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I led my hands up his jeans – tight, with a sliver of skin starting to show at his waistband. He waited patiently, not nearly as pathetic as some of the boys I’d known, grabbed my hand and led it closer towards him.

“Is this what you want?” I asked, fingertips gripped around his waistband, against the soft give of his smooth hips. “Want me to get you off?”

He started to squirm out of the blanket covering him and bit the inside of his lip, an expectant gleam in his eyes.

“Y-yeah.” He stuttered and paused, overcome with shy reservation. It was late and I could tell that he was tired but he wanted this.

I crawled closer to him over the squishy mattress. He perked up and sat straight so I could confront him.

“You’ll have to lose these first, baby,” I almost whispered, hands gravitating again to his pants and the single button separating me from him. I dreamed of the bulge that would await me there if I did a little more teasing.

“Do it, please,” he whined, watching me as I had begun running my fingers gently over him. He swept his hair out of his face and I noticed the light tension of his teeth on his lip. There was no need to delay it any further. I popped open the button.

“Ah, my sweet boy,” I cooed as I slid the zipper down and fingers met the soft, intimate fabric of the boxer-briefs. My fingers itched to feel his bare skin.

I tried to find a comfortable position on the bed next to him. A light blush was forming on his face and he brought himself up to lean against the wall behind us. I joined him and sat next to him, my arm against his, in a t-shirt, soft and pale.

“You start. Show me how you get off.”

Within seconds he had his stiff cock in his right hand. He exhaled deeply and ran a few fingers up the perky shaft. He side-eyed me watching him, so I began to beckon him on.

“Come on, jack off for me, baby.” I snuggled in closer and loosely clasped my hand around his.

My fingers followed him as he gripped his cock, tugging up and down very slowly at first. He let his eyes close gently and I rested my cheek against his relaxed arm.

He smiled at me, soft but needy, briefly seeming to forget I was there as he ran his beautifully focused fingers over his cock. I watched his face as he played, dirty blond hair starting to fall into his face. I was Arnavutköy escort enjoying the show, but I wanted to participate.

“Can I try?”

He put his hand by his side and I came to draw my fingers up his cock slowly. I wrapped my fist around the shaft while he relaxed rigidly into the wall.

I moved closer to him and tightened my grip – gently letting one of my fingernails from my other hand trail up him gently. He winced, biting his lower lip into a smile.

“Do you like that?” I asked, fingers loosely pumping. He smiled, but seemed tense. “I’ll get you off, baby, don’t worry. I know you’re tired.”

He moaned and seemed more relaxed, fingers curled, one of his hands gripping anxiously at the bedspread.

“There’s really not much to you boys, is there?” I shifted to come and let a tender lick over the head of his cock, hitting him with the cloud of soft, warm air that came from my mouth. “I just gotta play with you like this for a bit and you’re happy.”

He smiled and let his breathing stall, watching me retreat my mouth off him and continue with my hands. “You could do a little more, though,” he tried to beg me into it softly.

“What do you mean?” I pouted, curled up between his legs. He rolled his eyes a bit harmlessly and slouched back against the wall.

“I could try something a little more interesting, if you want.” I continued. I had both hands clasped around him, remembering something. “I’ve got something you might like.”

“What kind of-” He stopped himself from asking, and just let me go for it.

“I could use something besides my hand. I still wanna milk you, though, baby,” I thought aloud. I didn’t want to make him feel like a sexually unsatisfied teenager who made sex toys out of household objects or anything like that, but this was something I wanted to see. His gaze grew dark and he began to speak again, but I stopped him. He knew what it was, just seemed to ponder the idea for a second.

“I’m gonna go get the Fleshlight, babe.”

I returned, on my knees. “Are you gonna be a good boy so I can get you off?” I asked. One hand was on his leg and the other was gripped around the toy I’d brought for him.

He watched it tediously but was interested, whining the answer softly.

“Are you ready?” I asked, opening a little bottle of lube and drizzling the Avcılar escort bayan opening with the viscous liquid. I rubbed it in circles and shoved a few fingers inside.

“I’m ready,” he said, and I came to wrap my fingers around his hard-on, testing the toy and its silky, fleshy colored lips.

