Mermaid’s Kiss Pt. 03

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Hairy Pussy

As she lay on the bed, tears streaming down her cheeks, Alison’s mind was filled with images of Pete. The girl with her mouth round his penis…then the way she slowly lowered herself onto him…the way her pussy lips enfolded him…the obvious enjoyment he was getting. With trembling fingers, she composed a text. “You bastard. I saw it all on your webcam. I never want to see you again. Ever!” She hit the ‘send’ key and went back to her misery. After a few minutes, her ‘phone rang. The screen simply said ‘Pete’. She rejected the call and turned the ‘phone off.

As she lay there, she heard the sound of tyres on gravel, followed by the slamming of car doors and Phil and Jan’s voices as they opened the front door. Hurriedly, she splashed water on her face and tidied herself up, checking herself in the mirror as she headed downstairs.

“Hello there,” Phil greeted her as she walked into the kitchen, “Jan’s making Tea. Do you want a cup?”

Jan was busying herself at the stove, wearing a knee-length skirt and white blouse, with an apron tied round her waist. She smiled at Alison, and returned to her tea making.

“No, thanks,” Alison replied. “I was going to go swimming and sunbathing this afternoon. Is there anywhere you’d recommend?”

“I don’t know,” Phil replied, thoughtfully. “Jan might know. She’s a local girl. Jan… Where would you advise Alison to go?”

Jan turned and thought for a moment. “Treligga Bay is nice,” She answered. “Secluded and private. Good for an all-over tan, if you know what I mean.”

“Jan!” Phil exclaimed, with mock shock in his voice. “Are you trying to corrupt my niece with your wicked ways?” He laughed…and Alison noticed the way his eyes wrinkled at the corners and how broad his smile was, and how infectious his laugh.

“Oh, Phil,” Jan said, her eyes twinkling. “I’m sure Alison’s no stranger to the all-over tan, are you Alison?”

Alison felt the redness rise in her cheeks. “No…I went on Holiday to Ibiza last year. Everyone was topless, so I joined in. It felt strange at first, but I didn’t notice at all after a couple of days.”

Alison felt her cheeks redden even more, as she recalled the gazes of the men…both young and old…from her holiday. Although she would never admit it, she had found the experience quite a turn-on. Even now, she felt a slight tingle in her belly as she recalled the event.

“Erm…I was wondering if I could take a picnic?” Alison asked. “Nothing much, just a snack.”

“Of course,” Jan smiled. “I’ll make you up a little something while you get ready.”

“Thanks, Jan.” Alison replied. “I’ll be down soon.”

She headed upstairs, leaving Phil and Jan alone in the kitchen. She wanted some time to herself, and she didn’t want them to see her upset. From her bag she took a black bikini, the same one she had only worn half of in Ibiza, and a cotton dress. In a bag she shoved sun cream, after sun, her book (some slow-paced thriller her Mother had bought her, informing her it was ‘This year’s must-read’), her iPod and her sandals. She looked at the ‘phone, and decided to leave it behind. She changed into the bikini and dress, shouldered the bag and headed downstairs.

Phil and Jan looked up as she entered the kitchen. Phil gave an appreciative whistle, and received a dark look from Jan for his trouble.

“Stop that,” Jan scolded him. “You’ll embarrass the girl.”

Alison felt herself blush again, as Jan gave her directions to the beach, and a hand-drawn sketch map. Thanking them both, she took the basket Jan had prepared and set off.

Jan’s map and instructions were easy to follow, and Alison soon found herself following a narrow track, which weaved and turned down a valley. She parked the car and sat, mouth agape at the sight before her. A narrow stretch of golden sand, gorukle escort bayan maybe 100 yards across, with a small stream running from the valley to the sea. She got out of the MG and locked it, before walking down the rough footpath to the sand. She kicked her shoes off, enjoying the warmth of the sand between her toes, reminding her of childhood holidays, with candy-floss and donkey rides.

Alison spread her blanket down on the sand and made herself comfortable. She opened the basket Jan had prepared. Inside was fruit, sandwiches, scones (with jam and cream) and a thermos of tea. Alison slipped off the dress and lay on her front, listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish you were here’ and trying to follow the convoluted plot line in her book.

After ten minutes or so, she gave up on the book, and lay flat on the blanket, trying to doze and not think about Pete. The warm sun, cries of the gulls, musical tinkle of the stream tumbling to the sea and the soft swishing of the waves soothed her off to sleep.

“Hello…hello?” A soft voice interrupted her siesta.

“Hello? Alison?”

