Miss Enid Kirkwood’s Academy Pt. 02

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Academy of Enid Kirkwood- Part 2.

So unfortunately for those who don’t like this, I have written more words on this awful theme. Please don’t vote it down for content. Its following a theme.

Please do give feedback, I appreciate it.

So as with the previous story, it continues in the same vein. All cast are over 18.

1 Friday Evening

Nelly lethargically brought the cigarette to her lips as she wearily leaned with her head back against the wooden panelled wall and pulled the smoke into her chest. She held the smoke in her lungs for the count of two, and then let the smoke drift slowly out her mouth. She was almost beyond too drunk for this. With her spare right hand, she checked with a squeeze that she had the important fresh just opened pack in her right breast pocket of her white uniform shirt. She smiled it was. The squeeze of left breast pocket confirmed what she thought, it was now sadly empty. The pack had been finished and crushed at tea, and then ceremonially dumped in the ashtray.

As her most recent plume of smoke drifted down the long empty hallway, she slowly licked her lips the drips of wine still present and smiled at the thoughts flowing through her day of drinking. It had as ever fuddled her brain as she pushed the practically fully consumed short butt hard against the metallic wall ashtray imbedded in the wall and then with effort levered herself off and just about avoided falling into the wall opposite.

Nelly then attempted to straighten herself out, adjusting her rather wet skirt and just about buttoned up shirt. Only a few long minutes ago she had just been finished pushing her plain broiled turkey and stodgy lightly roasted potatoes as a variation from chicken as it was ‘nearly’ Christmas, around the plate and occasionally successfully getting the fork and her mouth aligned as such that it let her chew on it and put some nutrients in her stomach.

She had then been sitting there for a few seconds attempting to concentrate on the all-important hot flame from her lighter. Which was whilst pleasing with its scorching warmth just in front of her nose, she found it funny in her tipsy mind just to watch it as it danced merrily in the rather gusting draughts of the room. As she watched the flame show in front of her, she had again distracted herself from effectively lighting her second post meal cigarette, as she whilst momentarily enjoying the rather warm and watery release that was occasionally splashing up tickling her inner thighs as her latest despatch from her urethra was splattering on both the floor and her heels and disappearing into the drain.

She tried to light her cigarette for a third time but just stopped the flame as Veronica had wobbled into her blurred periphery view in her ridiculously high strappy red high heels and her ever shortening short skirt. She had her ever-present cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other and had with a loud un-lady like burp rudely interrupted Nelly’s flame spinning world and further delaying the rather imminent and pleasurable moment, she now rather urgently required. That need was feeding her lungs with the now really desired nicotine top up.

Nelly had removed her thumb and the hot flame instantly disappeared from her nose, she felt almost cold for a second with her wet thigh and buttocks and no lit cigarette, but as the world continued swaying side to side dancing its merry go-around she did not care. What did not help was that Veronica was wobbling left and right on her heels, so it made it for a difficult for a sensible conversation to focus on. However, between hungry long cheek hollowing drags on her own cigarette Veronica informed her that Miss Hunter wanted to see her shortly in her private residence for a little evening chat. This was rather surprising news, if not a little confusing which made it all very daunting for the very drunk Nelly, as she had only ever had meetings in Miss Hunters office in the morning, when they were both much nearer to being vertical and very much closer to being sober and she had normally not just that minute pissed on the floor.

She had never had the privilege to go to that far corner of the building. She agreed with Veronica that she would go, and confirmed four times, much to the now irate Veronica, who demolished her wine glass in one go due to the frustration, exactly what was required.

With panic setting in her priority was lighting the cigarette she had been her lips, followed by the next two hurriedly smoked, but very calming and required cigarettes. They had briefly sorted her lungs out. However, she realised that she had finished her first pack of the day, and then emptying her glass of crisp chardonnay wine in the dining room, Nelly had then then pulled and tugged at her damp skirt and untangled her legs from the table wobbled her way down the hallway, all the way there all on her own without falling over-which was an achievement in itself.

She lifted her Kurtköy Escort head off the wall again gently coughed, she hated that she almost continually coughed now. She shook herself and grimaced as she licked her lips with anticipation and then let go of the door frame staggered slightly rather uncontrollably to her left and right as shifted her weight nervously from foot to foot before re-grabbing the door frame for vertical support.

