Milking Time B3 Chapter 12 Ebony Gets Triple-Teame

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Milking Time B3 Chapter 12 Ebony Gets Triple-TeameChapter 12: A Night To Remember – Ebony Gets Triple-Teamed”All right, girls,” said Ebony, as she addressed Tiffany, Clyda and Dee. “Here’s how it’s gonna be tonight. You’re right in the fact that I haven’t been fucked for longer than I care to remember. And when I was, it usually wasn’t with anyone who could fill me or satisfy me. So here’s what we’re gonna do…”Ebony reached up to the head of the bed, and grabbed several of Tiffany’s pillows. She placed these at the end of the bed in a small pile. Then Ebony carefully positioned herself so that her rump was directly on the pillows.Now Ebony sprawled out on the bed on her back. She was actually lying partly downhill, with her butt raised up into the air. Then Ebony scooted her body forward, so that her tailbone was lying just on the edge of the cushions. From here, here pussy and her asshole were easily accessible.”Dee Dee, front and center,” commanded Ebony. “I don’t want you to think that I’m playing favorites with anybody tonight, but I want to suck that hunk of sausage between your legs, like it’s never been sucked before. Tonight I’m gonna drain those over-sized nuts of yours.””Tiffany, Clyda,” continued Ebony, “you two get the honor of satisfying me downstairs. I’ve got myself positioned so that you can both get at each of my holes with no trouble. I want you to start slowly with your tongues and fingers on me. Then I want you to go to the next level and give me a good fist fuck in both holes to get me ready for your cocks.”When you stick your cocks in me, I want you to fuck me like you’ve never fucked anything before in your life. Remember a couple of things, girls. Not only am I incredibly fucking horny tonight from all the work so far tonight, I honestly can’t remember the last time somebody banged my box and really brought me off. The other thing is this: I’m over a foot taller than any of you. So I can take considerably more substance inside my pussy or my ass or my throat, than you to begin with. On top of that, thanks to the pills we normally take on the Island, and whatever Barocca’s been feeding me recently, that means my limits are almost boundless down there, and in my mouth.”So if you hear me making any strange moaning and groaning noises, rest assured that you’re doing the job, and getting me off. I’m not making fun of anybody, but with all the stuff in my body, it’d take a train wreck to actually hurt me when I’m having sex. Any questions?”Tiffany, Clyda and Dee Dee glanced at each other in awe for a moment, and then quickly smiled at Ebony. It was rare when they could completely cut loose and have sex even among themselves and the other senior amazons, without having to remember to show some restraint and not worry about hurting the others. Now Ebony was telling all three of them to pull out all the stops, and hold nothing back when they gangbanged her!”All right, Ebony,” said Tiffany. “You want to get fucked hot and heavy, the three of us will be more than happy to accommodate you. Let’s go girls!”Tiffany settled down on her knees on the carpet next to the edge of the bed, next to Ebony’s right leg. Clyda followed suit, and knelt down next to Ebony’s left leg. Quickly then, Ebony spread her legs so Tiffany could stick her soft face into place over her crotch. Ebony surprised both girls by being limber and athletic enough so that even with her tremendous size, she could still spread her legs almost completely perpendicular from her body, like a cheer-leader or a gymnast. Now Tiffany and Clyda had an almost unobstructed view and access to Ebony’s pussy and asshole.”Clyda my friend,” said Tiffany, “not only was I here first, but I didn’t get a chance to shoot my load earlier with Ebony tonight. So I’ve got dibs on her pussy for the remainder of the action here.” Tiffany claimed her prize quickly, eager to get her hot, wet tongue going on Ebony’s pussy.”Well, I suppose I should take offense,” Clyda replied good-naturedly. “But I’ve always wanted the chance to do Ebony in the back door anyway. That’s something I’ve never done before tonight. So I’ll be more than content with her butthole tonight, love.””Ooh!” Ebony said out loud, arching her back some as Tiffany licked hotly right into her pussy lips. The sensation was wild, driving her crazy. Tiffany’s tongue shot a wet fire up Ebony’s cunt, and she began to roll her ass, the way she did when she was finger-fucking herself and getting to the point where she might come.”All right, Ebony,” said Dee Dee. “That’s enough talking by you. I want you to get to work on my cock and balls now honey.”Dee Dee knelt down alongside Ebony’s head, and she reached for her cock. Ebony grabbed it with one huge hand and began pulling on it. After a moment, Dee Dee’s cock started to grow. And it kept on growing until even Ebony needed her two big hands to hold it. Dee Dee’s cock grew to over sixteen inches long. Using both hands, Ebony massaged Dee Dee’s cock, feeling it stiffen and become rock hard. By now, Dee Dee’s cock was thicker than even Ebony’s wrist.Ebony brought Dee Dee’s huge cock to her mouth and licked its large head. It smelled wonderful and tasted delicious. Ebony licked across the top portion of Dee Dee’s big thick shaft. The end of Dee Dee’s cock had to be at least four inches thick and got even thicker further down the shaft, as it neared her balls.Ebony kept licking it and then took the head of Dee Dee’s cock to her lips and pushed it into her mouth, tonguing it some more. When Ebony removed it, it glistened from her saliva and she was determined to take as much as she possibly could of Dee Dee’s meat inside her, and then drain every drop of cum from her balls.Tiffany was lapping Ebony’s snatch long enough to make her come, and bring her off like she hadn’t been done in a long time. Ebony shuddered as Tiffany’s tongue felt wonderful, rubbing away at her pussy like that. Ebony could sense that her eventual orgasm would be big, and trembled all over at the thought.Clyda worked her tongue furiously into Ebony’s ass, spreading her sphincter apart some, slurping into her hot hole and listening to Ebony whining in pleasure, deep in her chest. It was great for Clyda, getting to Ebony in a way that when using her own fingers herself, Ebony rarely had brought herself off like this before. Ebony reached down and pushed Tiffany’s head down, and shoved her deeper into her heaving snatch. Ebony rolled her hips and lifted to it, while the good feelings got better and better in her pussy. Clyda continued to probe and finger Ebony’s butt with her fingers and tongue. Ebony briefly broke away from sucking on Dee Dee’s cock. “Oh, Tiffany!” she panted, swinging her head from side to side and breathing harshly. “Oh Tiffany, eat me up! Just eat up my pussy!””Hey! Who told you that you could stop sucking on my cock?” Dee Dee playfully scolded Ebony, as she placed her hands on her hips, and feigned like she was frustrated.Ebony put Dee Dee’s hard cock between her lips, rubbing it across her tongue. Ebony pushed her tongue back and forth across the hard shaft. The roughness of Dee Dee’s cock was making her pussy tingle. Ebony continued stroking Dee Dee’s hard meat with her hands until eventually Dee Dee was getting excited. Dee Dee’s hard meat scr****g on Ebony’s throat was turning her on. It was so large and hard, and it felt so good. “Oh fuck, yes, Ebony!” said Dee Dee. “Do it to me. Do it to me good!”Ebony humped the end of Dee Dee’s fat cock a couple times while stuffing the huge cock in her mouth. Ebony’s eyes were still closed as she held Dee Dee’s shaft between her lips and kneaded it, stroked it and massaged the long shaft with both hands. For fifteen minutes Ebony worked hard and fast, then harder and faster