Midwinter Weekend Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Edited by Gustavca


Note: Don’t be alarmed, but someone else has taken control of the narrator’s seat for this story…

As I came back from the slopes, I found my husband Will comfortably sitting between a half naked Rinette and a very quiet Hope. None of them had heard me come in. They were on the huge leather couch, enjoying the glorious view, and while they had more than enough space, both women were right next to my husband, hugging and leaning against him. Amos Lee’s “El Camino” was playing adding the perfect touch to this very mellow, late afternoon. It’s strange how a year ago I would have freaked out about seeing these three so close. “Oh, Midsummer…” I thought with a smile.

Bending over the couch I kissed Will on the forehead, and did the same for the two women beside him. I pulled a chair and sat in front of them. Hope’s smile confirmed what I had seen; something was off with her, and I didn’t know what. Maybe Will could fill me in later. Or just fill me. Marcus’ quickie had been fun and all, like teenagers behind a huge rock on the slopes, but in the end it had left me with a desire for something deeper, more intense. Marcus was the first guy I’d had sex with beside Will for a very long time, and the thrill had been amazing. On the other hand, while first times were thus intense, they were not all that satisfying.

Sitting right there in front of me, next to Rinette with whom he had obviously shared something special today, my love and lover was now gazing at me. I had just fucked another guy and he was grinning like a cat with cream on its whiskers, but we were both at peace with this utterly strange situation. Heck! I was even eager to hear about his day with Rinette!

And so, when Hope and Rinette got up to greet the rest of the group, I walked to Will and straddled him. As he buried his face between my breasts, my flimsy tank top pulled away, I whispered, “Can’t wait for you to tell me what you did to Rinette’s ass…” He looked up, surprised and even managed to look innocent for a few seconds. Laughing, he asked me how I surmised that he had fucked her asshole. It was my turn to be surprised, as I’d meant “ass” in a more general way. I knew Will had been curious about anal sex for a long while and, while I truly wanted to experiment with him, I may have been overly cautious and reluctant. As he sucked one of my nipples in his mouth, I bent forward and whispered, “And with the world’s most amazing ass…”

We laughed together before he replied, “I don’t care about her ass now… I already ate that cherry. If you don’t pull away from me I’ll eat both these cherries here, and then fuck you on the carpet in front of all our friends…”

I couldn’t control my reaction, and Will felt me trembling at this idea. He stopped nibbling at my breasts and looked up, this time really surprised. “Well…” I began, hesitantly, “You’re always saying that I look like a Goddess. I know that most of the women here find you very attractive, and I’m pretty sure we could give them a show they’d remember for a long time.”

When I felt his cock surging beneath me and saw that intense look in his eyes I knew so well, I couldn’t quite believe just how close we came to actually doing it. From across the room Hope, who had clearly snapped out of her curious mood, said, “Hey Nella! There are three guys here who can’t take their eyes off your breasts and if you don’t cover them they’ll pounce on them like hungry leopards.”

“What makes you think I wouldn’t enjoy that?” I replied grinning, but still gazing into my husband’s eyes.

“Well, OK then, I’ll pounce on them myself!” was Hope’s quick reply.

“Now you know that I’ll enjoy that, then!” I barely had enough time to finish my reply, since Hope was already running and pouncing over the back of the couch and me.

In a tumble over Will and me, Hope’s mouth replaced Will’s and we all laughed and fell on the floor. Flushed and still laughing, I reached into Hope’s thin top and squeezed her own nipple. Shocked, she paused and looked at me, “Oh, you little devil!” But as she was ready to pounce again, Will grabbed her and wrapped his arms around her. If, in the process, he ended up with his face in her own cleavage, I’m sure that was completely accidental. Hope’s “Hmmm…” as she placed her hand behind Will’s head, made the rest of us laugh again.

When she looked at me again, I could still see traces of her mellow mood and decided to kiss her forehead again. In this incongruous moment, with my top completely pulled down around my waist, my naked breasts exposed and my husband’s face buried between Hope’s breasts, I nevertheless seized the moment and whispered, “If you wanna talk, I’m here, my darling.”

She smiled quickly, then took a deep breath. Louder, she said, “Pull your little pet away, Nella, or else my husband will see him and be all jealous and furious!”

Looking up, I saw Connor right there, grinning and shaking his head. He was, of all the men here, the least jealous, and Hope knew it very well. istanbul escort Will said a quick “Yeah right…” as he undid yet one more button of Hope’s top. I pulled him off and held him against my own breasts. As we untangled ourselves and sat back on the couch, we fell into a comfortable silence.

