies, was quickly remedied. Cathy pushed him down on the sofa and undid his belt, and unfastened his pants, Sue and Annie had a leg, each, and pulled his pants off, while he raised a bit, and Gail drew his underwear down to his ankles, and laid them on top of the heap of his clothes, that was quickly growing next to the sofa. Lannie was behind him and pulled his shirt, and T-shirt over his head, leaning down to give him HER kiss. He put one arm around her head to kiss her better, and his hand cupped her breast, enjoying the softness he had felt so many times in his life. Their fist time to make love, together, had been when he was 13, and she was 15. Her Mother, like the others, had figured that it was only a matter of time until she would succumb to the charms of one of the neighbor boys, and had taken her to the doctor to get birth control pills. The doctor had laughed, and told her mother that it was a good thing, too. She WASN’T a virgin, and had probably had sex several times, already. She calmed her mother by telling her that she had INSISTED that all the boys wear condoms. Her mother HAD been wise enough NOT to ask any details, but thanked Lannie for being honest with her. Royce, Milt, as well as Bennie, had all been with her numerous times. Only once, with Royce, had she let the boy cum inside her, before she received her pills. She had been so hot that time, she had held him and he couldn’t pull out of her before the critical moment. She discovered what she had done, and shrugged her shoulders, and offered to give it to him, again. They had made love 3 times that afternoon, in the hay loft. He had cum inside of her all 3 times. It had been warm, so they went to the tank in back of the barn and she had washed herself, inside and out. It had been the only time she had had unprotected sex until she was married. Afterwards, she had gone into the house, still naked, and Patti had taught her to douche, and put medicine in herself to kill the sperm. When she was at the tekirdağ escort bayan Kelly home, she seldom wore clothes, like their k**s did. She was as comfortable naked there as they were.Things settled down after the initial rush. Cathy, aware of the situation, suggested that Robbi, and Annie, take Bruce and Royce somewhere, in private and discuss the situation as it was. They went out on the back porch, taking their beverages with them, and sat down at the small table and talked, at length. Bruce asked Robbi if she had felt anything for him, except passion. She admitted that that was the largest portion of her feelings for him, and explained that that had NOT changed. She would be available for him at any time in the future. BUT, she was IN LOVE, with ROYCE. He admitted that he enjoyed the same lifestyle as she did, and was more than willing to know that she was having other men for sex as much as she wanted, and he would do the same. NONE of them were jealous, and enjoyed watching their partners with other people any time it happened. They decided that a “christening” of each other might be in order. They went up the stairs to the room that Robbi and Bruce had shared since living here, and Robbi went over and kissed Royce, while Annie put her arms around Bruce’s neck, to pull him down for an equally hot kiss. Robbi sank to her knees and took Royce’s penis into her hand, stroking it until it was just beginning to be turgid, and kissing it repeatedly. Annie did the same with Bruce. They discovered that both men were almost as willing to do what they wanted in front of the others, and soon the slurping sounds of fellatio filled the room. The men were just as anxious to taste the women, and soon they were all in the floor, ignoring the queen-sized bed next to them, and were going 69 on each other. Annie had, today, seen Bruce for the first time, totally unclad. She had been pleasantly surprised at his size. Now she was seeing, and feeling him at full erection. She was even more pleased at what she was seeing. He was the biggest she had seen in a long time. She had, she had been told, taken one that was, as described to her, totally humongous, at a party at school. Several of her friends had thought she wouldn’t be able to take him all the way, but she had. They had told her that the guy was reputed to be 16 inches long and bigger than her closed fist. She had already, before him, been fucked four times, so she had been relaxed inside. He had taken his time, and had, after about 20 minutes of trying, gone all the way inside of her. He had fucked her, she had been told, for over an hour, and had cum inside her, AT HER INSISTENCE, 3 times. Her last time she had fainted, and her friends had carried her to bed and put her down for the night. She had been a little sore the next morning, but there had been no lasting ill effects. She had been told that he was from Morocco. She had seen him around campus, several times, but had only spoken to him one time, and that was to thank him for showing her a good time. Bruce was FAR from being THAT sized, but he was big enough to present a challenge. She soon grew to appreciate that she knew how to deep throat, and did her best to take him all the way in her mouth. She gagged a few times, but had persisted, much to his delight. She loved the feeling of his balls banging on her chin as she took him all the way. She had hummed a little, and caused him to shoot his first load deep down her throat. NOW, she understood what Cathy had told her the other day. It DID feel like it was going straight