Milk Sow Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Part of the Herd

The days passed in a routine. Matt would come in and waken Ginny with her morning feed. He always sat with her as she ate, and as he did so he talked to her about the hormones and the cumulative effect they were having upon her physiology. He would get Ginny to play with her tits as she listened to him, always on her knees as he sat and spoke to her. He spoke slowly and with patience, as if all that he said were common knowledge, yet somehow she had never managed to figure it out. This at first had irritated her, but there was something cosy about their morning chats, and starting each day with a good massage of her tits, she realised how quickly they were swelling up.

Mixing with the other sows was like being back at school. There was a hierarchy where some were bullies and others friendly. Cliques formed and Ginny had to find her place within the hierarchy. Talking with the sows, Ginny quickly realised how heightened their libidos were. Sitting and chatting in the lounge with a sow, Ginny was shocked when the sow started to stroke herself as if this was normal behaviour.

“My God! What are you doing?”

“What?” The sow seemed genuinely surprised.

“How could you just start playing with yourself in front of me like that! I could never…”

“Hey… It’s nothing special. It’s nice. Go on, try it.” She pulled at Ginny’s arm dragging her reluctant fingers towards the sow’s slit. Ginny tried to pull her hand away. She felt ashamed of putting her hand between the thighs of a sow, and she struggled to free herself, but the sow’s grip was firm.

“Come on. It won’t bite!” she giggled. Ginny found her slit already quite slippery as her finger tips were dragged along it.

“Go on, slip them inside.” The sow spoke conspiratorially with her, but she was gripping her arm tightly so that Ginny couldn’t withdraw. As her face burned, she found her fingers slipping gently into the soft folds of skin. Somehow the wetness she found there seemed to draw her deeper inside.

“Ahh yes…” the sow flexed her thighs apart and shoved her slit forward. The brazenness with which she displayed her arousal shocked Ginny more.

Yet as she heard the sow’s breath come in little gasps and her hips humped over her fingers, Ginny seemed to lose control of herself. She forgot about how this must look and became absorbed in the giving of pleasure and, to her surprise, she found she took pleasure herself in working at this sow’s slit. A reciprocal dampness was spreading between her own thighs encouraged perhaps by the aroma of the sow’s arousal, perhaps by the slipperiness of her fingers that seemed unable to keep from being sucked deeper into this inviting crack, but perhaps too the dirtiness, the lewdness of this act appealed to something within her. Descending to playing with the sows and her visible excitement at becoming accepted as one of them was playing with her mind.

Ginny no longer realised that the sow was stopped holding her arm between her legs, she didn’t seem to notice the other sows drawing closer. It was only when she suddenly felt fingers on her own slit she became aware once more of where she was. Somewhere in her head she heard the voice telling her to resist and pull away. Yet the pleasure her body currently craved forbade her from responding to that urge. She parted her legs to open herself more to the probing of the anonymous sow behind her. Suddenly she felt the pressure of a hand pushing at her head, drawing it inexorably forwards, towards the slit presented in readiness for her. Ginny was no longer resisting, allowing herself to be drawn in. In a detached way, she wondered at herself yielding to this alien temptation. Her head was now close, she could feel the warmth radiating from the sow’s thighs beating upon her cheeks. Without hesitation she stuck out her tongue and flicked at the hidden bud that was filling her vision.

Suddenly Ginny felt something hard and wide being forced into her cunt. She started to struggle, this was too much, she had to get out of this. But she had allowed herself to be manoeuvred into a position from which she could no longer fight. She was easily overpowered and had to submit to these sows. There were too many of them and they held her bowed down in front of this sow’s slit. Her tongue tried to withdraw, but this only made them push her face deeper into the musky bridge, trapping her further between powerful thighs. She was being tipped up and the object was being pushed deeper inside her own slit. She could not resist, she could not fight. She felt the legs of one of the sows straddle her and as she felt its knees flex on either side of her hips, she realised that the sow was impaling itself upon the other end of the dildo that was now firmly embedded in her. She tried to shout, but her voice was muffled and lost in the cunt she was being forced to pay homage to.

