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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 1CHAPTER 1: MOM AND DAD The days following their return from their honeymoon was a blur of trying to adjust to a ‘normal’ life work, family, and how their new life fits into that. I spent much of the next few evenings letting Cody re-establish his familiarity and comfort with me as again being part of the family and my lover. I wanted him to regain his familiar expectation of mating when I was available, which was defined in our relationship as when I was naked. Once arriving home from work I would go immediately to the bedroom, undress, and make myself available to him. I almost always started with opening my legs and pussy for his tongue and licking. Usually, by the time I got home, my anticipation had my pussy wet and ready, but I so thoroughly enjoyed his licking of my pussy, that I always wanted to start that way if I could. His tongue was such a pleasure tool, I could and would easily reach a cum just from his tongue. Once I was pleasured by his tongue I would struggle to get up and get into position on the floor for him to mount me. I would have one, if not two, orgasms from Cody by the time Tim arrived home. The first few days he would stop along the way to pick up takeout food to bring home for dinner. He would announce his arrival and ten or fifteen minutes late I would come to the kitchen naked with Cody following behind. I would have his and my cum running down the inside of my thighs and a flush over my chest and neck from the recent orgasms. Eating was usually peaceful, but occasionally Cody would get under the table and nudge my knees until they were open enough for him to access my pussy and he would lick more of the leakage from our recent mating.I was anxious to see the video but Tim insisted that we wait for the first viewing until their planned evening with my parents. Not that I wasn’t getting enough sex since getting back. Work was an interruption in the sex occurring in the house, but between Cody and Tim, I was getting fucked three or four times a night and maybe in the morning again depending on timing and Cody’s insistence.When Friday morning finally arrived, Tim said we should meet at home after work, feed Cody, let him out, get themselves together, grab Cody and go to my parents. I should probably establish my parents for reference. My dad, Jack, and mom, Barb, are in their mid to late 40’s. Being 24 years old myself now, they were young but not terribly when I came along. That night we followed that plan exactly and arrived at my parents at 6:30 PM for dinner and video watching. I was still getting used to this twist in my relationship with my parents. Last Sunday night they had insisted that they be able to watch me mate with Cody before they left. Tonight we were going to have dinner at my parents’ home and then watch a video that was supposed to be the recording of me fucking with two dogs at Mr. Rodriguez’s dinner party and who knew what else might be on that recording.My mother had specifically requested that Cody also come. I was suspicious of mother’s motives in that regard but would have to wait to see. We put Cody on a leash and walked to the front door. It opened and mother greeted us naked. I admit that I gasped. Tim just smiled and looked appraisingly up and down his mother-in-law’s naked body. She nervously motioned us to get in quickly (worried about the neighbors, I would guess). She gave us both a kiss on the lips and petted Cody who was getting interested himself. He walked up to her front and nuzzled his snout into her crotch. She jumped back. Tim explained that the understanding at home was that when Michele was naked, he could reasonably expect that sexual contact would be acceptable. We’ll try to keep some control of him while here tonight or we can have him out in the backyard for a while. That was accepted as he best solution and Tim took Cody to the back door and let him out, making sure the fence gates were both closed.When he returned, he was greeted by his mother-in-law, “Strip young man. I want to see that nice body of yours.”“Whatever you say, mom. You two can put your clothes in your old room, Michele.”Tim and I went to my old bedroom and began stripping. Tim asked, “So, what do you make of your mother’s insistence on being naked?”“No idea except that she must be feeling highly charged in anticipation of the video. She said earlier that she envied me making my decision. Maybe she is liberating herself and pushing herself to go through with it.”Dinner was certainly interesting. Four naked people sitting at the dining room table, curtains drawn, parents and k**s. And if that wasn’t enough the primary topic of discussion was titillating details about our recent honeymoon to an island, all inclusive, adults only resort. As I learned on the plane coming home, Tim had posted updates of our honeymoon activities to a website that focused on human/a****l sex. And I certainly had that, too. Of course, Tim had notified my parents about the website and his postings and they had followed his postings with tremendous interest. I had been shocked to see that Tim had invited them to my commitment ceremony (see “Michele’s Wedding”) which occurred after our traditional marriage ceremony. At my commitment I gave myself to Tim as his slut and to Cody (our dog) as his bitch. Our close friends who were aware of our interest in liberating our sexual experience were