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He knew what she wanted — it was obvious, the parted lips hissing with air, the pink tip of her tongue dashing quickly across them in short, spastic jerks, the writhing of her limbs upon the coverlet, the guttural moans escaping from deep in her throat. Her eyelids fluttered as she shivered again and he grinned, watching the dance of sensation play out across her nerves, the sparkling of desire and passion rushing up and down the length of her body, her muscles spasming in random jerks and quivers.

But he was in for more than the simple pleasure this time. More than mere satisfaction…he was after a loftier goal, a treasure harder to mine from the depths of her brain but so rare, fine, and exquisite, it was worth the added effort. Despite his every want to plunge his rock-hard cock deep within her molten insides, he steeled himself for the long, slow run. He was in for the tease, the unbridled passion, the elevation of desire beyond the logical stimulation of the mind where aspects such as attraction and attentiveness lived. He wanted to dig deep into her brain, crash down the gates of sense and reason, and reach that animalistic level beyond a guttural want.


If she could still moan, “Please…”, he had not gone far enough.

He started hovering over her, letting her feel the heat of his body radiating upon her skin like a hundred tanning machines beating down upon her. He held himself above her skin, not touching, so she ached for his touch but did not receive it as she desired. She writhed beneath him, trying to push herself upwards to meet his skin, to press the length of her bare body against his, to feel him along her entire length, but he resisted, pulling away even as she arched upwards. He grinned and firmly pressed down on the center of her tummy, pressing her back into the mattress. She laid still, eyes closed and twitching, breath hissing in ragged, sharp intakes.

Starting at her neck was both the obvious choice and the logical one, and he wanted neither of that….the collarbone was where his moist lips first landed. They fluttered along the outline of the bone like so many butterflies, plying small kisses and nibbles from the soft curve of her shoulder to the upwards sweep of her neck, but stopping short of the sensitive flesh under her jawbone. Now to the other side, the same pattern repeated, the same trail of light, soft whispers on her goose-bumped skin to just below the line of her chin. Her breathing was erratic, short gasps and then long hisses as the various high-strung nerves were played in an orchestra of happiness. She arched her back once more and his right palm brought her back down with pressure.

She exhaled with a hiss as his lips left her skin and there was a beat of silence.

Suddenly, his hands leapt forward and fingers entwined deep in the locks of Sinop Escort hair at the base of her skull as his hands simultaneously grasped her head and tilted it upwards, exposing her vulnerable throat to the night.

Her eyes flew open and she inhaled sharply with a small squeal as he slammed his mouth into the soft crevice beneath her jaw and sucked hard and wet at the soft flesh, thumbs pushing her chin upwards so he could get more access and more into his mouth. Sucklings and kisses followed all along her jaw line upwards to her chin where he consumed the tip and then quickly reversed down the other side.

She could feel the pleasure of his hungry possession shooting in waves down her body to her toes, slamming against all the high points along the way, causing everything to stand on end. His kisses quickly traveled the length up to her ear and he stopped, dropping her head back to the bed, untangling his hands, removing himself from her, but still hovering above.

She laid there, bewildered and confused, but still reeling from the gigantic waves of tingles that were still bouncing across her body. He leaned down with his lips towards hers, slowly, until the very edges touched hers, but just as she lunged forward, he pulled up and away, letting her snap at thin air and return to the bed without reward.

A single finger…

A single finger softly, carefully, gently….made landing upon her collarbone and purposefully dragged itself downwards to the soft rises of her chest, still heaving from the previous effort. The touch was light, soft, barely there, an eyelash’s greeting upon a dewy snowflake, barely detectable normally but with her nerves on end, she felt every millimeter.

He traced the beautiful blue lines of veins beneath the translucent skin of her generous breasts, those luscious globes of pleasure which now perched upon her chest as it heaved and shivered with the pleasure of each agonized breath, the same soft touch being the guide to the intricate map underneath it. He leaned his face close to watch the detail, inhaling the soft, warm scent of her womanliness into his nostrils, feeling it play across his brain and awaken all the centers of joy and pleasure inside. His finger completed its map of the nearby breast and he paused for a moment to look at her face, eyelids half closed, pupils staring at the ceiling, mouth still agape in want and lack.

Gently, slowly, the tip of his tongue found its way from between his warm lips and extended out to locate the Braille of the areola nearby, touching down on the edge of the dark pink and leaving a wet trail behind as it agonizingly traced the outer edge, feeling each bump tweak the nerves in his tongue, the skin crinkling beneath it as her body responded quickly to the new wave of pleasure now starting to well up in her centre. Sinop Escort Bayan He could see out of the corner of his eye the beautiful nipple swelling and stiffening with desire, growing darker and harder the longer he traced a circle around it, the tip pulsating at the beat of her heart, rigid, reaching, aching….

