Mel’s Cabin Break

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Mel’s Cabin BreakIn her early teenage years Mel had enjoyed her annual two week holiday abroad with her mother and stepfather but as she grew she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Her stepdad Dan, watched over the years as this young girl morphed into a more beautiful, younger version of his now wife. Mel’s mother had her when she was only nineteen and when Dan looked at photo’s of her at the time, he saw the beauty of a woman that no man could resist. Unfortunately, she would be the first to admit that she was a horny young thing at the time and had so many guys that she lost count. Her good friend Jean told her that the guys around the town saw her as the local bike and that she thought she should calm it down a little. She took no notice and shortly after feel pregnant with Mel. Not long after, they moved away and she never looked back. Some good horny memories, but really glad to be moving on. Mel was a toddler when Dan moved in and he became her dad. She only ever called him dad when she wanted something and she would do that ‘daddy to daughter’ look that seemed to work every time.The years have rolled over so quickly and now the local guys have started taking a lot of notice of Mel and her very pert assets, and now she it seems that she is learning how to use them to her advantage.Dan liked to sit out on the porch in the summer and read the local rag while Mel had her friends round by the pool. It was then than Dan noticed that when compared to her friends of the same age, Mel’s figure was advancing very rapidly. She was very curvy and had a great ass. Her breasts had been noticeable for quite a while now and a trainer bra was a thing of the past. She was growing and holidays were becoming a nightmare, year after year.Time had come for the annual two week break and this year they had decided to go out into the country and stay in a log cabin for a change. The previous year had been a beach trip and they had spent most of the time chasing the young studs away from Mel and her now D cup breasts. Her chosen bikini tops weren’t capable of carrying two large hens eggs let alone these perfectly shaped melons. They were so perfect and round, her nipples her were very much in proportion and when erect, stood firm and tall.She was always being told to “cover up” and “stay away from him.” The poor girl loved the attention but she never got a moment to herself.The lake was mirror like in it’s appearance, it was still and you had to look to the horizon to make out where the water ended and the sky began. There was trees reaching high into the sky and dotted between them were log cabins hiding among the greenery, only the odd wisp of blue smoke giving away their position. It was hot, much hotter than the beach last year and no breeze. That lake looked real inviting. Dan got out at the gate and went into the site office to get a map of the site and the keys.They drove into the woods, past the lake and Mel noticed that they seemed to be driving further away.“How far are we going?” Her question was left unanswered and as she drew breath to ask again, the car slowed and then stopped. “Here we are, home for the next two weeks.” Dan got out of the car and stood before the women and raised his arms wide as he introduced them to the scene. They looked beyond him and there in the distance was the lake and a very small beach. It had a dock with a small boat and Mel ran down to get a better view. The cabin was set back into the trees and Dan set about unpacking while Mel was followed by her mother. As her mother approached, Mel was sitting on the edge of the dock with her feet hanging in the water. Her mother sat down next to her. “Do you like it?” She smiled and raised her fingers to her daughters hair. “It’s great, but why have we come round this side of the lake?” Mel asked. “Dan paid a little more for a bit more privacy darling. Now that you’re eighteen and a woman, we didn’t want the hassle that we had last year.” “ You mean you don’t want me to get pregnant like you did !” Mel scowled. “Now now, that is true but we want a break too, we don’t want to worry what you’re up to, we just want a nice break with little intrusion !” Mel turned to her mother and inhaled deeply, the lines on her forehead tightened but just as she was about to speak…”Don’t you get angry with me now, like you said, I don’t want you making the same mistakes that I made when I was your age and before you start giving me attitude, you’re eighteen now and that makes you an adult. So now it’s time to start acting like one!” Mel’s mother stood and turned to back along the dock. “We’re here to have good time so let’s not spoil it.” Mel stood and raced to get level with her mother. “you can’t stop me seeing boys mom.” She said calmly, waiting for a reaction. They both stood in the middle of the path, a little up from the lake but quite a way from the cabin. Mel’s mother stared straight into her daughters eyes, her lips pursed…”Mel, listen to me, equal terms, woman to woman, I know you aren’t a virgin, I know you’ve tasted a man, I know you’ve milked a man…..” Mel looked back at the woman who she knew as her mother but the language that spewed from her mouth wasn’t her mother. How did she know all this, where had she heard it?