Mel’s Wedding: More Extended Family Ch. 05

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The Day After The Wedding

I opened the front door to welcome Jeremy and Alex. Jeremy was one of the top photographers in Britain and perhaps all of Europe if not the World. His work was now being sought after almost as much as Annie Liebovitz in the U.S. A year or two before he’d done a photo shoot of the Queen. Alex was his new wife, a beautiful American woman. Jeremy told me the two of them were actually distant relations and had met and fallen in love over a period of time at several family weddings.

Jeremy and Alex were in the States for three weeks. They were spending a week in Sarasota around Mel’s wedding having a “holiday” as the Brits called it then they were off to Los Angeles and New York for one-week exhibitions of some of Jeremy’s work. He had a book coming out with photos of famous personalities; his publicist was taking the opportunity to not only tout the book but also increase recognition of his ‘name brand’.

As we walked through the house towards the patio I could see Chris out on one of the chaises basking in the late afternoon sun — topless of course. Oh well, we’d see how the two of them responded. We came out chatting and Chris turned to us and then stood. She didn’t blink or blanche even for a second; she came and participated in the introductions even giving the two of them brief hugs. Jeremy was clearly enthralled with the partial nudity. Alex seemed amused at her husband’s reactions.

Lynn and Karen came from the house and further introductions were made. Everyone had met the evening before but with so much partying going on, this was really the official meeting for most of them. Lynn and Karen were in their very brief bikinis that left little to the imagination. Now Jeremy’s tongue was lolling out the side of his mouth — well practically.

After assessing the mode of dress, Alex asked if it was all right if she took in more sun than her three-quarter length sleeve dress was allowing. Lynn told her yes and asked if she wanted a bathing suit. Alex thought and looked at the brevity of the clothing around her and announced that a European approach would be fine. With little ado she pulled her dress over her head leaving her clad only in lacy bikini briefs — she’d been braless under her dress. Now MY tongue was the one doing the lolling!

Alex had a flawless body and spectacular breasts. Well, almost as spectacular as everyone else’s. Chris and Alex lay out in the sun talking animatedly about the wedding, what it was like to work with a ‘famous’ photographer and about Jeremy’s forthcoming book. Jeremy, Lynn, Karen and I sat in the shade holding a similar conversation.

At one point Jeremy ran out to his car and retrieved his computer with the photographs from yesterday’s wedding and reception. We all gathered around and looked at them. He had been busy overnight loading them from his camera and had even found time to Photoshop several of them.

True to form, Jeremy’s photos were spectacular. They were a stunning and memorable collection that Mel and Robbie would treasure forever. What was remarkable was that Alex’s photos were as good as and in some places better than Jeremy’s. She was a good student. I told her so, as she stood behind me leaning over my shoulder to see the computer screen, her naked breasts occasionally grazing my shoulder or the side of my face. I was really getting horny. I noticed that Chris was doing the same thing to Jeremy.

Overall we spent over an hour pouring over the shots. Jeremy was taking notes about which shots to keep and which to archive. By the time he finished it was well into the cocktail hour. A flurry of activity by the women produced some fine wines and hors d’oeuvres for all of us. We insisted that Alex and Jeremy stay for dinner and they were pleased with the idea.

By cocktail time all the women were topless, a sight that Jeremy and I were thoroughly enjoying in an almost conspiratorial manner. There was a lot of flirting going on too and I could watch Jeremy redden and lighten depending on what was going on.

Over dinner I asked Jeremy about other types of photography he’d tried during his career. He confessed that his landscapes and press photography were routine yet better celebrated than he thought they should be. He also admitted to doing some erotic photography earlier in his career.

At that point, Alex jumped into the conversation and said, “Well, you did some erotic photography only a month ago if you recall. I still think it’s some of your best work even though I was part of the subject matter.” She leaned in and kissed him passionately.

Jeremy hemmed and hawed, not sure what to say at that point. Karen said, “Can you show us some of that? Do you bursa eskort bayan have it on your computer?”

Jeremy looked at Alex with a perplexed look on his face. There was some unspoken communication between them that appeared to be settled when Alex said, “Oh, go ahead and show them. Everyone here’s seen people making love. These are the most loving people in the world. Show them!”