continually increasing the pace. Ebony was determined to make Dee Dee cum. Ebony sucked hard, slurping nine inches of Dee Dee’s meat in her mouth. Tiffany responded to the feelings flowing through Ebony’s body, and which were partially delivered to her and Clyda. Tiffany’s long, thick tongue pushed harder, licked more avidly, and a hot, bright spot began to grow swiftly around Ebony’s stimulated clit. Ebony’s cunt got all hot inside, turned wetter and juicier, and she humped jerkily against Clyda and Tiffany’s face, and quivered and gasped as she started to come.It was a delirious, thrilling sensation that made Ebony hump her crotch, and made her kick her legs and begin digging her fingers into Tiffany’s head.”I’m coming!” Dee Dee husked. “Oh Tiffany, you horny little minx, you’re making me and Ebony both cum!”Suddenly, Ebony could feel Dee Dee’s breathing increase, and her stomach muscles tightened up. Ebony knew that Dee Dee’s release was only moments away.Then a tremendous gush of thick white cream erupted from Dee Dee’s cock and down Ebony’s throat. Dee Dee was cumming, blasting Ebony’s mouth with an ocean of sperm. For over thirty seconds, Dee Dee’s cum flew down Ebony’s throat, and she briefly thought that she couldn’t handle the huge quantity of cum. Ebony intensified her efforts, relaxing her throat, and gulping mouthful after mouthful of Dee Dee’s jism greedily down her throat. Ebony’s heels beat against the carpet, and the edge of the bed, and great, racking shudders whipped over her taut body. Ebony came, again and again, her eyes rolling back in her head and her jaws locked like a vise on the shaft of Dee Dee’s cock. Finally Dee Dee’s spurting cock abated, and Ebony could pull the head out of her mouth, savoring the last traces of jism that clung to it.”I’m impressed, Ebony,” said Dee Dee. “You haven’t lost any of your touch when it comes to cocksucking. But you of all people should know that I went for quality and quantity, when I developed my own cock. I’m still ready and raring to go.”Ebony eyes gaped in wonder at Dee Dee’s cock hovering in front of her face, inches away. If Ebony hadn’t known that she had just now swallowed a huge load of Dee Dee’s jism, it would be impossible to tell. Dee Dee’s cock was still firm and hard, and her balls were still throbbing with massive quantities of sperm left inside them, ready to be unleashed.Reeling from the pleasure, Ebony lay flat upon the bed while her massive tits heaved up and down and her mind spun. She knew that Tiffany was still lapping her inflamed pussy, and Clyda was still rimming and reaming her asshole. In a daze, Ebony was sorry, because she knew now that Tiffany and Clyda would stop in a few moments. But it made her break out in a tremendous grin, because the fun and games had only just begun for the evening, and it wouldn’t take all that much more to make her come again!”Well Ebony,” asked Dee Dee playfully. “Are you just gonna stare at my cock all night?””All right girl,” said Ebony. “Never let it be said that I don’t like a challenge.” Ebony slobbered spit all over Dee Dee’s cock, and immediately went back to work. Ebony was in her glory. She soaked Dee Dee’s prick shaft and huge balls with her drool, greasing her cock for her throat again. “I’m gonna get you nice and wet for sucking,” she mumbled, kissing and licking Dee Dee’s growing cock. “Nice and wet.”Clyda could hardly believe it. Ebony, was actually sucking Dee Dee’s cock in a near marathon fashion. Ebony had barely paused, after she had first drained Dee Dee’s cock moments ago. Clyda became jealous, wishing she had thought of something like that first.Ebony sucked Dee Dee’s rod, running her lips and tongue the length of Dee Dee’s growing prick shaft. Dee Dee’s cock tasted great. Ebony whipped her tongue over Dee Dee’s bloated cockhead. The sweet seepage of Dee Dee’s cum as it oozed from her piss-hole was sticky and hot.Their mouths drooling, Tiffany and Clyda watched Ebony work on Dee Dee. Clyda gasped, her heart leaping into her throat as she witnessed Ebony gobble the entire fat head of Dee Dee’s cock into her mouth in one swift motion. “Holy shit,” Clyda moaned, rocking on her haunches, as she worked on Ebony’s ass from her position. “Suck her good, Ebony.””Okay, Clyda,” said Tiffany. “Ebony’s proved she can definitely take our tongues inside her holes. Do you think she’s ready for the next step?””Oh, she’s definitely ready for the next level, love,” replied Clyda. Clyda and Tiffany playfully touched their fists together to show Ebony just what they were going to do to her next.First Clyda pushed one finger in Ebony’s asshole inserting it all the way. Clyda spit a couple times on Ebony’s ass and smeared her saliva around her anus until she could easily fuck Ebony’s asshole with her long finger. Ebony felt one finger probing around her rectum, then a second one and a third. Clyda was stretching her asshole pretty wide once she got her fourth finger in. Clyda wasn’t too easy about it either. Clyda fucked in and out of her anus fast and hard making Ebony grunt from the force and pressure each time she jammed her fingers in. Then Clyda pulled out and began twisting her fingers in Ebony’s asshole trying to penetrate her ass with her whole hand. Ebony was letting out a continuous loud groan and grunt as she knew Clyda wasn’t going to stop until her whole fist was inside her ass. At the same time, Tiffany then reached between Ebony’s legs and started inserting her hand up her cunt. Briefly, Ebony instinctively tightened up trying to keep her out, but in it went. Tiffany’s hand disappeared inside her fuckhole. Ebony stretched her mouth wider. She took Dee Dee’s cockhead and sucked, dripping ooze coating her tongue. Slowly, over eight inches of Dee Dee’s thick cock shaft vanished down Ebony’s throat. Now in position, Ebony cradled Dee Dee’s massive nuts and sucked deeply, enjoying Dee Dee’s meaty cock.Dee Dee lurched forward, the head of her prick fucking Ebony’s throat. Dee Dee moaned in ecstasy, hands stroking at Ebony’s face and hair, her thick cock fucking her throat. Ebony almost gagged as this time, a full twelve inches of Dee Dee’s prick clogged her throat. Ebony’s face reddened and her eyes bulged, but she didn’t retreat. Ebony was determined to swallow every inch of Dee Dee’s tubesteak, and nothing was going to stop her from attaining her goal.Ebony moaned. The slurping and sucking noises coming from Ebony’s mouth were driving Tiffany and Clyda crazy as they watched Ebony engulf Dee Dee’s prick. “Dee Dee’s getting rock hard, Ebony,” exclaimed Clyda. “Suck her, Ebony!” She nearly swooned, her blue eyes bugging out as she watched Ebony turned Dee Dee’s prick into a slab of hard throbbing steel.Ebony felt her pussy suck Tiffany’s whole hand up inside her, as her swollen pussy lips locked around her wrist. Tiffany’s arm pumped upward as Ebony pushed downward impaling herself on her arm. Several strokes from Tiffany, and Ebony felt another storm begin to well up inside her, looking for release. Ebony lay panting and wild-eyed as Clyda reversed the direction of motion and she cried out as her asshole was being stretched again. Clyda pulled her hand out until just before the tip of her thumb would leave her hotness, and then she forced it back inside. Clyda repeated the process another four or five times before she removed it entirely. Clyda pushed harder and harder and harder until finally Ebony’s asshole stretched wide, almost feeling like it would rip right open. Clyda’s fist entered Ebony’s ass. The sensation burned for just a moment when her hand passed through her anal opening. Ebony’s cunt was already forced open, occupied by Tiffany’s fist from above in her pussy, and now her asshole was full too with Clyda’s fist.Ebony felt Clyda probing around in her ass and could feel her hand touching and bumping Tiffany’s fist that was