……”I know what you’ve been up to and you have to learn to control it.” With that she turned and headed back to the cabin bahis firmaları and left Mel standing, stunned by the words she’d just heard. After a few moments, the quiet was broken by shouts from Dan telling her to come and see the cabin and she went as requested.The next morning Mel got up quite early and after her turn in the bathroom, she slipped into the egg bikini and made her way through the kitchen. Dan and her mother watched as she wiggled her ass as she picked up a couple of slices of toast from the table and waltzed out the porch door. “I’m going to the lake.” she shouted. She took a towel off the porch rail and headed down the path. Mel’s mother looked back at Dan and then continued cooking the breakfast. Mel went down to the dock and laid the towel down on the boards. She looked around and then it dawned on her “a nice break with little intrusion.” Apart from a couple of birds and the odd fly, there was nothing here with a heartbeat. She was told the previous night over dinner that a trip to the local town was required for supplies, not the local shop, way too expensive apparently. Mel said she would look forward to it and even suggested that she may wear one of her bikini tops for the trip but she was told that she would stay back at the cabin to keep an eye on things. She’s only said it to wind her mother up for her earlier torrent of abuse but it seemed to have backfired.A little while later, she replied to a call from her mother then the car engine started up, followed by a honk of the horn to confirm their departure. “An hour there and an hour back. How remote can you get? Still more time for me to do what I want.” Once again she sat up and looked around, she felt a little like Robinson Crusoe looking for a rescue boat and then felt more like him when there was nobody there. The sun was really hot and she walked back up to the cabin to get some sun cream. It was great having the place to herself and she imagined having this space when she got her own place.She looked around once more even though she knew how desolate this place was and she got this sudden naughty urge to take off her top and walk back to the dock as free as a bird. She reached behind and unclipped her bikini strap, the force of her heaving chest caused the bikini top to spring forward and they were free. The sun shining on them felt wonderful and she began to walk. At first she held her arms across her nipples but as she adjusted she allowed her arms to drop and let her titties swing. Her nipples tingled as they hardened and now she was nearing the dock she dared herself to go completely naked. One by one she untied the bows on bottoms and just as they were about to fall to the ground she caught them. Now her pussy and ass were exposed to the same sensations as her boobs and she loved this new experience. When she arrived back at the dock she sat down and after another scan of the area she dropped the bikini in a small heap next to her and laid on her back with her elbows propping her up. She admired her body as it shone in the sun and then reached for the sun cream and poured some onto her full tingling breasts. Feelings surged through her body with every pass of her palms over her nipples. Her hands lifting each in turn and squeezing each nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Now she was lost, her hand found her belly smooth to the touch and there was no difference when that same hand reached her pussy. Well shaven and very wet and creamy. She had discovered shaving many years before during a sleepover at a friends house and they watched a porn movie that they had found in her friends parent’s bedroom. That was when they also found a rather large rubber dildo but that’s a story for a different time. Anyway, the star of the movie had no hair at all from her pussy to her ass so both girls set out to see what it felt and looked like. Mel hasn’t allowed any hair since.Mel parted her lips with fingers and inserted a couple deep inside her hole. Her fingers were creamy white and she was creating quite a puddle on the towel beneath her. She felt herself getting rather close to cumming when she noticed a small boat out on the lake. It slowed her rhythm slightly and she shyly laid still. Her orgasm subsided as she tried to focus on the boat. It was far enough away to be safe but it seemed that there was two occupants that were arguing over what seemed like a pair of binoculars. Mel’s mind raced, they can see her, they’ve been watching her, she’s been jacking off and they’ve been watching her. She’d kept fairly still during this time and although they never got any closer she decided that she would give them a show if they could decide who got the goggles. She resumed her efforts but with more intensity now because of the audience. She started to cum. Her chest heaved and with her legs spread wide and her fingers whizzing across her clit creating a foamy froth, she was lost in the moment and failed to notice the boat getting a little closer. When she came to, she opened her eyes and now the two guys on the boat were in no need of any binoculars. They almost had a ring side seat. She sat up slightly and smiled a little. Her tits were in their natural position and stood very firmly indeed. She made no attempt to cover up. “Hi.” One of them shouted. Mel put her finger across her lips to suggest they kept the noise down. One kaçak iddaa of the lads rowed the boat a little closer. “Do you mind if we tie our