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Your interest is at the core of a writer’s purpose…

The story ~~~

There’d been a call from an old friend. She was Dean of Natural Sciences at our local University and had an emergency of sorts. Her only Professor of Zoology had been notified that he’d been tentatively diagnosed with a form of colon cancer and the poor guy had to be placed in the hospital for testing and evaluation. He’d put them off a week but immediate testing diagnosis was required for treatment if necessary.

It had been a whim on her part, to call me when I’d accepted the call. In fact it had been a whim that the application had ever been completed when she’d sent it to me. To her it was an emergency but to me it was an added burden because I’d just been given the heaviest load of classes I’d had in a few years.

My degrees in Zoology had been the trigger. The Dean and I had history in University and received our PhD’s together although her’s wasn’t Zoology related. We’d met in library one evening and were both cramming to complete our theses. We’d even proofed each other thesis and out friendship had lasted. She’d gone into University work and progressed rapidly while I’d gone into High School teaching. She’d remembered my thesis and thought it would fit perfectly in the advanced class her professor had been about to start that semester. The class had already been offered and had about fifteen advanced students already accepted.

After reluctantly accepting the offer to act as temporary until the guy had been diagnosed and he knew what was happening I’d agreed to read the poor guy’s lesson plans and syllabus with his notes. It promised to be a good course with texts already selected and would give me a chance to refresh my own knowledge. I’d been rethinking my interest in High School teaching and after studying some of the salaries and benefits senior professors received in University I thought this course might be what I needed to congeal my thinking.

Perhaps it should be made clear that as a High School instructor I’m quite conservative and both my manner of dress and my attitude necessarily reflect this conservatism outwardly. Inwardly it’s slightly different and yet my personal life is devoid of these stronger interests. I’d had very few dates or opportunities with the opposite gender. At first I’d convinced myself it was because of the dedication I’d brought to advancing myself in preparation for my life’s work. I’d never had time to socialize. Now I realized that I’d never developed any of those social and personal skills yet the yearnings had been growing steadily. I was over thirty that year and my chances seemed to be diminishing.

Perhaps I’d thought this might be my chance to meet some interesting College Professor and see where it led and find out if I’m the least attractive to men.

It seemed at the moment that I’d have accepted a date, and allowed any man to get all he needed, to let me learn and develop my own ability. In today’s vernacular I guess that meant I’m horny.

I showed up early and studied my class list of students and tried to learn their names without having seen any of them yet. I rehearsed my opening remarks and duties and then went to class. Apparently there wasn’t a class immediately ahead of mine in the room and so I went in early. I put my name on the large blackboard and a brief note indicating their actual instructor would be gone for a few weeks and was undergoing medical tests. Finally I referred them to their syllabus, required reading and class expectations.

One of the first orders of business was approval of their intended Doctoral Thesis and I gave them our list of requirements and intended goal. Lastly I listed the dates they were required to meet me with their input and for my approval.

Two people came into class as I was finishing and when my introduction started ten minutes later the entire class was in their seats.

I’d decided to dress far more casually that first night and more provocatively in case I noticed a professor checking me out.

In the first seats at front of the classroom were five students that ranged in age from a probably nineteen very young for such an advanced degree to perhaps twenty five of twenty six.

One in particular caught my interest and I guessed him to be somewhere in the middle of the range at possibly twenty one or twenty two. He was very studious and dedicated as he took notes on everything written and said. I was impressed but something else impressed me even more. I was lecturing from a platform and every time I approached the forward edge of the platform more than a foot higher than the remainder of the classroom it seemed my shorter skirt caught his interest.

After my second approach and almost as a test of my effect on him I noticed his hand travel below the desktop to his crotch. That’s when I first noticed it but it wasn’t my last interest in it.

He had an obvious erection and it appeared to extend half-way to his knee. I thought I’d never seen bahis firmaları anything like it in any guy I’d passed before.

