Michele’s Mistake – 2

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Michele’s Mistake – 2Chapter OneI slept fitfully for about four hours. I didn’t have another erotic dream and somehow, I’m upset about that. I did have a text when I woke up. It said that I should use the debit card he gave me to purchase sexy clothes, short skirts, sexy blouses, and lingerie. There is a $3000 balance on the card. I am to purchase what is needed and then the rest can help out with school, rent, or whatever I need.I’m still a little upset about the money. I don’t want to be someone’s whore. But I rationalize that he wants me to wear certain things and I don’t have the money to purchase them. I don’t have class today so I am going to go shopping.I am showered and about to leave when I get a text from him. He has made an arrangement for where I am to go shopping for clothes. He instructs me to wear short shorts and tight t-shirt, no bra or panties. He gives me the address and I take to bus to the store. Again, I am somewhat embarrassed by my attire but not as much as I did yesterday. I’m getting used to men ogling my wobbling breasts.The store is one of the upscale chains. When I walk in, everyone stops and stares. I almost walk out, but a nice lady comes and asks if she can help me. I tell her that I was sent here to purchase some clothes. She asks if my name is Michele. When I nod, she takes me to a private dressing room.There are a wide variety of items already set up. She asks me to remove my clothing and start trying on some of the things that have been set out. They are some very revealing skirts, and tops. They are all in my size. As I try them on, I begin to see myself in a different light. Much like I did yesterday when I looked at myself in the mirror. I still don’t see myself as attractive, but I am not as ashamed of my showing off my sexy side.When I have picked out several skirts and blouses, I get a text of where the next store is. I pay the lady and thank her for her help. I make my way a few blocks to the next store. It is specifically for lingerie. There is a young girl, around my age working there. She is beautiful and comes right to me and asks if my name is Michele. She leads me to the back and she too has several things laid out for me to try on. There are half bras and garters, , stockings,several bustiers and corsets. I’ve never worn anything like this before. She helps me get them on. During fitting, she has touched my breasts several times. I feel my body responding to this. I have never been with a girl before, but have often wondered what it would be like. But she is not in my league at all. I’m embarrassed because my nipples have been hard the entire time. I can smell my own arousal, and I’m sure she can too. When she is helping me put on one of the corsets, a beautiful demi-cup black number, she brushes my nipple with the back of her hand. I whimper with need. I feel a rush of heat to my pussy, his pussy. She gives me a knowing smile and continues to lace the corset up.It really tightens my waist up, thus accentuating my breasts and hips. I’m standing there with my breasts pushed up by the corset, and nothing covering my shaven pussy, his pussy. I feel my juices leaking down my thighs. I’ve never felt this sexy before in my life. Just then, I get a text from him. It says to send a pic of my lingerie. I take one of the corset I’m wearing. He texts me back and tells me I look gorgeous. He loves the way my body looks in this corset. He also asked who the girl in the picture behind me is. I send him a text back, telling him it’s the sales girl. He texts back that he wants me to lick her pussy for helping me. I don’t know what to do. I want to, but I am embarrassed to ask.She asks me what he thinks about my pic. I hesitate then tell her what he wants me to do. She says that she thinks that’s hot and starts removing her clothes. She lays back on a couch in the dressing room and spreads her legs. I kneel down between her thighs and kiss another woman’s pussy for the first time. I’ve never done this before but I am so turned on by the way I look and how beautiful she is, that I tentatively trabzon rus escort lick her labia. She puts her hands on my head and pulls me into her. I kiss her lips and she moans. I think about what I would like done and start to spread her lips and lick her clit. I swirl my tongue around the hard bud. She gasps with delight. I take her clit between my lips and suck gently, but continue to swirl my tongue around it. I wet my finger and run them up the folds of her pussy. She pushes back against my fingers. I insert my two wet fingers inside her. They slip in easily.As I move them in and out, while I softly lick her clitty. Her moans become louder, as she pulls my head tighter against her sex. Her pussy is so wet, that I hear the sloshing sound of her arousal. I move one of my hands up and play with her breasts. First, playing with one nipple, then the other. My fingers are moving faster. I suck on of her lips into my mouth and softly nibble on it. She moans loudly and I suck in her other labia lip and nibble it too. I can feel her body trembling, as I my fingers are slipping inside her. She grabs my head and guides me back to her clit and I lick her softly. Her hips are moving faster as she grinds on my face. The moisture from her pussy is leaking out, and I feel it on my face. My fingers are soaking wet from her arousal. I can see her body convulse, her pussy squeezes my fingers as the waves