Megan & Justin

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Megan & JustinMegan looked at her brother longingly, then turned her head away.Why was she having the thoughts she was about her brother?Megan had recently graduated high school and was taking a year off before heading to UCLA, the same school her big brother Justin went to. Justin had come home for the summer to spend a little time with his younger sister, but somewhere along the line, things changed. It was a little sister/big brother thing. Something happened…The shower. It had to be the shower…A week after Justin got home, they had gone to the beach together with a few friends. Of course, being brother and sister, they split a hotel room. After a night of drinking, both returned to their hotel room, completely plastered. “Man, I need to sober up.” Justin had said. “I’ll never be able to drive home at this rate.”Let me jump in the shower first.” Megan said, a drunken slur in her voice. Megan couldn’t remember much, but she could remember what she said. “Or maybe we should just hop in the shower together.””Really?” Justin had asked. “Shoot, fuck it, whatever.”Megan remembered them taking off each other’s clothes before jumping in the shower together. And much to her dismay, she couldn’t remember a damn thing after that. All she knew was that even a month after the fact, there was something very different about her brother…*****Megan sat on the couch watching soap operas. She hadn’t gone out during the day much, since most of her nights were spent partying way too hard for her age. Of course, she hadn’t done much partying since after “the shower incident” which she still tried to the best of her ability to remember. It was frustrating, not being able to remember one very significant event. She heard the front door open and looked up to see her brother almost jump the whole flight of stares. “Justin!” Megan sprang up and jogged to the steps.Justin stopped mid-step. He couldn’t even look at Megan without thinking about what happened in the shower. “Yeah?” He asked, trying to sound annoyed, but it ended up sounding worried.”I was just wondering…what happened?” Megan asked. She didn’t have to state when.”Nothing.” Justin lied without turning to look at her. “Look, I’m kind of busy…””It’s just that I can’t remember much about that night.” Megan said, trying to start up a conversation, like she didn’t have a different motive. “Did we go out again?””No, Meg. We just…we just went to sleep.” Justin said, starting to walk upstairs again.”But I remember saying I wanted to take a shower.” Megan said, trying to think of the appropriate way to ask the question she had brewing in her head.”Yeah, so?” Justin said.”Well…I said we could take one together…” Megan’s voice trailed off.”Megan, nothing happened.” Justin turned and looked at her, and the second he did he regretted it. Even in plain old house close she looked hot. She was wearing a low-cut tanktop with no bra and a pair of sweatpants that hung loosely around her waist, showing her black thong underwear. “Look, I’m busy, we can talk later.” He said as he bolted up the stairs and slammed the door to his bedroom.Megan ran her hand through her short brown hair and sighed heavily. “Well, that went over like the Titanic…” She said to herself as she walked back into the living room.********Justin couldn’t compose himself. Seeing his sister had wrecked him. He knew what happened in that shower. He fumbled with his door in an attempt to lock it, then lay down on his bed, unzipped his pants and took out his rock hard 9 inch cock. He closed his eyes and started to remember the events of the night, replaying them in his head.”You know, big brother, maybe it’s just the alcohol…but your so fucking hot right now.” Megan had said as she walked over to him. Justin in his drunken state didn’t know how to react as Megan pressed her lips to his. His hands wandered across her body as he pulled her in closer and Megan’s tongue pushed through his lips and into his mouth. Justin groaned as he remembered the way his sister’s large, full, round and firm breast felt in his hands, how great her nice firm ass felt. ” I wanna do you in the shower.” She had whispered in the ear. “Please, fuck me in the shower, big brother.” She cooed.Justin merely nodded in his drunken state, the last of his consciousness buried deep within the shots he had taken. He unbutton her blouse while Megan tugged as his pants as they stumbled backwards into the small hotel bathroom. Justin practically tore Megan’s bra off as he hoisted her onto the sink. “Get undressed.” He said as he pulled off his shirt. He walked over to the shower and turned lara escort both faucets on full force. The shower was a little small, but he knew he would figure out. He turned around and saw his beautiful sister, stark naked, only a thin patch of light brown hair over her mound disrupting her amazing naked body. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Megan asked. Justin moved towards his sister, his hard erect 9 inch cock throbbing. Megan’s eyes twinkled as he got closer to her. “Are you gonna use that on little ol’ me?” She giggled.”Fuck yeah.” He said as he took off his blue boxers. Megan smiled and spread her legs, letting her brother get a good look at her pink pussy. Justin smiled as he lifted his sister up and took her into the shower. He pushed her against the wall in the path of the water and slowly started to enter her. Megan moaned in delight as he slowly started to pump in and out of her. Justin started stroking his cock harder, in-sync with his thrust in his memory. “Oh yeah…fuck me…fuck the shit out of me, fuck me so good…” Megan said as she started to enter a state of bliss. Justin could remember how tight she was, how they were completely lost in their drunken desires as he fucked her silly in the shower. Justin bit her right nipple, sending jolts of pleasure and pain through Megan’s body. “Oh fuck yes…fuck, keep going, fuck me!” Megan screamed as she started to climax.******Megan, meanwhile, was wondering what happened. She could tell Justin was keeping something from her. “I’ve got to know what’s going on.” She said as she decided to storm right upstairs and ask what was happening.******”FUCK ME!” He could hear Megan scream. Justin started to jack himself off even faster as his fantasy took off. “Yes, take me, take me Justin, please!” He remembered. Finally Justin could hold back no longer and he felt his own cum drizzle down his hands.”Oh my…” Megan said. Justin’s eyes flew open and he saw his sister standing there, watching him cum. “I’m so…””Shit, I thought I locked the door!” Justin stood up and looked for something to clean himself with.Memories started flowing back into her head. “Justin, we…””Look, we were drunk, okay?” Justin said as he covered himself.”We’re brother and sister!” Megan yelled. “We couldn’t…I can’t…we fucked! We had sex, we…I…” Megan was speechless.”Look, forget it ever happened.” Justin cock was starting to stir with life again, and he desperately needed her to get out. “It was a mistake, a big mistake.””I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.” Megan sat on his bed. Justin growled-at this rate he was never gonna get her out. “Megan, please, let me get dressed!” Justin yelled.”Justin…” Megan said, but Justin had turned around. Megan sighed and walked out of his room, slowly closing the door. Justin walked over and locked the door, the pressed his back against it. His dick was standing at attention once again, but he didn’t even think about jerking again.******Megan couldn’t get the thought of Justin jacking his huge cock off to her out of her head. She sat at the small dinner table across from her mother, with Justin at her right side. “So, what did you k**s do today?” Her mother asked.”Nothing, Monica.” Megan said as she took a bite of her homemade pizza. Tomato sauce dribbled down her chin and Justin had to turn his head. “We just sat around and did nothing today.””Really? I thought you would’ve gone out for some food or something?” Monica said.”We’re both tight on cash.” Megan said as she started to rub her legs together, remembering how Justin’s rock hard schlong felt in her tight hole. “Didn’t you come-I mean go somewhere?” Megan asked.”I went to the gym.” Justin said, keeping his head down. “Ma, could you pass the parmesan?” He asked.”Did you see anyone you knew?” Megan asked, her sexual fantasies of her brother getting more vivid. She was trying her best to maintain her composure, but seeing her brother with his cock in hand had invigorated her. She moved her foot and started rubbing Justin’s leg.Jake choked on a bite of pizza. He looked at Megan, who was acting wonderfully like nothing was happening. “Megan…I didn’t see anyone I knew.” He said, a stirring in his pants.”Too bad.” Monica said with a smile. “You know, Megan, it would be lucky if when you went away to college, you roomed with your brother.””Yeah, it would.” Megan’s foot crept up Justin’s leg and into his lap. “I would love to have my big brother bunk with me…””Meg…” Justin grunted. “…I mean, yeah…I guess that would be…lucky.” He said as she started to move her foot up and down, rubbing his jeans which in turn rubbed escort lara is throbbing manhood. “Stop…” He whispered, but Megan continued to do so, her panties become damp. Justin’s heart was thudding against he chest as he stood up. “I’ve got to go.” Justin said as he walked towards the door.”Where?” Megan asked.”Out. Don’t bother washing the dishes, I’ll do them when I get home, bye!” Justin said as he took he quickly pulled on his sneakers and bolted out the door. Megan smiled.”What was that all about?” Monica asked.”Who knows? Let’s just say things have been a little…intense for him the past few weeks.” She said.