Memories of Lillian

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He sat in the chair at the foot bed and watched the young man’s penis thrust in and out of his wife. He saw the sheen of perspiration on his thighs from the exertions but this was how his wife liked it, long, hard and deep. The thrusting became more frantic and his wife screamed as she felt the hot sperm flood her vagina.

He bid the young man farewell and watched as he disappeared into the elevator. Closing the door he heard that she was already running the bath and his erection twitched with excitement.

He enjoyed these hotel meetings, she liked to be fucked by virile, young men, he liked to watch and afterwards she would finish him off in a way that provided his fondest memories and most powerful ejaculations. Other than this their marriage was quite ordinary.

He sat in the tub and she began to masturbate him with soapy hands that knew exactly how he liked it. He laid back, closed his eyes and thought of Lillian…..

The drunk driver veered across the road and hit his parents’ car head-on killing them both. There were no relatives and the will was clear; Lillian, the lifelong friend of his mother, became his legal guardian. Money was not an issue, the insurance and sale of the house provided him with a secure financial future and was held in trust until his twenty-first birthday. Lillian received a generous stipend for his care.

She lived in a ranch house on thirty acres; it was surrounded on three sides by a large veranda, there was a barn, stables with a large paddock where Lillian kept two horses and several smaller buildings. She worked from home, writing mystery books for which she was well known.

He had always been a quiet, shy kid who preferred his own company and was seen as immature by his peers. He had known Lillian all of his life but spent most of his time with the horses where he discovered a great affinity and understanding for them. Slowly, he adjusted to life without parents and he found a friend in Andy, the kid from the next house, about a mile down the road.

Bill was Lillian’s boyfriend and sometimes he stayed overnight. He liked Bill and looked forward to their time together. One night he woke with a start and peered at his luminous watch. It glowed 11:17 and he just was about to roll over when he heard voices coming from outside. He listened intently then decided to investigate. He climbed out of the window and crept silently around the veranda. He stopped at Lillian’s window and realised the voices came from her bedroom.

What are they doing up so late he thought as he looked at his watch again….11:20! He peered through the window that Lillian always left open on these summer nights and only just stopped from crying out. Bill was standing naked beside the bed; he could see his erection sticking out from his body and saw Lillian walk naked to him and sit down. He wanted to run but couldn’t make his legs move; he was riveted to the spot. He stared at her breasts and felt the funny sensation between his legs that he didn’t quite understand. Lillian’s hand was now on Bill’s cock and she rubbed it back and forth. He moved his hand into his pyjamas and touched his own hardness, suddenly he felt a warm sensation come over him and his hand became all sticky. He rushed back to his room, scared, excited, confused and full of strange emotions.

Back in his room he checked his hand and then between his legs. Everything seemed alright. He cleaned himself, put on fresh pyjamas and got back into bed. His heart began to return to something near normal and he reviewed in his mind what he has just witnessed. It was certainly exciting and he couldn’t forget the thrill he felt when that stuff spurted from his dick. He unbuttoned his pyjama top and pulled down the bottoms. He looked down at his groin and he was growing hard again as he thought of Lillian’s breasts and her hand on Bill’s dick. He had no idea at this time that he was very well endowed; he knew his was bigger than Andy’s since the first time they had skinny-dipped in the pond behind his pal’s place. Andy had even commented that he had a whopper and wanted to look at it longer than he was comfortable with. His hand moved down and he took hold of his penis and copied what he had seen Lillian do to Bill. It felt good when he thought haramidere escort of Lillian naked and he came quickly, splashing the white liquid all over his belly and neck. He cleaned himself up again and put his pyjamas on again. He lay on his back and thought what a great new toy he had found and drifted off into a satisfied sleep.

He awoke the next morning and his cock was stiff again. He stood naked in front of the full-length mirror and looked at his erection as it twitched up and down. He experimented jerking it at different speeds and angles, finding new ways to pleasure himself before spurting his load onto the mirror.

That summer and fall, until it was too cold to leave the windows open, were the most exciting of his young life. Whenever Bill stayed over he would creep over and watch them. He saw them doing lots of things that got him very excited, sometimes so excited he masturbated at the window and ejaculated onto the veranda. When this happened he would eat breakfast as fast as he could and excuse himself so he could clean up the mess. By fall he was an expert masturbator; he would lie on his bed or sometimes go into the barn and imagine he was doing to Lillian what he had witnessed Bill doing. He fantasized feeling her breasts and putting his more than generous equipment between her legs and wondered what it would feel like. As the next few years passed his fantasies grew to include girls at school, teachers and mothers of classmates, women he saw at the mall and in magazines. In fact, he found any attractive female fair game for his imaginings. He had girlfriends but, as yet, his sex life had never progressed beyond solitary masturbation and Lillian remained his most frequently used image.

