Miami: The Introduction

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I love when women run their fingers through their hair. It’s so very sensual. Hell, I love running MY fingers through women’s hair, but I digress. I’m seated in 3C on a United flight to Miami from my hometown of Boston. First class baby. As I walk onto the plane to find said seat I am greeted by a raven haired beauty named Elena. A real stunner with her black hair, red lips, and curve hugging uniform. She carries herself with a professional elegance. I now sit in my seat watching the beautiful Elena greet passengers, occasionally running her hands thru her mid length mane. She’s polished, confident, but a fiery look in her big brown eyes makes it difficult for me to look away. She looks over and sees me watching her and gives a smile. I return the smile, wishing it were me running my hands through her hair instead.

Opening ceremonies aside we take off for south Florida. I begin working on my laptop on the current real estate development that I’m designing. At the pre-designated height of 10,000 ft. the familiar ding sounds and I see Elena making her way around collecting drink orders.

“What can I get you, sir” she asks. I look up and our eyes meet. This produces a genuine, but somewhat devilish smile on my behalf and a slight bottom lip biting on her behalf.

“Whatever the best red you keep on board Elena. And please, my name is Jonathan.”

“I’ll see what I can find for you Jonathan.” She turns and continues working thru the cabin. Her smile and warm voice is now burned into my brain.

Some time passes and Elena comes back with my drink and one for the nice older gentleman seated in 3D. I lock eyes with her again and thank her for my drink. I hold the eye contact for just a moment to see how she reacts. Will she look away or hold my glance? She smiles and leans over me to serve my neighbor his drink. I’m immediately greeted by the intoxicating smell of her. Is it a perfume? Soap? Or perhaps just the natural smell of her? My heart beats a bit louder and a warmth runs thru my body, passing inconspicuously (to her anyway) through my groin. Is there a way I could bottle the scent of her to enjoy for the next three hours?

Returning to my laptop, I find it hard to concentrate on the work that I’m looking at. My mind races with ideas and fantasies about what lies underneath that company issued uniform. What thoughts lie behind that smile and those big brown eyes. What are her turn-ons? I close my eyes, put my head back and let my mind reel.

Within what seems like minutes we are making the approach into Miami. I open my eyes and look around. Everyone is seated including Elena. The plane touches down smoothly and makes it’s way to the gate. As we come to a stop I unbuckle, grab my laptop bag and stand to retrieve my trusty LV suitcase. As I walk to the exit I see her again. Did she get more beautiful in the last hour?

“Goodbye, have a nice day. Thank you for flying us.” And so on as each passenger exits the plane.

“Goodbye Jonathan, I hope you enjoyed your flight” she smiles both with her mouth and brown eyes.

” I most certainly did” I return the smile.

I make my way towards the exit of the airport, stopping to grab a bottle of water on my way out. The flight landed a bit early so my car hasn’t arrived yet to drive me to the hotel. I walk out to the sidewalk and wait. The sunshine and warm breeze feels heavenly compared to the chilly Boston air I left behind. I slip away for a moment as I stand enjoying the sun on my face.

“Jonathan?” A familiar voice inquires.

I open my eyes to see Elena standing beside me. Am I dreaming?

“Hello Elena, what brings you this way?”

“I’m supposed to meet the crew van here but they are nowhere to be found.”

As we speak my ride pulls up, a black Mercedes S550.

“Where are you headed?” I ask.

“I’m staying for a few days at one of the crew hotels in South Beach, off Ocean Ave. then my next trip heads to L.A.”

“Can I offer you a ride? I’m staying at the W Hotel in South Beach.”

“Ok! Your ride looks like a step up from the crew van and you don’t seem like an axe murderer so why not.” She says cheerfully.

An axe murderer, no. Completely innocent? Not at all.

The driver opens the door and Elena slides in. I follow and the door closes behind me. I’m close enough to her that I can feel her heat, take in her smell, sense her energy. The driver puts our suitcases in the trunk and gets behind the wheel. The car glides silently away from the curb. We make small talk during the ride. She tells me about her career with the airline, some of the crazy passengers she has to deal with and so on. I share a bit of my history with her, interests such as my love of travel and so on. She is as friendly and engaging as she was on the plane, perhaps even more so. I listen intently with the nagging thought in the back of my head wishing I could run my hands thru her hair as I kiss her perfectly shaped lips passionately (to start with). There’s something about Rize Escort her that turns me on like crazy.

