Michael the Host Ch. 02

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Michael had been going to the clinic for almost three years. Each month he travelled to the clinic where he was paid for allowing alien parasites to grow inside his stomach. It was a fairly uninvolved process for him except at the removal process. He was made to shit out rather large insect-like creatures. The only reason why he kept doing it was the money. He had been able to live comfortably with this income without having to work. He had gotten very used to the money. Plus it didn’t hurt that he had a ton of sex due to an increase in his libido as a side effect.

This last time they had offered him a new type of program. It was a slightly different parasite that he would be host to. The money would be double what he had been making. $40,000 would be worth putting up with quite a lot. The downside was that the parasites would be slightly larger then the previous ones he had played host too. He figured that he would at least try it at once to see if the money was worth it. He had only one request. That he got to knock up that Angela bitch.

She had been an awful bitch to him. Her total lack of assistance was infuriating. She only did what she needed to do. Angela never did anything beyond that. He wanted her to to feel how it was to have her body forced to push a huge thing out of her body. He knew that her contract had a reproduction clause. They had a say in any of her reproductive activities. He only asked for her not to be told that he was going to impregnate her. Strangely enough they agreed.

With the details sorted they charged him $5,000 for the pleasure of knocking her up. It would be the best $35,000 he ever made. Michael readily agreed and quickly drank the clear liquid in the vial.

The month passed quickly. Michael found himself needing to fuck several times a day. He ate enough food for two men. His whole day was spent seeking the best pleasures in life. At one point he even got a woman to feed him with he fucked her. He came so hard that time he was certain she would find herself pregnant very soon. Luckily he had rented a hotel room for this liaison and had given her a fake name.

The day came to leave and go to the clinic. He couldn’t wait to get there. Even with the pain coming he was going to enjoy every minute. Angela was going to be stuffed. Michael arrived and he was shown to his room. Measurements were taken. The two lumps inside of him were larger than he was used to. If he sucked in his gut he could see them barely under his skin. He was handed the blue liquid and he drank it down quickly.

The minute he saw Angela he became hard. Bostancı Escort He didn’t wait for her to come to him. He threw her on the bed. She let out a grunt of surprise. Before she could do anything else he had pulled her panties off and had his dick in her. He quickly came inside of her. Groaning in satisfaction he fell on the bed beside her. He could feel a little stretching inside his stomach.

Angela got off the bed and went to her usual chair. Picking up a magazine she started to read it. Normally that would infuriate him. Michael sat back on the bed and ordered food. As he ate his cock hardened again.

“Time to do you job Angela.” Michael smiled as he beckoned.

Sighing in irritation she walked over to him. She lowered herself onto him. He groaned as she moved up and down. He smiled as he filled her with cum. He was certain that she would be knocked up by the time the day was over. Between the food and the fucking Michael could feel his skin stretching as the parasites grew inside of him. He could visible see his belly rounding under Angela.

Hours passed. Michael’s belly was the largest it had ever been. He still had more left to go. Michael could feel that the parasites were still firmly attached to his insides. He was propped up with pillows. His legs spread apart to allow for his giant belly. He was on the edge of the bed so that his dick could be accessed. Angela had moved from fucking him to giving him blow jobs. Michael was certain he had knocked her up though. He just sat back and grew.

A few more hours passed. Michael was enormous. He wasn’t able to wrap his arms around his belly anymore. It stood well over three feet off his lean frame. The weight of the parasites was massive. Angela could no longer get to his dick. He had tried to eat more to grow. It was taking to long. He could feel the parasites growing restless inside of him.

He was able to convince Angela that if she helped him lay on his back she could get better access to him. The weight of his belly made it hard to breathe but he needed to end this soon. Laying on his back he could feel Angela’s mouth on his dick but he couldn’t even see her in the slightest. He came and groaned as his belly grew. With each ejaculation it felt more and more like his mound would crush him. The pressure on his body made his dick hard within moments of cumming. His belly was almost as wide as he was tall. Finally, with one great ejaculation into Angela’s mouth Michael’s body reached its’ peak.