Just before his 18th birthday, Bill disappeared from his life. The company he worked for offered him a 3-year transfer to their office in Australia and he had eagerly accepted. Lillian said the relationship would continue via long distance telephone calls and letters and they would visit Bill on their vacation.

For his birthday Lillian and Bill bought him a dirt bike. He spent many hours on his new toy until that day in late August when he lost control and hit a tree. He staggered back to the house and Lillian drove him to the hospital. Both wrists were badly fractured and would require several weeks in casts. This presented a problem for he could do very little for himself. Lillian assured him that everything would be alright and embarrassment would be kept to a minimum. She understood he was at an awkward age that was compounded by his shyness but they would get through the next few weeks together. Attending to his toilet was carried out in a matter-of-fact way and then it was time for him to bathe.

Lillian filled the bathtub with hot, soapy water then unbuttoned his shirt, removed his socks and loosened his pants. She left the bathroom until he had wriggled out of his gear and settled into the tub. He called her in and she began to bathe him with a soapy flannel. Lillian came close to his growing erection a few times before the flannel finally touched it. She rubbed it gently, went down to his balls then back to his fully erect cock. He stared at her breasts and saw her nipples harden against the thin t-shirt. Being so close to those tits he had fantasized about so often and Lillian’s hand only a flannel width away from his cock sent him into a shuddering climax. Lillian must have known for she continued to caress him through the flannel until his erection subsided. Not a word was spoken as she towelled him dry and helped him with his clothes. He was aware that Lillian often glanced at his groin and it both embarrassed and excited him.

The next evening after supper, Lillian asked if he needed a bath. His heart began to pound and he stammered something about being warm and uncomfortable. The previous night’s routine was followed and Lillian began to bathe him with the flannel. He had a full erection before he stepped into the bath and when she got to it she let the flannel drop. Her bare hand now enveloped him. He looked at her, she looked back but neither said a word. He lay back and she masturbated him until he lifted his hips out of the water and spurted içerenköy escort cum high in the air. The next 24 hours seemed a lifetime for him and immediately after supper he asked Lillian if she had time to give him a bath. She looked at him for a few moments before leaving the table and filling the tub. She loosened his clothes and was about to leave when he blushed deeply and blurted, ‘You don’t need to leave, just take my clothes off.’

She finished undressing him and he stood naked before her, his erection pulsing up and down. ‘You have a beautiful cock,’ she breathed nervously.

He lay back in the tub and she fondled him with both hands. His gaze fell upon her nipples, poking like bullets through her t-shirt. ‘Can I see them?’ he heard himself saying. For a moment she hesitated then removed the top exposing her bare breasts. He stared at the beautiful orbs and she realized he was unable to touch them. She moved her tits in front of his face and felt him lick and bite her erect nipples. He shot his load immediately and Lillian felt the power of his ejaculation and the incredible hardness of his big cock and secretly wished it was inside her.

The bath time ritual continued until the casts were removed in late October. He went to physiotherapy twice a week and quickly regained strength in his wrists.

Nothing had happened between them for a couple of weeks and nothing had been said about their bath times together. It was as if now the casts were removed, they were both unsure of how or if to proceed.

After lunch on Saturday he told Lillian he was going to the stable to clean out the horses and release them into the paddock. He went to his bedroom to change into work clothes and as he removed his pants his thoughts were of Lillian. His cock bulged in his underwear and he discarded them, freeing his erection. He stood in front of the mirror and began to masturbate, thinking of Lillian’s hard nipples and soapy hands on him. Suddenly the door opened and Lillian walked in, she saw him jerking his huge cock. She covered her mouth with a hand in surprise and just stared at him.

‘I came to get your laundry, I thought you were in the stable,’ she said.

‘I’m glad I’m not. I’m glad you’re here,’ he replied and continued to stroke himself.

For several seconds she just stared at his cock then said quickly, ‘I’ll fill the tub,’ and hurried out of the room.

He walked into the bathroom and stood in the tub. She grabbed his hard cock and caressed it. He reached out, felt her breasts and teased the hardening nipples. After he sat down, her soapy hands began jerking him off and he fondled her tits. ‘Get in with me,’ he pleaded and without saying a word she stripped and joined him in the tub. He discovered the joys of exploring a woman’s body for the first time that day. Although he desperately wanted to fuck her she wouldn’t let him go that far.

During the winter he and Lillian visited Bill in Australia. While in Cairns he met a girl, also on vacation and they did it on the beach a couple of times. He was no longer a virgin and wanted Lillian even more and most of his masturbatory thoughts were still fantasies of fucking her.

