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*This is a work of fiction. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

In January 2010, I had decided to go backpacking with my friends to West Bengal, to the Sunderbans (A royal Bengal Tiger Reserve) and surrounding areas. Due to certain scheduling problems, all my friends had left before me by train, while I had to catch a flight to meet up with them in Kolkata. Unfortunately, being on a shoestring budget, the only flight I could afford was this horrid thing, at 2 am in the morning, when no sensible person would willingly leave a warm bed and go anywhere. I sat in the terminal, waiting for the flight to commence boarding, while drinking the crappiest and most expensive cup of coffee I’d ever tasted. I sipped some more, when I saw her standing nearby, also sipping some coffee from a cup.

“I can’t believe that I’m paying for this crap.”

“Believe it. Terminal coffee always tastes bad.”

“I’ve tasted bad coffee. This is exceptional. It tastes like a monkey peed into battery acid.”

She laughed, and we introduced ourselves to each other. She was also on my flight. Her name was Mamatha, this pretty young woman, in her mid twenties. She was not very tall, around 5’2″, fair, with shoulder length hair. She was a bit chubby, but her body was very curvy, just the way I like it. She wore a simple blue jacket, slacks and shoes, and had sexy bedroom eyes.

“So, why are you headed Kolkata? Business or Pleasure?”

“Oh, business, completely. I’m a market researcher.”

“What do you do, exactly?”

“I go and ask people questions about our products. You know, if their reactions, expectations, etc.”

“Ok. So what are you researching in Kolkata?”

“Cigarettes. I’m going out, at dawn, meeting people and asking them questions about our clients fags.”

“Cool. Never thought you could make a career out of that. Maybe I’ll do that.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m still in college; Heading for a backpacking trip, across the Sunderbans and the surrounding areas.”

“Cool. You feeling sleepy?”

“No, actually. Not at all. This crappy coffee is keeping me awake..”

We sat chatting in the lounge. Our flight, due to its hours was nearly empty, and we eventually sat together, in the plane. By now, our playful chatting had turned into some serious flirting. The flight was supposed to be 90 minutes long, but both of us were too buzzed with coffee to feel sleepy. Besides, who wants to sleep when you are into such heavy flirting!

A few minutes into the Sinop Escort flight, they put on the in flight movie, some kiddie film about a mad scientist. However, most of the other passengers (and there were very few) chose to fall asleep, and the lights were dimmed to a minimum.

“Did you see this film in the cinema?” Mamatha asked.

“I went for it, but I didn’t watch it.”

“Why?” her eyes asked teasingly.

“It’s quite a boring film. And I was making out with someone.”

“Hmmm, making out in a movie, that’s something I haven’t done in a while now…”

“Let’s change that.” I said, and leaned over to kiss her.

Her lips tasted like something else, a bit of coffee, something like a lipstick and something else I have never been able to figure out. She was a really good kisser too, and it was serious heat we had started to build in the back. I had my hand inside her shirt, teasing an exited nipple between my forefinger and thumb, while her hands were rubbing my cock from outside my cargos pants.

We heard an airhostess coming, and we quickly broke off. Mamatha closed her jacket around herself, and I composed myself.

“Can I get you anything, sir?” asked one of the heavily made up, tired airhostesses.

“No, thank you. We were just getting to know each other better.”

She left, and I turned around to make out again. Mamatha laughed and pointed at my jeans, where a small wet spot had begun to form due to pre-cum.

“Oh, baby, you are turning me on!” I said, and we began to make out again.

Both of us were very turned on, and we just got a bit bolder. I pulled my cock out of my jeans, and she held it for a second, feeling its length and girth in her small hand. She began to slowly jerk me, as we kissed, and though I enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait to do more.

“You have a big cock.” She said. “Much bigger than my ex boyfriend.”

“Thanks. Put it in your mouth, will you?”

She looked around, and gently bent down, and began to give me head. It felt good, but then, for a good blowjob, eye contact is necessary. However, I was very turned on.

“I want you, now. Lets go to the loo and fuck. What do you think?” I asked.

“I’ve never done it on a plane before! Besides, I barely know you!”

“That’s the point, isn’t it?” I asked.

She nodded, and both of us made our way to the cramped loo in the back of the nearly empty plane. A couple of airhostesses were near it, one fast asleep, and the other reading Sinop Escort Bayan some book. She peered over the book at us, and I winked at her. She shook her head, and kept reading.