into her tummy. He pulled slowly from her mouth, and she let loose with an EXPLOSIVE belch. “BUURRRRPPPPPPP!!!” All four, in spite of the setting, broke into wild laughter. “SO MUCH FOR DESSERT!!!” she quipped. Robbi was already ensconced on the edge of the bed, with Royce holding her soft, beautiful ass with both hands, and drilling her doggy style She was whimpering from his thrusts, and wagging her butt at him in time. As they watched, he reached up and took both of her breasts in his hands, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs, and sending her over the edge for the latest of many times, already. Her arms, which had held her upper body off the bed, gave way, and she sank to the familiar ass up, face down, without missing a beat. A stream of cum running down her leg showed plainly that he had already given her at least one, or, judging by the volume, two loads of sperm. To Annie, it looked like at LEAST 2 loads. She knew from experience, that he could cum as many as, given the incentive, 6 times in a night. He had fucked her NUMEROUS times, as high as 10 times in a night. Patti claimed he had given HER 12 loads one night. He had been just 15 when it was supposed to have happened.Annie, feeling escort tekirdağ more romantic, had laid on the edge of the bed, her legs pulled up and spread as wide as she could, and mouthed to him, “FUCK ME, LOVER.” He had picked her up higher, and slowly went inside of her, taking his time, and enjoying the sight of his member sinking inside of her. She was enjoying it as much as he was. Her mouth made an ‘O’ shape, and her eyes grew wider, as he sank deeper and deeper inside of her. She wanted to let her head fall back, from the delicious sensations she was having, but she wanted to savor the sight of him inside of her even more. Finally her feelings won out, and her head fell backwards, almost to the bed, and her butt was shaking and gyrating on its own. Every stroke made her body shake and quiver. She had her arms around his neck, and pulled him down to fight a duel with their tongues, bruising each others lips from the force of their kisses. Her hands had gone down to cup his butt cheeks as she tried to pull him deeper still. She felt them tense and suddenly, he was filling her with his seed. He pushed and she wrapped her legs around him to hold him as tight as she could, lest they waste a precious drop of his sperm. She wanted EVERY drop inside of her body. She had come to the conclusion that she had been RIGHT. It wasn’t the chance for another good fucking, like the others. SHE was in LOVE! Something about him, had touched her inside, and she was almost positive that she was looking at the man she would share the rest of her life with. She knew from this first encounter, that he would be doing this WITH her, instead of TO her, for the rest of time. The only thing that worried her, in the least, had been that he had never seen her with another man. Tonight he would. And not with JUST another man. He would see her with her own BROTHER. If he could stand that, she was home free. Nothing in the world would bother him after that.Robbi and Royce were laying there next to them, watching them as Bruce pulled free of her. He sank to his knees at her feet and pulled her a little closer. She felt his hot breath caressing her vagina as he started kissing her in what she considered the most intimate fashion possible. He licked up the insides of her thighs, and culminated at her vagina, licking it inside and out, eating the cream pie. He gave her several more orgasms, as he licked her even more, if possible, than he had before they had made love. She gasped and whimpered as she shook from the excursions his tongue made in her most delicate parts. He licked over her clit, thanking it for helping to make her so happy. He managed to climb up beside her, near exhaustion, and collapse. She settled enough to return his favor, and rolled over and took his dick in her mouth, licking until all she could taste was the man flesh, and sucking anything that remained inside into her mouth to savor his flavor. All four of the lovers lay there basking in the wartmth of their partners. Shortly they arose and went to the shower. It was large enough, thanks to Mr. Morris, to hold all four of them comfortably, without any real crowding, or, at least, any more than they wanted. The spray head was directly over the center of the shower, and gave a spray that was about the same as a spring shower. They all liked the water a little warm, and made the most of it. Annie was served first, with Bruce in her front, and Royce at the back, soaping her first, then Royce holding her up with hes hands between her legs, and Bruce cleansing her inside and out. For Robbi, Bruce was behind her, with Royce in front. They washer her completely, with Bruce supporting her, while Royce did the honors of cleaning her. The ladies returned the favor in nearly the same way, except for picking the men up. The spread their legs and washed them to perfection as the men had done for them, though. They giggled and laughed as they dried each other, and went back in to turn down the bed for the second stage of their escapades.The ladies were laid on the bed, and the men spooned them. The ladies reached over their shoulders and turned their heads to kiss their lovers. Then, as Robbi was kissing Bruce, he saw Annie turn and go down Royce’s body, kissing him ahd she as she had just done with himself. She turned as she reached his dick and