In small groups the rest of our friends came back to our suite around seven or eight, in time to see the sun setting on those remarkable mountains. The food in this hotel was absolutely delicious and we decided to stay here for our feast. Afterwards though, Marcus and Tim really wanted to go down to the lobby and we all gathered there around the spectacular fireplace. Pulling a number of large leather chairs and sofas close, we managed to create a relatively intimate space for us.

For an uncanny moment a silence settled on us all, as we looked at each other. This Midwinter was not a remake of our Midsummer weekend, but rather a sequel. As intense as that magical meeting had been six months ago, this was even more. It seems that our group wasn’t satisfied with this magic, but wanted more. The moment lasted no more than six or seven seconds, until smiles and, later, laughter broke it. Yet those seconds were all that we needed. It was, in fact, our group’s “Whatever happens.” crossroads.

I’d had some of those with Will and I’m convinced that the others had as well. Those precious and silent seconds were our tacit understanding that we had moved beyond even Midsummer. None of us were seated next to our spouse or partner, and it felt just right. Will had told me about his morning with Rinette after my shower, and I’m pretty sure that Lincoln had heard about it as well. That too was right. It was now obvious that we were more than five couples now. A lot more.

As if we still needed help to prove it, the drinks pushed us all over the edge. It started innocently enough. Connor asked Rinette why she was smiling so broadly despite her injury. Grinning like that cat with cream on her whiskers, Rinette said, “Well, sometimes we discover things better than skiing…” Surprised, as everybody knew just how much Rinette loved skiing, they tried to get her secret out. After a while Rinette simply said, “Well, it’s a pretty big secret… Maybe if some of you guys share some of the things you did since Midsummer…”

There was a slight pause, as we realized that Rinette was once again making sure that we had as few secrets as possible.

Hope, as usual, boldly broke the ice. “Well, well… I’ll go ahead first. You guys remember the last Samhain? I’m pretty sure I was not the only one fooling around, but I really did put my costume to good work.” For our very Celtic halloween, Hope had disguised herself as a German beer maid complete with a blonde wig as well as a very low cut blouse and push-up bra.

“I don’t know if the blonde wig was responsible, Hope continued, but I did notice that Lincoln couldn’t quite keep his eyes off me.” Everybody laughed as Lincoln’s face turned bright red. He was smiling, though, and so was Rinette. Clearly, most of us had decided that honesty was the only way our couples would endure our Celtic magical intoxication. “Towards the end of the night I managed to pull him into a room and asked him if he wanted a beer, all the while pulling down my blouse. I then knelt down in front of him and removed my bra. He was looking at me with his face as red as it is now, and his eyes big.”

We were all quiet listening to Hope’s story, especially since she kept her voice low in this public place. “When he reached down to take the beer from my hand, I said that it was not for his mouth. I don’t know how he managed to pull his cock from his costume so fast, but anyway a second later he was dipping it in the beer. And another second after I was the one tasting the beer…” As Hope sat back down and grinned, we laughed and Tim even hooted, slapping Lincoln on the shoulder. “He then spent the next fifteen minutes alternating between the beer, my breasts and my mouth. I was getting dizzy with the beer and he was turning even redder. In the end, he didn’t cum in the beer, or on my breasts…” Hope finished, licking her lips with her eyes closed.

As we realized just how ‘honest’ this evening was going to get, Tim cleared his throat. “Well, it’s not as dramatic as Hope’s story, and I guess none of the others will be anyway—”

But he was cut off by Rinette, “Wait for it, my dear… Wait for it.” which made us laugh again.

Tim resumed, “Ok then. Well my little secret happened soon after Midsummer, and at the time it was thrilling. Nella and Will were visiting and our time together had been really fun. Minutes before they left, Nella and I ended up together alone on the porch. She had her back to me as she was finishing packing her stuff. I walked behind her and placed my hands on her hips. She turned her head, smiling, saying nothing. I slipped my hands higher on her waist, and bent down to kiss her shoulder then neck.”

Looking kadıköy escort at him, I was smiling deeply. He continued, “Then, as I kept kissing and nibbling her neck, I moved my hands up again until they were both trying to grab as much of her breasts as possible.” I heard Lincoln and Marcus both groan at the thought, and looked at them, laughing. “It was really amazing… Thanks again, Nella!” Tim finished, a bit flustered by his admission.