Ginny heard the sow behind her sigh and felt the press of its thighs encircling her back and its weight settle upon her. She was now locked together with this sow. The fact she did not know which sow was on top of her, had forced Kurtköy Escort her own lips to part and drilled her with its dildo, deeply embarrassed Ginny. She could feel the sow now starting to thrust into her. She felt the friction against her ass, and the dildo bang against her cervix. She was powerless, having to take the treatment meted out to her. Ginny groaned as the dildo thumped again and again inside her. She heard the goading of the other sows around her and felt shame consume her. Faster and faster the sow rode her. The onslaught making her grunt in rhythm to the pounding she was forced to take. Suddenly the sow collapsed on top of her, her thighs shook violently as they squeezed like pincers into her sides. She heard the sow gurgle out in her ear as she came. Then she felt it rock her body backwards, pressing the dildo simultaneously deeper into herself and into Ginny. There was something acutely pleasurable that washed over Ginny as she felt the press of the dildo sliding further inside her.

Yet her ordeal was not over and as she felt hands hold her in place, tethered before the slit oozing with sow cum, while another sow impaled itself on top of her. Again and again she was ridden by these sows, one after the other. Slowly the shame transformed itself into a carnal need. Ginny was being consumed by the sensations forced into her and piece by piece her mind was taken over by this primal act, this initiation into the herd, this debasement of her body that was to be used by common sows for their pleasure. Ginny’s tongue started to work at the slit in front of her, eating away at it. She heard the cheer from the sows around her and her shame burnt her afresh. She had debased herself, letting them see the pleasure welling up inside her. Ginny felt useless and weak: just days before they would have shown her respect and done her bidding. Now they just used her and she let them and she would lick a sow’s slit to acknowledge her acceptance of this treatment from them.

No matter how much she felt ashamed of her own desires, the fact was she did feel incredible from being used by these sows. She had no control over when her ordeal would end, and so she was forced to accept it. How else could she manage? She could not escape, she could not fight. She had to embrace what was happening to her and participate, and so her own desires leaked out of her. One by one she was used by these sows, and she herself came often too. It was a shared, a mutual pleasure that bound her to the herd. When finally it ended, they all lay about gasping and exhausted. The dildo lay on the floor by ginnysow where she laid curled up recovering her strength. She felt satisfied in a way she could never before have imagined she could feel.

Matt brought men in to see her. Sometimes they came to inspect her. They would feel her tits and with face close to the teats squeeze at them. They never spoke directly to her, except to give her an order. Sometimes they would inspect her sex or just put her through a series of commands to test her obedience. At first Ginny had resisted, but this always just led to the crop, and whenever Matt wielded it, he always spoke with kindness, as if she just hadn’t yet understand. Soon, Ginny got used to being prised open by strange fingers, of responding obediently to the commands of men she didn’t know.

Ginny was sitting in the lounge with the other sows when Matt walked in. He had a document in his hand and presented it to Ginny.

“You must sign this.” He said.

“What is it?”

“It is your consent form. It allows us to use you while you are here.”

Ginny went pale, she knew she could not refuse, yet this was the protection Ben had insisted upon.

“But… I thought I was only supposed to prepare for the demo.”

Matt smiled at her and bent down to bring his face close to hers as she sat.

“Now we’ve been through this, ginnysow. Don’t you remember?” he watched as Ginny slowly nodded.

“That’s right. It doesn’t matter what you think does it? I am your trainer and I decide what training you need.” He stared at her eyes for a moment and then added,

“You understand we will have to go back over your lessons if you don’t sign now. You know too that you will sign.” He pressed her gently, but firmly because she knew he was right. It was inevitable. It was not what they had intended, but that didn’t matter now. She must do her best for Matt and if he decided she needed to do this, then he must be right. She picked up the pen and signed. She did not read the form. She did not need to. She knew that whatever it said, she was to sign it. That was what Matt expected of her, and she would do it.