There was then a deeper cough grated through the door, then an echoing a click, then a pause, then Miss Hunter’s gravelly voice again boomed “Enter!”.

With one last glance at her chest, Nelly fiddled to put one of higher buttons of her flimsy practically translucent standard issue white blouse back together again. Which after much twiddling for what felt like an eternity she let go and then it instantly undid on a combination of her uncoordinated fingers and the weight of the pack along with her unsupported breasts pushing against the fabric. She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders as she leaned forward as she pressed the handle on the door to Miss Hunters private accommodation down and practically fell into the room as her drunk legs did not move as requested.

Nelly looked around the room for the first time, trying to work out what was going on, it was dated dark wood panelled room, the heavy and dark green curtains were drawn across the large floor to ceiling windows, the hot fire was burning brightly pushing out pleasant heat from the large hearth in a central position in the wall, and Miss Hunter with her greying hair all done up in a messy bun on top of her head. She was sprawled out on the large brown leather reclining chair completely unabashedly naked, her clothes where in a dishevelled wet pile on the floor below her chipped, blue painted toes.

“Hello, err, Nelly, please make yourself comfortable, the heating is on, and the fire is going, it’s far too cold out there! Please relax.”

“Thanks, miss.” Nelly staggered into the room.

“Please don’t wobble around on ceremony, sit or if you prefer fall down, I know I often do!” she stifled a giggle whilst waving her hand across the room the smoke from the cigarette between her fingers spinning in every direction as her fingers move through the air as pointed towards the second large reclining chair, with grey smoke still billowing out of her badly done, overly bright red lipstick covered lips, contrasting against her overly brown aged teeth. She unsteadily pointed with her cigarette hand dropping ash in the process, in the vague direction of the kitchen, and where the bathroom was for only real bowel or gut moving emergencies and where importantly the wine and cigarettes were beside her and that they really didn’t need to move anywhere further than the chair for the evening, as she certainly didn’t intend to.

Nelly laughed and suggested that in her current state that it was great idea to sit still as she looked again at Miss Hunter sitting with her huge soft sagging breasts resting on top of an equally bulging belly and greying whiskers between her thighs twisting long and clearly visible, and then back at the empty chair beside her, she smiled as tugged twice on her damp skirt that eventually then flipped up from under her buttocks, so the elastic was now riding high up near her waist as was meant to be their sitting procedure and effectively fell back and groaned slightly in shock as her bare bottom collided against the cool leather sofa. Without asking permission she pulled a cigarette and lighter out from her pack on her left-hand side. She leaned forward into the flame and with a brief heave on the filter soon filled her lungs, and then exhaled an equally grey smoke. “Hiya, mish!” she finally said with smiled a little tipsily and looked back at Miss Hunter.

“Thank you for coming to see me and so late, I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything, I hope you didn’t rush, I was just enjoying myself. Anyway, there is plenty of drink here!” She smiled not even acknowledging she was naked.

Nelly shook her head and instantly regretted doing so. “No, Miss, I just had finished my dinner, thank you miss!” she smiled and focused on pulling again on her cigarette, exhaled and then looking across the room, the furniture was slowly moving, she was sure of it, not helped by watching the flames of the fire dancing in hearth, with the yellow wobbling reflection on her very bare, but smooth legs as her own smoke poured of her lungs.

“How are you this evening?”

Nelly shrugged her shoulders in a noncommittal way and lay her head back on the chair. “You know, the usual…just that position between a little relaxed and completely fucked.” she giggled as if a naughty child as she swore then went on and tried to explain her drunken evening state trying to sound sober by using the least number of words possible.

“Well, that brilliants place to be, sounds like you’ve had a very successful day?”

“Yes miss!” she nodded proudly.

Miss Pendik Escort Hunter looked across the room smiling fondly at Nelly as she scratched her breast and casually tweaked her nipple, “Great, there is nothing here to be afraid of, this is just our very late midterm review thing, yes, I know it’s very nearly Christmas, and that is very exciting for us all, but as you know other things get in the way. But seeing as you joined us after the start of our year it is still worth having a chat.

