Milking Time B4 Chapter 13 The Shit Hits The Fan

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Milking Time B4 Chapter 13 The Shit Hits The FanChapter 13: The Shit Hits The FanThe next morning came too soon for everyone on the Island. No matter what their feelings, or which side they favored, all of the amazons had a sense that something drastic was going to happen today, and that things would not be the same again for them.Tiffany had called an emergency meeting for nine o’clock, for the entire Island to be present, in order to decide Barocca’s fate. At a little past eight o’clock, Dee Dee and Ebony walked through the corridors to the unused quarters where they had locked Barocca in the night before. Dee Dee carried a tray of food.”I suppose giving Barocca a ‘last meal’ is the least we can do, before we escort her out of here,” said Dee Dee.”I never thought I’d hear myself saying this,” said Ebony, “but I completely agree with you, Dee Dee. That stunt she pulled yesterday was beyond anything that I thought she was capable of doing.””Well, we may not be completely heartless, but she sure hasn’t earned very many favors lately either,” said Dee Dee, as they rounded the corner to Barocca’s temporary quarters. Dee Dee paused, sniffing the air, and making a disgusted look on her face. “Pew! What the heck is that smell, Ebony? Something must’ve crawled into the air vents and died.””Maybe a bird or some small a****l on the Island?” suggested Ebony.”I didn’t think that we had that much wildlife here on the Island,” said Dee Dee. “But I guess I was mistaken. Anyway, let’s give Barocca her breakfast, and then we’ll move on with things.”Dee Dee set the tray on the floor next to the door, and pressed in the entry code for the door. As she punched the combination in, Ebony called out. “Rise and shine in there, Barocca! You’ve got a big day ahead of you, girl.”Once the door was opened, the stench that the girls had sensed in the corridors hit them like a living thing.”Holy shit, Dee Dee! What happened in here?”Each girl grabbed some of the napkins as a temporary filter to place over their nose and mouth. “I don’t know, Ebony. Let’s just find Barocca, and get out of here.”A quick glance around the room showed them that Barocca was not in the two outer rooms. Fearful of what they might find, the girls entered the bedroom.”Oh my god…” exclaimed Dee Dee. Lying on the bed was the outline of a form that had once looked human. Instead of flesh and bone, there were only mounds of a dark, brownish-gray powder.”What the fuck happened here, Dee Dee?” asked Ebony.”Right now, I couldn’t even venture a guess, Ebony,” said Dee Dee. “But I’m beginning to form a theory.” She bent to examine some of the powder on the bed more closely. “This stuff bears more than a little resemblance to the raw material I use when I create the cocks for the girls.” Dee Dee scooped up some of the residue into an empty drinking glass, and snapped a plastic cover over it.”Later on, I’ll analyze this in my lab, or maybe have it sent somewhere,” said Dee Dee. “For now, let’s report to Tiffany what we’ve found here.””Let’s go over this again,” said Tiffany, with a shocked look on her face. “You didn’t find anybody in the quarters. But there was a reeking smell, and this powder on the bed, where Barocca should have been?””I’m afraid that’s right, Tiffany,” said Ebony.”That’s just great,” muttered Tiffany. “I’ll bet anything that we haven’t heard the last of Barocca, but for right now, we’ll have to play the cards we’ve got.””I’ve got a few theories on this, Tiffany,” said Dee Dee. “But I’ll need to run some tests on it later on.””Okay, you do that, Dee Dee. All right, we can probably assume that Barocca’s no longer on the Island,” said Tiffany. “We’ll conduct a thorough search, but I doubt if she’s anywhere to be found. We’ll announce at the meeting that she’s escaped, and that we’re officially expelling her. We’ll leave the part about the weird powder out, until we have an explanation for it.”Well, we’re all gonna look pretty silly, if I’m not there for my own special meeting,” said Tiffany with a laugh. “Let’s get going, girls.”Tiffany entered the auditorium with Dee Dee and Ebony. Dee Dee and Ebony took their seats on the stage. Clyda and Jordan were already seated there. Tiffany stood at the podium, as she surveyed all of the other girls of their Island society. The idle chatter quickly died down, as Tiffany began to speak.”We’re gathered here because several very significant events have occurred, and we also have to make some critical decisions. I think you all know