“Mmm,” I moaned as I gripped his cock and pushed the toy tightly over the head. His tongue pressed against his lip in concentration, and I watched his stare as I forced his cock into the plaything that began to slowly drip with lube. It stretched over him and he sighed.

“You like that? You like the feeling of me milking your cock, baby boy?”

He groaned, soft but begging, closing his eyes tensely. I gripped his balls tightly as I brought the fleshlight up and down the shaft, watching it accommodate him. His fist gripped tight and I stroked his inner leg.

“Good boy,” I said as he moaned, watching what I was doing to him. I figured I wasn’t far from when his breath would start to hitch, so I slowed down, pushing the toy deep onto him and pulling it off slowly.

“Hm, maybe we can stop that now.” I set the fleshlight aside but brought my hand back around him, feeling the mixture of his natural wetness and the slick lubricant. “I think it’s a little too easy for you to cum that way.”

I got on my hands and knees and crawled back up closest to him, bringing him into a kiss. His cheeks were hot and lips moistened, and he let out a soft, high whimper into my mouth out of surprise.

“I promise, though, I’ll get you off soon. I know you’re close.” I backed off him, slouching, tired. He moved over so that I was against the wall, spooning him. My chin barely rested on his taut shoulder.

“Aw, you like this,” I could feel his shallow breathing as I returned again with my fingers around his cock, fist quickly pumping as I pulled him closer to my body. He moaned, pushing back into me, as I slowly worked a sweet spot with my thumb. If I felt he was getting too close, I stopped, taking my time to run a sticky hand up his hip or nibble menacingly at his neck.

He moaned softly once I had stopped. “I wanna cum,” he let out a weak request that I felt reverberate through my lips that grazed his throat.

“Oh, you do?” I hummed against his collarbone, retreated my hands, and pulled him in tightly, inhaling Escort Bağcılar the evaporated sweat that wicked off his shoulder.

He moaned another request in the tension once he realized I refused to touch him. His hand began to drift towards his cock, as if he thought I’d let him finish this himself, but I grabbed it before he could try. His fingers were warm and trembling a bit. I balled them up into a fist with one hand and put them back at his side.

“You’re a good boy,” I softened, coming back to lay a few fingers gently onto his side and felt his breath hitch. “But we can get rid of that toy over there,” I kicked it off of the bed. “It kinda takes away the fun, you know, of seeing you cum.”

He sighed and softened up a bit, melting into me. I trailed a hand down his side and grabbed his cock, which was glistening in the dull light and was probably begging for another touch of my fingers.

I wrapped my hand around it, pumped my fist up and down a bit, and felt him relax and groan a bit. “Oh, you’re so close, I can tell. Look at you, you’re so fuckin’ pretty.”

“Please, can you let me?” He pressed into me after I ran my palm along the inside of his thigh. He’d been waiting a while and I thought he had been very good; I had enjoyed watching him touch himself and holding him against me while I played with him.

“I think you’ve earned it.” I grabbed his face to kiss his cheek.

I stroked him again, playing with his balls a bit as I felt him once again get closer and closer to the edge. He was quieter than he had been before, eyes closed, breathing rhythmically and shallow.

“You’re so good. Cum for me, baby,” I quickened my hand.

“Mmm, I’m…I’m gonna,” He stuttered and I felt his back tense up, holding my chin upon his shoulder to watch him. I pumped my hand over him in short thrusts, holding him close to me so that he couldn’t squirm too much. He had one arm gripped around my thigh and tensed his fingers moments before it happened, cum spurting from his cock to the bedspread beneath us, flowing over my cramped fingers. He groaned and I could feel his heart beat in his chest from where my breast met him.

“Mmm, I finally got to milk you, babe,” I cooed, coaxing the rest of the cum from him that pooled and dribbled into my palm.

I led my hand up and down slowly one last time, feeling him shiver and moan as he relaxed into me. His cum dripped down my fingers, hot and pearly. I let my hand relax. He let out one final sigh, mixed in with a moan, and I felt him relax into a sleepiness.

“You were so good,” I cooed, relaxing my grip on him, kissing his neck, letting him drop from me so that he could drift into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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