Jeremy said, “Alllllllll right!” somewhat reluctantly. Alex brought him his computer.

The computer screen lit up the back patio as the last rays of the sun faded in the western sky. We all clustered around the screen again. I was fortunate to again have Alex’s breasts close by; this time Karen was the one draping her bounteous breasts over Jeremy’s shoulder. I could tell Alex was amused and perhaps even aroused at the near nudity.

Jeremy called forth the right file and then his graphics program to display his art. Up on the screen came a shot of he and Alex in a passionate embrace — both were apparently nude. The lights and shadows highlighted the muscles and curves of their bodies as they embraced. It was one of the sexiest shots I’d ever seen. It showed passion, intimacy and commitment all in one picture. Everyone on the patio went “Wow!” and expressed other sentiments of appreciation and awe.

The next photograph was a frontal shot of Alex. She was completely nude and reclining in deep shadows, every key part of her anatomy was exposed to the camera — and thus to the viewers. In the photograph she was masturbating and clearly enjoying the eroticism of the moment. I think everyone on the patio starting panting. Alex looked pleased with herself when I looked up at her to see if she was embarrassed. She wasn’t in the least. She winked at me.

The third photograph showed Alex’s mouth wrapped around Jeremy’s penis. In the photo you could only see the look of pleasure on her face. Again shadows and light angles had been used to make the photo more seductive and less pornographic. Several others showed the same scene from slightly different angles and with slightly more or less depths of penetration of her mouth. In one her tongue extended in an erotic gesture to just touch the tip of his erect and wet cock.

The next series showed close ups of Alex’s gorgeous pussy. From photo to photo her labial lips were slightly repositioned or showing different degrees of wetness. In several the nub of her clitoris was clearly visible, demonstrating the arousal she was experiencing when the picture was taken. As the pictures slowly came and went on the screen, Alex started to quite intentionally rub her breasts across my shirtless back and neck; I could feel her nipples harden as she delivered the stimulation to each of us.

A series of shots showed her breasts and her torso from different viewpoints, again the use of light and shadows heightened the eroticism of the shots. In some pictures, either Alex or Jeremy’s hand stroked or pinched to arouse her nipples and excite the viewer. To my right I could see Karen duplicating to Jeremy what Alex was doing to me with her breasts. Chris was looking over his other shoulder and I could see her hand inside her bikini bottoms fingering herself as each erotic picture revealed itself on the computer screen. Lynn was rubbing her own breasts as she stood behind us all.

Then there were a series of shots with the two of them copulating. First was a close-up of Jeremy’s cock just entering Alex’s moist pussy; the mushroom head was barely visible as the penetration apparently started. The next several shots showed the shaft at increasing depths into Alex’s open pussy. My own cock was now as hard as the ones in the photographs; I surreptitiously adjusted myself to be more comfortable but I heard Alex snicker behind me. She whispered in my ear, “They’re really ‘hot’ aren’t they?” I nodded. Alex rubbed her breasts against my cheek.

There was a long series of shots showing the two of them fucking in the missionary position from different angles and with different light and shadow combinations. Some shots were fuzzy and Jeremy would remind himself that he needed to delete this one or edit that one. In most shots the viewer could see the penetration of Alex’s vagina by Jeremy’s large cock. Now both Chris and Karen were rubbing their breasts across Jeremy’s bare back. I could see their nipples were erect showing the level of their arousal. The more they rubbed, the quieter Jeremy got.

In the next series of shots Alex had mounted Jeremy. The penetration was clear, even with the shifting light and different shadow angles. Their hands roamed over each other’s bodies from photo to photo, in quite a few Jeremy was arched forward so he could suckle on Alex’s breasts. The sequence was some of the most erotic I’d ever viewed, and I thought myself a connoisseur of good pornography.

In the last sequence there were clearly orgasms taking place by both of them. There then followed a couple of shots of bursa otele gelen eskort bayan Alex’s pussy with Jeremy’s white creamy semen seeping from the vaginal opening. In one shot, Alex had her head back in abject pleasure and satisfaction. That was the last shot of the file.

The computer screen went blank. There was a long silence then Lynn said, “I’ve never been so horny in all my life. I need to be fucked.” Chris was peeling off her bikini bottoms; Karen was doing the same next to her and nodding in agreement.

