Mia’s Anal Cherry

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Alex drove Mia home. She got out of the car and came around to his window for a quick kiss. Alex handed her a small package and told her to open it when she was alone. Burning with curiosity she hurried inside and ran into her room, shutting and locking the door behind her. She ripped open the package and found a short note from Alex at the top, which she immediately read.

“Put it in and leave in. I’ll pick you up around three tomorrow.”

That was all the note said. Impatiently, she tipped the rest of the contents on her bed and gasped. There was an anal douche, a bottle of lube and a small butt plug. Her pussy immediately got moist as she pictured the implications: Alex was finally going to take her ass! Then she got nervous as she realized she’d had to wear the plug all day long. She did not have to go to classes, but she did have some errands to run during the day and wondered if she’d manage. She put everything back in the box, tucked it under her bed and went to sleep.

Next morning she went into the bathroom and used the douche. It felt a bit weird but wasn’t too bad. Then she took a long shower and got all cleaned up. Finished, she went back to her bedroom and held the plug in her hand, wondering if she’d be able to go through with it. She had fingered her ass plenty of times, but that plug was a good deal thicker than her fingers. However, picturing Alex’s cock in her ass gave her a thrill and she decided she had to try.

The whole situation had got her hot and Mia thought that she might as well get herself off at the same time. She laid in bed and started toying her pussy with the plug. Soon she was fucking herself with it and her juices were flowing like crazy. Soon she arched her back and came hard, with the plug all the way inside her. She settled down, panting, and let her fingers trail down to her ass, which had got all wet from her pussy juice flowing. She pumped her pussy a couple of times with her fingers get them nice and slippery and started to push on her tight little hole. Soon she had a knuckle inside and she kept taking her finger out to get more of her juices on it for lubrication, then pushing it back in. A couple minutes later, her finger was all the way in. She wondered if she could add a second, then decided it was time for some lube from Alex’s bottle.

She squeezed out a good dollop and went back to her hole. One finger slid easily in and tried to get another one in. After some coaxing finger number two went in and she started finger fucking her ass slowly. It felt so good and so full! Her other hand automatically went to her pussy and she rubbed herself to another orgasm while fingering her butt.

She felt that she was relaxed enough to try out the plug by now. So she squeezed some more lube on it, placed the tip against her hole and started to push slowly. The tip went in easily, but of course the plug only got wider. She started to fuck herself, trying to get a bit more in with every thrust. She tried to relax and thought of what Alex’s cock would feel in place of the plug. Again she became lost in her daydream and stuck two fingers in her pussy, fucking herself the third orgasm of the day. She came hard, and without really meaning to, pushed the plug all the way in in one last thrust.

She laid there, panting and whimpering and wondering how exactly she had managed. But one thing was clear: the plug was all the way inside of her and it felt fantastic. She wanted to fuck and stretch her ass with it, but held back so she could get used to it. In fact, in only a few hours it was going to get replaced by something much bigger and thicker and better. For now, she had to gather herself and get cleaned up so she could go out and run her errands. But before taking another shower she took her phone, and snapped a picture to send to Alex.

Alex was sitting in class when his phone let him know there was a message. “It’s in,” it read and a picture followed. He gaziantep escort bayan almost fell off his chair when he opened it to see Mia’s wide open pussy, apparently drenched in her juices and the hilt of the plug just beneath it. He immediately got a hard on and had to shift in his seat to ease the discomfort. He did not bother to send a reply and tried to get back to what the professor was saying.

By then Mia had showered and dressed and was out on the town. She had an appointment at the hairdressers first and then a few other places to hit before she went back home. The plug became a bit of a problem. She felt fairly comfortable with it, but she was incredibly aroused. By the time she went out the building door, her pussy was already wet and as she sat down at the hairdressers, her panties were drenched. Sitting down was not too bad and she managed to calm down a bit, but as she left and started walking around, her arousal started to get out of hand. By the time she got to the pharmacy she could feel drops running down the inside of her leg and she decided to give up and went back home.

As soon as she was in her room, she stripped and jumped on the bed, trying to get some relief. Alex was still a couple of hours away and she was getting impatient. She started fingering and decided to film her fingers fucking her pussy for a few seconds, along with a nice selection of moans.

“Put your headphones on,” read a message on Alex’s phone.