in her other hole just on the other side sarıyer escort of the thin membrane separating her ass and cunt. Tiffany thought it was cute when Ebony tried to clamp onto her fist, whenever she tried to pull out of Ebony’s hole. The same thing was happening in her ass, almost as if Ebony was afraid she might force it out of her cunt, or expel Clyda’s fist from inside her ass. But every time Tiffany tried to pull out of Ebony, she squealed as it pleasured the inside of her delicate cunt walls. Tiffany laughed at her, “What’s the matter, Ebony? Can’t you handle a couple of fists up inside of you?” “I don’t think Ebony can talk just now, Tiffany,” said Clyda. Ebony’s mouth and throat were filled to nearly bursting with a foot of Dee Dee’s cock wedged inside.At the other end of the bed, Ebony was impaled on both ends, a fist in her asshole and a fist in her cunt. “Hey Tiffany, I can feel you in there, on the other side of my fist,” Clyda remarked. “God, I like this girl! Let’s give her a real fist fucking, Tiffany.” Ebony proved knew what she was doing with Dee Dee’s meat. For fifteen minutes, her fingers, like fluttering butterflies, skimmed the length of Dee Dee’s cock shaft. Her tongue, she used as a whip, lashing it over and over again across the thick bloated head of Dee Dee’s cock inside her mouth. Ebony’s fingers hefted Dee Dee’s huge balls, and began to knead and squeeze them. A dizzy feeling began to sweep over Ebony. Dee Dee’s balls were incredibly heavy with another load of jism. Knowing her ass and pussy would also soon be filled with Clyda and Tiffany’s cum thrilled Ebony beyond belief.Dee Dee, moaned in ecstasy, her balls rumbling again, jabbed hard, fucking her prick deep into Ebony’s gullet. Dee Dee thrust her hips forward, and suddenly her balls smacked against Ebony’s chin. Dee Dee’s prick stretched Ebony’s mouth wide open and throbbed deep in her throat.Clyda began pulling her fist from Ebony’s asshole and then plunging it back in. All Ebony could do was let out loud groaning sounds as Clyda pistoned her fist in and out of her tight asshole. Her anal hole opened and closed repeatedly to accommodate Clyda’s fist. A couple of times Clyda pulled her fist out leaving a giant gaping hole where her fist had been. “Look at this fucking asshole, Tiffany.” And they both stared into Ebony’s wide-open rectum. “Nice ass you’ve got, Ebony,” Tiffany remarked. “Almost as nice as your pussy.” Tiffany yanked her fist out of Ebony’s cunt, and then plunged it back in without warning, causing Ebony to writhe in pleasure. “In a little while, we’re gonna shove more than just our fists inside your holes. Are you ready for that?””Take it from me, Ebony’s more than ready,” replied Dee Dee. “I haven’t been sucked like this since my last trip to the Milking Chamber.”Then Clyda plowed her fist back in before Ebony’s gaping asshole closed up. Then Tiffany started doing Ebony’s cunt the same way. Tiffany’s fist emerged from her slit then got swallowed up again as she rammed it back inside Ebony again. Tiffany continued ramming in and out of her hole, while Clyda did the same in her ass. Then both girls began ramming Ebony’s holes together, both forcing their fists in at the same time making Ebony take a pounding like she’d never had before in this manner. To Ebony, it had briefly felt like they were ripping her apart. But it hurt for only a moment, and then Ebony became aroused as the movement of Tiffany’s fist and forearm kept going across her clit. Now Tiffany was kneeling between Ebony’s wide spread thighs and she had her fist pressed against Ebony’s pussy. Her forearm was wet with Ebony’s love-juice right up to the elbow, and Tiffany punched it back inside her tight cunt.Ebony moaned in pleasure as she was stretched once more by Tiffany and Clyda’s fists. Clyda’s fist was the size of Tiffany’s own, but Ebony’s pussy and asshole were larger than anything the two girls might have shoved them in, before this. Ebony’s pussy and asshole had now quickly adapted to the size of the girls’ fists. Now Ebony was flexing her hips and her ass cheeks, grinding down on both of the twin pistons inside of her.Dee Dee bent down from above, and sucked one of Ebony’s hefty breasts into her mouth. Dee Dee gnawed at Ebony’s huge nipples as she continued to ram her thick cock down Ebony’s throat. With Dee Dee bent over in this position, Ebony couldn’t resist, and she reached out and began tweaking and stroking Dee Dee’s own leathery nipples with her fingers. Ebony’s strong fingers quickly transformed Dee Dee’s nipples to rock hard little buds that looked like the tip of a finger mounted on her breasts. After a few moments of the unexpected pleasant stimulation on her nipples, the feelings overwhelmed Dee Dee, as she felt the sensations in her cock go past the point of no return.Dee Dee rose to sitting position again, and reached out and grabbed the back of Ebony’s head. Dee Dee began fucking Ebony’s throat with quick powerful strokes. Every inch of Dee Dee’s massive hard-on was shoved down Ebony’s throat. As she fucked her throat, Dee Dee’s over-sized balls slapped loudly against Ebony’s jaws and cheeks.”Here it comes, Ebony!” Dee Dee shouted. “Show me you’ve still got what it takes baby!”Dee Dee’s prick shot off like a fire hose again. Stream of hot, sweet jism rained down directly into Ebony’s gullet like a waterfall. Ebony could feel the warmth of Dee Dee’s juices spreading throughout her body, washing over her in a wave of pleasure. Ebony was gasping for air and almost choking, but was fiercely determined not to give up her hold on Dee Dee’s meat. Dee Dee’s cock unleashed its load into Ebony’s mouth and throat for almost a minute before it finally trickled to a stop.Ebony pulled her mouth from Dee Dee’s cock. “Dee Dee, you almost ripped out my tonsils,” she panted, clearing her throat.”Wow! That’s twice you took all of Dee Dee’s cock inside you and didn’t spill a drop,” Tiffany said. “God. I don’t believe it.” Tiffany looked at Dee Dee’s cock. Even after shooting off twice, Dee Dee’s prick was still long, hard, and ready to use. Ebony grinned triumphantly and stared at Dee Dee’s cock. She was damn proud of what she had just done, and her smile proved it. “I told both of you that I’d get Dee Dee hard,” said Ebony. “And that I’d drain these monster nuts of hers too.”Dee Dee playfully wagged her finger in front of Ebony in a scolding motion. “I’ve still got one more load in my nuts before you finally empty my tank, Ebony,” said Dee Dee. “But I’m gonna wait just a minute before I let you suck me again. I’ve never seen anybody get fist fucked the way Tiffany and Clyda are doing it to you. I want to watch the finale of this part of the action.”Clyda turned to face Tiffany and then, before her disbelieving eyes, she pushed her entire hand inside Ebony’s asshole, in one long, powerful stroke. Clyda twisted her wrist and forced more of her arm into Ebony’s body, twisting and thrusting until inch by inch she had pushed her entire forearm inside her lover, right up to the elbow!Not to be outdone, Tiffany reached down with her free hand and started to rub Ebony’s swollen clit with her thumb. She crushed it down roughly against her pistoning forearm and Ebony screamed with pain induced pleasure. Tiffany shoved her fist into Ebony’s pussy, and then followed with a similar stroke to Clyda’s. Tiffany buried her arm all the way up to the elbow in Ebony’s pussy.Ebony screamed as Clyda and Tiffany kept up the pressure behind that last push from each of them, forcing the rest of their arms between her buttocks. Ebony felt her sphincter and cunt being stretched to agonizing dimensions as the widest part of Clyda’s hand forced its way inside her. They double fist-fucked Ebony for more than ten minutes, with both girls providing all the strength that was required for such a massive violation. The sounds of their