The effect was instant — the moment his mouth closed upon it, trapping that aching point between his lips, a shock struck her in the breasts and rocketed along her spine to her cunt, slamming into her clit and arcing across her contracting tunnel. Her hand impulsively slammed into the back of his head, crushing him to her breast, her lungs panting heavily as she rode the wave and then aaaaaaaaached after it had slammed into her a half-dozen times in rapid succession. His mouth went quickly from gentle to hard, suckling at her breast like it was flowing with life-giving air and his hands swept up to grasp her globes between his fingers, grasping them tightly, the soft flesh bulging between spread fingers, and another wave slammed into her yet again, making her mind derail with a Crack! and a loud, “OOOoooooooooohhhh!!!” escaped from her lips as her head wrenched backwards in pleasure.

He wasted no time in reaching for and attaching his hot mouth to her other breast as his fingers tweaked and pulled on the previous treat, wet with his saliva, and beet-red with pleasure. He consumed her breasts, suckling as if a man gone mad, desperate to intake all that they were, their massive bulk, the crinkled nipples, the tips like cherries between his teeth and lips. He could not have enough, he could not be satiated, he would not stop for the next century, come hunger and drought and destruction, and yet……


There was more to this game.

And time yet to play.

He released himself reluctantly from the possession of those peaks of pleasure and propped himself upon one arm, lying beside her as she heaved with the previous effort and pleasure. The singular finger returned, this time tracing a figure 8 between her nipples, dipping down into her cleavage, and back up along the other, only to swirl and leave again. He waited until her senses barely returned, and the he was ready for the final checkmate.

He traced himself down along her belly, circling her button, tracing large, languid circles and curves around the gentleness of her abdomen, circling ever closer to the middle of her hips. There lay the valley, he could see in profile from his propped position, and the destination of his finger was nearing.

The speed of his tracing slowed as he neared the crevice in the landscaping until it was barely creeping along. The tip of his finger slowly traced just outside the puffiness of the outer lips, from the top and along the sides, dipping down to the bottom, Escort Sinop then lifting back to the other side, and downwards again, barely touching her skin and sparking off tingles along the entire length. When it reached the bottom of its travels, he flattened his finger along the slit of her cunt and barely rested it there for a moment, her hips twitching in response. He knew she was aching to lift them, to press him within her, but he admired how she did not; she simply shivered and inhaled and felt.

And so.

Dragging the finger slowly along her slit was agonizingly slow for the both of them, as the wetness of her cunt provided a slick float beneath it. He slid upwards on the slick fluid to the top and, just as he raised his finger from her slit, the tip flicked across the tip of her clit causing her to spasm upwards in an arch, barely missing his hand as he lifted it.

His finger quickly returned to lay upon her slit, her self-restraint at a breaking point as her breath now came in ragged gasps from her body. He rested there but only a gasp of a second before plunging it between her folds as she cried out and lunged her cunt hard against his hand, seeking desperately to shove all of him within her, her pulsating cunt sucking hungrily at his fingers, and her clit raging upwards to meet the base of his palm.

Just as her button contacted the roughness of his palm and exploded in a freight train of pleasure, he quickly clamped his spare fingers on her nearest breast and his hot, raging mouth onto her desperate lips. The kiss was anything but soft, demanding, seeking, destroying, delving deep within her and seeking to possess every last bit of sanity she had left.

Her mind started reeling from the pressing possession of her mouth, the sweet pain emanating from her breasts, and the flickering fingers plunging into the folds of her flooded cunt and grinding against her torrid clit. Around and around her senses started to swirl as he pressed harder, grasped tighter, flickered quicker, and then he dipped two fingers sharply within her tunnel….

She snapped.

Gone was the sense. Gone was the logic, the tattered remains of her sanity flapping in the waves of desire that now overtook her every fiber, her every need, and she went over the edge…

In one massive heave she flung him over onto his back, simultaneously straddling his hips and spreading herself wide, and in one massive thrust of her hips downwards, she plunged him to the hilt within her.

And went blind.

Her eyes rolled back in their sockets as his hips thrust upwards to meet hers and their pelvis slammed into each other with the power of a freight train bound for hell itself. Her cunt exploded at the sensation of the fiery poker thrusting deep within and in an instant the tsunami of pleasure raced from her toes to the base of her skull, overtaking any and all sensations, and possessing her fully. She only barely felt that his massive pole was as deep within her as anything had ever been as he slammed it to her thrice in a row quickly, and then she screamed.

And came.

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