presented her pussy to her brother, as it looked, like she had done before. He was curious. How far would they go. Bruce watched as the pair went 69 as Annie had just done with him, and saw his dick sliding down her throat. SHE WAS REALLY ENJOYING HERSELF!!!He felt Robbi’s breast rubbing against his shoulder, and looked at her, a puzzled look on his face. “Are they gonna FUCK, TOO?” Robbi nodded at him and smiled. “WHY NOT? They have fucked with their tekirdağ escort brothers and sisters, just like I have, all their lives. As long as the girls don’t get pregnant, I guess, there’s nothing wrong with it. They both enjoy themselves, and it’s just another way to show their love for each other. ALL my brothers and both of the Fathers have fucked me since I was 14 years old. They all came inside of me every time. Mom took me to get birth control pills when I was 14, and I didn’t want them to go to waste. Billy got my cherry, and before he died, Joseph fucked me at least once a week, as did all the others. The only reason I had to fuck men outside my own family was to find out if any of ’em could fuck as good as they did. I found a few, like you, that did. Most were only so so. It was still fun, though. Nothing like feeling a man’s cum spurting inside your pussy when you’re hot and bothered. I ain’t felt nothin’ like as good. Helps me sleep good, too. Sit back an’ watch. He’ll give her a good fuckin’. Bruce was astounded. He and his own family had thought they were weird for doing the same. His Mother had taken his virginity, with his Father looking on, and afterward, he and his sister had shared a room in their first house, and as a result, had made love together more than either of them could remember. His Granny had taught his Mom how to have sex, and NOT get pregnant, and she had taught his sister. He was feeling relief that, maybe, he wasn’t as strange as he had first thought he was.Robbi, nudged him. “Feel like showin’ a girl a good time? Sure would like ta have ya bang my butt a little bit. That way ya can watch ’em while your fuckin’ Me. ‘Sides, I like doggy best of all. It feels so deep. ‘Specially with YOU!” She turned to face Royce and Annie, and rolled to her knees to present her ass end to Bruce. He was instantly hard. He leaned over, though, and began to lick her from her asshole to her clit. She was already gushing her juice. SHE was READY!!! Bruce took a stance behind her and slowly pushed, enjoying her hisses of pleasure as he sank to his balls inside of her warm, wet pussy. She pushed back at him, and whispered, “Stand still, and let me do it all. I’ll show ya somethin’ special.” He felt her tighten her internal muscles until it was almost uncomfortable, and start swaying back and forth as she held him inside of her. She would contract even further as she moved and it felt like he was a cow being milked. “Play wit’ my titties, an’ rub my nipples. It makes me cum harder and faster. You’ll like when I do that.” He leaned forward and grasped the hanging globes of milky, soft flesh, and squeezed gently, massaging the nipples between two fingers. He heard her gasp, again, and it felt like he was in a velvet vise. She pushed back even harder. Along with the rocking motion, her ass was going from side to side with each push. As many times as they had already had each other, this was something new. This girl knew more about turning a man on than any other he had ever encountered. She MIGHT even show MOM some new tricks. He watched as Royce rolled Annie over on her back, and took a towel, then another, and folded them under her. He slid his dick inside of her and started long-donging her. Suddenly a stream of fluid shot out of her as if she was urinating. She groaned and whimpered as it came forth. SHE MUST BE A SQUIRTER!!! He had heard some girls doing that, but had never seen it, before. Another stream came shooting out of her. Royce didn’t pull out, he pulled back enough to let it escape, and kept on fucking her. She had her arms and legs wrapped around her brother, holding him to her and kissing him as he had done when HE was fucking her. He knew that Royce was getting some fantastic pussy. Just as he was getting from Robbi. He felt himself start to tingle. He squeezed Robbi’s tits a little tighter, and whispered, “I’m gettin ready to cum.” She whispered back, “Let ‘er loose! I’m right wit’ ya.” He shot a long stream into her as she pushed back even harder than before. He felt as if her were being wrung out inside. He had to brace himself to keep from collapsing. She fell away from him, and he managed to fall beside of her, his arm over her tummy. Both were breathing like they had just run a marathon.All were smiling. Royce put his hands against Annie’s inner thighs to push them apart. Bruce held his hand out. “Mind if we trade?” Royce shook his head. “Be my guest.” The two men traded places and cleaned out the ladies, then were cleaned in return. They all kissed each other, even Royce and Bruce. “Nothin’ like sharin’ a little seafood.” Royce commented. “As long as I don’t have to get it straight from the source.” I WON”T suck a dick, though.” They decided that they all liked where they were at, and who they were with, and decided that it would be a long time before they could make a better arrangement. They cuddled up together, pulled up the covers, and drifted off to sleep. Each secure in the knowledge that they had found the ones they would spend their lives with.

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