He felt a large knot of restlessness wash over him. It took two male nurses to help Ümraniye Escort Michael stand. He almost fell over with the change in his center of gravity. Each step he took meant a pause for his belly to sway from the movement. Moving as best he could Michael paced hoping the motion would help the parasites let go. He slowly walked for almost an hour. He could feel Angela’s perverse pleasure at his situation. Inwardly Michael laughed at her.

His belly dropped low on his body very suddenly. Luckily, he fell onto the bed. The parasites had released their grip on him. He felt them swirling inside of him. His belly undulated with their movement. His body shivered with nausea. He was barely able to get to his feet. Michael stumbled over to the table that his food had been placed on. He knocked the dishes out of his way and grasped the edge of the table.

His vision was spinning along with the contents of his engorged stomach. He stood with his feet apart and let his massive belly sway free. Gripping the table he moaned as he felt the parasites pushing to get into his intestines. Their insistent pushing sent his belly moving up and down. The motion sent fluid gushing up his throat.

Michael vomited blue liquid all over the table. Before he could catch his breathe more liquid erupted from his mouth. He hurled fluid up again and again. Ten minutes of vomiting liquid left him drenched. The floor was slick with fluid. His body ached with the effort of expelling the liquid.

One great heave racked his stretched body. He felt his bowels loosen. He shot liquid out of both ends. If it didn’t hurt so much he would have sighed from relief. Each spurt brought the promise of relief. He screamed when he felt the parasites push their way into his intestines. He squatted to allow the creatures greater room to move down. He rested on the balls of his feet using the table and his arms to carry the weight of his body.

Their movements through his bowels left liquid shooting out of his ass. Michael groaned as the parasites squirmed their was further into his bowel. Time ceased to exist for him. All that existed was the creatures burning their way through him.

Their journey was coming to an end. He felt them pressing against his ass. The urge to push overwhelmed him. Michael bore down to shit the creatures out. His hole burned as it protested opening. He screamed as the creature began to pass his sphincter. The large creature wiggled inside of him causing pain to shoot through him. Bearing down the two foot parasite shot out of his ass, hitting the wall.

The Ataşehir Escort next one was soon wriggling its way out into the world. Tears ran down Michael’s face as he felt his ass tearing. Screaming the last parasite exited Michael’s exhausted body. Behind him Angela was picking the parasites up and tending to them.

Michael fell onto his destroyed ass. Blood mixed with the blue liquid around him. His belly was still huge and full of fluid. He looked like he was eight months pregnant. Shivering he laid on the floor trying not to move. Every so often fluid would dribble out of his ass. Michael tried to vomit some of the fluid up but his body’s muscles were beyond working. Two male nurses came in and he felt them inject him with something. Darkness overtook Michael.

Michael awoke in a clean room. His body ached beyond belief. Slowly Michael began to take in his surroundings and physical state. The room was the same one he had been in but it had been scrubbed clean. There was no sight of the liquid splattered room Michael had left. Looking down at his body he expected to see a flat stomach like every other time. He was greeted with a large distended abdomen though.

He pulled the blanket down and examined his body. He looked like he had the original parasites at full term in his belly. The door opened and Dr. Anngar stepped inside.

“Michael it’s good to see you awake. You did a great job. I know that you are probably wondering why you are still not back to normal. Unfortunately one of the possible side effects is the liquid the parasites grow in becoming gelatinous. Your body will be back to normal in a few days. All that will happen is that your bowel movements will be of unusually consistency for a week or so. Your belly will go do during that time.” Dr. Anngar turned to leave.

“By the way early scans indicate that Angela has indeed conceived. She will still service you over the next months as you requested.” Dr. Anngar closed the door as he left.

Michael rested a few hours before he felt like he was able to make the journey home. He was glad that he had brought sweatpants and a large t-shirt. He was just able to put them on. He had to rest after getting dressed. His body was drained of energy.

Michael called a cab and waddled his way home. It was just as Dr. Anngar had said. He had to shit several times a day. Each bowel movement consisted of blue gelatinous material. His ass ached with the effort to push the gelatin out. Slowly over the course of a few days Michael’s belly deflated. By the same time that next week his body was back to normal.

He travelled back to the clinic to receive his next vial of liquid for the next month. Downing the fluid Michael smiled knowing that Angela was going to just be realizing that her hot body was going to be stretched out. That was worth shitting gelatin for a week.

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