combined arms as they rammed in and out of Ebony were sickeningly wet, as Ebony’s love-juices were pistoned out of her by the irregularly shaped violation. The excitement built and became unbearable. Ebony was being fucked by both girls’ fists, and fucked hard. Ebony was being brutally fisted and she was getting more and more turned on. Until now, only Dee Dee had allowed herself to gain an erection, as the girls concentrated on pleasuring Ebony in other ways. Still, even in its limp state, Ebony’s cock was an almost foot long tube of meat, as thick as a salami. Ebony’s body stiffened momentarily, as the waves of pleasure overtook her.One heaving wave of passion followed by another, and another, and another. Ebony’s body began to shake and tremble, almost as though she were going into convulsions. The huge, turgid shaft of Ebony’s meat began to flail back and forth wildly, as Ebony shook with the sensations that were overriding her body. Ebony’s cock began to slap loudly against her tummy. Clyda and Tiffany each had their face close to Ebony’s crotch and hips as they fucked her with their fists, and only now found out that they had gotten too close for comfort.Without warning, the flailing motion of Ebony’s cock landed loudly against each girl’s face and forehead.”Ouch! Hey watch what you’re doing with that thing!” Tiffany playfully exclaimed.”Didn’t your mother ever tell you that you could put somebody’s eye out with that?” retorted Clyda.Then it happened. Ebony clenched her butt cheeks as hard as she could, and gripped both girls’ fists while they were both inside her, just before the giant orgasm violently racked her from head to toe.”Oh god yes!” Ebony exclaimed. “Don’t stop now. Shove your fists in harder!””Ebony’s cumming, Tiffany. She likes it!” exclaimed Clyda. Ebony’s orgasm lasted a full minute before subsiding. When it did, the girls’ fists were expelled from her soaked holes with loud satisfying ‘plops’. Ebony lifted her head slightly up and stared at her lovers. Tiffany and Clyda held up their arms to compare them against the other’s. Each girl’s arm was coated with Ebony’s juices to just past the elbow. They gaped in surprise as they realized just how far they shoved their fists into Ebony, and still not completely filled her.”Damn, you’re a hot one, aren’t you, Ebony?” Tiffany asked.”Ebony’s a little too busy to talk right now girls,” giggled Dee Dee.Ebony tilted her gaze towards Clyda and Tiffany, and grinned somewhat embarrassed. At this point, Ebony had her mouth completely full of Dee Dee’s cockhead, as she went to work on Dee Dee’s cock for the third time. All she could do was give Tiffany and Clyda a look that told them both how much she had enjoyed their efforts. Tiffany and Clyda looked at each after they had just finished fisting Ebony. Both girls’ arms were coated from the elbow to their fingertips with Ebony’s pussy and anal juices.Each girl began rubbing her coated forearm, removing most of the juices, and letting them collect in the palm of their free hand. Tiffany and Clyda relaxed the mental control over their cocks, willing them to become stiff and erect. In a few seconds, both girls’ cocks were reaching a foot in length, and standing out stiffly from their tummies at ninety-degree angles.Tiffany and Clyda used the collected juices from Ebony as lubricant for their cocks, and began applying it, and massaging it onto their stiffening shafts. The girls’ hands made an assortment of slipping and slacking noises, as they lubricated every inch of their rock hard cocks, as Ebony watched them with lust in her eyes.Then Tiffany straightened up and began playing with her big testicles. Clyda did the same, grabbing each hefty nut in one hand, and pulling them out and away from her cock, showing Ebony just how big they were.Now, as Ebony watched Clyda and Tiffany’s cocks getting rock hard and extending out from their crotch at least eighteen inches apiece, and she felt the heat in her loins building and spreading again.In no time at all, Tiffany and Clyda’s cocks had reached their full length of just under two feet apiece. Each girl’s cock glistened in the lights of the room, from all the liquid and juices that had been rubbed into it. Numerous veins bulged out along the shaft of both Tiffany and Clyda’s cocks. The huge urethra shaft on the bottom looked as though a large cable was strapped to each girl’s cock.By now Tiffany and Clyda were getting incredibly turned on just by looking at the other’s erection, not to mention the awesome sight of Ebony sprawled on her back, and sucking off every inch of Dee Dee’s cock down her throat. When Tiffany and Clyda had their fists inside of Ebony, both girls had known that even with shoving their arms into Ebony up to the elbow, they had not fully reached her body’s limits. Neither girl was sure if even two feet of cockmeat in both holes would completely fill or satisfy Ebony. But they were certainly going to have one hell of a good time finding out as they fucked Ebony!Tiffany and Clyda paused momentarily from stroking their hard-ons as they watched Ebony go to work once more on Dee Dee’s cock.”Ooh, Ebony,” Clyda gasped. “Suck her. Suck Dee Dee off one more time.” Clyda squirmed, her tits jiggling as she ogled Ebony from her position, and continued to finger and stroke her cock. Ebony trembled as she filled her mouth with Dee Dee’s cock for the third time. Ebony sucked deep on Dee Dee, feeling her throb against her lips and tongue. Spasms rippled through her young body as she inched the head of Dee Dee’s cock toward the back of her throat.”Fuck her face, Dee Dee!” Tiffany squealed as she stroked Ebony’s thighs and tummy trying to keep the rest of her body as calm as possible. “Suck that meat down, Ebony,” encouraged Clyda. Ebony was shaking with anticipation and lust. Dee Dee’s cock clogged her throat and she almost gagged. Raw lust kept Ebony from yanking her mouth off Dee Dee’s prick. Ebony wanted it all and as Dee Dee jerked forward, she relaxed her throat and took the head of Dee Dee’s cock into her gullet.Dee Dee twitched her sides, her chest heaving as she plunged her rigid cock into Ebony’s greedy mouth. Dee Dee twisted, her balls twitching as she fucked her cock deeper into Ebony’s wet sucking mouth.Ebony stroked the base of Dee Dee’s prick and her cum-filled balls. Ebony swooned, her throat stretched as Dee Dee’s cock throbbed in her mouth. Dee Dee pushed forward deeper into Ebony’s throat, her face flushed red. Ebony’s throat muscles could be visibly seen as they contracted against and massaged Dee Dee’s shaft. Ebony desperately wanted every inch of Dee Dee’s prick in her throat again.Dee Dee gave it to her. Moaning, she lunged forward, fucking Ebony’s throat with her fat throbbing prick. Dee Dee twisted her rump and jabbed violently at Ebony’s sucking mouth. Clyda gulped, her eyes popping as she watched Ebony devour Dee Dee’s prick. “Chew her up, Ebony,” she moaned. “Make Dee Dee cum again.”Now Tiffany scooped some more of Ebony’s juices off her arm, and into her hand. As she applied more of the slimy substance to her massive hard-on, she looked down at Ebony and smiled gleefully, then Tiffany started to slide her hand up and down the huge length of her shaft, as though she were masturbating her massive cock.Clyda followed Tiffany’s lead, and did the same thing. Clyda let a large dollop of Ebony’s juices roll down the shaft of her cock from the cockhead, and followed its progress along the rest of her shaft with her eyes. After a few moments of stroking, Tiffany and Clyda had their cocks primed and ready for some serious fucking. They thrusted out into the air like two flesh-colored missiles. The opening on each girl’s cockhead opened esenyurt escort and closed slowly like the mouth of some giant worm or snake.Ebony placed her crotch almost directly under the end of Tiffany’s stiff shaft and