Melody had an Infectious Smile

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(Thanks to Cindy for her quick edit and encouragement).

Melody had an infectious smile, the kind of smile that struck a responsive chord in one’s brain and remained attached there for hours when you thought about it. It was a bright spot in one’s day.

Taking in that smile just minutes after formally meeting her was a surprise. Knowing it was truly genuine made no sense, but I knew it was true. Mostly likely because I’d known the girl in a parallel universe for more than two years — through e-mail, texts, phone and facetime communications — before the first time we met in person.

An unlikely bonding considering that Melody was a mere babe of 20 years of age as compared to my 55-plus. Hell, I wasn’t old enough to be her father, but also her grandfather. Over the countless times we’d secretly spoken over the prior two years we’d talked about everything, pretty much no holds barred. School to work, friends, likes, dislikes and politics. She grilled me about my wife, me into the details of her dating.

Details, at first, were skimpy as we barely knew each other, but over time a comfortable relationship developed. While there might be monthlong lulls in the conversation in the end we found reasons to centime to correspond. On reason was we both had proclivity to write stories for a risqué adult site. She sent me comments about the realism or erotic nature of my work and I’d respond with similar comments on her works. She had a great ability to tell a sexy tale without being brutally trashy.

The stories she wrote had details beyond her years, which she freely admitted were taken in part from guys in my generation or even from me. Ideas, fantasies and reality.

Both of us were surprised that the other had commented frankly by return notes and comments, and soon we advanced to exchanging e-mail address as to limit the need to go through the website.

Friendship ensued as the young girl regaled me with stories of everyday life, school, professors and gnarly guys who wanted to bed her. She’d talk about the lines they used to get into her pants but maintained she had to desire to have sexual intercourse. After a bit she did say she was not a good girl, in that she disclosed the enjoyment of teasing the guys and in a few cases sending them home happy with knowledge of her hand jobs and in a few cases, blow jobs.

“Blow jobs? Yep. I have given them on occasion to special guys. I mean I’m not a slut but there is something exciting about dominating a guy and have him moan and groan while I’m giving him head,” explained the co-ed. “I love the power of it all. I mean you guys call it giving you head and that’s true to a point. But look at the fact he’s begging me to continue, losing their minds while they obtain satisfaction. That’s hot for me.”

She had a point there.

In any event that’s how we began our relationship, the 5-3 brunette who was in her sophomore year at a downtown university. I didn’t have any real proof of that, heck she could have been a 40-year-old guy, until first she sent me a term paper to proof read along with a phone number. I debated whether to call, but ultimately did, and shaking smiled when a female voice answered.

She was indeed a young girl, living in a Philly dorm, and I was an old geezer across the Delaware River in Marlton, NJ. Close, yet do far.

Over the next two months we continued our email exchanges and weekly phone calls and occasional facetime exchanges where I actually got to see her. Whenever I was on a business trip, we’d set up a video date, away from my wife’s ability to see anything untoward. It was wrong, I know, but it was so damned exciting. I learned all kinds of things about school and “the kids today” and some personal things about her life.

I used that data for a couple erotic stories I wrote for this site, an idea she’d throw my way and I took and run with. She wasn’t shy about telling me details about guys she’d date, and even admitted to and shared intimate details of a couple of them. Oh, she insisted she was still a virgin, but guys loved being around her.

There were the aforementioned bee jays and handys, with a particular fetish of letting some guys whack off and finish on her panties. “It is so hot for me to get a guy to the point of no return and then take over control and have them jerk off and cum on by panty covered ass. Very hot.”

“Look, I’m not taking a chance pn getting knocked up and obviously you have to be careful but I still want to have fun,” said the young girl. “Plus, I like playing with guys and their one-way Avrupalı porno minds. They go nuts when you handle their meat.”

We enjoyed our video chats as we could see nuances of our words. She was real. Cute. Sexy. And being barely out of her tees a whole different person to me. I’d think long and hard about her musing on her parents, how they wanted her to succeed in a career and not get knocked up like her cousin Courtney. She’d complain about their constant questioning of her friends, dates and anything that might lead to “sex”.

She often thanked me for listening to her rants, reading and commenting on her X-rated stories, and at the same time being sort of a father figure. “Heck, I could never even imagine talking to my mom or dad about some of the things we speak about. It’s amazing!” I was thankful she was so frank, and that she’d edit my stories, enhancing them.

She said I was understanding. That a couple times shed spoken with her parents about boys and whatnot only to get into an argument or getting punished.

Along the way my reading of her stories and talking with her led to her discussing a few erotic situations with me. In one story I spoke of parking with a date in a state park. She asked all kinds of questions about what happened and if the story was true.

“You were actually caught in the act?” she asked. “I mean doing the nasty?”

“Yes. We’d been married for a few months. Slipped out of work early and met, had dinner, then parked down by the Cooper river. We made out for a while and one thing led to another. She was on top, reverse cow girl screwing me when we heard a noise outside the car. I noticed it first then she let out a yelp when she opened her eyes and spotted them.