“It was my pleasure, Tim,” was my simple reply.

Will took his turn next, telling a story with Hope. “Ok, my secret happened three weeks after Midsummer, when this was still completely new and bewildering. When I found out that Hope was going to pass through our town with no time to visit us, I prepared her a couple of gifts. I called her and asked her to meet me at our local bookstore, right next to the highway. There, sitting at a table in the very public cafe, I gave her a book of erotic tales of voyeurs and exhibitionists and my second gift, a special dildo.”

“Doesn’t Hope have enough dildos already?” said Kate, laughing.

“Maybe she does,” Will replied, “but not like this one. What makes it special is the fact that it’s a very exact copy of my own cock.” A couple of the women ‘oooh’ed’ at that. “That same night,” I continued, “I got an email from Hope with a single word, ‘Wonderful’.”

Hope stopped Will and said, “You’re missing something, Will, or have you forgotten?”

“I have not,” Will said. “Before leaving, Hope leaned forward and whispered, ‘I’m not wearing any panties…’ before pushing my little coffee spoon to the floor. As I bent down to grab it, Hope opened her legs and I can officially state,” Will said, using a very official tone, “that she was not wearing any panties.”

I added, talking to Hope, “Well, since we have a matching pair of those dildos, maybe we could do something fun with them sometimes…”

Rinette and Eleanor said at the same time, “I want one too!”.

“Oh, will you stop focusing on my cock!” Will said, a little flustered.

But Hope wasn’t swayed. “My dear, we’ll stop doing that as soon as you stop focussing on our breasts, asses and pussies!” she said with a wink.

As the laughter died, a few people got up to refresh our drinks. During that time, Eleanor walked up to me and asked if I’d ever used my dildo clone and Will’s real cock at the same time…

I said, “Nope, not yet… I’m still waiting to try that little fetish of yours. But…” after a thoughtful pause, “after seeing Rinette’s smile, I’m tempted to try it sooner than later.”

Eleanor didn’t understand the comment about Rinette, but she smiled. “Don’t waste more time, Nella, do it soon! The experience of having Tim and Connor’s cocks inside me at the same time at Midsummer was a real mind opener…”

As Eleanor left, I got up and gave Will a good long kiss. I then whispered, “Soon, my love, very soon…” Will was already aroused and keyed-up from our stories, and now I could guess that he was getting hard as he shifted on his seat.

As I sat back into my seat and took my new glass of brandy from Connor, I began my own little tale. “When Hope and Connor came to help us with our fence, we had a little, er, meeting. Will and Hope were outside, looking at the fence and at Hope’s devilish red bikini.” Hope, across the table, raised her own glass and smiled. “So, as they were busy and Connor was in the shower, I came in and offered to wash his back. When I was done Connor turned around, his cock as hard as those fence posts, and he was looking at me. Or, rather, at my breasts. Connor then knelt and sucked my breasts like a very large and muscular baby. A very hungry baby!” Everybody laughed at that. Connor was the biggest and most muscular man in our group, yet also the gentlest. Not quite a baby, but…

“When he got up,” I continued, “his cock slapped against my pussy and we both froze for a moment. Then, after a quick kiss and the start of a handjob, I said, ‘Maybe later, big guy…’ and I left him there to, well, finish up.”

As Connor and I shared a look and smile, Lincoln then said, loudly, “Lucky bastard with those breasts of hers!” And everybody laughed again.

Kate took the next turn and told us about her footsie fun with Tim. “We were at a huge picnic at Eleanor and Tim’s, with lots of their friends and neighbors. There were four picnic tables lined up and Tim ended up in front of me. He had commented earlier that he really liked my feet as I was sunbathing near the pool. So, now, sitting across him with lots of people on either side, I slipped my naked foot up his calf, his thigh and then directly against his crotch.”

Eleanor, sitting next to Kate, said, “You had no idea, at that point, that Tim more than just ‘loved’ your feet…”

“No!” replied Kate, laughing. “Eleanor’s not the only one with fetishes…”

“Oh, will you guys give up on this!” Eleanor replied, laughing. “I love anal sex, and I know I’m not kağıthane escort the only one here!” As all of us laughed at her bold comment, but I’m pretty I was the only one who saw the wink Rinette gave Will.