After that, Matt brought men regularly along to her. They were here to fuck her, and that was how Matt introduced them to her. He would prepare her and show her how to open her belly to them, how to accept them. Once she had got used to being fucked by strangers, she found her body automatically responding to them. As they would sink themselves into her, she would moan and buck her hips, carried away by the submission and being used by so Maltepe Escort many strangers. Yet Matt would stop her and whisper to her that while these men drove themselves in and out of her, that she must keep quiet. As a sow, she was to present herself to them. She was dedicated to their pleasure, her own was incidental. These guys did not want to hear her squeals. She must accept them, open herself to them as a receptacle. She must not reach out and touch them. She would show them how excited she was when they used her by letting them see how wet she became and, when she would start to produce milk, she could feed them. These were the signs allowed her by which she could express herself. Time and again he would bring men in and have to brush her hands away as she instinctively reached out to embrace them. Little by little Ginny learned to express herself through her cunt. She practiced squeezing their hard cocks with the walls of her opening in her desire to communicate to them, let them understand the pleasure she got from the sensations they were creating in her by their hardness.

Each day she received her injections. Matt would put the chain on her collar and link it to a bolt in the ceiling. Ginny was forced to sit with her neck strained upwards. He would bring in a table and place it under her chest so that her tits rested upon it. Then he would inject her, each udder receiving two shots. Sometimes she had injections in her ass too. Each time she went through this ritual, Ginny felt nervous. Not so much from the pain, but because each time the ritual took her another inexorable step away from her former respectable self. She knew these drugs were altering her, and she understood this was a permanent change, yet she was incapable of resistance as she allowed this man complete control over her.

Each day the small transformations of her body took her a little step further to the creature she was becoming. If she had fostered any residual belief she could return to her former life, this daily ritual wore her resistance down. There was no place to hide from the fact she had relinquished all control. After the injections she was always forced to exercise. Matt was strict with her during her exercises and he used the crop often. Ginny learned to jump on his command, anything to please him and make him not slap her side with another stinging stroke. The mix of emotions stirred in Ginny conspired to develop deep within her a respect for Matt and his knowledge, at the same time a fear and a need to please him. She felt indebted to him and lucky that he should waste his mornings explaining stuff to her.

Ginny felt hypersensitive to any changes she felt in her body. She constantly thought about what exactly would become of her. How large would her tits become? When would she start making milk? As the changes started to take hold upon her body, Ginny realised how much she relied upon Matt’s expertise. She felt indebted to him that he would sit and explain it all to her, and she felt more dependent upon him to feel good about herself. When he was not there, she felt worthless and abandoned, which made her want to please him all the more.

One morning as Ginny played with her tits kneeling before Matt, and he explained to her about the life of a sow, she suddenly felt a warm wetness creep across her fingers. She gave a little squeal of shock and looked down. Matt moved over quickly and stared closely at her tits. There was a thin streak of transparent, white liquid that started from the tip of her breast and spread across the backs of her fingers. Ginny looked up at Matt to see whether he was pleased. He smiled back at her.

“So today is your special day.” He kissed her as she knelt before him, her arms fell away and the trickle of milk dripped onto her belly. “We will now up the dosage to four sets of injections per day. This will accelerate your milk production.”

That night Ginny slept very badly. She felt a pain in her tits, as though they were being pulled apart from inside. She had never experienced anything like this before. She tossed in bed, but there was no way to relieve the dull ache growing inside her chest. She wished the milk would come flooding out of her, carrying away the tension she felt trapped inside her. Matt had warned her it was going to be a long night, but she had to endure it. This was to be her night of metamorphosis. Her body would complete the final stages in its transformation into the body of a milk sow. It would be a rough night, he said, feeling her body being made to adapt to its new purpose, but there was nothing Matt could do to help with the birth of her new self. He would see her in the morning.

When finally morning came, Ginnysow was pulling at her udders and rolling across the bed in a desperate search for some comfort. Matt came in and sat on the bed next to her. He stroked her sweat soaked hair and smiled at her.

“You’ve done well my ginnysow. What a hard night it’s been eh?” he was tender towards her, and ginnysow was so relieved to have someone here with her and not to feel so alone.

“Stand up for me.” He sat Tuzla Escort on a chair by the bed and held out a hand to her. She took it and lifted herself up until she sat opposite him. Ginnysow stared at him a moment before standing on her feet.

“What a good little sow you are. You have come such a long way in these few days. I am so proud of you. Come here and lie across my lap that I may stroke you and show you how pleased I am with you.”