what happened yesterday. But just in case anyone missed it, here’s a recap.”Tiffany pressed a switch on the podium. A large wide screen television was displayed on the wall in back of her. She pressed another switch, and a videotaped version of the final moments of the Main Event were replayed.Once again, Barocca’s maniacal assault on Jordan was played out in front of all the members of the audience. Once Ebony had reached in, and broken things up, and then she and Dee Dee had hauled Barocca away, Tiffany shut off the recording.”I don’t really have words to describe what you just saw,” said Tiffany. “Suffice to say, that is the most loathsome, disgusting act that any amazon can commit upon another human being. Anyone who acts like that has no place whatsoever in our society here.”Since we’re all here, I’m calling for a simple show of hands. If there is anyone in this auditorium who thinks that Barocca should not be immediately and permanently expelled from the Island for her actions, let her raise her hand now.”The auditorium was ominously silent. Not one girl in the chamber raised a hand.”Very well. The vote for this has been unanimous,” said Tiffany. “I think you’ll all notice that one member of our little community is conspicuous by her absence. Barocca herself hasn’t honored us with her presence.”I know you just watched her being marched off for detention at the end of the Main Event yesterday afternoon. Somehow, someway, Barocca has escaped. I don’t know if she had help from someone, or if she had a master plan of some sort. But the fact is, she’s gone. We’re going to conduct a thorough search of the Island after the meeting, but I don’t expect her to be found.”With Barocca gone, her little clique and the way she runs things on her side of the Island is going to stop. I know that some of you were very devoted to Barocca, and still don’t see eye to eye with the rest of us.”I’m going to give anyone who wants it, the chance to leave the Island now. No questions asked. Anyone who wants out of here, raise your hands now.”Tiffany watched as three girls that she recognized as some of Barocca’s staunchest allies raised their hands as one.”Dee Dee, make a note of these girls’ names. You’ll be given the rest of the day to pack whatever clothes and belongings that you want to take with you. We’ll asyabahis yeni giriş have a boat here in the morning, and that’ll take you to the mainland.””Moving on to the next order of business, is the star of yesterday’s action, Jordan. I know that not everyone may have met her before yesterday, but she’s only been with us a couple of weeks.”I want to stress that what happened to Jordan is a one time exception. We’re not going to make a habit of bending the rules to accommodate people here. We’re going to honor our commitment, and make Jordan a shemale amazon. She’ll get the treatment from Dee Dee in a few days. Jordan will emerge from the operation with her cock fully developed. Because of the ordeals we put her through, we thought that she deserved that as a final reward for making it through everything.”I want to stress right now, that Jordan is not to flaunt her new gifts, or use them to tease or intimidate anyone in any way, shape or form. Likewise, you are not to tease or taunt Jordan, because she’s still new, and she’s on a probation of sorts. We are going to get along as a peaceful, pleasure loving society once again.”I know that expelling Barocca, and breaking up her side of the Island are ugly things to do, but it’s something we have to do, if we’re going to turn things around again. I want to make everyone fully aware, that if we have to deal with more antics like yesterday, or that if anyone gets out of line, that we’re going to boot people off the Island first, and ask questions later.”I’m sorry if that was a painful sounding speech, but it had to be said. And now, I’d like for the newest member of out little community to formally introduce herself to us.”Jordan got up, and strode over to the podium next to Tiffany.”I know that this is the first time that a lot of you have met me. I just want to say that I’ve really been looking forward about coming to your Island, ever since I first heard the rumors about it. Getting a chance to become an amazon like the rest of you is something I’ve been fantasizing about for a long time.”I know that on my first day, I got out of line, and broke the rules. For that, I deserved to be punished. I had no idea of what lay in store for me, when Tiffany and the others announced that they were doing things differently with me.”You all saw what happened