wriggled her ass until the big cockhead was resting against her cunt lips. When the hard head of Tiffany’s long cock touched Ebony’s slippery slit, she pushed forward and the big knob slipped right in. Ebony gasped and just let the hard, hot flesh soak in her quivering gash. Ebony shuddered, squirming her pussy against the head of Tiffany’s cock. She felt the pressure against her clit and swooned. Tiffany, her balls rumbling with hot cum, fucked forward. The power of her thrust and the hardness of her cock split Ebony’s cunt lips like tissue paper. The head of Tiffany’s prick filled Ebony’s tight pussy.Tiffany wriggled a little more, hunched upward, and four or five inches of her prick slipped into Ebony’s pussy. Tiffany began making fucking motions, lurching upward ever higher, soon shoving several inches into Ebony on each upward thrust. “Oh, Ebony, you can’t imagine how good this feels!” exclaimed Tiffany.Then Clyda turned back to Ebony and positioned the well-lubricated tip of her giant penis in the cleft of Ebony’s buttocks. Clyda slowly pushed the head of her giant cock through Ebony’s asshole, and then she began to thrust easily in and out, gradually working her way deeper into her huge amazon lover.Clyda grasped her own long cock with both hands, about ten inches from the blunt cockhead. She wriggled her ass, seemingly to get more comfortable, and guided her shaft even deeper into Ebony’s ass. Clyda hunched upward, shoving three or four more inches inside, then settled her buttocks down until only the head was embedded. She repeated the thrusting motion a few times, then stopped, leaving only the head buried inside Ebony again.With each thrust, she opened Ebony’s rectum wider and deeper until she stopped for a moment at twelve inches or so. Once that happened Clyda started to increase the tempo of her thrusts, changing the angle of entry to stretch Ebony’s walls further, allowing her to cram more and more of her huge cock into Ebony and to make room for it. Clyda grunted loudly and stepped forward. Clyda’s balls swayed back and forth from her exertions. Clyda’s rump jerked forward and her cock fucked Ebony’s greasy-hot butthole. Hot milky fuck cream began to trickle out of Ebony’s ass, and down over Clyda’s prick and coated her balls. Ebony’s cunt was very wet and Tiffany quickly sank twelve inches into the much bigger woman with one stroke, filling deeply into her womb. Tiffany fucked Ebony forcefully for a couple of minutes and then withdrew.Ebony’s head was reeling. Her mouth and throat were stuffed with Dee Dee’s prick. Spasms racked her pussy and ass from Clyda and Tiffany’s cocks, as she eased back her head. Ebony dragged her teeth along Dee Dee’s twitching cock, her tongue flashing over the hard throbbing cockmeat. With only the cockhead in her mouth, Dee Dee abruptly slammed forward, fucking her throat, shoving almost a foot of her prick down Ebony’s gullet.”Make her cum,” Tiffany moaned as she plowed her cock into Ebony. “Suck her off!” Tiffany rubbed her hands frantically over Ebony’s thighs and hips as she twitched on her back. “Cream her mouth, Dee Dee!” exclaimed Clyda. Ebony was in a frenzy. She thrashed on her side, her legs spread wide as she jerked her rump while Tiffany and Clyda buried their cocks in her holes. Dee Dee continued to fuck Ebony’s mouth with her fat meaty prick. Dee Dee jerked, sighed and twisted as Ebony’s hot eager mouth started the cum churning in her big balls again.Ebony was out of her mind. She jerked her head back and forth, feasting on Dee Dee’s prick as she fucked in and out of her mouth. Ebony sucked and used her tongue, feeling Dee Dee’s cock swell. Ebony’s fingers massaged Dee Dee’s swinging balls and she gurgled deep in her throat, knowing that soon Dee Dee would be creaming her mouth yet again.”Well Clyda,” said Tiffany, “I think we’ve got Ebony good and primed for the grand finale. Don’t you agree?””Oh absolutely, Tiffany,” replied Clyda. “I think it’s high time we gave her what she’s really been craving all evening.” Then Ebony moaned with pleasure as Tiffany rose pushed the head of her cock further into her pussy again. Clyda slowly copied Tiffany’s example, and began filling Ebony with the full length of her massive cock into her amazon lover’s tight rectum. Clyda took a firm grip with both arms around one of Ebony’s muscular thighs, and started to fuck Ebony’s ass mercilessly, her flat stomach slapping against Ebony’s muscular buttocks and thighs.Tiffany looked down to see Clyda’s progress. Her eyes popped. What she saw sent spasms scurrying through her hot body. Ebony’s ass looked like it was split wide open from Clyda’s piledriver. Hard, thick shemale cockmeat was now brutally spreading both of her holes incredibly wide. Ebony bucked like a wild mare on Tiffany’s prick, bathing her cock in scalding pussy-cum. Fuck juice gushed from the pulsing walls of Ebony’s cunt, and flowing out over her jiggling butt cheeks and down onto Tiffany and Clyda’s swinging balls, staining the bedcovers.Ebony thrashed like a stuck pig. She humped up, taking huge thrusts from Clyda’s cock into her ass. Rock hard cockmeat filled her bowels, with Clyda’s precum juices overflowing and mixing with her own scalding juices.Clyda jerked hard, shoving an impaled Ebony along the pillows and the bed covers. Clyda’s balls swelled again, as her pleasure increased. Streams of Ebony’s juices leaked out of the hot bubbling depths of Ebony’s butt. Squishy sounds echoed, blending with Tiffany’s grunting and Ebony’s squeals of pleasure. Tiffany and Clyda quickly reached down, and shoved the pillows back under Ebony’s rump again. Ebony lifted her legs and angled her body for more stabbing from both girls’ cocks. Ebony was rewarded with an even harder thrust of Clyda’s pulsing cock.As Tiffany and Clyda paused for a moment to gather their strength, they noticed another trembling beginning to surge through Ebony’s powerful body. Slowly but surely, Ebony’s massive penis began to come to life again. Both girls could see the head of it slowly begin to inch forward along her tummy, as it began to grow and enlarge.”Uh oh,” said Tiffany. “Look who’s woken up, Clyda.””I was wondering how long Ebony could manage to hold off,” said Clyda. Ebony still had her mouth completely engorged with Dee Dee’s massive hard-on. But she managed to tilt her head slightly downwards and give Tiffany and Clyda a sexy look, and wink at them.”Now, now, Ebony,” giggled Clyda. “Mind your manners, and don’t try and talk with your mouth full.””And speaking of manners,” added Tiffany, “who said you could jerk yourself off tonight? You just leave that to us. We’re treating you this time around.””However,” said Clyda, “If you need something to do with your hands, show me how well you can massage and play with those two watermelons you call tits. I want to see you get them primed and ready. Jordan tattled and told us how you could actually squirt some milk out of those beauties.””After we fuck you senseless,” said Tiffany, “you can bet we’re gonna be awfully thirsty. So we’re counting on you to ‘serve refreshments’ at the end.”Ebony immediately began massaging her huge melons, her large hands kneading her breasts, and tweaking her nipples. With all the sexual activity assaulting Ebony from so many different sources, it wouldn’t be long before she was ready to squirt like a stream from her knockers. Clyda and Tiffany began to pump their cocks into Ebony’s holes at a slightly slower, steady pace than before, while they began to work on Ebony’s cock and balls.Each girl reached down and grabbed one of Ebony’s oversized nuts in one hand. They both applied strong, methodic squeezing and pressure to Ebony’s balls. In no time, Ebony’s nuts had swollen so that they were larger than two softballs at the base of her cock.As Tiffany and Clyda tugged on Ebony’s balls, it caused her cock