Alison stirred from her reverie and became aware of a shadow falling across her. She looked up, finding it hard to focus for a moment or two, then found herself squinting into the pretty face and deep brown eyes of Sammi, who was sitting beside her on the warm sand.

“Hello there,” Said Sammi, cheerfully. “I thought I recognised the car. I come here when I get the chance. It’s so beautiful…and just the place to relax.”

“Mind if I join you? I’ve got an afternoon off.” Without waiting for a reply, she stripped off her vest, her breasts exposed and unfettered. Alison noted they were large, but not sagging, with big, dark areolas and prominent, thick nipples. Sammi lay back on the sand beside Alison and closed her eyes, placing her hands behind her head, pulling her breasts upwards. Alison noticed she had no tan lines, and wondered how often she went topless, or even nude.

“How long have you been down here on the beach?” Sammi asked, turning her head to look at Alison. “I hope you put some lotion on, the sun can be deceptively strong at this time of year.”

“I brought some with me,” Alison replied. “But I forgot to put it on…I was so excited at finding this place.”

“Well, give it here, I’ll do your back…it’s already beginning to look a little red.”

Alison passed the bottle to Sammi and jumped a little from the shock as cold lotion was poured onto her skin. Then she felt a firm hand gently rubbing the liquid in, making little circles as the older girl applied the sun screen. Sammi knelt beside her, applying the lotion to her back, her shoulders, neck and moved down to the swell of her buttocks, before moving down to the back of her thighs and calves.

Alison felt a warmth spreading between her thighs as she relaxed, enjoying the sensations as the gentle hands caressed and massaged her body. Her memory strayed to the time another girl had washed her back in the showers at school, after a particularly rough game of hockey, she had responded then, but lacked the courage to follow through. Alison felt fingers deftly undoing the fastenings of her bikini top. She wanted to stop her, but at the same time felt powerless to resist. Sammi’s expert fingers gently rubbed and stroked, making sure every inch of Alison’s back was covered. As she leant over to do Alison’s right shoulder and arm, Alison was aware of her breasts, brushing across her back, the contact sending small shivers of excitement through her. She thought of Pete, and how he had betrayed her. Her mind formulated a plan.

Impulsively, Alison rolled over, her bikini top fell away, and she looked up into Sammi’s eyes.

“I think my front needs doing too,” She breathed, unable to help herself. nilüfer escort bayan “Don’t you?”

Sammi looked down, and smiled. She took the lotion and poured it over Alison’s chest. Gently, she smoothed the cream over the pert twin mounds, savouring the softness and firmness…feeling the nipples stiffen under her fingers as she circled them.

Alison closed her eyes and moaned softly, as sensations she had not experienced since her schooldays flooded through her body. Her hand sought out Sammi’s thigh, and she found it, stroking softly below the shorts, caressing the warm skin. She opened her eyes again, and looked into Sammi’s face. Her eyes were closed, and her bottom lip was caught between her teeth. As Alison watched, she opened her eyes and leant forward. Her lips met Alison’s and she found herself responding eagerly, her mouth opening to admit her probing tongue. Her arms moved to encircle her and pull her closer. She could feel her pussy moisten as their breasts pressed against each other. Sammi broke the kiss and moved down Alison’s neck and shoulders, planting light kisses all the way, moving lower over her chest, following the rise of her breast until her lips met an erect nipple. Gently she licked it, circling it with her tongue, making Alison moan and writhe beneath her. She sucked it softly into her mouth, feeing it stiffen even more, as her fingers continued to caress its partner. Then she swapped sides, again licking, sucking…teasing the hard little bud, bringing gasps and moans of pleasure from Alison’s mouth.

“Oh god..oh god!” Alison’s moans echoed around the sheltered bay, reflecting off the granite cliffs. “Mmmmmmm! Oh, Sammi….Yes.”

Sammi moved down, her mouth brushing across Alison’s smooth, taut belly, the fingers of one hand still caressing Alison’s breasts. She moved lower, kissing just above the waistband of Alison’s bikini bottoms then, using both hands, she gently pulled them down, exposing the fluffy tuft of blonde thatch at the junction of Alison’s thighs. At this point she paused, knelt up, and unbuttoned her shorts, wriggling out of them and the panties beneath, revealing her own mons, smooth and hairless. She lay down on the blanket, alongside Alison, and kissed her gently, her hand stroking sensually across her belly, the fingers occasionally brushing through the fine hairs down below.

“Isn’t this better?” Sammi whispered. “Feeling the sun all over?”

“Mmmmmmmm! Oh yes, Sammi,” Alison replied, her voice thick with desire. “Much better.”