Nelly nodded slowly in encouragement and then almost mechanically brought the filter back to her lips, her eyes flickered as she pulled the nicotine rich smoke into her lungs.

“It’s a totally casual thing, as you know with everything we do here at the academy, it can’t be formal, hell I’m just drunk and more than a little naked. Shush!” She giggled. “We will have plenty to smoke, a glass or two of wine and review the notes of our wonderful teachers on various topics. To see if there is anything that we need to improve, I look at like a parents evening, but without the stress of the actual parents, it’s much easier this way.” She giggled to herself as she grinned and then pulled again on her cigarette as Nelly joined in nodding in agreement. The room soon started to fill with smoke the combination of their exhales and the stream from both cigarettes.

“Before we start, do you want a drink, I know, silly question, I know I do, it’s certainly good once started to continue, don’t want to dry our throats out and the annoying late afternoon hangover to kick in do we? I will have got an open red and white here?”

Nelly looked at Miss Hunter, shook her head slightly and then snorted and nodded “Oh, the white would be nice miss, as I had some for dinner!” she grinned and then looked to the side and flicked her ash on the already blackened arm of the chair, then brushed it with her hand pushing it on to the floor and then longingly pulled on the cigarette again.

Miss Hunter nodded “Most excellent choice!” she beamed before placing her cigarette in the corner of her mouth, as she heaved and groaned as she leaned her weight over the side of her chair, her left breast slid off her stomach and then squished against the arm of the chair as she retrieved the unopened bottle of white wine. She then pushed her legs down in attempt to sit up, only for the rusting aged mechanism to fight back at her. She giggled and groaned as she attempted again finally getting her weight right so that she could sit upright. With focus and a twist of the screw top the bottle was open, she dropped the metallic lid in her glass ashtray. “Sorry Nelly, it’s not chilled but it will still taste fine!” She grinned around the cigarette and the bent down again squishing her breasts into the arm of the chair and found another glass and proceeded to top them both up splashing most of the wine into the glasses up to the brim.

Nelly nodded slowly “Thank you miss!” she responded as she focused on swapped her cigarette to from between her fingers on her right hand to her left hand than shuffled forward on the sofa and slowly leant forward to collect her very full glass taking a two large gulps to reduce the contents below the lip and then settling back on the chair cigarette in one hand, glass of wine in the other, with her legs apart and her skirt up around her hips.

Miss Hunter put her cigarette into her ashtray balanced on the arm of the chair, took an equally long gulp of her wine and then with the glass in her hand focused across at Nelly, then pulled the lever and let her chair recline again.

“Ah, that’s better” she stated once practically horizontal, before turning to look at Nelly, her chin disappearing in her double chin. “I am pleased to say that there have been no complaints about your attitude towards the great learnings of Enid Kirkwood.” She grinned and took another gulp of her wine. “You have taken great strides in your settling in and joining in with all our group activities, and I note you have got the delightful perfect rhythm and got into the group spirit of enjoying our wonderful movie nights.”

Nelly nodded intently and whilst her eyes focused across the room at her very naked headteacher, she alternated powerful drags on her quickly shrinking cigarette and gulps of her wine as Miss Hunter spoke.

“You have certainly got over that initial shyness that everyone has, and fully embraced the relaxed and lackadaisical delights of this establishment. Your singing is so delightful after a couple of glasses, anyway, congratulations Nelly!”

“Oh, err, thank you miss!” she grinned and nervously gulped more of her wine down. “I do like a bit of sing now an again.”

“Don’t we all dear. I guess we should start singing carols sooner than later. Seeing as its very much nearly Christmas and all, but not tonight! I must say its why we don’t have too much music, as everyone wants to sing something different, and that causes confrontation, and the amount Mutlukent Escort we drink we can’t have confrontation. One of these days, I will get you all singing the same pop song in all the showers in the different wings… Anyway, yes, that’s right, before I forget, I have emailed your mum, along with everyone else’s to ask what their plans are for collection at the end of term, which as you will no doubt know is only three weeks away, everyone else’s has responded but yours? Is everything okay at home?” Miss Hunter asked with genuine concern and pulled on her cigarette before exhaling and stubbing it out.