He did and opened the next message. Mia had filmed the moment when she came and her fingers were a blur going in and out of her pussy with her moans as background. Alex sat down immediately to conceal the bulge in his pants and had to wait a good five minutes before he felt it was safe to get up.

Mia kept it up during the next couple of hours and sent him at least have a dozen dirty pics and videos, moaning and asking for his cock. She smiled, feeling it was a bit of payback for keeping her horny all day long and making her wait for his cock. Alex, well, he was about to explode.

Alex knocked on her door and Mia opened, dressed to kill. Sluttily, some might have said, but that was just fine with Alex. He liked showing her off. Micro skirt, high-heeled sandals, spaghetti top showing lots of cleavage. He got a hard on as soon as he saw her.

“Like what you see?” Mia giggled.

“Let’s get out of here” managed Alex.

They walked down the stairwell instead of taking the lift, Alex in front. As they went down the first flight, Mia called him. He turned around and she gave him a naughty look. She turned around herself, looking over her shoulder and bent over, letting him see her amazing ass and the hilt of the plug between her cheeks, a tiny string barely covering her pussy. Mia giggled when she saw the look on her face and continued walking down the steps, passing Alex.

When she reached the landing, she felt Alex push her into the corner, pinning her there, her face to the wall. He shoved one hand between her legs, squeezing and rubbing her pussy, and hissed in her ear.

“Now you’re gonna see what happens to little whores who tease their master.”

Mia felt him pull her string roughly aside. She almost panicked, thinking about getting caught fucking in the stairwell, but a moment later Alex shoved his hard cock all the way into her pussy and her mind went blank with the feeling of both Alex’s cock and the plug inside her. He stepped back from the corner and pushed her shoulders, bending her over, then grabbed her hips and started pounding her furiously. Mia bit her lip, trying to remain quiet, but if Alex’s kept up his savage fucking any longer, she was going to lose it.

However, Alex was already way over the edge. He just had load of cum with Mia’s name on it, and she was going to get it. Mia felt his cock pulling out of her pussy, then she was roughly turned around and pushed to her knees. She barely saw Alex’s cock before he pushed it into her mouth, pumped two or three times and unloaded all the cream he’d been saving all day into her mouth. Mia managed to swallow all of it, barely. Alex put his cock back in his pants and stepped back. The whole thing had not taken more than one or two minutes.

“Let’s go,” was all he said.

“Yes master,” said Mia in a subdued voice.

She stood up on shaking legs, pulled her panties back into place and walked down the stairs. She looked properly obedient, but inside she was thrilled. Alex had never been so dominating or rough before and she had loved the way he had just manhandled and fucked her. Plus the feeling of two hard things inside her! And the fear of being caught! She had never considered herself an exhibitionist, but she thought she might have to rethink that. Her only complaint was that she hadn’t come; her pussy was on fire, her panties soaked through and her juices were running down her legs. She was sure, however, that her problem would be solved soon enough.

As soon as the room door closed behind them, they were all over each other, kissing, touching, grabbing and fondling each other. In a few instants they were naked, and headed for the bed and then Mia was on her back, legs spread wide and Alex was eating her pussy like a starving man. He licked and sucked, driving her tongue deep inside her, making her moan and thrash around on the bed so much that he could hardly keep his mouth on her.

“My cunt is on fire baby, please, fuck me. Make me come with your cock. Give me that hard thing baby, please!” Mia begged in a voice hoarse with lust.

Alex wasn’t about to refuse such a request. He quickly knelt between her legs and shoved his hard dick inside her, all the way to his balls. Mia went crazy, pulling him down on top of her and wrapping her legs around his hips. He was in control after having blown his load not long before, and sensing her desire, started pounding away hard at her pussy. This was exactly what Mia needed and she responded, humping her hips, meeting every thrust. Her moaning became almost continuous and after a few minutes of this treatment she met one last thrust and came hard and loud for what seemed like ages.

Alex felt her body relax beneath him and whispered in her ear: “it’s time for your ass now, you fucking little whore.”

“Yes master, give it to me. Rape your whore’s tight little ass. Take my anal cherry master!” panted Mia.

There was nothing else on Alex’s mind, but he wasn’t about to ruin it all by being hasty. He reached over the side of the bed to where his trousers lay and took out a bottle of lubricant from one of the pockets. He went back between her open legs and tugged softly on the plug until it slid out. He squeezed some lube on it and put it back in, then started fucking her softly with it.