“I mean we were still loving together, fucking. The rangers tapped on the window and were kind of cool the got us up, we put on our jeans, but they observed everything. The whole enchilada. We had to give them our licenses and they found out we were married. But they reminded us it was not proper, and that we were trespassing, and considered issuing a summons. In the end we got a warning but since that time there has been no public sex for us.”

Still I often thought of that escapade. And wished that over the ensuing years things hadn’t gone stale for us. Oh, we still had sex, but it was practiced. The spark wasn’t there. As if it was written somewhere that married couples only did it once a month, on birthdays or special occasions. Never impromptu.

Melody hated hearing about that, wished sex could still be sexy. But we agreed it was what it was.

One-night Melody regaled me with a report on her date with Zach, a guy she’d dated after meeting in math class.

“He’s so cute. A little bit corny, but fun,” said Melody, describing him as smart, fit and a member of the JV crew team. They spent time on study dates, movies and walking in the park.

“I should have known what he had on his mind this one day, but it was nice out and I lost track of time. We were on a trail walk and it started getting dark. We stopped at this one place and kissed, and soon we were leaning on a picnic table and he had octopuses’ hands. They were all over me.”

Melody sighed at the description.

“I enjoyed his playing with my breasts but pushed him away when hands moved below,” said the girl. “He got the idea and kept to my breasts and the feeling were great. He convinced me to open my shirt and soon his hands unveiled by boobs and he began licking and sucking those babies. I was tingling all over.

“Somehow, he moved my hand down, and he’d released his cock. My hand ended up stroking him while he licked by tits. Stroking that dick, it didn’t take long until he started to groan and he shot all over my pants. I felt some of the sticky stuff, and that got me hotter. That night, in my dorm room after my roommate had fallen off to sleep, I brought myself off thinking of the night.”

Of course, I had to admit I’d been stroking at her describing her date, and that I’d come when she described her fingers working her slit.

She laughed and said she thought so, and we chuckled together before talking about upcoming plans and work and school and the like. At the end of the conversation she asked when I’d be in Philadelphia and whether I’d like to meet. With gusto, I said it would be easier in South Jersey, and could meet her along speed line somewhere. Like, say a motel!

I don’t know what had gotten into me, but it was out there. At first, I was worried she would Video porno be pissed. But when she said, “okay” and “can you get room near the speed line. That would be easy.”

I was shocked, to say the least, but said I’d work it out and we compared schedules and so forth. We had a plan! She insisted I get condoms, but to not expect to use them on her. Whatever that meant. I mean, who was I to argue with a precocious 20-year-old. There was a no-tell motel I mentioned, but she insisted on a real chain motel and we settled on a nearby brand motel.

I must have shook for an hour. I mean, my mind wandered. I was thinking of sex with the young honeypot, but then was thinking it was a set-up of some type. My mind was jumbled. What if she was a cop setting me up, but she said she was 20 although she looked younger. I made a mental note to look at her license. I mean, she was in college, at least that’s what she said. She much be “Old” for her young age.

We spoke a couple times after that and I was convinced she was of age. We agreed on the place, time and day of our no promises meeting, and I was hot thinking about the possibilities.

Arriving an hour before our appointed time, I showered again and tried to act normal, but this was not a normal situation. My trance was startled when there was a knock at the door. I simply said come in, it’s open, and in walked a superb specimen of young womanhood.

Melody wore a brightly colored top (blue) with a matching knee length skirt. A gold necklace and black pumps. She looked like a schoolgirl heading to a dance at the student union or maybe to meet her date at a restaurant. My date through!

We stared at each other, a few feet apart, before she asked, “Don’t I get a kiss?”

Approaching each other with open arms we hugged and we kissed for a couple seconds before she pulled away and asked, “How’s your day going?”


Breaking the short silence, I commented that she didn’t look underage or a police officer, and she replied she was a Russian agent if that was okay.

Damn, they start them young was the thought running through my mind. But soon we were talking all kinds of things across from each other seated at the hotel room table. As if we were long time friends. It was so very special, as we were continuing our phone conversation in the flesh.

She was so damn pretty. Maybe 5-1, 120 pounds, and, since you will wonderful, full breasts that I’d guess were in the 34C vicinity. She wore her hair collar length, brown, with bright red lipstick. A picture of perfection to my old eyes.

We spoke about her having a bit of a time crunch, in that she had a dorm curfew of 11 and could not stay longer, so way or no how. Even spies had bosses it seemed.

With one I on the clock I suggested we retire to the bed, where we could be a whole lot more comfortable. She agreed, flipping her shoes off, and we laid back arm in arm on the comforter. She told me of her date a couple nights before that ended before it started when the guy wanted to smoke some weed, something she detested. She ditched him at the earliest opportunity.