Nelly shrugged her shoulders “I guess so, I am sure Harold or if he lets my mum, will respond soon?” She took another gulp of her wine.

“Good as we all like to be at home for Christmas.” She grinned as she instantly slid yet another cigarette out of her pack.

Nelly excitedly nodded in agreement “Thanks Miss, it will be strange to leave this place even if it’s only for a week or two, I have got used to it. But it will be amazing to see my mum again, eat something other than chicken, even it means seeing my dreaded stepdad.” She frowned at the thought, and then moved her hand and brought the filter back to her lips pulled on her cigarette again.

Miss Hunter flicked her lighter, in nodded as she inhaled yet again and as the exhaled cloud of smoke soon crossed the room she spoke. “Yes, my mum died when I was young and my dad soon remarried, but anyway, but now I miss my gals when you have gone home, its rather empty and quiet in this place…but anyway, let us not dwell on that. We believe and understand it’s good to dry out every now and again, but I doubt that will happen at Christmas, however, I promise you will soon want to be back with us.” She smiled “As you know all of the teachers here are ex pupils, just like me, who just couldn’t leave this amazing place.”

“Yes Miss!” Nelly looked on blankly and a little confused.

“In that regard how are you finding your amazing life with us now at the Academy of Enid Kirkwood?” She mused swirled her wine a little too aggressively as it splashed on her finger, she stopped and then longingly suggestively licked the spilt fluid off her finger, and then took a gulp of wine again.

“I Believe In The Teachings of Miss Kirkwood Has Helped My Development Into an Amazing Women.” Nelly responded and automatically took a large gulp of wine.

“Nelly, out of interest when do you find the best cigarette in the day?” Miss Hunter tilted her head a little inquisitively.

“Every Single Cigarette Helps Me Work, Rest and Play.”

“Nelly, do now enjoy your smoking?”

“Every Cigarette Helps Me Focus and Complete My Important Tasks.” She chanted almost sober.

Miss Hunter nodded “How many are you enjoying a day now?” she questioned before pulling on her own cigarette, she tilted her head back and let the smoke stream out in one large cone.

Nelly snapped out of her trance and her head swayed as she looked across at Miss Hunter, “Err, no real idea Miss. Today I am now well over 20, I thinks Miss!” she licked her lips as she tapped the now empty breast pocket, poking her breast as a consequence.

“Excellent, you are only a few months in, and you have made the most excellent and deserved progress!” she smiled.

“Miss Kirkwood is very insistent in her mantra that one must have cigarette between her fingers at all times miss!” Nelly smiled and brought the filter to her lips and pulled hard, her cheeks collapsing, the tip of the cigarette burning bright orange in the dull light of the room.

Miss Hunter nodded “Yes, she is, and we must too, if we are to follow her teachings and footsteps.” She then tilted her head back and finished the rest of her glass of wine in one gulp, dribbling wine down both cheeks. “Excellent work Nelly, you are doing so well! Drink up, Let’s top your glass up, its nearly empty!” she smiled and wiped her face with her arm.

“We Look Forward To Our Drinks To Clear The Mind To Assist In Achieving Our Learning of our Dear Lady.” Nelly then finished her glass in one gulp as well.

“Most excellent work Nelly, keep up the good drinking and smoking!” Miss Hunter nodded as she leaned across and with Nelly’s unsteady arm matching hers, they clanged the neck of the bottle on the glass rim twice before she finally manged to safely fill it back to the top. “Good Gal, Keep going, please drink up, there is plenty more, and the night and you are young!” She grinned. “Even if I am not!”

“Yes Miss!” Nelly slurred as she smiled as she unsteadily brought the glass to her lips again, she rolled it across her lips, so it was central and took a fresh gulp.

Miss Hunter put her wine glass down and groaned as she leaned forward slapping and squishing her sagging breasts into her stomach as she picked up some papers that she had left on the coffee table. She studied them briefly, making appreciated noises before settling back down again.

“Just checking the matrons notes.” She mused and scratched her breast as she nodded. “Your clean, your fine, you were lubricated at the time, your CO2 is up, hmmm, you needed to carry two packs at the start of the day, as one was not enough, yup everything is very good!”

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