I continued standing at that edge lecturing and tried surreptitiously to study my effect. Did he have something in his pocket? It didn’t seem so and his hand continued stroking it through the pants absently even without looking up. He seemed embarrassed when he saw me glance downward. If it was real perhaps he should have been embarrassed I thought and continued my lecture.

The next class I’d vowed to continue my study and when he came into the room I found no rise at all in his pants but I’d worn an even more interesting outfit for any male who might appreciate.

The lesson plan called for me to provide the class with a short description of procreation of animals and while I was lecturing I again approached front of the platform and almost immediately his trousers sprang upward and the slacks he was wearing were of a thin fabric that left little to my imagination. For a moment I had to ask the class where I’d been in my lecture because the sight of that outline through his trousers had completely disarmed me. I was embarrassed but made a mental note that it had to be the largest male penis that I’d ever seen that close.

By the fourth week and only days until they were required to have my approval, on topic and intent, most of the class had already been in the office to see me except him and one other female student sitting in the back of the class. He still occupied the same front seat. I’d learned quickly that his name was Charles and he was least a head taller than any other student in the class and one of the tallest in the University.

I’d finished lecture and returned to the office ten minutes earlier and was reading from a reference a student had given me when I heard a knock at the door.

I turned and it was him with the same bull’s erection I’d seen so many times before. I wondered if he even knew it was so obvious.

I invited him and asked him to close the door. All subject discussions on a student’s thesis were highly confidential and as the door closed the lock set automatically. Getting out of the office was a matter of turning the knob but nobody could enter from outside except with a key when it was closed.

He nervously introduced himself but I didn’t ask him to sit yet because I enjoyed being at a height closer and line-of-sight to my other interest. I asked what he needed and he explained quickly he was there to seek approval.

I asked what his selected subject was and how he intended to treat it and I did it without a thought because I’d already done it so many times and besides my interest was elsewhere as I studied that amazing cock from a much closer vantage point.

He told me he thought he wanted to write about sex between mammals and it took a moment to register what he’d said before I asked further what he intended his topic’s focus.

He didn’t understand and I had to explain that sex was a very broad topic as was the field of mammals.

I finally invited him to sit when he seemed to be stuck for an answer. My desk was against the wall and chairs for visitors sat facing me from the side in front of a bookcase.

He grabbed the seams of his pants and lifted them as he sat, the way men are taught, except his palm brushed that delicious looking erection and seemed to cause it to instantly respond further. The pressure of sitting had caused it to resist bending or being depressed as his torso bent from the hips. His palm advanced as if to hide it and came to rest against it holding it down against his leg. I wanted to tell him to move the hand so that I might not have my view blocked but I resisted and tried to concentrate on his eyes.

He finally seemed to find words and began explaining but I told him he should narrow his focus and the group of mammals. I added that perhaps he should focus on mammals that he could visit that were reasonably nearby at perhaps farms or even a zoo or animal park.

Our discussion lasted nearly the remainder of the hour and he planned to think more about how to narrow his topic.

After the next lecture he was back and told me more about what he’d thought.

I was amused at the way he spoke of it and after perhaps fifteen minutes I asked him if he’d ever had sex before.

He was truly embarrassed then but eventually told me he was a quite normal guy and he’d had many dates.

I smiled and told him he was evading an answer and reiterated the question. I hadn’t asked if he’d dated or how many times. I was specifically asking if he’d ever had sex with a girl before.

It seemed an eternity before he seemed to turn his head as he whispered “None.”

Personally I’d only had two experiences and one was the night I turned eighteen with a boy that had no experience at all and my second was with a married man who almost raped me in the back of his store that same summer after I’d taken a job with him. I’d left for University kaçak iddaa the following week.

At least the married guy knew what he was doing and it felt good not to be leading someone even though I wasn’t really interested at all in the guy doing it.

Now I looked at Charles and called him by name as I moved my chair on its wheels closer to him.