******Justin, as quietly as he could, crept into his house. He didn’t want to take the chance of Megan being awake. He could see the TV was on in the living room, so he tried to get past it as best he could. He turned to see that his mother and sister were watching something. Justin’s jaw dropped as he saw they were watching a very hardcore lesbian porno, like it was just another movie. The volume was down, but Justin could clearly see what was on the TV screen.”Mmmm…” He heard Megan moan. Justin stepped into the living room and crept around so he could see what was happening. Megan’s hand was down her sweatpants and he could it was moving furiously up and down. Meanwhile Monica’s panties were down around her ankles and she writhed around as she pumped a huge vibrator in and out of her cunt. Justin’s nine-inch cock stirred to life and started to strain against his jeans. As quietly as he could he unzipped then and unearthed it and slowly started to jack off.Megan’s hand came from the depths of her womanhood and she scooted towards her mother. She placed a gentle peck on Monica’s lips, then smeared her own juices all over her face. Monica’s tongue peeked out from her lips and started to lick her daughter’s hand. “You’ve always tasted so delicious.” She said as she pulled her daughter in for a passionate French kissed. Justin watched in total lustful abandon as they tongue fucked each other. Megan yanked her mother’s shirt off and let her beautiful c-cup breast fall out. With no hesitation Megan started to suck and nibble on her very erect nipples, moving from breast to breast. Monica’s hands caressed her daughter’s slender curves and found that firm ass, that ass that Justin longed to be behind.”You’re such a horny little slut.” Monica laughed. “Fucking your own mother so well.” She said as she pushed Megan further into her chest. “Trying to get your brother off at our dinner table, calling me Monica…you are such a little whore.” She growled.”But I’m the best whore there is.” Megan said as she pulled down her sweatpants, revealing her tiny string of a thong. “Now, do you want me to lick your pussy?””Mmm, you know I do.” Monica said as removed the vibrator from her depths. Justin craned his head to get a lucky at his mother’s cunt. There was a little brown tuff brown hair just above her dripping wet slit. Megan pulled of her shirt and let her breast bounce loose as she started to kiss and lick her way down her mother’s firm abdomen. Justin had to swallow a grunt as he watched Megan lay soft kisses on her mother’s inner thighs. She nibbled softly on those soft pussy lips, trying to coax her mother’s clit out of it’s hiding place. “Stop teasing me sweetheart, lick your mother’s pussy…” Monica moaned.Justin began to pump his cock harder as Megan’s tongue started to wreak havoc on her mother. Monica let out a throaty growl and she put her hands on her daughter’s head, spreading her legs wider to let her get more access. Megan licked from her clit, to her wet moist slit, to the crack of her ass and back. Monica’s breathing became labored as she bought a hand up to play with her breast. Justin couldn’t hold back any longer. With a loud grunt-too loud, in fact-he came, just as Monica hit her own climax. The two girls turned around to see Justin, caught with egg-or cum, in this case-on his hands. “Well, look what we have here.” Megan said with a smile, her face glistening with a mix of sweat and her mother’s juices. “Looks like my dear brother has no problem watching me eat my mother out, but when we screw, he’s all eyes.””I, uh…” Justin stood up, his cock half-flaccid. “You mean, you’ve done this before?””Since I was 18.” Megan said as she sat on Monica’s lap, who was still coming down from her orgasm. “Too bad, big brother. Our dear mother fucks like no one else.” Megan said as she licked her cheek. “For a woman damn near forty, she’s still get so wet and is so tight. That’s because she gave up men after our bastard father left.”What’s lara escort bayan going on?” Justin asked. “I mean, you don’t regret that night in the hotel room?””Why would I? You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. Well, besides