As we approach her hotel I hand her my card with my phone number on it.

“I would like you to join me for dinner tonight Elena. I have a friend who runs Prime 112, one of the best places in the area. We can walk there from here. I can get us a table at 7-7:30 if you agree. You don’t have to answer me right now. You have my number, give me a call or text by 5 or so and I’m sure I can still get us a table.” I give her a confident smile. The “you won’t be sorry” one.

“I will definitely consider it and let you know.” She says as she bites her lip.

Again, our eyes lock for an extra moment. It seems like I can see all the way to the depths of her passionate soul. Maybe she knows what I’m seeing as she turns to get out of the car before she reveals any more.

“Thank you very much for the ride, Jonathan.”

“And thank you for the most pleasant company, Elena.”

The driver closes the door and retrieves her suitcase from the trunk. We continue on to the W Hotel where I’m staying, just a short distance up the street.

I check in and proceed to the 7th floor suite that my assistant had booked for me. The view is magnificent. The sun shining on the turquoise water is mesmerizing. I grab my sunglasses and park myself outside before I decide what my next move will be. I stare out over the white sand and beautiful water, disconnecting from life. From the table I hear my phone buzz with a new message. I rise and walk over to get it.

The message reads: “You have a deal. Dinner it is.”

I call my friend at Prime 112. He confirms that he can squeeze us in. It really is all about who you know.

I message her back “Sounds wonderful, meet me in the W lounge at 6:30 for a cocktail.”

“See you then.” She responds.

This leaves me plenty of time to shower and decide what to wear. I choose an off white Armani dress shirt and tan dress pants. Blue Ferragamo loafers to finish. I look much more South Florida than Boston.

At around 6:15 I head down to the living room lounge. It’s just what it sounds like. A bar with couches and chairs everywhere. It’s early so finding a couch in the corner is easy. I flip thru the menu and glance around the room. Cool concept. Within a few minutes Elena appears at the entrance. She does a quick look around and as she does so she is running her hands thru her hair. She’s wearing a stunning yet simple version of the quintessential “little black dress”. Just above the knee revealing an amazing set of legs. As she walks towards me I can see that the figure that I first saw in the uniform is even more incredible in that dress. Beautifully curvy, sensual and confident. Those eyes and that smile along with that dress are almost enough to make me melt on the spot. I know she’s along for the ride.

“Good evening Elena.” I rise to greet her.

“Good evening Jonathan.” We sit down together on the couch.

“You look beautiful.” I say to her confidently while trying not to sound creepy.

“Thank you.” She smiles and bites her bottom lip again.

For as beautiful as she is there is an ease about her as if she doesn’t know how stunning she is.

“What can I get you?” I ask.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“Well, we are in Miami so how does a couple Mojitos sound?”

“Like a great start.” She says. My kind of girl.

We chat about the weather, my hotel versus hers and so on. She is very easy to talk to. Engaging, enthusiastic, intelligent even a bit animated. And did I mention stunning?

We finish our drinks and decide to start walking to dinner. We exit and turn down Ocean Ave. towards the restaurant. A briny breeze picks up tossing Elena’s hair a bit. As we walk it’s obvious to me that even in a place like South Beach that is overflowing with attractive people that Elena still draws the looks. The way she carries herself, her shiny black hair, red lips, amazing figure and confident but carefree attitude makes for a rather stimulating package. I myself do my best not to stare as we stroll down the sidewalk.

As we approach the restaurant I step in front of her to hold the door for her. As she passes by me she catches me inspecting her from top to bottom. She smiles innocently but knowingly and again the lip bite. If I had the power I would stop time and devour her right here.

We are seated at a great table towards the back. I order a nice bottle of Italian red while we scan the menu. We talk a bit about travel experiences, some places we would each like to visit and why and so on. She orders braised pork shank and I order grilled lobster tails. I focus intently on her as we continue our conversation. The sommelier delivers our bottle and asks me to taste. I do so and approve. We toast to our impromptu dinner plan and sip away.