to be pulled up from the surface of her tummy and abdomen, and now point straight up into the air. It was like watching a time lapse film of a tree growing, or a telephone pole reaching up into the sky. Ebony’s cock took less than a minute to reach its full length of just over three feet. The massive cockhead was almost twice the size of Tiffany’s fist, and glistened in the lights of the room.By the time Ebony’s cock had reached its full erectness, it was over four inches wide. A network of corded veins ran up and down the shaft like miniature cables. The urethra shaft was so thick and engorged, it was almost as thick as some average cocks that Tiffany and Clyda had seen on men, before coming to the Island. Ebony’s balls had swollen so full and hard, that Clyda and Tiffany could barely contain one in their hand, and they now had to exert some considerable strength when squeezing them, to have any effect. Tiffany and Clyda surveyed their handiwork and gasped. Even Dee Dee momentarily stopped fucking Ebony’s face to gaze at the massive member. “Holy shit!” exclaimed Tiffany. “I think we’ve created a fucking monster here, Clyda.””I’ll say,” agreed Clyda. “Ebony’s gonna go off like a fire hydrant, to say the least. And me without my protective mono-goggles tonight too. Oh well, who wants to live forever?”Ebony gazed at her own monumental erection with awe. Even she had rarely seen herself brought to this degree of arousal. Ebony continued fondling and massaging her boobs. By now, Ebony had her huge nipples fully erect, and was doing her best impression of a Jersey cow at the milking machine. The huge teats were now several inches long, and easily as thick as two of Ebony’s fingers were. Ebony gripped her long nipples and pulled up on her boobs so that she was lifting and supporting the full size and weight of her breasts by her nipples alone. It looked like Ebony had two bowling balls delicately balanced on her chest. Ebony let her breasts roll about on her chest as she held onto the ends of her nipples.Clyda and Tiffany’s jaws dropped open, and stared at Ebony’s knockers in disbelief. Now that Ebony had their attention, she let her boobs fall back into a more normal position on her chest again. Ebony gripped her humongous nipples with both hands, and gave a long powerful squeeze on each. Long sprays of milk gushered out from Ebony’s nipples. The spray reached all the way to her cock and balls, and some of it even landed on Clyda and Tiffany.”Oh my god!” squealed Clyda. “Don’t you dare waste any more of that sweet nectar, Ebony!””Just keep yourself good and ready Ebony,” panted Tiffany. “We’re gonna fuck you hot and heavy now, and then we want those babies in our mouths. So don’t waste any more milk!””Don’t forget to save some for me too!” Dee Dee chimed in from above. “As soon as I unleash this last load in my nuts, I want some of that too!””Okay, Ebony,” said Tiffany. “From now on, it’s no more ‘Mrs. Nice Amazons’ tonight. Clyda and I are gonna shift into overdrive down here. And Dee Dee’s gonna make anything she’s done tonight seem calm by comparison too. Are you ready honey?”Ebony gave Tiffany and Clyda a look of ultimate determination, and even fiercer excitement, and managed to nod her head, as she continued to gorge herself on Dee Dee’s cock.Both girls held one of Ebony’s meaty thighs in an upward position for balance and leverage. Tiffany jerked her head back and rammed her two-foot cock straight up into Ebony’s pussy. Ebony gave a shrill cry as the humongous intruder forced it’s way fully into her pussy depths and then began to pant when Tiffany started to screw her with the full strength of her powerful cock.Clyda mustered her strength, and did the same, shoving the remainder of her cock into Ebony’s ass in one powerful stroke. Clyda grunted in satisfied excitement, as she felt her balls land on Ebony’s ass cheeks. Now Ebony was completely impaled with two feet of Clyda’s cock in her ass, and the same amount of Tiffany’s cock in her pussy.”Damn, Clyda!” exclaimed Tiffany. “I can feel your cock next to mine, when we’ve each got them shoved into Ebony like this. It feels fucking incredible.””You can say that again, love,” panted Clyda. “The feeling is indescribable. I’ve never seen anyone who could take so much meat in her, and still beg for more!” Ebony reveled in the sensation of fullness and it wasn’t long until her pussy was cumming. Ebony’s girl-cum sprayed out onto Tiffany and Clyda’s legs as a strong, rolling orgasm washed over her pussy and rectum.And then Clyda and Tiffany began to fuck Ebony in earnest. As Tiffany did so, the mass of her giant cock bore down just next to Ebony’s clitoris with each inward motion and then as she pulled out, rubbing on the sensitive organ, sending Ebony into a rising spiral of pleasure.After less than a minute of this treatment Ebony was writhing and squirming in pleasure once more. The shudders of Ebony’s huge body were transmitted to Dee Dee, Clyda and Tiffany as they fucked her, and all the girls enjoyed the incredible sensations they were producing.Ebony briefly went limp on her back as she was assailed by wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure and she saw stars before her eyes as it seemed as though she rode from one orgasm straight into another.Tiffany and Clyda now coordinated their efforts, to fuck Ebony as hard as they possibly could. Both girls released their hold on Ebony’s thighs, and lowered her legs so that they were lying on the bed covers again. Ebony’s legs were spilt almost completely perpendicular from her body now.Clyda and Tiffany each reached out with their hands, and gripped the shaft of Ebony’s cock. Ebony’s colossal shaft was far too thick for them to fully encircle with one hand. But all of the girls had made a habit of exercising and strengthening their hands and wrists on the Island, so they were still able to exert a surprising amount of force on Ebony’s cock. Tiffany and Clyda began masturbating and stroking Ebony’s humongous shaft in unison. They each had to shorten the length of their cock strokes into Ebony, so they could maintain their grip on Ebony’s cock.Each girl now took a turn ramming her cock into Ebony as far as it would go, burying her massive shaft to the balls. Both girls’ balls slapped loudly into Ebony’s ass cheeks on the inward thrusts. Clyda and Tiffany timed their thrusts so that they performed like a piston, or the levers on a locomotive. As soon as one girl pulled out, the other shoved deeply into Ebony with all the force that she could muster. Both of them power-fucked Ebony like this for over twenty minutes.As the pressure in Ebony’s cock built towards the boiling point, Tiffany and Clyda could sense this. When it did, they each gripped Ebony’s huge cockhead and squeezed with all their might. This temporarily forced the juices back down into Ebony’s balls. They would wait a moment, and then begin masturbating Ebony’s cock again. Tiffany and Clyda kept us this steady routine on Ebony’s cock throughout the rest of the festivities.Now Clyda glanced down and saw the oozing flow from Ebony’s holes and sucked in her breath. Curious, she reached over, and stroked Tiffany’s heavy balls. Clyda’s fingers glided along Tiffany’s prick shaft and touched the lips of Ebony’s cunt. Fresh juice greeted her. Clyda sucked in her breath, and redoubled her efforts from feeling the throbbing nuts of Tiffany’s thick cock.Clyda watched with jealous eyes. She saw the ease with which Tiffany’s cock now fucked Ebony’s pussy. Clyda saw the juice from both girls flowing avrupa yakası escort freely. “Fuck her, Tiffany. Empty your balls!”The frenzied storm of Ebony’s orgasms slowly began bringing Tiffany into her own climax. Tiffany’s cock swelled, stretching Ebony’s gushing cunt to the limit. Tiffany rammed forward, fucking her exploding prick deep into Ebony’s pussy. Hot