invited. As I said, my parents’ bahis siteleri presence was a shock. Even more of a shock was when they participated in the celebration sex after my commitment. My father fucked me and my mother presented her pussy to me to suck and lick. Not only that, her pussy was bald, just like I keep mine. I thought that their involvement might be a onetime thing, but based on our present state that wasn’t likely.I don’t know if you can imagine how totally weird it would be to have your mother and father asking detailed questions about sexual escapades that occurred on your honeymoon, but how about the further exploits on private and public beaches, night clubs, boats, and private parties. All with strangers except for Tim’s presence. But that’s what we talked about. They read the postings and were curious about details of how it felt to be essentially nude the whole week; to participate in my first gangbang; be the only naked person at a dinner party and demonstrate dog sex for their entertainment. During all this discussion over dinner we went through two bottles of wine. The discussion was very stimulating, bringing back the intimate memories of these adventures.After dinner, mom and I quickly cleared the table and kitchen to get leftover food put away and dirty dishes stacked for cleaning later. Then mom and I joined the guys in the family room. They had the DVD player and TV primed for our viewing of the DVD that Tim brought back from the island. Tim set the stage of the evening, describing how the invitation for us to join the party came about. He further described my “uniform” for the night and general duties to greet, serve and entertain. Dad then started the DVD and gave the remote to Tim to control.We sat as couples as the video began. Tim almost immediately guided me onto his lap. He began stroking my breasts and thighs while we watched. I was also facing somewhat towards my parents. Seeing us my dad encouraged mom onto this lap. Mom and I were now positioned to be able to watch the video and each other by slight turns of our heads.I was very surprised by the video and wondered how much of the evening would actually be displayed on the video. I was anticipating the dog-sex demonstration when they had set up cameras and lighting. That portion of the evening was obviously being filmed. Apparently, Mr. Rodriguez also had cameras discretely hidden around the house because what we were watching was prior to the dinner. Someone had also spent time editing the video because the views were switching from various perspectives but always at a constant distance. But it was clear enough to show me nakedly serving drinks and being stroked, teased and probed as I went from person to person. Later, the shift to dinner was the same. There appeared to be multiple cameras hidden somewhere in the dining room and the editing kept me in view.Tim pulled me back into him and whispered into my ear, “What do you think about switching with your mom? Would you like your father to love your body while watching you on the TV? Would you like the idea of me loving your mom while she is watching her nude daughter being used by these people?”“Yes, that would be such a turn-on. I’m almost cumming just thinking about it.”“And imagining not just being on your dad lap being stroked, but actually being inside you? Sitting on his rigid cock, firmly planted inside your pussy? Also know that I will be doing the same to your mom?”“Oh, god, Tim! Yes, I want that. Watching this with my parents is so wicked. So erotic. I need it to go even further.”Tim took over, “Jack and Barb, we’re going to switch partners. Barb, mom, I want you to switch with Michele and join me here. Michele will take your place with her father.”My mom’s mouth dropped and she looked at me and then at my father. He just looked at us and then at Tim who was just smiling with self-assurance. Without really seeming sure about why she was, my mom stood up. Tim paused the video, I got up and met mom and stopped her. I looked her in the eyes and asked, “Are you okay taking this next step? Tim will continue to encourage us to take a next step. I can’t believe how excited this is making me. Tim intends to do more than just feel you up. Are going to be good with this?”“This is happening fast. I’m the one who insisted us being naked. That alone was so erotic to me. I see that Tim has a quiet but firm way of directing things to happen. It is very erotic to be led into something you didn’t even know you wanted but it feels so perfect when he directs it. Yes, I do. At your commitment celebration, we loved you in the heat of the moment. This is cool and deliberate. It is much more intense. Yes, I do. Thank you, dear. I love this. I really do.”And, so we switched husbands for the moment. But it was more, much more. The psychological was intense. Tim was getting his mother-in-law. I was getting my father. I stopped at my father and turned to watch my mom and Tim. Tim stood up. His cock was completely rigid and standing up proud in front of him. That wasn’t missed by my mother. Clearly the mental side of what was going to happen was also not lost on Tim. I glanced at my father and he was in the same condition. I sat across his lap so I could continue to watch them. My father instantly took a breast in one hand while stroking my back and hips with the other. Tim took my mom by her shoulders and pulled her into canlı bahis siteleri him. He moved in himself so they were in full body contact. I am sure