boat to your dock.” “Cheeky.” she giggled at her joke. “Have you been watching me?” she quizzed. “No” the other guy said. His friend looked at him and shook his head. “Yeah, you’re very pretty, I hope you don’t mind….””What did you see?” she smiled. “You playing with yourself.” Mel started to feel horny again at the power she was having over these guys and remembered her mother she had to learn to control it. That she was, controlling and loving every second. “Did you like what you saw?” They both nodded. She shuffled toward the edge of the dock. The guys caught the a very slight glimpse of her shaven pussy. They were sitting I a little two man boat, with oars outside trying to keep it facing the same way. You could tell they were amateurs at it and it became almost comical at times. Mel saw the funny side, “stand up”. They looked at each other and without a second thought they attempted to stand up in the little boat. They both wore only shorts and their obvious erections created tents in them. Mel’s eyes were drawn in to their cocks. “Take down your shorts and show me your cocks.” Mel was having fun now, but also creating a whole new puddle. “Hurry, my parents will be back in an hour or so…”While trying to stay upright in the boat they took it in turns to drop their shorts. She looked down at the cocks in front of her and sized them up. Both about the same size but one a little thicker than the other. Her head was spinning now, should she stay and have a bit of fun or run….“Wank for me, you watched me so now my turn.” They took their rods in their hands and stroked back and forth. The boat rocked again and they nearly went over. Mel looked down the dock and a little way along the edge of the small beach there was clearing where they could pitch the boat. This felt a little too out in the open and suddenly she felt exposed. “Go over there.” She pointed over to the clearing and she stood up, collecting her things as she made her way back along the dock. She stepped down onto some rock and then onto a more sandy area. It was a lot more secluded here and she decided that this would be her new bathing area for the remainder of her break. Mel laid the large towel out on the sand and waited for her two sailors to arrive a few minutes later. As they came through the branches of a tree that leaned over the lake, she noticed that they had both removed their shorts completely and despite negotiating some awkwardly placed branches, they hadn’t lost their erections. “”Come over here and let me get a good look at those cocks.” The lads kicked off their sandals and stepped onto the towel. Mel was knelt down and her pert tits stood out proudly. She noticed the attention her tits were getting and she was used to this, this was the attention her mother was referring to yesterday, but this was also the attention she craved. “Do you want to touch them?” Before they answered she stood up revealing her smooth wet slit. One of the lads took a step closer and cupped one of her breasts in his hand, the other dropped to his knees and shuffled nervously towards Mel’s pussy. “Ooh, what do you want?” she purred. He didn’t answer as he started kissing her thigh, his hand pulled her knee forward so as it bent, her foot found his thigh and she used it as a step. Her other lover went behind her and he took position scooping both breasts into his hands and massaging fer nipples. His friend made his way closer to her wet creamy hole. His tongue was lapping at her young folds and she parting her legs to allow him more access. She reached down behind herself and grabbed the tit mans cock. The tip was dripping with precum and she smeared it over his helmet. She felt her legs giving way to total pleasure and was now being lowered to the ground by her two studs and now they were ready to enjoy their prey. Mel was laid flat onto her back pussy man never let his mouth leave her mound during the descent and no soon had her head touched the floor then tit man knelt over her and swung his tool over her mouth. He drew his balls over gaping mouth and her tongue slid out to gather his loose flesh and suck it into her mouth. She held his rod firm and twisted her head to the side so she could guide his cock to her throat. He started thrusting into her mouth and as she held onto pussy mans head, she began to grind out her first major orgasm. Her juices were now dripping down between her ass cheeks and titty man grabbed one of her legs and pulled it toward him. This opened up Mel to pussy mans mouth even more so and she now found that his tongue was licking her ass hole clean. This was a new sensation and one she was very much enjoying. As his tongue probed it’s way up into her ass, she raised the other leg to help, he sensed her need and now steadied his fingertip at the entrance, licking her clit between times to keep her up there. Tit man was now balls deep in Mel’s mouth and at times she attempted to take his balls too. Mel had once blown a ten inch cock and not gagged once and she was very much proud of this, but at this moment in time she was being prepared for her first experience at anal. Pussy man told her to get up onto her knees and she obliged, this was much easier for a full on blow job. Titty kaçak bahis man laid down on the towel and she continued with her deep throat action. Not even a tear appeared in the corner of those beautiful eyes, but as now her tits were swinging with every thrust and