Mia was totally spent after her orgasm and didn’t have the energy to even try to meet his thrusts. She just lay there, moaning softly, her pussy and ass on fire. Alex took the plug out and switched to his fingers, adding more lube and sliding two fingers in at once. Her ass war already very relaxed and he could thrust and massage without much resistance.

Feeling his fingers inside her, Mia started responding. They felt so different from the plug, probing, massaging, spreading her wide. Her hips started pushing back, wanting more. Alex then clamped his mouth on her pussy and started licking and sucking hard, drinking her juices, which were flowing continuously. Her moaning became loud again as she went crazy with lust and when Alex took her clit in his mouth and sucked it hard, she came again, her pussy juice drenching the bed beneath her.

“I want your cock,” panted Mia.


“Fuck my ass!”

“Hmmmmm. You are not asking properly. Fuck toys don’t demand things of their masters. They beg,” teased Alex.

“Please master, please! Fuck your little whore in the ass, please!!! I want master’s big, fat cock inside my ass, please! Rape my ass and make me your anal whore!” implored Mia.

Alex was more than convinced. He placed a pillow under her hips to raise them. Then he added a good dollop of lube to her ass and coated his cock liberally with the stuff. He knelt between her legs, placed the tip of his cock on her hole and started pushing slowly. Mia was panting, eyes closed and with a look of concentration on her face.

“Relax, baby, just relax,” said Alex.

He felt something give way, and the head went in. Mia gasped a the feeling. It felt bigger than the plug, hard, but less rigid, and so much hotter! Alex waited patiently, letting her get used to the feeling before starting to push in further. He pushed slowly, feeling the tight grip of her ass loosen slightly, then he retreated a bit and pushed in again, and again, making a bit of progress every time, and then, finally, he was all the way to his balls in Mia’s ass.

“Master’s meat is all the way up my ass,” panted Mia. “Master’s taken my anal cherry. I’m master’s pet anal slut now… Master can rape any of my holes now, when he pleases.”

He started fucking her softly letting her get used to his size. However, Mia wouldn’t have any of that. She locked her heels on his bum and started pulling him in harder. Alex resisted some.

“Have some patience baby, get used to it first!” he said.

“I’m your anal whore now master, fuck me like the whore I am,” panted Mia.

Alex couldn’t say no to such an invitation and started pumping his cock faster; Mia crossed her feet on his back, not letting go, pulling him back in every time his cock pulled out. Alex still held back, but he was giving her quite an ass-fucking. He leaned over and took her tits in his hands, squeezing them roughly, then pinching and twisting her nipples, sending jolts of current through her body. Mia responded grinding her hips and taking his cock as deep as it could go. Her hand found her dripping pussy and immediately shoved two fingers in.

Mia finger-fucked her pussy hard with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other; Alex could feel her fingers moving in her pussy. Her wantonness turned him on even more and he felt he was getting close to the edge. He deepened his strokes, fucking her harder, squeezing her tits more roughly. Mia moaned loudly and bucked her hips, taking every stroke deep inside her ass and then she came, hard and loud.

Mia sort of collapsed on the bed, trembling all over, not able to move. She had lost count of her orgasms and was completely spent. Alex was very close to coming, but there was one more thing he decided to do on the spur of the moment.

“You ain’t been fucked in the ass until you’ve been fucked from behind,” whispered Alex in Mia’s ear.

He flipped her over, but Mia had no strength left in her to get on her knees, so he left her lying on her stomach. To his surprise, Mia managed to put her hands on her ass cheeks. She spread them and said:

“Take it master, fill my ass with your cock and your cum!”

He straddled her and paused for a moment, enjoying the view of her luscious ass cheeks, wantonly held open to let him in. He loved the way Mia’s ass felt when he fucked her like this, and now he was actually going to fuck her asshole in this position. Not being able to wait anymore, he plunged his cock back in.

It was even tighter than before, and he was close to the edge so he started fucking her hard and deep, pinning her down with his weight. Mia had no choice but to take it, and take it she did, squirming, moaning, whimpering and encouraging him. Feeling the familiar pressure building up, he gave her a couple more deep thrusts and came hard, filling her ass with his cream. He rolled on his side, taking Mia along, settling down in a spooning position with his cock still inside. He grew soft inside her, and his cock popped out, letting out a gush of cum which added to all the juices on the bed.

Alex smiled. He now had a pet anal whore.

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