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It was the summer of my 21st birthday and my mother was finally allowing me to go to L.A. And I was so fucking excited. Not just because I was going to L.A. but because I was finally going to meet the guy I’d been chatting with for over 5 years, Johnny. We had chatted on a chat room every day, it had been so fun. We had roll played so many fantasies it was incredible plus he’d told me about his friends. But what I was really excited about was his cock.

17 inches!! And yes I know, that is almost impossible and highly improbable, but for my birthdays since my 18th he has video chatted with me, and I’ve seen it in all its glory. Jeez I was getting wet just thinking of it. He was picking me up at the airport today and as I walked out of the terminal in my short skirt, which he had asked me to wear, and my slightly see through shirt, I couldn’t help the way my heart was racing.

Finally I was gonna meet my daddy. Damn it my thong was getting soaked. As i walked by another man I felt him stare at my long legs and round ass. But I knew it was also my skin tone that had the drool pooling in his mouth. My milk chocolate complexion commanded a lot more attention than I expected here. I wasn’t used to the attention since I was from the caribbean and there are so many black people that I wasn’t really considered special.

But the black man I was going to meet, he was. I neared the waiting area and fixed my clothes again, wanting to look as good as possible… even though I knew I looked damn good. I had always been a daddy’s girl I suppose, always wanting to impress and please him. I entered the area where passengers greeted and said good bye to their loved ones, but I was searching for one handsome black man among the sea of moving bodies.

“Amy?” A deep voice said from behind me and I could not hold back the shiver that ran down my spine as I heard him.

I turned to face him, looking up at the man who made my pussy drip with need and whispered “hey daddy,”

He looked at me for a while as if drinking in my appearance. He stared for so long I thought he didn’t like my outfit and just as I started shifting from foot to foot self consciously he grabbed my face and pulled me up to kiss him. It was so quick I stiffened for a second, then I wrapped my arms around his neck as I had imagined so many times and kissed him back. At first it was hesitant as both of us were trying to feel the other out, then he took charge deepening the kiss and sticking his tongue down my throat and I had to hold back the throaty moan of pure pleasure before I drew attention towards Sinop Escort us. This man was going to control my body for my stay and he was starting right now.


In the car a half hour after our meeting my pussy was soaked and my lips still burned from his kiss. I wasn’t sure I’d make it through my two month stay with him, my heart and body might give out from the exertion. I just hoped my pussy was ready for him.

Since we had started planning this trip a year and a half ago I had been training my cunt to be able to handle him. we had become residents at our local sex store, and had bought every dildo, virbrator and butt plug increasing in length and girth to as close as I could get to his cock’s size.

And now i was ready to test how much my throat could handle. I reached over as he drove from LAX and rubbed his right thigh, he glanced down at my hand and smiled. I felt his cock twitch through his jeans and my juices gushed out of my pussy. I undid his jeans but right when I was about to see it for the first time he pushed my hand away. I pouted up at him but he just said, “when we get home,”

So I just put my legs on the dashboard and watched L.A. blur past.


At some point during the drive I’d apparently fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew we were in front of a three story house and Johnny was shaking my shoulder. He got out of the car and retrieved my bag and headed inside, I was close behind him. As we get inside I do a quick sweep of the house. Simple, modern, regular. But pretty soon every room would have cum dripping inside of it.

“Amy,” He called me out of my thoughts. I turned to my daddy and walked up to him; he pulled me into his arms and kissed me harder than in the airport. This kiss was filled with need, lust, power and desire. I moaned and held his head to keep him in place. I bit his bottom lip and sucked it.

Then he started taking off my clothes, first my blouse while I pulled off his shirt, then he took off my skirt. I looked at his face while my fingers undid his belt and button; I bit my lip as i pulled down his zipper, and I groaned as I felt his cock for the first time.

For a while I just stood there holding his cock and trying to stop the drool from leaving my mouth. Slowly I got to my knees and free the beast this man had hid from me… And I licked it, slowly at first, then gaining confidence I sucked the head and then I started bobbing my head. And with every stroke I got further, taking him Sinop Escort Bayan deeper into my throat. I pushed the barrier and got him into my throat, then as if he couldn’t take anymore he held my head and pushed his cock all the way into my throat and stayed there a while. I reached up and played with his balls and he moaned and started to fuck my throat. He didn’t ease into it, he just started and for at least five minutes he pleasured himself with my mouth before pulling out and pulling me to my feet.