to me, as I was with Ebony, and then Clyda, and then in the Main Event. Yesterday was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Somehow, I was lucky enough to be able to get through all three challenges. Even so, there were times when I didn’t think I’d make it.”I can’t tell you how glad I am that I survived yesterday, and that you’ve still agreed to accept me, and make me one of you. I think I speak for all of the girls here, when I say how much we treasure the gift Dee Dee’s been able to give us, and let us become shemale amazons here on the Island.”That’s still been one of my fondest dreams. And after going through what I did to get here, there’s no way in the world that I’ll jeopardize that by messing things up. I just want to say how thrilled I am at meeting the rest of you today, and the chance of being able to be with you, and be part of the family here in the future.””That was a very moving speech, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “I think I speak for everyone, when I say how we’re all looking forward to seeing you, once Dee Dee’s had a chance to work her magic on you.”This meeting is now over. I’m going to have Ebony and Dee Dee organize some of you into search teams, and we’re going to go over the Island with a fine toothed comb. Every room, every individual space where someone could possibly hide will be searched. There will be absolutely no exceptions. Myself, as well as the other senior amazon’s quarters are included too. Anyone who raises any objections to this will risk being expelled also. I seriously doubt that we’ll find Barocca. But first, we’re going to make damn sure she’s not on the Island.”Several hours later, Dee Dee and Clyda worked their way across the Island in the search. They kept in touch with Tiffany and the other search teams with walkie-talkies, as they surgically scoured the Island, room by room.Finally they came to Barocca’s side of the Island. There had been some grumbling from a few of Barocca’s supporters. But with Ebony as an enforcer, and with Tiffany’s words ringing in their ears, resistance crumbled easily.”Well, here’s where we save the best for last,” said Ebony, as they stood in front of the door to Barocca’s quarters. Once they opened the door, a quick search revealed no one to be found in the rooms. Ebony and Clyda stood in the main room, as Dee Dee made a quick scan of the other rooms.”I’m not surprised,” said Clyda. “Barocca may have had guts to do what she did. But I didn’t think she’d be bold enough to hide here under our very noses.””It’s hard to figure how she convinced so many nice girls to act the way they did,” said Ebony. “Including me. All I can say is that I’m glad she’s out of here.””Holy shit! I don’t believe this!” cried Dee Dee from the bedroom. Clyda and Ebony both had brief thoughts that Barocca had somehow escaped detection, and was attacking Dee Dee. Both girls rushed into the bedroom to find Dee Dee seated at Barocca’s computer.”What’s wrong, Dee Dee?” cried Clyda.”Look at what I found on Barocca’s computer, Clyda. All of my files that I thought were deleted. And look at these CD’s next to it. I’m just browsing through one of them. But there’s stuff on here that’s so advanced, I can’t begin to guess where Barocca could’ve obtained it. God knows what else I’ll find, once I really dig through things.”Dee Dee called Tiffany, and explained what she had found in Barocca’s quarters.”That’s great news, Dee Dee. Maybe it’ll start to shed some light on what’s been going on around here at last. You, Clyda and Ebony make temporary headquarters there, and dissect that PC, and everything that’s on it and the CD’s. With the three of you there, there won’t be any kind of last minute antics or her equipment suddenly disappearing on us.””I’ll pass the word around to the girls in this sector that we’re camping out here for the time being,” said Ebony.”I’ll call the cafeteria, and have some food sent over here,” said Clyda.”Good idea, Clyda,” said Dee Dee. “We kind of forgot about lunch after the meeting was over. I’m starved. But in the meantime, I’m gonna see just what Barocca’s been up to with her computer.”Two corridors away in another room on Barocca’s side of the Island, a number of girls sat pondering their fate. Ebony had just informed them that they would be confined to one room for the night, until transport off the Island was arranged the next day.”What the hell are those three doing, camping out there?” asked Domonique.”We agreed to leave the asyabahis güvenilirmi Island peacefully,” said Persia. “Are they trying to rub it in, by chaperoning us, until it’s time to leave?”