Karen turned to Alex, “Can we borrow Jeremy for a few moments? We’ll be right behind you on the lounger.” Alex nodded her approval and pulled my head into her breasts. I sucked and licked on each one of her taut mounds, enjoying the different weight and feel from my other lovers. Lynn came and kissed the two of us very passionately. Seconds later the two women were stepping out of their bikini bottoms and underwear.

I looked across the patio to the large lounger where I watched Karen sink her pussy down on Jeremy’s very erect cock. Chris sat beside the couple rubbing Jeremy’s chest.

Alex spread herself out on our chaise; “Fuck me! Make love to me Jim — Lynn.” I positioned myself at the entrance to her vagina and rubbed my hard erection around the wetness she had exuded as we watched Jeremy’s photos. Seconds later I sank my penis into her in one smooth stroke. This was lust at its best. I thought that I barely knew this woman but that I was a close friend of her husband and partner. As the waves of pleasure washed over me I succumbed to the lust and decided to just enjoy the coupling and not worry about whether she was ready for this union; she seemed to be. I didn’t want either of them hurt by what was going on and certainly not their relationship.

Lynn became vocal as she watched us: “Fuck her Jim. Drive that cock deep into her lovely body. Cum deep in her. I want to suck all those juices from her cunt. Pump. Thrust. Drive into her. Do it. God, you two are so sexy together.”

Alex whispered up at Lynn, “Can you do me a favor?”

Lynn looked with lust at Alex, “Anything.”

“Then sit on my face while Jim fucks me. I want to eat you. I want to taste you.”

Lynn straddled Alex’s face in a way so she was facing me. I could paw at either woman’s tits, cupping them, pulling them, sucking on them, stroking them, and loving them. Both were responding with a rare eagerness and enthusiasm.

Alex reached an orgasm before anyone else in our trio. She clenched her legs together by way of telling me to stop thrusting into her for a moment. I could feel her muscles and the rolling of her hips as she came. She squealed from beneath Lynn.

Lynn was the next to cum. We also heard Karen’s vocal urgings and her shrieks of pleasure from the adjacent lounger as she climaxed. I watched as Karen and Chris changed places; Chris rose above Jeremy and slowly sank down on his cock. What an erotic show.

I could feel myself nearing an orgasm and decided I’d just let myself go. I started to hammer into Alex. She pulled her legs up higher affording me deep access to her love tunnel; it was clear she was getting maximum stimulation from our union. Then I was there. I gave a fast warning but it was unnecessary. Alex spasmed seconds before the blasts of semen from my cock filled her cavern. We arched into each other. Lynn had one of her small climaxes too. Finally Alex cried out in pleasure.

I remained remarkably hard. I withdrew from Alex after a few moments of our afterglow enjoyment. Lynn sucked me into her mouth and hardened me again. I indicated that she should find a position of pleasure. She spread out below me and I thrust into her, ready to reach a second peak.

Lynn said, “Alex. Bring that full pussy over my mouth. I want to eat and suck your juices.” Alex rose and moved over Lynn and I watched as a huge dollop of cum dripped out of her pussy into Lynn’s open mouth. Lynn lapped her lips in pure enjoyment of the event.

I watched Chris bouncing up and down on Jeremy’s cock. Karen was sitting on his face enjoying his cunnilingus at the same time Chris sought his ultimate pleasure. The voyeurism made me even harder.

Lynn popped off two orgasms and then I felt my climax arriving. I mentioned the fact and Lynn raised her hips a little further from the bed to welcome my thrusts. We were comfortable lovers and came together. As Lynn cooled down with me still inserted in her pussy, she brought Alex to another climax. Alex looked at me the whole time she was cuming with a sense of awe in her expression.

“MY GOD!” Alex finally yelled out as she climaxed. She fell into my arms. I rolled the two of us up beside Lynn who cradled both of us against her satisfied body. We were all panting and barely breathing at that point. We were hearing the same sounds from the adjacent chaise.

Finally Lynn said, “Those were the hottest photographs bursa eve gelen escort I’ve ever seen. Wow. I couldn’t have waited.”

Alex said, “I never saw them with other people. When it was just Jeremy we’d get hot enough. But with you guys it was like a whole new experience — a big sexual experience. I’ve never done anything quite like this before. I know Jeremy hasn’t either. Thank you both.”