I opened the door, and stood a bit dumbfounded at what I saw. I think, airplane loos keep shrinking every time you get on them, and this one was small, exceptionally small. I looked at Mamatha, and she smiled.

“Logistical problem?” she asked.

I smiled. Indeed, we had a logistical problem. I have a bit of a difficulty getting into an airplane loo anyway, because of my size. I’m about 6’2″ tall, weighing about a 100kg, with a strong muscular physique, with fair skin and slightly middle eastern features, thanks to my Iranian forefathers.

She looked at me, and asked me to sit on the pot. I had to confess, I had never tried woman on top before. I usually like to be the man, and take control in bed. However, this was a night of firsts. The only way we were going to be able to do this if she was on top.

I put the seat down, and pulled my pants around my ankles and sat down. I opened up my shirt, and breathed. My penis was semi hard now, as she entered the loo and closed the door behind her. She looked at me and slowly, sexily took her shirt off, and pulled her slacks off. Seeing a this horny woman strip, my dick stood up to full attention. I pulled out a condom from my pocket, and began to wear it.

Mamatha chewed on her lower lip, looking damn sexy as she contemplated what we were about to do. I was turned on, more and more by watching this, and my penis throbbed for a release.

“Get on this, baby!” I said. I wanted this woman right now.

She slowly came over, bending slightly, and sat with folded knees on either side of me. My penis still was outside her, waiting to get into her pussy.

I fingered her slightly, and found her delightfully wet, as she slowly settled down to take me in. She held my dick, and slowly helped me in, but didn’t take me in all the way. She took an inch or so in, and moved rhythmically on it, sinking slower and slower on it, controlling her descent onto my shaft of meat.

It was a mighty turn on, for she had inclined her head towards me, and smiled, her hair falling all over me, blocking out most of the light. I wanted to fuck her hard, but couldn’t. Instead, I went slowly, and slowly penetrating her, until after what seemed like an eternity, I finally sank all the way into her, and our pubic hair met.

She kissed me a bit Escort Sinop more, and began to slowly move up and down, feeling the pleasure of moving at a speed she liked. She jerked her hair back, and picked up speed, and I reached around her and grabbed her fine ass, helping her rise and fall on my crotch, picking up speed as she liked.

She moaned as I buried my face in her tits, and chewed on each erect nipple, and she really began riding me, harder and harder. Woman on top sent out some slightly different sensations up my cock, from my customary missionary style or doggy style sex.

I fucked her harder and harder as she moaned a bit louder, and I wondered if she would wake up some of the passengers on the flight. I still enjoyed the sensation, feeling the amazing sensations of not being in complete control whilst having sex. I playfully spanked her butt, and she responded by holding me closer, and fucking harder and harder.

I couldn’t care much at this moment about anything but the woman in my arms. I didn’t care whether we were slowly punching a hole in a side of the plane, or whether the people might get up; instead, I just concentrated on helping keeping the rhythm with Mamatha.

I felt her becoming hornier, and I realized that she was close to coming.

“Damn you! You’re making me come!” she breathed, holding me closer, and came hard, making sounds between a moan and a sigh; the sexy sound of trying to keep noise down whilst fucking in a public place.

I couldn’t hold longer, so I pulled her hard on my cock, and came hard into her. I tried to keep it down, but couldn’t help but make a little moan of my own.

As my orgasm subsided, I realized we were in a constricted space. She slowly got off me, seemingly reluctantly, and began to put her clothes on. She slowly put her bra back on, and buttoned her shirt, then looked for her pants. I took her panties- white, smelling of her pussy, as a souvenir. She blushed, and put her pants back on, and went out. I stood up, slightly, and dropped the condom into the bin. I put on my clothes, thinking about all that had transpired. I put picked up her panties, and smelled them. They smelled nice.

I walked back to my seat and sat down. Mamatha snuggled up, close to me.

“So,” She said. “That was a first.”

“It was good.” I said. “If you want feedback, god damn it woman, you are fucking amazing.”

I dozed off on in my seat, and Mamatha put cuddled up close and joined me. It seemed the sex had removed the caffeine from our veins and put us into a gentle sleep. Unfortunately, it barely lasted for half an hour; we had to get up to deplane.

At the terminal, she picked up her bag, and kissed me goodbye, after giving me her card. I saw her leave in her prepaid taxi towards the city.

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