I’d swear right now that it was more an internal instinct when I reached out only to pat his leg and comfort him but suddenly found my hand on top of it as he pulled his own hand back. I patted and felt something move then glanced down and pulled my hand back. I started to apologize but he told me it was okay and he knew it was an accident. DAMN! He had me so intrigued and so much in need.

I suppose that’s what triggered me because I suddenly looked into his eyes and asked him how he knew it was an accident and not intentional. When he didn’t answer I was feeling far more bold and I reached out and placed my palm across it and when I felt its heat I closed my fingers holding it the best I could.

“How does that feel to you?” I asked. “Do you have an idea now what sex might be all about? Do you like it?” Do you want even more?”

I slipped my hand down across his prominent head and realized even more how truly large and long he was.

“This is what drives procreation.” I told him softly. “Now take it out and let’s see if we can learn even more.” The heat had been growing in me and I felt I was on a mission to teach him.

He hesitated until I raised my voice and demanded he take it out. He did but it took both of his hands to bend and extract it. It was circumcised and seemed to be bursting with need.

He jumped when I touched it and again when I closed one and then both hands around it.

I squeezed and began stroking it lightly as I continued. “Sex between male and female begins in many ways. One of those ways is the touch and is frequently followed by licking or kissing the genitalia. Perhaps I can demonstrate I added.” as I looked up into his fearing gaze.

I squeezed it with one hand, felt the pulsing flow of blood in it and then moved the other hand atop the first and still there was so much more. I leaned far over and kissed it then as I glanced up into his eyes and saw them close I extended my tongue and swept his head with it. For something so hard in my hands its head was smooth, soft and hot under my tongue. I worked it a minute and then said “Charles look down here and watch.” and when he did I squeezed it firmly and ran my hands from bottom to top until a clear drop appeared.

“This is one of the things a female looks for. It shows the male is interested and she is drawn by the pheromones to taste it.” and I did. I showed him the drop resting on my tongue before I swept it around the inside of my mouth. Now I wasn’t about to let him go free that night.

I hadn’t done anything like this with either of the two guys that had taken me before but as I’d learned the need of it in conversations with a girlfriend years before it had been nurtured and finally this was my chance.

Three years earlier that old girlfriend of mine had started me in a learning conversation. She’d asked what kind of porn I liked to watch and I told her I didn’t watch any porn. She asked if I’d ever watched any and I told her I hadn’t. Then she asked what I knew about human sexuality. I explained that my PhD was in Zoology and I knew a lot about sex. She wouldn’t be deterred and refocused the question on human sex in a manner similar to what I’d just done with Charles.

I had to admit that I knew little although I’d had sex once with each of two different guys years ago. She changed topics then and asked if I ever masturbated. The topic was becoming more uncomfortable for me but I answered honestly. She asked if I’d ever given a man a blowjob and I admitted I hadn’t and quickly changed topic.

The following day she brought me at work three CD’s loaded with porn videos and video clips. I tried to tell her I didn’t want them but she insisted and so when I got home I put them on the table inside my front door.

The weekend came and I was bored and went shopping. When I returned I noticed the CD’s again and took them into the kitchen as I put groceries away.

Perhaps it was because I was still bored or perhaps my subconscious had the time to work on me but either way I picked one of the CD’s and put it in the player.

Within a few minutes I was hooked. I spent more than twelve straight hours watching them except to make a sandwich or get something to cure my thirst. Before the end of the first one I was masturbating and it seemed to continue the entire twelve hours. I don’t think I was ever more interested in learning more of a topic.

It was late that night when the last one had ended and I had mental time to review. Several things came out of my musing.

First was that every guy in them was ‘hung’ excessively and I didn’t mean just something perhaps eight inches long. kaçak bahis They were all huge.

The second thing I noticed was every video had the girl giving the guy a blowjob at least once. Both things intrigued me.