“Don’t worry about what they’re doing over there,” said Veronica. “Doesn’t this room have a computer in it?”“Yeah, over there,” Persia pointed to the workstation.“They’re kicking our butts off the Island, and all you can think of is surfing the net?” asked Domonique with surprise.“Don’t worry about her,” snapped Persia. “What we have to be concerned about is this:have any of us given any thought to what we’re actually going to do once we’re officially separ-ated?””We’ll probably have to have operations done,” said Domonique. “Without all the stuff Dee Dee gives us, we’re gonna look awfully silly between our legs in a short time.””I know. That really burns my ass, after all we’ve been through to get this far,” said Persia.”I don’t know about the rest of you,” said Veronica. “But I know something we can do that’ll really make a big difference for us, once we have to leave here.””What’re you talking about, Veronica?” asked Persia. “In case you haven’t noticed, we haven’t exactly got a lot of options right now.”“Do you remember the phone message from Barocca? And how she stressed for us to check our e-mail as soon as we could?”“How’s something like that gonna help us now?” asked Domonique.”Here’s the note Barocca sent me last night. It gives the override code to unlock any door on the Island. She said she knew the shit was gonna hit the fan after what happened in the Main Event. Don’t ask me how or where she got it. She didn’t know if this could help us or not, but she thought we ought to know about it.”Persia’s eyes lit up when she heard Veronica’s words. “Give me that code, girl. If Barocca says it’ll open up any door, then it ought to be good for getting us out of here.” She typed in the alpha-numeric code and several of the function keys on the keypad, and the door opened silently.“Hot damn! Barocca really was thinking ahead when she sent this,” exclaimed Veronica. “Quick, close the door again, so nobody sees it open.”“You’re right,” said Persia. “Everybody thinks we’re under lock and key right now, and it wouldn’t be a good thing to let them know we’re not.” “I’ve been thinking exactly what you two have just said,” said Veronica. “And I think I know what we can do about it. If Dee Dee and Ebony are gonna stay in Barocca’s quarters, then she can’t be watching over her lab.””Okay. So what’s your point?” asked Domonique.”If Dee Dee’s gonna be over here, now is a perfect time to make a last minute raid on her lab, and stock up on the pills and vitamins that she stockpiles there,” said Veronica. “She can’t be in two places at once.””Hey, this changes things a lot,” said Domonique. “If we can get a supply of those wonder pills, and some of the instructions for making them from Dee Dee’s lab, then maybe we won’t have to give up what we’ve got after all.””Yeah! We could either have a lab make some more for us somewhere,” said Persia. “Or at least we’d have enough pills to where we could really make a series of videos that nobody would forget, and go out with a bang, with enough money to retire on.””I like the way you girls think,” said Veronica with a smile. “But I know Barocca will have something up her sleeve, besides just having us slink off into retirement with our tails between our legs. I say we wait until after dinner, and then we make a ‘shopping run’ over to Dee Dee’s lab. After all the shit that’s happened, Tiffany won’t be expecting anything like this.”“Then we’re all agreed. We’ll wait until later tonight, and then we’ll make a visit to Dee Dee’s lab,” said Persia.Just after nine o’clock that evening, Veronica, Domonique and Persia walked quietly through the corridors, to the other side of the Island. They quickly found Dee Dee’s lab. The door opened quietly when Persia entered the override code Barocca had given them.”Well, here we are,” said Veronica quietly. “I’ll look for the pills she’s supposed to have stashed here somewhere. You two look for any kind of papers or formulas she may have, or anything useful like that on her computer.”Ten minutes later, the girls hit with resounding success. Veronica had found several large packets, that were vacuum-sealed. They were plainly labeled as pills that had just been refined and processed within the last month. “This is enough to keep a handful of us going for several months,” thought Veronica with glee.Although the amount Veronica had stolen was not the entire supply for the Island, it would severely impact the amount that was left for the rest of the community. Persia had gone through the file cabinet, and found a detailed