Melting the Ice Princess Ch. 01

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You and I are co-workers. We’ve worked together for many years and are friends. Around the office I have earned the nickname “Ice Princess” because I don’t socialize with the people I work with outside of work and I won’t go out with any of the men I work with. I tend to dress very conservatively: either pants or knee-length skirts, always with pantyhose and I always wear loose-fitting blouses and blazers.

One day after work I decide to hit the gym in our office building. Knowing that everybody’s left already, I change into my standard work out gear: white sports bra and matching shorts. Both cling to my body, accentuating my curves. I begin my work out by stretching to warm up and then start on the stationary bike. After working out on the treadmill for 10 minutes I move onto the free weights. As I’m doing my triceps kickbacks, I hear the door to the gym open. I glance over and see you enter the gym. We say our hellos and I continue to do my kickbacks.

The people that we work with think that I am emotionless and have no wild desires because I always project a tough, no-nonsense business-like image but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. My wildest desire is to finally give into the sexual tension that has always been there between us. I want you so badly and judging by the way you’re checking out my ass as I’m doing my triceps kickbacks, the feeling is quite mutual. I surreptitiously watch you as you remove your shirt, revealing tight abs and well-developed arm muscles. I glance down and see a slight bulge developing in your shorts. I almost drop the weight in my hand as I imagine taking you in my mouth. You ask if I’m all right as the weight clangs when I put it in the rack. I manage to say yes in a normal voice, impressed that I’m able to keep the desire out of it. I move to the incline bench to begin my incline dumbbell flyes. You watch as I recline on the short bench, my legs spread at the end. As I lie back, I can’t help but think that I’m in the perfect position of you to thrust your cock into me. I feel myself growing wet at the thought. We talk a bit while I do my exercises. You’ve moved on to the rowing machine.

After a little while, we both stop gebze escort and decide to call it quits for the day. I get off the bench and put the weights away. As I put them away, I decide now is as good a time as any to make the first move. I am so horny that I need to have you now. I walk over to where you’re standing. Your back is to me as you drink some water from a sports bottle. I reach around you and brush my hand against the front of your shorts. I can feel that you’re very aroused. You moan as I stroke you through your shorts. I feel your hand grab my wrist and for a moment I’m afraid you’re going to tell me to stop. Instead, you bring my hand to the top of your shorts and slide it beneath them. Taking my cue, I slide my hand down and stroke your hard cock beneath your shorts. My other hand soon joins the one around your cock as I stroke you firmly. I stop and pull your shorts down and then turn you around. I drop to my knees and hungrily take you into my mouth.

You are so big that it takes me a few tries before I can take even half of you into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the head before I begin to suck you. You hands are on my head and you begin to slowly move your hips as you fuck my mouth. My pussy is growing so wet as I suck you. You fuck my mouth a little harder and faster and without warning, you explode in my mouth. I swallow every drop of your hot sticky liquid. I slip you from my mouth and you help me stand. You kiss me hard as your hands reach for my breasts. You squeeze them through the thin fabric of my bra. I reach down and grab the hem of it and pull it up, revealing my full breasts to you.

You cup them and run your thumbs over my hard nipples, making them even harder. I gasp as you take one of them into your mouth and begin to suck on it as though you were nursing. Each tug of your mouth on my breast causes my pussy to tingle and grow even wetter. I’m certain that there is now a large wet spot on my shorts. After a few minutes you move your mouth to the other breast, your hand playing with the one you’ve just moved from. A few minutes later you stop and push me gently but firmly against göztepe escort the incline bench. You drop to your knees and kiss my mound through my shorts. Your hands reach for the waistband of my shorts and slowly pull them down.

“Very nice,” you say as you realize that I’m not wearing panties underneath my shorts. My shaved pussy is now in front of you. You run your finger along my wet slit, which is opening like a flower under your gaze. You bring your finger to your mouth and lick my juice from it. You bring one of my legs over your shoulder as you lower your mouth to my wet pussy and begin to lick my outer folds. Your tongue slips through my folds and finds my wet core. I arch my back at the first touch of your tongue against my clit.

“Mmmm, you like that, do you?” you say, smiling. I am unable to answer as you circle my clit with your tongue and then draw it into your mouth to suck on it. You spread my lips even more with your hands and your tongue enters my dripping hole. You slide two fingers into me and move them in and out, curling them inside me and stroking my G-spot.

“Oh yes,” I moan as I feel you sliding a third finger into me. “Mmmm, fuck me with your fingers.” You begin thrusting your fingers inside me as I writhe against your mouth and fingers. When you think I am ready, you add a fourth finger. I cry out in pleasure at the fullness. You fuck me with your fingers until I cum hard, flooding your face with my juices. You greedily drink them up. You remove your fingers from my cunt and lick two of them clean. The other two you bring to my mouth and I suck them clean. You stand up and I grab your rock hard cock. I sit up and take it into my mouth again.

“OMG,” you say.

“I need this inside me now,” I say after releasing you from my mouth. “Fuck me with this monster.” You put your hand on your cock along with mine and together we rub it along my slit. I moan, as you make sure the head hits my clit.

“You want this inside that cunt of yours, don’t you?” you ask as I try to bring it closer to my hole.

“Yes,” I say huskily. “I want this rock hard cock buried halkalı escort inside me…stuffing me.”

“Prove it,” you say. “Show me you want this cock inside you.” I let go of your cock and put my hands flat on your chest. I push you onto the floor where you land on a mat and straddle you. I raise myself over your cock and slowly lower myself onto your hard shaft. You watch as your cock slowly splits my pussy lips and penetrates my wet hole. I moan as you stretch me. You are so big that for a minute I’m not sure I can take you inside me. I force myself down the rest of the way and gasp in a mixture of pleasure and pain when you’re all the way inside. Your hands go to my hips as I place my hands on your chest and I begin to ride you. I slide up and down your cock as you help guide me. You lift your head and take one of my nipples in your mouth. One of your hands moves to my other breast and you move the other one between our lower bodies so that you can play with my clit. I begin to shake as my orgasm takes hold. You’re thrusting your hips up, driving yourself deeper into me as I cum. I lean forward as I try to recover from my orgasm. You place your arms around me and flip me onto my back, your cock still buried deep inside of me. You pull out and slam back into me, causing me to scream with pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?” you say, as you withdraw again and plunge yourself back into me.

“Yes,” I moan, my hips thrusting up to meet your stroke. “I love the feel of your cock ripping me in half. You fill me so completely.” I place my legs around your hips, trying to drive you even deeper.

“Feel my dick filling that cunt,” you say. “Whose pussy is this?”

“Yours,” I say. “It’s your pussy.” You grab my hands and pin them lightly over my head as you lean down. Your chest brushes against my nipples as you kiss me hard. “Fuck me hard and fast.”

You thrust even harder and faster inside me. I meet your every stroke as we both start to climax. My pussy muscles tighten around your cock as I cum, my juices flooding your cock and trickling down my ass. You thrust one more time and hold yourself still as you cum, shooting your load into me. We stay like that for a while. You slide out of me and we stand. We gather our clothes and head toward the locker rooms.

“Who knew that you were a lady on the streets but a freak in the bedroom?” you joke as we reach the locker rooms.

“Join me in the shower and you’ll find out for sure,” I say seductively heading into the ladies’ locker room.

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