Midnight Visitor

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Midnight VisitorIt was late and we were in bed for the night. I was spooning her with my throbbing cock pressed against the crack of her really hairy ass. Suddenly the bedroom door opens. There’s enough light to see that it’s the old white guy that lives in our neighborhood. He asks what I’m doing in his bed and starts to take off his clothes. I’m so shocked I can’t say anything. He reeks of alcohol so I know he’s drunk off his ass. I realize I must have left the door unlocked, and in his drunken state he must have mistakenly walked into our house. Miraculously my girl is still unconcious, actually, she’d smoked a big fat joint that night, so she wouldn’t be getting up any time soon. I quietly get out of bed, fully intending on gettng his drunk ass out of my house. I bend down to pick up his pants, now around his ankles, and i catch a wiff of his crotch, it really smells strong and casino siteleri musky. As I pull his pants up, my cheek brushes his cock, which is super hard, and he moans. I don’t know why, but I open my mouth, stick out my tongue and lick the tip. It tastes strong and salty. I open my mouth and put the head in and start to suck it, he puts his hands on my head and starts pumping his cock into my mouth! It feels so fucking good to have his dick sliding between my lips, rubbing against my tongue, touching my throat. I could taste his precum, at it was as strong and salty as I knew it would be. I had a strange idea, and I pulled off his cock. He obviously had no idea what was going on or where he was, he was so drunk. I guided him into the bed, and moved him up behind my girl. I turned on a soft light and set up the video camera so I can record this. When I got back to the canlı casino bed, he was already humping her ass, and pinching her nipple. I pulled the covers back and started the camera. I lifted her leg so her pussy was visible, spit in my hand, and rubbed the spit on her hairy, thick pussy. His dick was up against her furry hole, I grabbed his dick and put the head of his cock between her pussy lips. Even drunk he knew what to do, he thrust his dick inside her up to his balls, and started fucking the shit out of her. She was still out of it, but she started moaning and calling my name, must be dreaming I’m fucking her. I got in bed behind him and started helping him fuck her, my cock sliding between his legs, rubbing against his balls. I can feel his balls getting tight, and I know he’s going to cum soon. I rub some spit on my cock and angle my body so the head is touching his kaçak casino asshole. I time it just right and shove my dick in his hole. This fucker is so drunk he can’t even feel me, and my dick is 9″ and thick! I can tell he’s really about to cum and that makes me cum hard, my white scum shoots up his ass and squirts out onto my balls. Then I feel him stiffen and I know he’s cumming inside her! She’s already falling back into a deep sleep and he’s going limp, which means he’s passing out too. I pull out of him and pull him out of her. I gather up his clothes dress him the best I can, and throw him over my shoulder. I carry him to his house and leave him on his porch. I go back home and wash off my dick, snuggle up to my girls ass, and slide my, hard again, cock into her pussy. She’s all lubed up with his cock juice so I go in easy. I fuck her till I cum again, this time in her cum filled pussy, and I fall asleep. The next morning, she tells me about this weird dream she had about so other guy fucking her in our be while I was watching… I watch that video every day, and Ileave out door unlocked everynight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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