folder, explaining how the pills were processed.Domonique had found a cassette tape that was labeled “Full Backup” for the last month.”Awesome, girls!” exclaimed Veronica, when she saw what the other two had found. “Let’s get out of here tonight, and then parade out of here quietly tomorrow morning. I’m sure Barocca will know what to do with these once we rendezvous with her.”The next day passed relatively uneventfully. Veronica, Persia, Domonique all left quietly on the early morning boat ride, that would take them back to the mainland, and out of the Island society. The materials they had stolen from Dee Dee’s lab were easily concealed under some clothing in their baggage.Dee Dee continued to pore over Barocca’s computer and all of her software. Dee Dee was amazed at the level of technology she found, and her mind reeled at the uses that some of it could be put to.Tiffany, Ebony and Clyda held long sessions with the remaining girls in Barocca’s clique that had expressed a desire to stay on the Island. After several long talks with them, they felt sure that the girls would fit in well with the others. Barocca had been a master manipulator, and used her wiles to entice girls in to joining her side of the Island, and then using Ebony to enforce her will on them. Tiffany welcomed them all back, but still plainly expressed to them that they were on ‘probation’, until she was satisfied that they were not a threat to anyone.Later that same day, Veronica’s party arrived at the Hotel Hilton, and checked into a suite near Barocca’s on the same floor. Barocca was ecstatic at everything the girls had been able to pilfer from Dee Dee’s lab.”This’ll really give us an edge for staying in top form, when it comes time to challenging Tiffany and the girls,” said Barocca.”What kind of ‘challenge’ are you talking about, Barocca?” asked Veronica.”Everybody sit down and get comfortable. I’ve got a long story to tell. And a new friend to introduce to you, named Jeanne.”For the next hour, Barocca laid out all the details of her past plans, and what asya bahis giriş she also hoped to accomplish in the future. When she was done, the other girls knew about the clone, and the other lengths Barocca had gone to, in order to ensure success for Jeanne.”The least you could’ve done was tell us, Barocca,” said Persia. “We’ve been tight long enough, that you ought to know you could trust us.””You’re right. I should’ve been more open with all of you,” said Barocca. “I’m sorry for that. All we can do now, is try and overcome whatever type of challenge they come up with for us.””Explain again, just what you’ve got in mind, Barocca,” said Domonique.”It goes down like this girlfriends,” said Barocca. “It’s no secret that Tiffany and company have bent all the rules to make Jordan a shemale amazon. The rest of you girls are already shemale amazons too. I couldn’t change or help the way you girls already were. “I did everything I did for Jeanne, hoping I could make an amazon from scratch that would outdo Jordan and the others, in some kind of contest. I was trying to stack the deck in our favor.”In the time before you got here, I’ve written an exposé , that I’ll use against the Island, if they don’t call a truce.” Barocca detailed her plan for holding copies of the exposé at one of the ‘mailbox’ stores. “I’ll contact the Island, and issue our demands. Unless they want reporters breathing down their necks, they’ll agree to the challenge. The whole society of the Island revolves around fucking and sucking cocks. I’m not sure what they’ll come up with, but it’s bound to be something sexual in nature. I’ll also insist that Jordan is part of it in some manner. She’s the one who started all this shit happening, so it’s only fair that we get a crack at her somewhere down the road.”There was awkward silence in the room as the other girls absorbed Barocca’s tale.”Okay, Barocca,” said Veronica. “What you’ve just said is pretty crazy. But we aren’t exactly loaded with options, for trying to get back in power on the Island. What I want to know, as well as the other girls here, is just who ‘Jeanne’ is that you’ve risked everything for.””That’s fair enough,” said Barocca. She got up and went to the door of the bedroom, opened it, and invited Jeanne in to meet the other girls. Recognition began to show on the faces of some of the other girls.”I remember you,” said Domonique. “You were in some of those kinky bisexual films, weren’t you?””That’s me,” said Jeanne. “Guilty as charged. Barocca saw me in those too. And then she eventually convinced me that she could make that happen to