cum shot from her pisser, drenching Ebony’s already-flooded cunthole. Ebony squealed, reveling in Tiffany’s strength, in her cock and the hard-hitting jabs to her pussy. Ebony angled her body up, taking Tiffany deep. Screaming and twisting, Ebony climaxed again.Tiffany’s balls erupted. A hot jetstream of white cum shot from the tip of her fucking prick. Tiffany’s cum squirted deep inside Ebony, triggering another explosion in her pussy. Tiffany fucked her cock in and out furiously, the combined efforts of both girls dragging the screaming Ebony back and forth along the bed covers.Ebony took the first thick wad of Tiffany’s cum deep in her hot boiling cunt. Ebony’s incredible body was actually sucking the cum out of Tiffany’s cock like a vacuum cleaner. The action sent her into another convulsive orgasm. Ebony reacted wildly. She was getting fucked and was loving every hot sizzling moment. Ebony’s urgent fingers found her jiggling tits. She milked them roughly, adding pain to her pleasure. Lights flashed behind her eyes.Tiffany lurched forward, carrying Ebony with her as another explosion erupted in her balls. A thick steady stream of jizz poured from Tiffany’s cock, mixing with the buttery ooze that was now filling Ebony’s hot steamy pussy.Clyda fucked Ebony’s butt relentlessly. Her swollen balls slapped against Ebony’s juice-stained ass cheeks. Clyda dropped her head, her big eyes glowing. With her cock buried in the stormy vat of Ebony’s churning asshole, Clyda reached the point of explosion. She lifted her head and screeched an ear-piercing sound as her balls burst.Ebony held on, riding the full fury of Clyda’s passion. Hot spastic orgasms swept through her pussy and ass. Ebony humped and churned, her ass muscles throbbing an erotic beat against Clyda’s plunging prick.Clyda’s cum filled Ebony’s asshole, and then flowed even deeper into her squishy insides from Clyda’s exploding balls. Ebony held Clyda’s cock tight, fusing her naked flesh to her. Ebony rode Clyda’s climax to the very end. Again, Ebony’s body was absorbing and accepting the incredible amounts of cum that Tiffany and Clyda were pumping into her like a firehose.Eventually, the sensation of Clyda and Tiffany erupting inside Ebony, and filling her with molten sperm was too much for the huge amazon. Clyda and Tiffany could feel Ebony’s cock shake and tremble more violently than even before, and knew that her climax was only seconds away.”Holy fucking shit, Clyda!” exclaimed Tiffany. “Ebony’s gonna explode on us any second now!””That’s an understatement love!” paned Clyda, as she continued thrusting into Ebony’s ass, and gripping her cock as best she could. Even though Ebony had all of Dee Dee’s cock buried in her throat at the moment, she suddenly let out a huge, bestial moan from the very depths of her being. Ebony’s cock began pulsing and throbbing so violently, that Tiffany and Clyda’s hands were momentarily knocked loose by the unexpected force.Without warning, the first torrent of cum rocketed out of Ebony’s cock. It was a thick stream over an inch wide, and was so thick, it looked like water being shot out of a hose. Quickly, Tiffany and Clyda clamped their hands back onto the shaft of Ebony’s cock, and held on for dear life. Ebony’s cum soared straight upwards, and splattered against the ceiling. If it had not been there to stop it, Ebony’s cum would easily have traveled several feet higher.”Good fucking grief!” Tiffany and Clyda exclaimed as one, as they watched Ebony’s jism launch past their faces and heads, and continue its upward path. Dee Dee stopped her thrust-ing into Ebony’s mouth, and just gaped in awe at Ebony’s sexual power. As it hit the ceiling all four girls were quickly splattered and covered as Ebony’s cum caromed off and hit them at all different angles.Ebony continued to shoot off like a super-powered fountain for over a minute, as she had both of her holes hammered by Tiffany and Clyda’s cocks, and sucked lustfully away on Dee Dee’s meat in her mouth. By the time Ebony’s cock finally began to stop shooting off, the ceiling was hopelessly splattered with a tremendous amount of her jism.”This is getting fucking ridiculous,” muttered Tiffany. “I’m gonna have to have this place repainted after this!””This was your idea after all, love,” retorted Clyda. “I hope you’re bloody well satisfied.”Tiffany was almost drained. Three more hard lunging fuck-thrusts finally emptied her balls. Tiffany moaned, finally making an attempt to dislodge herself from her screaming mistress. Ebony took Tiffany’s last jab and swooned. Pleasure ran rampant through her vibrant young body.Clyda fucked forward again, dragging Ebony across the bed. More hot cum burst from her cock with each jab. Clyda’s jism gushed into Ebony’s ass like a river. Clyda’s eyes seemed to glow, and she flipped her head high, catching sight of Dee Dee. The blonde girl still had her cock buried to the balls in Ebony’s throat.Ebony stayed with Clyda, refusing to give up until she had drained every ounce of cum from her bails and had satisfied herself completely. Briefly, Ebony’s head hung back, eyes glassy. Ebony continued to suck away on Dee Dee’s cock like a motorized machine. Ebony’s hips, working on their own, sucked the head of Tiffany’s prick into the spongy softness of her still-orgasming cunt.Eventually, both Tiffany and Clyda’s cocks finally stopped throbbing and shooting off inside of Ebony. As they pulled them out from Ebony, each girl’s cock was limp from the massive effort, and almost back to their more normal size of six inches.The sight and sensations of seeing Tiffany, and then Clyda, and then Ebony herself each brought to a roaring climax was too much, and Dee Dee began thrusting her cock faster into Ebony, as she felt her cock pass the point of no return.”I’ve been saving the best for last, Ebony,” cried Dee Dee. “Here comes the mother load!””Dee Dee’s finally gonna cum,” Clyda said as she watched Dee Dee jerk and twist in ecstasy. “Dee Dee’s gonna cum, Ebony. Suck her good!”With Dee Dee fucking her cock in and out of her mouth, Ebony gnawed on her cock shaft. Ebony gripped Dee Dee’s massive balls and milked her stabbing prick with her throat. Ebony gulped, her pussy and ass still tingling from Clyda and Tiffany’s cocks, as she felt the rumbling cum in Dee Dee’s balls erupt.Dee Dee screamed as her balls burst. Hot thick shemale-cum rumbled through her prick and spewed from her pisser. Dee Dee moaned as the first spraying wad splattered the back of Ebony’s throat and oozed down her gullet. Dee Dee groaned again as another thick squirting wad gushed into Ebony’s mouth.Ebony gulped as thick wads of jism flooded her mouth. Ebony’s cheeks filled with Dee Dee’s jism. Cum squirted down into her throat. Ebony sucked as Dee Dee battered her mouth with her cock, and her head was spinning as still more cum poured from Dee Dee’s prick.”Ooh!” Clyda moaned as she stared at Dee Dee’s jerking rump. “Cream her, Dee Dee. Cream her!” Ebony’s throat contracted like a machine as Dee Dee continued cumming into her mouth. “Ooh, suck out her balls, Ebony!”Ebony sucked with all her might as she fucked her mouth up and down Dee Dee’s exploding prick. Ebony chewed on Dee Dee’s piercing prick shaft, her eyes bulging as cum gushed into her mouth and down her throat. Feasting on Dee Dee’s cum, Ebony pawed her balls, her raw lust keeping her from pulling her mouth away. It didn’t matter to Ebony if she choked. She wanted every drop of Dee Dee’s cum.Tiffany swooned as Dee Dee thrashed and whimpered. She craned her neck, her eyes wide as she watched Dee Dee fuck Ebony’s mouth. Her legs stiff, Dee Dee kept fucking her prick into Ebony’s sucking mouth. Her sweat-covered balls hit Ebony’s chin. More cum spurted from Dee Dee’s prick and gushed down Ebony’s throat. Dee Dee’s ass humped, her prick stabbing at Ebony’s mouth as her balls continued to