she felt his strong, rigid cock pressing into her abdomen. He kissed her lightly on the lips. Put his arms around her and placed his hands on her ass and pulled her in tighter. They kissed again, but this wasn’t light or gentle. It was with passion and I could see my mom moving her hips against my husband’s cock, pushing herself into him. Then, I saw mom pulling into Tim and bury her face into his shoulder and her body started shaking. Dad reacted, “Barb, what’s wrong? Should we stop? Are you okay?”She didn’t immediately respond. Tim held up his hand for us to wait. He was rubbing her back from neck to ass, smoothly and lovingly. Finally, she raised her head and sheepishly looked at Tim and kissed him on the lips and said, “Thank you, Tim.” She looked over her shoulder at us, her husband and daughter, and added, “Sorry, absolutely everything is great. Michele, I can’t believe this man of yours just made me cum without touching me.”Tim responded, “And I didn’t, mom. You were the one moving your sex into me. Plus, I suspect the psychological aspects were more of stimulation than the physical.”My dad was still playing with me and moved his hand to the inside of my thighs. I opened them just enough to give him access to me. His hand went to my pussy and I opened my legs a little more to make it easier. He stroked my pussy lips and flicked my clit. I smiled and turned to look at him. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. I then looked back at Tim just in time to watch him as he sat back down with his legs together and guided my mom back to him so she was facing us. She had to spread her legs and looking back she saw Tim hold his cock up with one hand and with the other on her hip guided her back. She stopped, realizing what his intention was and looked squarely at dad and me. I smiled at her and gave her an approving nod. With that see let herself be guided onto Tim’s cock, slowly sinking onto his cock. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. When she was fully impaled on him, she opened her eyes and gasped, “Oh my god, Timothy! That feels so good. Oh, Michele, this feels so wickedly good.”I kissed my dad again and said, “Okay, father, ready for your daughter to impale herself on your beautiful cock?” I positioned myself just like mom and when fully penetrated I wiggled my butt to get the last millimeter of penetration. Then I heard my mom tell Tim to start the video, again.We watched the scenes of the dinner. Many hands stroking me, touching my breasts, fingers going between my legs and presumed to be going into my pussy but since the camera views were stationary, that detail was shown. I was gently moving my hips on my dad when I was suddenly stopped by what I saw on the screen, “Oh no. He didn’t film that, too.” The video was showing me walking into the kitchen to talk to the chef. This was the result of Mr. Rodriquez suggesting that I personally “thank” the chef for the fabulous dinner he prepared. I was about to watch with my parents and husband offering myself to the chef. I couldn’t believe he actually also had cameras in the kitchen, too. He must have rigged the entire house just in case. My anxiety over the scene that was to follow had me moving with greater urgency and when the chef reached his climax, I did too. But that wasn’t close to the end. Following this scene was my very casual demonstration of being mated by a dog. And twice.Half way through the segment of me being mated by the first dog, I heard my mom groaning and gasping and mumbling to nobody in particular. She was cumming. She later said that listening to me describing the steps and details of fucking a dog and watching it occurring in very specific detail and close-ups (here a handheld camera was also used), she just couldn’t hold back any longer.At that moment I heard Tim call for Cody. I thought he was outside but apparently he had let him back in but given him a command to stay in the kitchen. Cody came into the family room, looked around and came to Tim with my mom on top of him. Tim snapped his fingers and patted my mom’s exposed inner thighs. I thought to myself, she’s going to go to heaven under that tongue. Cody sniffed at mom’s leaking pussy and gave it a tentative lick. Then another and followed by intense licking. Mom’s eyes shot open wide and gasped out “Oh fuck! Oh my god. Oh … that … tongue is … magnificent.” Still impaled on Tim, she raised her hips involuntarily to expose herself more to that tongue and Tim’s cock slipped part way out. Tim groaned when Cody started licking mom’s pussy juices off Tim’s cock. When mom relaxed, she sank back down onto Tim and cried out again because Cody was still licking her.Near the end of the second mating, I heard mom calling out her pleasure. I looked over to see Tim pumping into her and using both hands to squeeze and pull her nipples while Cody continued to lick her pussy and clit. She erupted into what she would later say was her most intense orgasm (so far). Mom was having her third orgasm of the night, all with Tim. Tim called for Cody to lay down and he did but continued to sniff the air.At the end the video cut out but for just a moment before it flashed back on and Mr. Rodriguez was shown. He said, “I hope you enjoyed this, Michele. We certainly enjoyed the original canlı bahis event. And I had a wonderful time going through all the video I collected from that night to piece into this DVD. I know the guys doing the editing didn’t mind the work. Yes, Michele, a number of other people have seen this video by way of preparing this DVD for you to enjoy. Remember my proposal and when you and Tim have had time to consider it and are ready to discuss or have come to a decision, let me know. I am hopeful that we will be able to be together once again in the future. Thank you, beautiful Michele.”My mom said, “That was Mr. Rodriguez?”