We talk on and off while enjoying the fantastic dinner choices. The conversation is casual but the Rize Escort Bayan energy between us is easy but intense. We finish off with a nice glass of 40 year port each. We sit in silence for a moment, taking in the experience of the great meal, nice wine and port, along with accompanied buzz of each. We look into each other’s eyes, share a smile and rise to leave as I sign the check.

I push the door open for her and we are met with a pleasant ocean breeze and a nearly full moon that is shining down on the beach and street. We begin our walk north up Ocean Ave. The street is buzzing with people, loud music and exotic cars.

“I’d like to walk you back to your hotel if that’s ok with you.” I ask her matter of a factly. Such a gentlemen. As much as I fantasized about her I had no intention of trying anything considering we just met. Unless of course she insists then I would happily oblige.

“Sure, please do. I’m sure my room is nowhere near as nice as yours at the W!”

Who said anything about seeing your room? I wondered and smiled to myself.

A short walk thru all the nightlife and we arrive at her hotel. We walk thru the lobby to the elevator. She pushes 4 for the fourth floor and the door closes. I’m standing slightly behind and beside her. Close enough to smell her. Close enough that if I wanted to I could wrap my arms around her or caress her exposed skin or lean over and kiss her neck. She watches the floor indicator tick away at each floor. I close my eyes and take a deep breath of her in. The door opens and I motion her to please walk first. See, what a gentleman I am. Plus I thoroughly enjoy the view.

We enter her room and she flips on a light.

“Tada!” she says, holding her hands out like she’s presenting a view.

I smile at her and do a small clap of approval. The moon is shining into the sliding glass door, casting it’s glow through the room. She walks over and opens it. The waves break in the distance. The cool, briny breeze fills the room. She turns around and approaches me. The look on her face has changed and I interpret it clearly. I walk slowly to the middle of the room and meet her there. We stand a few feet apart, eyes locked, not saying a word, hesitating to see if either one of us will flinch. I reach my right hand out and place it on the back of her head, stroking her soft hair a few times. Just touching her makes every nerve in my body feel like it’s on fire. Her big brown eyes look longingly into mine. I use the hand on the back of her head to gently pull her towards me. Our lips meet each other, softly at first. I leave one hand on the back of her head, basking in the reality of actually running my hand thru her beautiful hair. I place the other hand on her back and hold her tight to me as our kissing becomes deeper and more passionate. She places her hands similarly on me.

As the intensity builds I can no longer hold back my desire to explore her body. I slowly run both of my hands down her sides to her hips, holding them there. My moves are intentional, but not hurried. I want to enjoy every moment of her. I slide my hands around the back of her to her curvaceous ass. I caress her firm ass as our tongues dance together passionately. I slide my hand down her legs and pull up her dress with the notion that I would caress her panty covered ass. To my great pleasure I find there are no panties under the dress. With that I continue my exploring, running my hands over her warm soft skin. I can feel her body quivering with pleasure as I do. I can feel her intense energy in our kiss. Perhaps even a pent up lustful longing.

I move my hands back up to her head, caressing her head. I push her hair back and release my lips from hers. I kiss her cheek, then work my way down to her neck. As I do this I run my hand down her side again, past her curvy hips, around the front of her. I cup her mound with my hand, finding it pleasantly shaved smooth. I feel her whole body tense, her breathing quickens and a slight moan of pleasure finds it’s way to my ear that is inches from her mouth. With that I use my finger to split her smooth pussy. I slowly rub my fingertip up and down her crack, separating her smooth lips. It’s nearly overflowing it’s so wet. Her clit hardens as I run my wet finger over it. Her legs almost fold under her as I touch her wet button.

“Oh my god, please don’t stop” she whispers desperately in my ear.

I kiss her one more time on the neck and then scoop her up in my arms and carry her over to the bed. I slip the dress off over her head and lay her down gently on her back. She writhes in ecstasy, rubbing her foot on her opposite leg. She smiles longingly and approvingly at me. Her silhouette is like artwork in the moonlight shining in from outside. I stare at her for a moment as I unbutton my shirt and take it off. I approach her on the bed and start kissing her neck and down her chest. Her nipples get even harder as I roll them in my fingers and then gently lick and suck them. Her warm Escort Rize skin prickles as I continue to work my way down her body. Her breathing, soft moans and squirming body tells me I’m on the right track.