Monica.” Megan looked at her brother’s now erect again cock, which was still dripping with him cum from the last orgasm he’d had. “Look at you, just oozing all the yummy cum on the floor.” Megan strutted over and pressed her body against Justin’s, his cock throbbing against her stomach, smearing his cum on her abs. “Did you like it when we fucked last time?” She asked as she planted kisses on his neck.”I loved it.” Justin said as he took a handful on that firm round ass. “But maybe we shouldn’t.””Just let go, Justin. Everyone has their dirty little fantasies. Some men think of fucking other men. So men think of fucking their teacher. And some men think about fucking their horny little sisters. Live a little. Fuck me silly again.” She said as she pulled his shirt off, revealing his defined and toned body. “Mmm, you’re chiseled out of rock.””We shouldn’t…” Justin whispered, but he knew his attempt was in vain. Megan pulled off his jeans and boxers in one tugged, then kissed him deeply. Justin pulled Megan closer to him, tongue’s dancing against each other and probing each others mouths and throats. “I need to clean you up.” Megan said as she got to her knees and started to jack him off. “So long, so thick. It’s perfect, even for my tight little pussy.” She said as she lapped away some of his come. Justin placed one hand on her head as she began to put the head into her mouth. His other hand was snatched by his mother. “You didn’t think you’d do this without me, did you?” She saw a smile as she moved his hand to her round breast. “Who has the better feeling tits, honey?” She said as she put his fingers in her mouth. “Do you like my tits are hers?””It’s hard to tell…” Justin said with a smile. Monica moved her son’s hand down towards her mound.”What about my pussy? Is it tighter than Megan’s?” She asked as she rubbed it across her soaking wet slit.”I need to get in it to see.” Justin grunted and looked back down at Megan, whose head was now bobbing up and down. as she took his cock all the way to the depths of her throat and out again with a smack. Her right hand pumped his cock and her left played with his balls. “Do you like that…do you like it when I jack you off?” She asked, licking the precum that coated her hands before plunging his cock all the way back to her throat.Justin let out a throaty yell. He curled two fingers into her mother’s pussy and started thrusting in and out. Monica giggled in delight as he used his thumb to rub her clit. “Oh…you fuck your mom so good…you fuck me so good, baby.” She said, already feeling her climax reaching it’s peak. Justin tried to continue, but Monica moved off his finger. “You need to come, sweetheart.” She said to Megan. “Let me finish him off.””Okay, mom.” She said as she placed her foot up on a chair. Justin used his right hand this time and shoved three fingers fiercely into Megan’s cunt as Monica took his shlong even further down her throat, to the point he was almost sucking on his balls.”Mmm, fuck…” Justin groaned. He felt Megan’s walls close around his fingers as she let out a cry. That sent Justin over the edge. Monica felt his cum hit the back of her throat, and it didn’t stop. Monica opened her mouth wide as he just came and came. His fluid dribbled down her chin and onto her chest. Megan quickly recovered from her and began to lap his cum from Monica’s chin. “I want him to fuck you.” Monica said before deeply kissing her daughter. Justin grabbed Megan by the waist and pulled her back towards the couch. He lay her down and the plunged his 9 inch cock into her depths. Megan screamed as their thighs slapped together. Monica ran her hand across her slit as she watched her two c***dren fuck. It was such a naughty little turn on, enjoying them having sex. In very little time she climaxed with the both of them.Justin removed himself from Megan as she sat in complete ecstasy, then Monica grabbed his still hard cock. “It’s my turn, sweetheart.” She said as she bent over on all fours. Justin smiled as he realized what she wanted him to do. Her asshole was already glistening from her own juices. In one thrust he had impaled her, causing her to scream in a mixture of pain and intense pleasure. “Fuck me, fuck my ass!” She screamed. Justin started to thrust in and out of her tight asshole faster and faster. Monica cried out as he next orgasm hit, stronger than all her others. Justin came soon after with a shout, his cum dripping down her legs.The three of them fell in a heap, completely exhausted from the sexual orgy. The three of them kissed each other gently and continued to rub each othe

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