me in real life. The rest is history.””Well let’s see how Barocca’s handiwork has turned out,” said Persia.Barocca stood in front of Jeanne for a moment. “You’re gonna get to see Jeanne right now, but that’s all. She still has to fully heal up. I’m not gonna fuck things up, by rushing her. In a day or two, we’ll begin having fun, and showing her what we know.”Jeanne peeled off her bathrobe, and let the other girls gaze at her new endowments.”Damn, Jeanne! That thing’s gonna be huge, when it finally gets hard,” said Domonique.”You’re gonna have one humongously hung shemale dick, Jeanne,” said Persia.”I’m glad everybody likes what they see,” said Jeanne nervously. “I still haven’t had the chance to have any fun with this yet, so I can’t wait until we get to know each other better.””Okay. For today, I suggest we all take it easy, and not get too heated up,” said Barocca. “We can’t carry on the same way we would at the Island, so we’ve gotta tone things down a little bit. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll start having fun with each other.”Tomorrow, I’m gonna contact the Island, and start the ball rolling on this whole scheme. I’ve already e-mailed a copy of the exposé to Tiffany, so she ought to have that by now, and she’ll know that we mean business.”Tiffany sat down in her quarters, along with Clyda, Ebony and Dee Dee. She had her telephone set for speaker use, so everyone could hear Barocca’s demands. Dee Dee had provided a hard copy of the exposé printed from the e-mail she had written. Barocca had also left instructions as to when she would contact the Island by telephone. The phone rang, and Tiffany answered it.”Hi Tiffany. This is Barocca. I assume you’ve got Ebony as well as some others from your group present there. I trust you’ve had time to examine my ‘presentation’.””We’ve all taken a look at it, Barocca,” said Tiffany bitterly. “What do you want? Get to the point.””How the fuck did you get off the Island?” snapped Ebony.”Temper, temper, girlfriend,” said Barocca. “Let’s just say that the reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.”I’ll make this short and sweet, Tiffany. I know good and well, that you’re turning Jordan into a shemale amazon, if you haven’t done so already. I’ve done the same thing with a close friend of mine too. Just who she is, and how she turns out, I’m saving for later.”I’m proposing a contest for control over the Island. A contest that is sexual in nature. It’s going to involve both of our newest creations. As well as you and me, and anybody else in our two little cliques, that has a beef against someone else.”All right, Barocca,” said Tiffany. “You’ve obviously got us over a barrel right now. Exactly what kind of contest have you got in mind?””Woman against woman. Cock against cock. Fucking and sucking like there hasn’t been seen in ages. The side that wins takes complete control over the Island.”Oh, and I think you’ll agree that something like this has to be done in person, Tiffany. We’ll arrange a meeting on the Island in a week, and lay out the ground rules. We’ll also let Jordan and my girl get their first look at each other. They’re the root of what this is all about, so it’s appropriate that they meet each other.”My girl is still healing up and getting ready. And I’m sure you want Jordan to be at a hundred percent for this too. Neither one of us is gonna have any excuses. We’ll agree on just what events will take place. Then we’ll set a date for two or three weeks in the future, for the grand showdown.””A week it is then, Barocca,” said Tiffany. “You can arrange your own transportation to the Island, and they can wait for you in their boat at the shore.” Tiffany flicked a switch on the phone, and shut it off in disgust.Somewhere out in space, the starship Delphi 4 streaked through the void towards earth.”How’s our arrival time looking, Rayleena?” asked Rhiannon.”Well, thanks to your ‘incentive program’, once you made your announcement, the engine crew has busted their ass for us,” said Rayleena. “I figure they’ve cut at least a third of the time that I thought it would take us to get there.””The earthlings are also using the software sporadically again,” said Calista. “Only short bits and pieces this time. But it’s building a stronger signal that I can lock in on. We won’t have any trouble finding them once we arrive.””All right, that’s the best news I’ve heard all day,” said Rhiannon. “I can’t wait to arrive on Earth again, and pay whoever’s been using our technology without our consent a visit.”

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