Now, with one quick motion I roll her over onto her stomach. I grab her by the hips and lift her ass up into the air so she is on her knees with her head on the bed still. Her back arches inward obediently. I know what she is expecting next but I’m not at all about doing anything the conventional way. I could care less about pleasuring myself. I approach her from behind placing each hand on her ass. I lean forward, kiss each of her ass cheeks and start kissing my way down. I reach her moist crack and run my tongue slowly down it. She tastes amazing. When I reach her clit I slowly flick my tongue back and forth with just a little pressure. She begins to tense up, pressing herself harder against my tongue. It’s not time yet so I move the tip of my tongue up slightly and circle her opening, then inside her. I go back and forth between clit and opening a few times, enjoying her taste and increasing tension in her body. I cast a quick glance to her side and see she is gripping the sheets on the bed with closed fists like she was holding on for dear life. I place my mouth on her clit once again but this time lightly sucking with my lips. I tilt my head a bit allowing me to slowly insert two fingers inside her warm body. She’s so wet, so smooth, so aroused. I continue sucking and sliding my fingers slowly in and out of her. I can feel that she is beginning to rise to the point of no return. Her body continues to tense, her breathing speeds, her moaning increases and suddenly her body convulses as she reaches her amazing climax. I can feel her body squeeze my fingers that are still inside her over and over. She collapses off her knees flat onto the bed. Small aftershocks cause her body her twitch. Such a beautiful experience. I lie there for a moment and listen to her breathing. Outside the waves continue crashing on the beach, although I haven’t heard them in nearly an hour.

I make my way back up to her by kissing her from her ass to the back of her neck. I lie beside her, kiss her cheek and bury my hand in her hair.

“I’m not sure where you learned how to treat a woman like that but you are absolutely amazing.” She whispers to me.

“Glad you enjoyed it, ma’am.” I say with a smile.

She rolls onto her side and lets out an exhausted sigh. We look at each other in silence for a few minutes. I reach over and give her a soft kiss on the cheek and get up. I pick up my shirt and put it on. She looks confused.

“What about you?” She asks.

“What do you mean what about me?” I respond.

“Can I somehow pleasure you? Return the favor? Whatever you want.” She offers.

“Elena, I just had one of the very best pleasures a man can have and that is the company and ability to pleasure a beautiful woman. That is all I need for now. Assuming you don’t have any plans, will you meet me tomorrow at the pool at my hotel for some lunch and a walk?” I ask.

“OK, yes, that sounds great. I’ll give you a call in the morning.”


I turn for the door, open it and wish her a good night. She returns the wish. I close the door behind me and walk down the hall on my way back to the W.

I wake to the sun shining in through the wall of glass that looks out over the beach and ocean. I rise, throw on some shorts and walk out onto the balcony. The warm sun feels great on my skin. I replay the events of last night in my head. Wow, was it a dream? I never thought for a minute when I first laid eyes on her that some hours later I would be exploring her. I definitely fantasized enough about it, though. A smile of approval takes over my face. I stare out over the ocean taking in the tranquility. A shower and some breakfast will get the day started.

On my way back from breakfast and a morning beach walk my phone rings.

“Hello Elena.”

“Hello Jonathan. What are you up to?” She has a bit of a sultry morning voice or maybe that’s just how I hear it.

“A little food and a walk on the beach. How about you?”

“Did a little reading and some room organizing, it was a bit messy.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” I said coyly and smiled to myself.

“Very funny Mister. Would you still like some company?”

“But of course. Please bring a bathing suit and change of clothing. I will call the front desk and have them let you up when you arrive. I’m in room 704.”

“Sounds good, see you in a bit.” She replied and quickly hung up.

About 45 minutes later there is a knock at the door. I open the door and am met by Elena wearing a blue and white flowered sundress and sandals. This girl looks seriously stunning in anything and more so in nothing.

“Hello Elena, great to see you.”

She walks up to me and kisses me squarely on the lips. OK, so I guess I didn’t scare her off.

“Hello Jonathan. Was that ok? Sorry, I just felt the urge and did it.” She bliurts apologetically.

“I see nothing wrong with urges Elena, especially yours.” I state.

She looks up at me and smiles, taking a little bite of her bottom lip. Her eyes are deep, full of life and passion.

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