They kissed again, less eagerly, more sensually, and Sammi’s hand moved down along Alison’s thigh then up along the inner surface until the edge of her hand brushed against the moist slit. Alison gasped and shuddered slightly at the contact, then relaxed as the other girl’s expert fingers began to stroke gently along the folds of her labia. She parted her legs, allowing access to her inner sanctum and pressed herself against the stroking fingers, wanting more. Their mouths locked together, their tongues intertwined.

Sammi slipped a finger between the damp folds, sliding it easily into the warm welcoming interior, drawing a low moan from Alison. Her thumb massaged Alison’s clit as her forefinger moved deeper into the depths of her pussy, rotating, stroking, caressing…pressing against the front wall of her love hole, finding the small, raised area she was looking for. She stroked deep at Alison’s g-spot, eliciting a loud gasping moan, causing her juices to flow, lubricating the invading digit.

“Oh, Fuck,” Alison gasped. “Oh Fuck what did you do!!”

She writhed and bucked as Sammi slipped another finger in alongside the first, thrusting them in deep, finger-fucking Alison’s tight little pussy. Keeping them inside, she knelt and moved down bursa otele gelen escort bayan the teenager’s body, licking and sucking at her clit, peeking out from under its hood, as her fingers continued to stroke the g-spot.

Alison moaned and gasped, lifting her buttocks from the blanket as she felt an orgasm approaching.

“Oh, Sammi…I’m going to cum!” She wailed. “I’m gonna cum so hard!”

Alison screamed, her wails echoing off the rocks, as she grasped the sand through the blanket and lifted her hips high. Juices flooded out as she felt waves of pleasure pulsing through her body. Her heart hammered, her breathing was laboured as she reached a shattering climax, her pussy spasming and clenching round Sammi’s fingers, before she collapsed, almost unconscious on the blanket, dimly aware of the fingers still inside her pussy and the juices trickling between her buttocks and pooling beneath her. Sammy gently removed her fingers and lay down alongside Alison again. She raised her fingers to her mouth and licked Alison’s fluids off them, before offering them to the teenager to sample. Alison had tasted her own pussy juice before, but the sweet saltiness took on a different experience when licked from another’s fingers.

Sammi propped herself up on an elbow and gazed down at Alison, noting how her chest was flushed with a post-orgasmic glow, her nipples were hard and her eyes twinkled with pleasure and satisfaction.

“My turn now”, Sammi murmured, laying back on the towel. “Make me cum, Alison.”

Barely able to control her excitement, Alison knelt beside Sammi and examined her body. She noted the short hair, dark brown eyes, full lips. The large breasts with their dark areolas, tipped with large nipples, the soft slightly chubby belly, and the smooth pussy.

She leant forward, her hair brushing the older girl’s skin, as she kissed the swelling mounds of Sammi’s breasts, moving her mouth to the summit of each, circling the large nipples with her tongue before gently sucking each one into her mouth. Sammi gasped with delight, her hand stroking the teenager’s head, pulling her closer. Alison continued to tease the nipples, catching them between her tongue and teeth…as she did so, her hand moved down, across Sammi’s belly, to the warm, moist, smooth place below. Her fingers touched another girl’s pussy for the first time, the heat and wetness surprised her as her fingers brushed lightly along the moist slit, the labia puffy and swollen. Her fingers circled Sammi’s clitoris, coaxing it from under its hood. She felt, rather than heard the other girl’s sharp intake of breath as she played with the sensitive bud. Her fingers ran along the lips, pressing gently between them, the juices easing the passage as she slipped one inside, probing and exploring the warm, wet tunnel. Sammi writhed and squirmed at her touch, her breath escaping in sharp, staccato gasps.

Alison moved her mouth down Sammi’s body, planting soft kisses all the way, her finger continually moving inside the tight pussy as she did so. She made contact with the little bud, her mouth teasing it as she slipped a second finger inside the moist hole. She felt Sammi’s fingers stroking along her own slit, then the feeling of something large and cool slipping inside her, invading her. Through the waves of pleasure, she realised that she was being fucked with a banana, the older girl moving it deep inside as she licked and fingered the sweet pussy in front of her.

Their moans became louder, rising and falling in unison as they came together, both girls’ gasps of ecstasy echoing off the rocks around them.

Afterwards, they lay together in the warm sun, gently holding, kissing and stroking each other. The sun slowly dipped towards the horizon, and a chill began to develop as the offshore breeze sprang up. Reluctantly they separated and dressed before, with a final lingering kiss, they left the beach behind, the incoming surf washing the sand clean of all evidence of their lovemaking.

As she drove back to the house, Alison’s mind raced with excitement, as she wondered what other delights her holiday had in store for her…

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