On the last of their vacation Bill announced he was coming home in six months but was unsure where the company would send him.

The stables swelled from two to six horses by the time he turned nineteen. He had a natural ability with horses and during his time with Lillian he became an expert horseman. He was earning decent money boarding horses and giving riding lessons. He planned was to develop the business further when his inheritance came through in two years.

July 19 will remain in his memory forever. Lillian told him that Bill was coming home on that day and he had asked her to marry him. She had accepted and would be moving with him to his new job 1500 miles away. She would give him the property, his horse business was thriving and he would soon have adequate funds to expand.

They talked a lot about the future over the next few days and gradually he adjusted and saw many positives. He had a good business, they could still visit each other and he was truly happy for her and Bill. He missed innovia escort their bath times, of course, but had recently become very attracted to one of the riders he was teaching and she appeared to like him.

Two days before Bill’s arrival he had just finished shaving when Lillian came into the bathroom, ran water in the tub, added liquid soap and looked toward him. In silence she removed her clothes and sat in the tub. He was already hard by the time he was naked and joined her. He fondled her breasts as she teased the knob of his cock with a thumb and two fingers. His hand wandered between her legs and stimulated her clit before three fingers entered her pussy. She asked him to stand and his huge cock bobbed up and down in front of her face, she caressed his balls as she jerked him and then did something she had never done before, she took his cock into her mouth. The feeling was indescribable and it took all of his concentration not shoot his load down her throat. It was a large tub and had good size ledge in the corner. She sat on it and spread her legs, he knelt down and fingered her then she grabbed his head and pulled it down to her pussy. His brain was spinning; he tasted her and wanted this to never stop, his tongue explored her most intimate parts. After a while she pushed his head away and turned onto her hands and knees.

He knelt behind her and looked at her lovely ass, wet with traces of soap suds he found so erotic. His cock twitched on her ass only inches from her pussy as his fingers fucked her and oh, how he wanted his cock to be where those fingers were. He moved a little and rested his knob on the crack of her ass and continued working on her wet, slippery hole. She turned to him suddenly and said in little more than a whisper, ‘Stick it in, stick it in me please, fuck me, please, fuck me.’ Lillian removed his fingers, took hold of hard dick and placed it on her pussy lips. ‘Stick it in me,’ she repeated and moved her hips back onto his cock. It slipped passed her labia easily and he felt a tremendous thrill as his dick hardened to an intensity that almost painful. Lillian moaned with pleasure as she felt the cock sink deeper into her than any cock ever had. The desire to ejaculate was strong but he managed to hold off and kept his cock buried to the hilt. When he felt that some degree of control had been achieved he slowly moved in and out and felt dizzy with excitement. Lillian sucked in her breath and moved her hips to meet his cock. ‘Deeper, deeper,’ she begged and he began to move quicker, slamming into her as far as he could go. He didn’t last long and came in several great waves that overflowed Lillian’s pussy and she cried out in orgasm.

Later that evening he came back from checking on the horses and found Lillian just about finished drying the supper dishes. He came up behind her, pushed his hardening erection against her backside and mauled her tits through her top. ‘I want you again,’ he whispered. She said nothing but turned and knelt in front of him. His clothing fell to the floor and she sucked his cock and balls. This session lasted much longer than earlier in the day. They fucked on the living room floor then Lillian sat on the dining room table, it was just the right height and he was able to screw her with long, deep strokes that brought her to climax almost every time he slammed into her.

Afterward, on the sofa, he laid his head on her lap and she idly twirled his hair. ‘This will never happen again,’ she said, ‘I’ve wanted to have you inside me since I first saw your big, beautiful cock after you hurt your wrists. I know you spied on Bill and me in the bedroom and masturbated on the veranda while watching us, it excited me that you were doing that. Bill will be home in a few days and you must never mention this to anyone.’

‘I know,’ he said in resignation, ‘I want to thank you for it all, you’re the greatest. There’s this girl who comes for riding lessons on Wednesday’s, Judy, I like her very much and I think she likes me. I was thinking of asking her out for dinner and a movie on Saturday.’

‘I think that’s and excellent idea. Now, there’s a lot to do before Bill arrives and I need to get some sleep,’ she tousled his hair, kissed him on the forehead and said good night.

…..Judy stroked his cock faster now she sensed he was very close to the end. He thought of looking through Lillian’s bedroom window, of the tub and his cock about to enter her from behind and fucking her on the dining room table. He wanted it to last but knew he could not. He opened his eyes as he felt his sperm surge and shot a huge load all over his wife’s face.

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