We then spoke about her classwork and parents for a bit before I sped things up a bit my working my hand across her arm to her breast, holding and fondling it for a minute before she’d said she’d be more comfortable if her top wasn’t encased by the blue blouse. Buttons came undone, and soon her light blue bra was featured on the cover of my own mind magazine. Sweet.

My hand trailed along the curves of her breasts, drawing a smile from Melody. “Do you like them?”

I said I surely did, but would like them a whole lot more uncovered. She didn’t complain, and I unsnapped the front clasp and unveiled the warm beauties. That led to my hand fondling the breasts and working the nipples, a feat that drew awes from her tiny mouth.

I remember thinking to myself I’d only known her in person for less than an hour and already I was playing with her tits like an old boyfriend. It was awesome, and I couldn’t help moving my midsection against her thigh. Damn it was hot. Soon, my mouth made its way to her left breast and I worshiped it with the attention it deserved.

Working slowly, because quite frankly I wasn’t sure when she might end the action, I nibbled, licked and sucked her breasts and listened to her increased longing moans. Whatever I was doing she enjoyed the attention, as did I.

She was enjoying the attention and I continued my mouth action while gently stroking her body. Working my way downward and began rubbing her legs starting with the knees then moving to her thigh. She felt amazing. The higher my hand went the more she moaned and when I neared her panties, I could feel the warmth emitted from between her legs. Damn.

Going to town on her breasts I rubbed slowly down below, drawing some ohs and ahs from her mount. She mumbled that it “felt good” and “don’t stop” as I worked my lips and my hand in a strategic way around the appropriate areas. Damn, I hadn’t felt this way in years, reminding myself of being the backseat of cars when a lot younger.

Couldn’t help thinking how sexy Melody was lying there, loving my ministrations. While she wasn’t experienced, she knew what she liked. She moved in tandem to my actions and sounds let me know she was enjoying herself.

Soon my fingers were playing with her pussy, slipping up and down and then inside her slimy hole. I was on cloud nine knowing the young girl was accepting my actions without regard to my difference in age. She was enjoying and that was the most important thing. Soon I knew it was time for the next step and I slithered around and buried my head between her thighs, licking her pussy and drawing noises and a few “yeses” from her mouth.

Working my way so that my nose was above her clit, I worked that thing as she moaned her way to a satisfying orgasm. Damn, she was soaking wet and shaking. After a bit she lifted her head up and smiled at me. “That was awesome,” she said. “Damn, the best ever.”

While I knew she was at an early point in her sexual experience, I still was honored. So much that I thought to myself it was time for a new challenge. Slipping completely around I maneuvered her on top of me so that I could work her pussy from below, while her head was on my covered penis. She got the idea and began playing with me as I once again worked her pussy.

My face was covered with her wetness, and it continued to be hot hearing her groan her way as she pumped against my mouth. She was fucking it slowly and I loved it. All of a sudden, she pushed down a little and her butt hole was there, and I started licking it. Quickly taking control of her I worked my tongue around her ass cheeks and then in and out of her butt hole while fingering her slit.

All of the attention drew more moans and groans and soon she could be heard saying she was “cumming again, you bastard, you’re making me cum again.” It was sensational hearing those words and my cock jumped in my pants.

After a couple of minutes, the girl moved off me, and we held each other close. She related how it was the most serious orgasm she’d had, and actually thanked me. Then she whispered, “I want to thank you more.”

Her hand slipped into my pants and soon they were down my legs and off. She knelt between my legs and began licking my cock. “Do you like this?”

Of course, I did, and she looked into my eyes and ovaled her mouth, sucking in my cock with experienced precision. Yes, she was just 20 but she had learned how to satisfy and I merely laid back and watched as she totally destroyed my dick. Bobbing her hear I moved to her actions and soon was rocking in tandem to her head bobbing.

I couldn’t help myself, I warned her and she moved my cock out of her mouth and rubbed against her face as I let out several volleys of hot man sauce coating her cheek. She looked adorable.

Now it was my turn to be exhausted, and we embraced and came down from our highs.

After a bit she said she was so happy she’s visited today. “This has been amazing. And I can’t believe your did what you did to me. I mean, the orgasms. The butt licking. Damn. I feel a story coming on.”

She talked, not about sex but about things in general. The world. Her parents. School. My work. Just things. All the while holding each other and luxuriating to our collective high. It was as if we were seasoned lovers as opposed to meeting for the first time. Probably because we’d spent so much time getting to know each other in recent months.

She did ask me where I got ideas for my sex stories, to which I said from experience and speaking with friends. She laughed and said I must be experienced and have horny friends as we laughed together.

As she visited the rest room, I thought of how exciting this had been, and wondered what was next. When she returned, we spoke a little, but she asked not to speak much about what happened, saying she didn’t want to ruin anything.

We talked a bit more before she had to run off, and I was near heartbroken when she didn’t return a couple calls. I stayed away from her for a couple days, worried I’d screwed things up, but soon we were speaking again online just like we had before our meeting.

Soon we were planning another rendezvous.

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