From my two experiences and my knowledge of the lore I knew all men are not hung that way but except for my talks with the girlfriend I didn’t know about the blowjobs.

Then I went back and perused a few of them and noticed that the gals weren’t just joining in oral copulation but they were taking the guy’s entire endowment into their mouth. That was impossible unless they were taking the guy into their throat. No woman has a mouth that big and deep.

Also none of the girls ever spit or wiped the guy’s yield elsewhere. They either directed it somewhere over their body or swallowed it all. Swallowing seemed to be the dominant theme.

I fell asleep that night on the sofa in my living room but the next morning it was all still fresh in my mind. That Friday night I made a special trip purposely out of my teaching district and to the far edge of town. I didn’t want to run into any of my High School students, or folks I knew, stumbling on me going into or coming out of an Adult Novelty shop. The shop had a woman’s name and I studied the inside of the shop through the front window. I saw only one woman inside alone.

When I entered I immediately saw what I was after. The woman was a salesclerk and incidentally the owner and apparently ready to close for the night when she approached me. She asked what I was looking for and I explained roughly what I wanted. She smiled and helped me pick out three realistic looking copies of the male penis in three different sizes. They were all larger than the average male penis and the last was a monster that looked nearly identical to the porn videos I’d seen.

The gal seemed interested and asked what I had in mind for them and for some reason I confided in her. She laughed and then asked if I’d ever tasted a Latex penis. I assured her that I hadn’t and she made some suggestions.

First I should soak them all in a mixture of Bicarbonate of Soda, white vinegar and a strong dish detergent. She suggested that I soak them for three or four days changing the mixture of the soak regularly. Next she said to move them into a strong acidic fruit juice or V-8 juice. If I used fruit she suggested I try anything at least as strong as Cranberry juice.

She told me when the soak was finished I should wash, clean and taste them. If they still tasted bad I was to repeat the entire soaking method. It was good advice

When I reached home and took them out of their packaging I noticed the strong smell of Latex. I ran my fingers along and around them with my eyes closed imagining what it would be like if they’d been real.

It was a week before I tasted them and nearly all of the Latex taste was actually gone.

That’s when I began my experiment to see if I could train myself to do what those girls in the porns had done. It took me weeks for the smaller ones and almost three months before I could take the largest after I’d almost given up many times. After that I practiced regularly until it was second nature and I could easily take that largest deep into my throat. I still hadn’t tasted male cum yet but I knew it would taste salty. Now I had a talent even though it was hidden.

Now back to Charles…

“Now I can show you oral copulation because it frequently precedes mating in the usual sense.” I told him.

Now I took him into my mouth and back to my throat. I worked its head with my throat muscles and found that his body responded eagerly and so I spent several minutes experimenting to gauge how much he enjoyed it. It seemed to drive him wild and near to a climax.

I pulled back and explained that communication between a male and a female during sex was always more significant if there was adequate feedback. I explained that it was perfectly alright for him to move and to even grab my head and demonstrate his need. I finished by telling him it was alright to tell me verbally but that he had to keep his voice very low in case other faculty or students were still in the office area. He nodded that he understood and I began again.

I worked his wonderful dick for minutes and then pulled back again. “Have you ever climaxed when you masturbate? It’s what they call cum and it is the thing that marks appreciation to a woman. It’s okay for you to release and to cum your hardest if you like it. Do you like it?”

He nodded his head to indicate that he did. “Then show me and let me taste your approval.”

This time he did take my head and in a few moments he seemed to commandeer the situation and began working harder and harder to show me his desire and then in a tremendous thrust that threw me back a bit he grunted loud and it was as if everything he’d been holding back all these years was released in surge after surge of thick heat that I could instantly feel heating me. “Is this okay?” he said in the middle of it all but he didn’t release my head or pull back and I continued to feel his body working me as I placed my hands on his ass and dug my nails into it, pulled him even closer and tighter.

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