churn out thick gooey wads of cum.Ebony took Dee Dee’s cock even deeper into her throat, her balls lodged against her chin as Dee Dee spewed cum. Ebony sucked harder, with Dee Dee’s prick stuffed in her gullet. Ebony pulled on Dee Dee’s balls as she moaned and jerked wildly from side to side.Dee Dee lunged hard, fucking her prick in Ebony’s mouth to the balls. The last squirting wad shot into Ebony’s throat. Dee Dee groaned and tilted her head to look directly at Ebony.With her mouth filled with Dee Dee’s cum, Ebony released her balls and leaned her head back, her mouth popping off Dee Dee’s prick as she collapsed onto her back.”Wait! Don’t swallow it, Ebony,” Dee Dee gasped. Dee Dee leaned down to Ebony, plastering her mouth to hers. Dee Dee sucked, drawing into her eager mouth a huge wad of her own warm, gooey cum. Dee Dee moaned in pleasure as she savored the exquisite taste.Ebony and Dee Dee twisted in each other’s arms, their bodies fused in passion and their mouths clamped together. Finally, Ebony released her grip on Dee Dee, and slowly pulled away.”Shit,” Ebony gasped as she squirmed out of Dee Dee’s grasp. “I almost thought I was gonna drown.” Ebony abruptly sprawled on her back on the bed, her head still reeling from the incredible experience she’d just been through.”I told we’d do it to you like never before, Ebony,” boasted Tiffany. “What do you think of our little ‘team effort’ tonight?”Ebony looked as though she was dead to the world, as she lay on her back on the bed.”Oh, my gosh,” said Tiffany. “She’s out like a light! You don’t suppose we overdid it, do you?””You’ve gotta be k**ding,” replied Clyda. “Just look at the expression on her face.” Ebony had a smile on her face that even the Cheshire Cat would have envied. “Clyda’s right, Tiffany,” said Dee Dee. “My mom used to breed dogs for a living. Every time we’d send a female out for breeding, they’d come back looking just like Ebony is now. There’s nothing wrong with Ebony. But she ought to remember this night for a long, long time.””There’s still one thing I can’t figure out about Ebony,” said Tiffany. “Clyda, you and I each pumped a major load of jism into each of her holes. It ought to be running out of her like a river now. But look. The only thing that squirted out of Ebony was her pussy juice. Not our cum.””Holy shit, you’re right,” said Dee Dee. “I shot three major loads into Ebony’s gullet in less than an hour. And her tummy never even swelled in size, not even temporarily. Where the hell is she putting it all?””If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was feeding off of it,” remarked Clyda.”Okay, let’s get her up, and into the shower so we can all get cleaned up,” said Tiffany. “I think we can still manage to play with her boobs for a little bit when she wakes up, once we’re in there.”The girls teamed together, and quickly moved Ebony into the large shower in Tiffany’s bathroom. Clyda and Dee Dee sat Ebony on the molded loveseat in the far corner of it, while Tiffany adjusted the spray and temperature of the water.”It’s a good thing we knew we’d be using these things for more than one person,” said Tiffany. “It cost us a little more when they were built, but I think it was money well spent.” The large custom-built shower easily held the four girls, including one as large as Ebony. Tiffany adjusted the spray of the water so that it arced overhead and came down on all of the girls like a gentle rain. This way they could have just a little more fun with Ebony, and still clean them-selves off at the same time.Clyda and Dee Dee took advantage of the situation, and found Ebony’s huge nipples first. Ebony’s nipples were now at least two inches long, and as thick as two of their fingers were.Each girl sucked long and hard on Ebony’s nipples, filling their mouths with the sweet, warm nectar that Ebony could produce. It wasn’t truly mother’s milk, but none of them were going to complain or ask questions at a time like this. It was simply something that Ebony could do because of all the changes that her body had been subjected to, and the other three girls accepted that fact. After a few moments, Ebony filled stirred from her slumber.”Ooh, what’s going on?” she asked, as she felt the beautiful sensations of her nipples being sucked, and felt the water cascading down on her from above.”You swooned on us for a few minutes after the grand finale out there,” said Tiffany. “And we thought we’d kill two birds with one stone next. So here we are.””I see,” replied Ebony. “Cleaning up, as well as serving ‘refreshments’.”After that, few words were needed between the girls. After a few moments, Clyda and Dee Dee released their hold on Ebony’s nipples to give Tiffany a turn. Ebony briefly surprised the other three girls by lifting one of her huge breasts to her mouth, and placing the thick nipple on her lips.Ebony gave a friendly smile and winked at them. “Hey. You weren’t the only ones who worked up a thirst back there.”A few moments later, all of the girls were satisfied with a taste of Ebony’s nectar inside them, as well as sufficiently clean from all the sweat and cum that had accumulated on them from the evening’s workout. They exited the shower, and quickly dried and toweled themselves off, and then began putting their clothing back on again.Ebony finished first, and after she was clad in her skirt and halter-top again, she turned and faced Tiffany to address her.”Tiffany, I want to thank you, Clyda and Dee Dee from the bottom of my heart for what’s happened tonight. I haven’t felt anything like this since I came to the Island, and you’ve restored my faith in you and the other girls, so that not everyone thinks I’m a monster or an ogre anymore after all I’ve done over the years.”I want you to know that if Barocca actually tries any kind of power play or takeover, that you can count on me to be first in line, to help boot her ass out of here, by any means necessary.”But remember, this is only if Barocca actually tries something on us. This is gonna sound weird, but I’ve friends with her too long, to not give her the benefit of the doubt. Every-thing that you’ve told me is still ‘your word against hers’. I still haven’t completely sorted out how I feel about Barocca. So I’m not gonna do anything against her, unless she actually makes her move against us. If she does, you know that you can count on me.”With that, Ebony reached over to Tiffany, and wrapped her arms around her in an embrace of genuine love and affection. Ebony did the same to Clyda and Dee Dee, and then smiled and left the room.”Well, all things considered, that went about as well as expected,” said Tiffany. “It’s only a matter of time before Barocca pulls something, and now we know we’ve got Ebony on our side when she does.””I guess the next step is having your room declared a disaster area, love,” chuckled Clyda.”You can say that again,” replied Tiffany. “Jeez! We really did a number on this place, didn’t we? Where am I gonna sleep tonight?”Dee Dee reached over and playfully grabbed Tiffany’s hand. “Like I said earlier, my bed is always open for you Tiffany,” with a hint of mischief in her eyes.”Dee Dee, I’m gonna take you up on that offer,” said Tiffany. “But I said sleep, and I meant sleep this time. We all have lots of things to do tomorrow, and we’re up late enough as it is after all the festivities tonight. As tempting as the offer is, it won’t look good if we’re all staggering around baggy-eyed and half-awake tomorrow. But I will take a rain check, and we’ll definitely get together ‘one on one’ sometime soon.””Okay, party pooper,” teased Dee Dee. “sleep it is, tonight. I’m bushed too.””And I’ll get some of the newer girls assigned here tomorrow to clean up the place and change the linens here,” said Clyda. “It’s a good thing that rank does have its privileges.”

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