of her orgasm take over her.Her pussy floods my face and I start lapping up her juices. It tastes tangy sweet and I feel a wetness between my legs at having brought another woman to orgasm. As she’s coming down from her orgasmic bliss, I slowly start to kiss my way up her body, first starting with her sensitive hip bone, then her belly, and up to her breasts. Her nipples are peaked and her chest is flushed from her recent orgasm.I move on up to her neck and then her full lips. We share her cum as she sends her tongue into my mouth. She stops me and says I should send a text with her cum all over my face. I think that’s a great idea. She takes it for me and I send it to him. He texts back that I have been a good girl, but I have one more shopping stop before I am finished.I leave the corset on and put my shorts and top back on over it. I kiss and thank the young girl, before carrying my bags out the door. The next store is a few blocks away. If I was subconscious about my wobbling breasts before, I can’t help but be now. The corset lifts my breasts up and I can see my nipples trying to poke their way through my shirt. I feel like everyone is looking at my breasts and ass. I feel deliciously slutty.Chapter TwoWhen I get to the store, it’s a sex shop. There is a few guys in there milling around. One is a middle aged man behind the counter. He’s reading something and not paying attention to anyone. I take a look around the shop. There are all kinds of sex toys here. There are cocks of every kind and shape. There are bondage stuff, and magazines and movies. I see some guys looking at the magazines. They all seem to be keeping an eye on me. My face flushes because I remember how I’m dressed. Everyone probably thinks I’m some whore, and for some reason that excites me. I decide to head to the counter. When I get there the middle aged man finally looks up. He’s reading Chaucer’s “The Legend of Good Women”, I know it from British Literature. I thought he was reading some pornography at first. When he sees me, he’s a bit startled.He tells me that I have to be Michele. I nod my head. He picks up the phone and has someone come up to tend the counter. We head to a more private area. There are some things set out on a table. Other than the obvious dildo, I have no idea what the other things are. He starts telling me about some of them. I must look befuddled. Again, he makes a call.A lady comes back, about his age. She wearing a revealing top and a short skirt. Her makeup is a little disheveled and her lips are slightly red and swollen. He has her remove her clothing and uses her to demonstrate some of the trabzon rus escort bayan items. I find that there are nipples clamps, which look menacing. One item is body harness. It goes around the body and is designed to hold in dildos and plugs inside the wearer. With that, he shows me the various dildos and plugs. There are several different sizes and shapes. My face is flushed as I realize these are all meant for me. I wonder what they think of me. I can’t help but feel aroused. My breasts, which are lifted up my my corset, obviously are displaying my erect nipples. My juices are again stirring down below. I catch myself daydreaming.I’m brought back by the man removing the clamps from the lady. She whimpers when they are removed. He gently rubs the reddened bud, which causes her to smile. He then picks up a black leather hood. It has several holes in it. He shows me that the holes are for my eyes, nose and mouth. There are attached patches that cover the eyes. Its all a bit intimidating. He dismisses the lady and she picks up her clothes and walks out without dressing.About that time, I get a text from him. It asks how I like the items. I tell him that I am a little overwhelmed. He explains that soon, I will be wearing these things for him. I am excited about the chance to serve him. He tells me to have Jim, the man helping me, to bag up everything and to hold my other things for safe keeping. Then he texts that he wants me to go to the back of the store, and find room #3. That he will be waiting.I tell Jim and he nods, but hands me a roll of quarters. I have no idea what this is for, but he points the way and I head out. When I find a long hallway filled with doors. I walk up to the one labeled #3 and open the door and step in. It smells of sex. It’s a very small room with a small TV monitor. It has a coin slot, so I put a quarters in. A pornographic movie starts playing. The screen shows a naked woman on her knees, with several men around her. She is sucking their cocks, taking turns. Her mouth is on one large cock, while her hands are stroking others. At first, I’m shocked at what I see, then I start to become aroused and wish I was her. That the cock she is sucking was him. I’m startled when my phone goes off. Its another text. He says that he is in the next booth. This excites me. He tells me to remove my shorts and top. I comply without reservation. I hear a tap on the wall and see a very large cock coming from a hole in the wall. I reach for it and start stroking it like the woman on the screen. I get a text saying “good girl.”I kneel down on the sticky floor and take him into my mouth. I hear his moan through the wall. I lave my tongue on his swollen head, then take more into my mouth. I can barely get half of it in, but I move my head up and down on it. My hand still strokes the half I can’t service with my lips. I feel every vein and cord of his cock with my lips. I moan on his thick