Then he kissed me again and I could do nothing but enjoy the sensations flooding my body. He lifted me into his arms and started to to walk up the stair. I kissed his neck and chest as he walked, when we reached in his room he threw me onto his bed and spread my legs. He kissed my clit and then licked it slowly. He licked it over and over slowly but hard, then he licked faster and sucked my clit into his hot mouth and I almost came right there. My daddy then stuck two of his big fingers into my pussy and moved them, he groaned at how hot and tight I was. All this time his other hand held down my hips since I was writhing beneath him. I had been moaning like a whore all the time but when he stuck his tongue into my cunt I held onto his head pulling him deeper and screamed, “Shit yes daddy tongue fuck your slut!!” And he did just that, going harder and faster and deeper with his tongue, wiggling it around and plunging it into my pussy. It didn’t take two minutes of this for me to dig my nails into his shoulders and sit straight up before my body started to spasm with my orgasm and it was a huge one. It rolled through me again and again and I screamed his name and begged him not to stop. He didn’t, he just held his tongue in my spasming pussy and drank my juices.

I finally collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily. Johnny leaned over me and started to kiss me. His mouth and chin were soaked but I enjoyed my taste. Daddy spread my legs and looked at me, “Are you ready?” he asked me. I bit my lip and nodded. He then started to push his cock into my tight little cunt. Slowly inch by inch he pushed it in, and I just lied there trying not to tense myself and make it painful, because right now it was the best feeling in the world. Daddy had already reached half way and I was moaning like crazy.

His jaw clenched as he pushed slowly into me. My small body trembled under him and when he reached my 14 inch limit he looked at me and slowly started sliding himself in and out of my tight pussy, groaning at the feel of it. He did this for about ten Escort Sinop minutes before I wrapped my long slender legs around his narrow hips and tried to urge him on to fuck me like he always said he would. Johnny looked down at me, “Amy do you think you’re ready baby?” I just bit my lip and nodded. He smiled at me and gave me a hard thrust that made my eyes widen and my mouth form an ‘O’. From there the fucking really started.

My daddy shoved my legs higher with his arms and spread them wider and he kept giving me hard sure thrusts that made my 34 B cup tits jump and my teeth clatter. Then he increased his pace and pretty soon was pounding me. He was going crazy, his hips pistoning into my tight young pussy, his arms straight, muscles tense as he went deeper. All I could do was dig my nails into his back, arms… anywhere I could reach really, and moan for more. “Shit daddy yes!! Fuck me harder, fuck your slut’s pussy!!” I screamed and he pulled out and put me into doggie style, my favourite position, and slid right back into me.

“Shit baby your pussy is so tight,” he groaned as he drove his snake into me harder and faster. All I could do is moan in response as he destroyed my pussy and I couldn’t be happier.

“Shit I’m close daddy,” I moaned.

His response: Smack my ass hard, which made me moan, and say, “that’s right my little slut, cum all over your daddy’s massive cock.” And that was all it took, I screamed as I started to cum, and the most amazing thing happened, I started to squirt to. I’d never been much of a squirter, once or twice sure, but never the first time with a new man. But then he had said he would make me so I guess he was true to his word.

Daddy just laughed when it started and smacked my ass harder, “That’s it baby squirt for daddy,” I did, I squirted for about three minutes before I finally calmed down. I was going to collapse onto his bed but he held me up by my hip and shoulder and he kept driving his cock into me even harder and faster, now focussed only on getting himself off.

With each thrust there was an “ah” escaping my throat, and after five minutes of this hard fucking he groaned loudly. “Shit Amy daddy is going to cum in your tight pussy.”

I moaned, “Yes daddy cum in my pussy, fill up your slut.” Not that he really cared what I said right now, he went inside me and stayed there, and I felt his cock expand with his first stream. I felt each spurt of his seed and it went on for close to five minutes. I moaned with each stream as he filled me up. And only when he was finished did he let me fall onto the bed. I felt him get behind me and pull me closer, but I was already half asleep and didn’t give a fuck what he did right now. He held onto my left tit and I glanced at the clock to see that it was only 6:30 before drifting into a deep dark sleep, and by far the best one I’d ever had.

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