“I should thank you,” I said. “You were trusting enough with us to share. Are you OK with what just happened? To you? To Jeremy?”

“Oh yes,” Alex responded. “I think it’s really hot. We’d talked about a threesome or getting together with another couple. I just didn’t think it would be with you guys, at least until I realized that all of you are lovers. I was envious. Now I’m not and I’m glad you included me. As for Jeremy, I bet he’s in seventh heaven — he just got to fuck two gorgeous women. What’s not to like?” She looked over at the exhausted trio on the other chaise.

Alex paused and then spoke over at Jeremy, “Hey, Lover. You OK? You happy?”

Jeremy responded almost immediately, “No. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I married an angel and now I’ve found three more and I just had my way with two of them. You OK?”

“Very much so, Lover,” Alex replied; she paused then added, “Can we do this again tomorrow?”

We all laughed then five voices all said, “YES!” in unison by way of reply to Alex.

A few minutes later all six of us slithered into the pool, enjoying the contrast of the cool water and the warm night air. Jeremy and Alex cuddled together and cooed at each other for a while. I took that as a good sign of their happiness and the strength of their relationship. Chris came and touched base for a while. I expressed my happiness at her enjoyment of her lovemaking with Jeremy; she seemed relieved in some way.

Lynn and Karen snuggled together in the spa at the end of the pool. I watched as they each brought each other off on the side of the spa. Chris was again snuggling with Jeremy, and Alex had come back to my arms, dragging her breasts against my chest in a most erotic way.

I invited them to sleep with us on the patio or in the guest bedroom. Karen and Lynn took one chaise; Chris led Jeremy to the guest room where she was staying; Alex and I opted for the other chaise for a while. As we cuddled and readied for sleep I told her about my meditation sessions on the beach at dawn. She said she wanted to come with me.


Alex slipped her dress back over her naked body the next morning, as we got ready to go to the beach. I pulled on some shorts. The sky was just starting to lighten in the east. We drove out to Lido Beach, parked and walked down near the shoreline. No one else was evident on the cool, moist morning.

Alex sat quietly staring out at the Gulf of Mexico while I meditated, opening my mind to messages and feelings. I felt warm and loved; I wanted to share those same feelings with Alex and all the others in my life. When I was through meditating, Alex and I walked up the beach. A few early joggers and walkers joined us, but for the most part we were alone.

I noticed that as the light wind blew Alex’s dress would occasionally rise, displaying her thighs and even her pussy to the world. She laughed when I told her and said it felt delightful to be without ‘knickers’ and that she might never wear them again.

We went into the dunes and I spread the blanket we’d sat on when I meditated. We had a beautiful lovemaking session; tender and gentle — smoothing each other and kissing with all the tenderness and care we could offer to the other. We came together again and then lay in the morning air enjoying the sensation of the sea breeze blowing over our naked bodies.

Eventually, we felt we should rise and return home. No one else appeared awake when we got there. I listened at the door of Chris’ room and could hear the exertions of a couple making love with one another. I smiled at Alex and told her; I could tell she was pleased that Jeremy was having another opportunity with Chris.

I peaked in at Karen and Lynn who had apparently gone to the master bedroom sometime during the night. Both seemed fast asleep, their naked bodies splayed across the large king-size bed.

I pulled Alex’s dress over her head and lost my own shorts, explaining to Alex about the house rule about nudity being the favorite mode of dress. She liked the sound of that. We curled up on the couch and started to talk.

“I’d feel horny all the time if I didn’t wear clothes,” she said.

“Well, that’s the idea. We all like the sight of each other’s bodies. Chris, Lynn and Karen are bisexual, so they like the ability to see and feel each other’s nudity when were not formally engaged in some sexual activity.”

“Are you bisexual? I didn’t know until yesterday that I was — or could be if I was excited enough. God, what a turn-on all that was last night.”

I chuckled, “No, I’m not, but I am tolerant to the presence of other males making love next to me or even to the same woman.”

“Wow. How … explain that a bit.”

I went on, “Well, we might be at each end, or together sucking on breasts, or one in her pussy and the other in her ass. That can get pretty intimate since lots of body parts touch.”

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