cock, as my lips move up and down on it’s girth.I reach down and finger my wet pussy, his pussy, as my hard nipples abraid against the wall of the booth. I try to take his cock down my throat, like the woman on the screen. I gag, but keep trying to force it down. A long thick string of my saliva hangs from his bulbous head. I use it to slick my hand, as it moves up and down on his turgid shaft. I take the head back into my mouth. Sucking on it throbbing bulb. My tongue licks the edges of the helmet. I taste the slick pre-cum and it is sweet and tangy. I smell his rugged scent mixed with sandalwood soap. He starts to push into my mouth. I feel the need in his strokes. I hold still and let him fuck my willing mouth. I can hear his grunts through the thin wall. His thick cock swells as he spills his sticky cum into my mouth. I try to swallow, but it’s too much and some dribbles down my chin and onto my breasts. I savor every drop, and milk his cock. Swallowing all of it, as he starts to shrink. I feel his pulse in my mouth. Finally, he withdraws and I get a text to get dressed and wait rus trabzon escort here for further instructions. I comply while I watch the screen. It’s now a two women sharing a big black man. One is riding his gigantic cock, while the other is sitting on his face while he licks her. My juices are still flowing. I still feel very needy and aroused. His text comes and tells me to pick up my bags and that there is a car waiting to take me home.I head back to the room where my things are. I have a large number of bags now, with my clothes, lingerie, and toys. I’m able to get them all outside and find the car waiting for me with a driver. He helps me get my bags loaded and holds the door for me while I get in. No one else is in the car. I pout, wanting to finally meet my Sir. He’s played with me twice and I still don’t know who he is.Chapter ThreeThe driver starts the car and heads towards my house without asking for directions. I catch his eyes once, before he averts them. I wonder what he thinks of me. I check my face with my compact. My looks are disheveled and my lips are red and swollen, jsut like the lady who helped me earlier. She must have been sucking cock through the walls in back too. The thought excites me.When we arrive at my apartment, he helps me out the vehicle and tends to my bags. I let him into my apartment, and my roomies are there. They have a look of shock, as the driver takes all my bags to my room. I thank him and he quickly leaves.My roommates are at my door, asking what’s in all the bags. I tell them I got a gift card from a friend to buy some new clothes. I don’t tell them about who the card is from. I’m not ready to disclose that yet. I tell them I have to get some rest before I got to work tonight and they finally give me some privacy. I take my clothes off, including the corset. I run my hands over my body. Touching the marks the tight corset left. A chill runs through me. I have finally been able to touch my Sir.I head for bed, leaving the smell and taste of Sir on me. I toss and turn but finally drift off to sleep. In my dreams, I find myself back in the booth at the sex shop. Sir is there in the room with me. His face is obscured. His cock is inside me, as I suck on another cock that’s through the hole in the wall. It’s the gigantic black cock from the last movie. It fills my mouth as Sir’s shaft pistons in and out of my pussy, his pussy.I’m back in my tight corset, and my breasts are swaying with every thrust of his magnificent cock. I’m moaning around the shaft in my mouth. I feel Sir’s hands on my ass cheeks, pulling me to him. The sounds of our bodies slapping as he takes my wet hole, excite me. He’s thrust are driving me onto the huge cock in the wall. My hand is stroking the shaft, as my other is fingering my clit. The black cock swells and starts pumping its cum down my throat. I pull it out and stroke it. Ropes of cum splash onto my face and hair.Sir continues to pound me from behind. The screen shows a movie of me, surrounded by men, stroking their cocks, shooting their cum all over me. Seeing myself on screen, takes me over the edge. The walls of my channel spasm around Sir’s shaft, flooding my thighs and his balls. The two cocks inside me shoot their cum in me. I swallow and spasm again as Sir fills me with his seed.I wake up with my bed flooded with my juices. I breathless, having orgassmed in my sleep. Its almost time for me to get ready for work, so I take a shower and clean off. Sir has sent me another text. It tells me to wear one of my new outfits and send a pic before leaving. I pick out a short leather skirt and silk blouse. I tease my nipples so they are super hard. I lift up my skirt to show I have no panties and snap a picture. I send it and he responds quickly. He tells me I look very sexy. I ask if I will see him tonight but he only responds….”maybe.”He texts back to take the smallest butt plug and a small bottle of lube in my purse. I comply and head out the door to catch the bus. My roomies were eyeing me as I headed out the door. I wonder what they think of the change in me. Maybe we will have to have a sit down conversation. I kind of want to tell someone about what’s going on. This is something I would have never even thought of a few days ago. As I catch the bus, I wonder what Sir has in store for me tonight. My tight puckered hole clinches thinking about the possibilities. To be continued……..

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