“Yes. Apparently, he is quite wealthy and well connected. Somehow he even knows this area.”“What proposal was he referring to?”“I’ll explain later. Just curious, though, how much of a conversation are you intending while sitting on my husband’s cock?”At that moment Tim pulled my mom into his chest and whispered into her ear. At the same time he started raising and lowering his hips. Sliding his cock in and out of her now well used pussy. Mom’s eyes went wide and I heard her say, “Really? Are you serious?”I interrupted, “What are you two cooking up?”Mom replied, “Not me, him. That husband of yours. Is he always looking for a way to push things just a little further once a comfort zone has been established?”“I warned you about him. Yes, pretty much he will. Why, what’s the next push?”“He seems to think that since we have all taken this step of being fucked by each other’s husband, that we should extend it to include the night and tomorrow.”“You mean we spend the night here with you guys?”“Ah, no. I should go back to your place with Tim and Cody. You stay here with dad.”“Really? How do you feel about that?”She looked at dad and then me. “I’d be in favor.” So we agreed. Another huge step. I know I had just been fucked by my own father and had a nice orgasm, but now I was also going to be sharing his bed with him for the night.Tim spoke up with his full proposal, “I suggest that this evening has gone so well, that we extend it. It is very arousing for you to take these steps. Michele will share a bed with her father. Not just a fuck like what just happened but the entire night. The person next to her in bed is her father. Who she wakes next to is her father. Spends tomorrow with. The same for Barb. Being with me that same time. Her own daughter’s husband. Her son-in-law for that same time. I propose that we meet up again tomorrow night for a casual dinner at Jason Grill on 31st Street at 6:00 PM. Okay or not?”Everyone thought it sounded good. Extremely kinky and wicked, but good. Tim lifted my mom off his cock and they stood up. He helped me up and kissed me. He asked me, “Okay?”“Yes, it is. You are so wicked. Promoting i****t. But I love it. In my head I am already close to an orgasm just considering the change in our family structure.”Tim turned to mom and gave her a sharp slap on her butt. She jumped, grabbed her ass and rubbed it. Tim said, “Go pack just enough clothes for tomorrow night for dinner and personal toilet items like brush, toothbrush, whatever.”“Only that?”“Yes, tomorrow night will be casual for dinner so whatever you pack can be used during the rest of the day.”She turned to leave and he reached and took her hand and pulled her back to him. He pulled her into his body, put his hands on her ass and pulled her tight into his crotch. He looked into her eyes and said, just loud enough for us to hear, “And don’t get dressed. Just pack for tomorrow. But you stay just like that so make sure you pack shoes. Understand?”She blushed a deep red, looked at dad and me but quickly responded to Tim, “Yes, Tim. I understand.” She turned and hurried into her bedroom.Tim turned to us as he began getting dressed, “Did you notice her blush? That’s what you do, dear. We had just fucked in front of each other. Been naked the entire evening. The suggestion that she stay naked in the car, made her blush. Beautiful. But, also, Jack, did you notice her response to me just now to stay naked? A very obedient response. She has the same potential that your daughter exhibited and has shown in reality.” Now it was my turned to blush, again. Tim noticed and pointed it out to my dad, “See her response to my talking about her to you? A blush. I love these women.” And as he pulled his shirt on he pulled me into him and kissed me. “Have fun tonight with your dad. See you tomorrow night.”Then he turned to the bedroom. Turned back to us and smiled. “Let’s see what happens.” He turned back toward the bedroom where my mom had disappeared, “Barb, what’s the problem. Just some clothes. It could be arranged that you not have any clothes.” I heard my dad chuckle.In a flash my mom came running out of the bedroom and stopped in front of Tim with a small back, her breast still jiggling after she stopped. I took the opportunity to evaluate my mom’s body as she stood in front of my husband who was doing the same. She had taken the time to clean herself just a bit and to brush her hair and apply a little makeup. Her breasts were still nice, drooping a little maybe but very attractive. Her hips were slightly full but her waist was still small. I decided, very attractive. Then I saw it form. With all of us looking at her, she was forming another blush.Tim took her bag and headed for the front door and stopped to wait for her. Mom stopped and kissed dad passionately, then me, too. She then joined Tim who opened the door and without looking walked her out to the car. He held the passenger door for her, he got in and they were gone.* * * CHAPTER 2: MOM AND DAD, PART 2 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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