pussy man had taken to licking her pussy from her clit, applying a little more pressure at pussy hole so her lips spread up onto his face and then out over her perineum and straight into her ass hole. After a couple of these strokes he would spend more time at her ass and used his fingers to probe the depths of her pussy. “Put your cock in me, you haven’t used your cock yet.” She took a minute out of sucking to instruct pussy man to fuck her. He knelt up and slid his dripping length into her soaking wet love hole. As he slipped in and out he held her ass firm and bucked till she was near another major orgasm. As he felt her getting close, he slowed and guided his thumb near her slightly gaping butt hole. He swirled his finger a couple of times and very gently slid inside. He gathered some spit in his mouth and allowed it drip directly onto her hole for more lubrication. She arched her back and she moaned as she pushed back to gain more of his thumb. As she pulled forward he removed his thumb and quickly wet his two fingers in her pussy and on her return guided these same two fingers into her wanting ass. She pushed all the way back, he felt that if his other fingers weren’t in the way, she would have took his whole hand. She was now oblivious to her surroundings, she had the taste of cock in her mouth and she had lost count of how many times she had cum. Titty man was on the move, he was sliding down underneath her and was now licking her free swinging nipples. Her mouth was free of cock and she felt his stiff cock searching for her entrance. She parted a little more and they made contact, his cock was well lubed from her saliva and her pussy was nothing more than a creamy well as she slid down on his cock, her heat was unbelievable and they set away at a steady pace. Pussy man had vacated her ass and made his way to her face. He stood straight in front of her, “I want your mouth,” he whispered. She opened up and took all of him just like she had on titty man. His balls were soon bouncing off her chin and he was amazed that she never once gagged. He leaned forward and lightly stroked her ass hole again and the pleasant humming from her throat told him she was now ready for the main event.He pulled out of Mel’s mouth and leaned in towards her ear, “can I fuck you in your ass?””mm yeah!” she replied. “We’re gonna fuck you together.” “Yes please, that’s what I want, fuck me right in my ass.”He squatted over her ass and they slowed the rhythm to allow access to her ass hole. He pushed her tiny puckered brown hole and she pushed back. Eventually the hole gave way slightly and he took the initiative to get his helmet past her sphincter. She drew breath and started rocking, his cock getting deeper with every thrust. Titty man was bucking and they could feel each other through the thin wall that separated her pussy and ass. She was in a state of euphoria and she came over and over again.“I want you guys to cum on my face and in my mouth, can you do that?” This dirty talk made them a little harder and got them nearer to cumming. They all detached and Mel spun around and got up onto her knees, her two studs rushed to face and stroked their cocks. She stuck her tongue all the way out and pointed down her throat. “Come on guys, cum right here.” That was it, they shot wad wad of warm cum straight onto Mel’s tongue and she didn’t close until they were done. A little jizz got onto her cheek but she used her finger to guide to her mouth. She showed the guys her prize and then closed her mouth and swallowed. They were trying to come to terms with what just happened when they heard the sound of the car returning, it honked its horn a sit neared. “Quick, it’s my parents, you have to go now.” The lads ran off between the trees once more and Mel struggled to put her bikini back on. When she finally managed it, she made her way back on to the dock and laid the towel down. She watched the two guys rowing like mad across the lake. “Same time tomorrow?” one shouted. She put her finger over her lips as before and nodded.Mel decided to take a quick swim in the lake to make it look more natural and to get rid of any smell of sex that she have oozing from her. After a while she made her way back up to the cabin for a shower.She put a pair of shorts on and a loose check shirt and went into the kitchen when she got the call for food. When she entered, her mother was cooking and Dan was sitting outside on the porch. Mother was complaining that the store was miles away and then her words went into a blur as she walked out onto the porch and the swing door allowed her to be heard again…”I told you I don’t like driving anywhere I’m unfamiliar with and you go and make me do it on my own………” Her mothers words spun around her head and she turned to look at Dan. He smiled at her, “I see you met some new friends Mel.” He winked and approached her on the step. “You’re all grown up now and I’ve seen what a beautiful young woman like you can do, We could make this a very interesting break for us all if you do as I tell you.” Mel looked at him and blushed. “You saw?” “Oh yes, I was stood behind those trees all the time, you sure have a very interesting set of skills young lady and I’m sure you’re Mother doesn’t need to know.” He winked at her and she turned for thought. “We’re gonna make a great team.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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