“I don’t want this…. it hurts. I don’t want my body to change. I want to go home.” She said plaintively.

“Yes… yes I know. These are far-reaching changes your body is coping with. Come my sow and lie here. I will milk you now and ease the pain.” He patted his lap. Ginnysow hesitated, she could see he had brought a pail with him.

“I don’t know…” she hesitated. She wanted to be firmer in her resolve, she felt humiliated leaning over a bucket. This was not what she had in mind. “Why can’t we do the demo now?” her voice sounded small.

“You’re not ready yet. Your ducts are stretching, and they have to stretch a lot more before you can hold enough capacity.”

“They feel full already.” Matt smiled at her. “Yes I know they do. But believe me you are going to hold a lot more milk than this by the time of the demo. You want it to go well don’t you? All this effort would be wasted if the demo doesn’t go well.” He waited patiently for ginnysow to see the truth in his words. She felt foolish as she teetered before him. Her udders still ached and she thought of the relief being milked would bring. Slowly she knelt down before him and then lay herself across his lap.

“There, there my little one. His hand stroked over her back and rested on the small of her behind, just above where her cheeks rose up like giant crests.

“I don’t want…” she breathed out.

“It’s ok….ok… you are doing fine.” His voice tender.

“Just here to demo machine.”

“Yes I know. Just try to relax. You’re doing fine. Do you feel those udders stretching?” again gentle and his hand caressing her.

“tight. Feels tight.”

“that’s right, little one. Feel that tension. All that milk building up inside, bursting to come out. I’m just going to help you relieve that tension, that’s all. Make you feel better.”

“I’m not a sow…”

“I know, I know. Not yet” He soothed her, his fingers flowing over her hair, down her neck and across her back. “You are going to make a lovely sow. You have a beautiful sow body.”

“I’m not a sow.”

“Shh…shh.. Don’t worry. We are just going to relieve the tension. Just try to relax.” His hand slipped around and cupped one tit. It hung like a giant sack about to burst, swinging in the air. She felt the heat from his fingers as they felt it’s sides, judging it, weighing it in his hands.

“You have produced such a lot of milk. You are a good sow.” With that he bent and kissed the back of her neck tenderly as his fingers gave a squeeze to her tit. She felt the jolt of pleasure and bent her neck back, her tits swinging free as he kissed the back of her neck. His hand rubbed down from behind her ear, feeling her smooth flesh as they made the slow slide down to her shoulders. All the time the pace of his other fingers increased as they squeezed at the sides of her tit. Ginny wanted to feel the milk pour out of her, she wanted to feel the release, yet she was sickened at the thought too.

He purred at her, “Such a good sow. Just lie there and let me draw the milk from you. What a relief it is going to feel as it squirts from your teats. You want to give your milk to me don’t you.”

She knew it was true and hated him for knowing it too. The pressure from his deft fingers was making something melt inside her. She could not resist, because she did not want to resist.

“That’s it, my little one. You are going to be such a perfect little sow. Make some milk for me. Let me taste it. Feel the excited tingle as it jets from your udders and know I am going to drink from it.”

His hand was on her other tit now. They both felt so hot, she just wanted to squirt her milk out for him, taking some sort of sick pride from it. Yet that is all she could focus on, her milk filled tits that needed to pour her milk out for this man so that he could drink from her and think of her as a good milk sow.

“You are doing ever so well.” She could feel one hand reach round behind her and he pressed his thumb against her opening. To her shock she realised that it was slippery as she felt his thumb glide back and across her lips. She tried to move, to get up, to escape that probing finger.

“Hush hush little one, “he crooned. “Just relax. I am just going to help you produce the milk you have stored in there for me.” He kissed her on her head and this calmed her. His finger slipped in between her lips and she felt the pad of his thumb press on the inside walls of her slit. He started to rock back and forth and her body shifted with his movement. His fingers were squeezing and then pressing at her teats. She felt the pressure and yearned to relinquish herself to it. His finger behind slid along and retreated in her canal, always pressing and sending ripples of delight through her. She felt disarmed by this gentle treatment of her. Then she felt a spurt issue from her udder. She felt the shock and the knot in her stomach form as the flow grew.

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