But Kate resumed, “Yep, I learned that day that Tim really likes feet… I expected him to be surprised and to simply enjoy this quick moment. But when I saw his expression, I knew I had stumbled on something else. He grabbed my ankle and kept me against him, pushing the arch of my feet against his rapidly hardening cock.”

Looking up at Tim, who still hadn’t said a word, Kate leaned forward and removed her slipper, revealing a very nice foot. “Right here,” she said, indicating her arch and tracing it with a finger, “right against his cock…” A quick pause, and then, “Look, he’s getting hard right now!” We all look and saw that Tim was red faced and was indeed sitting in an awkward position.

“Don’t pretend like nobody here never noticed her feet… Just look at them!” Tim said, trying to divert attention.

But Kate was not going to let him off the hook so easily. “Wanna kiss it?” she said, indicating her bare foot.

“No! Not right here!” replied Tim too quickly. Yet a few seconds later he was kneeling in front of Kate holding her foot in his hand. Kate, clearly enjoying the attention, finished her story, “Anyway, much later in the evening I grabbed Tim’s hand and pulled him to the bathroom. I sat on the countertop and pulled my legs up. Tim immediately noticed that I wasn’t wearing any panties under my summer dress, but looked down when he felt my feet on his thighs. He began breathing faster as I unzipped his jeans and freed his cock. Let me tell you, he was inches away from my naked pussy, but I’m sure he didn’t even think about it…”

As people laughed, Tim, still kneeling in front of her and kissing her foot, said, “Oh, I thought about it, never fear. If this meeting had occurred here and now, things would be different…”

“Are you so sure?” said Kate softly, always the minx, before opening her legs to reveal that, once again, she wasn’t wearing any panties. It was surreal, in this very public lobby, to see how a woman had just opened her legs and pussy to a man who wasn’t her husband. Tim hadn’t seen it coming, and most of us hadn’t either. Tim looked at Kate’s face, then her pussy, then her foot, and finally at his wife Eleanor.

Eleanor said, “Well, my little secret may help you to decide, dear husband. Do you remember what I was doing while you were enjoying Kate’s feet in the bathroom?” Tim’s eyes opened wide as he did remember it. “For the rest of you guys,” Eleanor continued, “Marcus and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few more things for the evening. We were all alone in the parking lot and I said to him that this place, this exact parking spot was where I made love for the second time when I was a teenager. Smiling, he just looked at me and leaned in to kiss me. A couple of minutes later we were actually fucking in the backseat like a couple of teenagers during spring break!”

As shocked as we were to hear that story about two of our group actually fucking so soon after Midsummer, our eyes were still riveted to Kate and Tim. Her story was over, but the scene certainly wasn’t. Especially since there was, implied in Eleanor’s story, a very clear approbation of what he wanted to do. In a peculiar silence Tim looked around, trying to decide if it was over-the-top insane or just completely crazy. Kate, very calm, kept her eyes locked on Tim’s, mindless of the rest of us or the few tourists pretty close by. In the silence, Eleanor got up slowly and knelt right next to Tim. Very softly, she said, “If there was any doubt left, cherished husband, then forget them…” And with that she unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out.

Despite everything that had happened to us in the last six months, we were all entranced, watching ravenously. Eleanor slowly caressed Kate’s thigh and pussy with the back of her hand, and finally pulled Tim’s cock forward until its glans touched the flawlessly bald pussy. Nature did the rest as their bodies melded into one another, right there in public. I didn’t even try to see how badly public this was, but simply enjoyed the show. As they began fucking, Eleanor stayed there, caressing both her husband and the beautiful woman he was now fucking.

Kate was holding on to Tim with one of her hands while the other was busy fanning her flames by rubbing her clit. Marcus gently appeared on Kate’s other side and knelt down too, partly to block a particularly open angle. Soon it was obvious that Kate was nearing her climax. Whispering, she said to Tim, “Last time you came all over my feet and thighs. Wanna do it all the way inside me now?” Which was, of course, all Tim needed to hear to trigger his own climax.

Watching them climax almost at the same time, I think we all felt as if we’d been transported to another dimension. Sex in public within our special group was one thing, but this… this was ludicrous. Trying his best to keep quiet, Tim slowly pulled out of Kate’s pussy and sat back on his haunches with a large grin on his face. A minute later everybody was back in their seats, most of us looking stunned. Stunned and joyful, but stunned nonetheless. Hope said, looking at Kate, “You, my little doll, are wilder than me!” Which was something, coming from our own red devil.

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