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meeting an older manI am a very horny guy always looking for opportunities for fun and interesting encounters with all kinds of people. i love females they are so sexy and beautiful with gorgeous bodies that turn me on so very much. but recently i found another side to me which i have enjoyed experimenting with. I am a young looking 40s guy with a good body muscly smooth and well endowed. any way i have joined sex dating sites before and had some memorable times from them. but this time my high sex drive and thrill seeking lead me to look at gay mens profiles. well didn’t realise that this got me just as hard as fun with girls.i wrote a profile and put it online to see what interest i got. after a week or so i had got plenty of responses but one in particular stood out. it was from an older man in his 60s looking for submissive younger guys in the 20s to 40s bracket to meet and enjoy some old man taking advantage of a young man kind of fun. he told me if i met with hime he would be telling me what to do and calling the shots, i had to accept his commands and enjoy the pleasures of the attentions of an older man.Well when reading this a tingle spasmed right through my cock, this was something new and different. i excitedly sent a message back saying i was interested, after a few massage between us we agreed to meet. i was nervously excited as this was all new to me, but still a little bit of me was thinking what the hell are you doing???on the day of the meet we had agreed to meet at a car park to check each other out and see if we liked what we saw. he wasn’t far away about 20 mins drive so i dressed sparsely tracky bottoms, zip up hoody and trainers and set off. i was very nervous but also excited, i thought to myself i can turn back any time if i don’t want to go through with it. as i got nearer to the car park i thought well am here now lets just meet and see what happens. i drove up to the quiet end of the car park and saw his car alone in the corner. i parked along side his car and nodded to acknowledge it was me he nodded back, so i got out and climbed into his car.I said Hi nice to meet you and he the same. he asked if the drive up was ok and if i found here ok. things were a bit tense as we weren’t sure what to say to each other, but we tried to reassure that things were ok. he told me he knew another car park which was more quieter and secluded if i fancied going ? he said we can chat more there if i wanted. i knew what he meant. i got back in the car and followed him out of the car park and onto the main road out of town. only a few mins and we were in the country, we drove for about 15mins and followed him down some country lanes until we pulled into a single track road about a mile down there was a gate leading into a small car park behind some trees. i think it was a ramblers car park as paths leading off into the woods. it only had enough spaces for about 5 cars. güvenilir bahis siteleri we parked up and I got out and into his car again.he told me he was glad i came with him as he thought i might of driven off. i said i wouldn’t of done that. he smiled and said great because i think your a really good looking guy. i smiled and said glad you think so. he said do you meet guys often ? and i said no, he said but you thought you’d meet me? i said yes, and that i liked what you had said in your messages to me. he smiled a lusty smile and said right thats good, so you’d like a older man telling you what to do would you? yes i think i might. good he replied, and now your here your going to have to please me is that ok? yes i smiled. he put his hand on my knee and gave it a gentle squeeze, i murmured in response to his touch, goodboy he said just relax we won’t get disturbed here. now give me a kiss sexy! i looked at him and leaned towards him closing my eyes as our lips met. he enthusiastically kissed me all over my mouth and then forced his tongue in my mouth seeking out mine. we entwined our tongues and as he breathed heavy short gasps as we snogged. he withdrew and looked at me saying mmm your a good kisser and a nice little hot mouth you have mm. his hand slid up my thigh and moved across my tummy and pushed it up under my hoody. i could feel his sweaty hand on my skin caressing my stomach. i felt a tingle and the nerve endings on my skin were electric as he touched me. it was a new sensation i was feeling and one that was making me shiver with excitement inside. undo your top he commands! i jump to his word and slowly unzip my hoody until it reached the bottom. it falls open and my bare chest comes into view. his hand slides up my torso and over my pecs cupping them in his hand and rubbing his finger across my nipple, i gasp a short sigh as it tightens to a hard button. mmmm nice chest nice pecs you work out don’t you. and continued to tease my nipples making me sigh more for him. good boy thats it you like that don’t you hey? like it was and understatement it was sending tingles through me that I’ve never experienced. it wasn’t long before his hand dropped to my waistband and then over my crotch. this was the moment! you going to show me what you have in there then lad? he say i smile and nod, take them down nice and slowly he adds.this was it i was showing my cock to another man for his and my own pleasure. it was a tingling sensation that was buzzing inside me and still shivering with excitement as my pants slid down over my hips, bottom and then my thighs.i was exposed to him and my heart was racing, as he smiled and eyes lit up. ooo lovely thats a gorgeous cock, and as he’s ran a finger down the rubbery skin it immediately started to firm up and lift. thats it boy now get those pants off now. i didn’t let him say it again my heart still pounding at being mobilbahis told what to do and as i dropped them over my knees and my ankles kicked off my trainers and pants in one go and sat back to let him admire my nakedness. he took my right leg and pulled it over his left knee opening my legs, and started stroking my naked thigh. oh god thats sexy he adds your hot and i’m going to show you what its like to feel a man working that lovely cock,, and at that his hand slid up my leg and took hold of it and squeezed it tight. i let out a moan of delight as he started stroking me. it wasn’t long before i was solid in his grip, my cock was as hard as it could be as he manhandled it, playing, wanking, exporing it all over. his attention to it was amazing i was throbbing and soon showing signs of my arousel as pre-cum started to ooze out of me, he wiped all over the tip of my cock and said good boy thats what i want to see, your cock getting all nice and wet as i wank you! he leaned over and started to kiss me again, his salva mixed with mine as he roughly snogged me flicking his tongue around mine and wanking me hard so i was moaning as well. it wasn’t long before i was close to the edge, i was panting for breath as his hand worked my cock so well, slowing down speeding up squeezing it tight and feathering to a light touch, my cock was on fire and i was ready to unload. he knew where he had me and slowed down to a stop to let me regain my breath and composure. i think your ready he says,,, he sits back in his seat and unzips himself reaches in and pulls out and hard sweaty knob and starts to wank it. he looks at me in my almost naked state and wanks saying ohh your gorgeous so sexy, stroking my thigh and wanking his cock he then takes my hand and says you do it! and places it on his cock. i start wanking him he groans and moans and close his eyes as i keep a steady rhythm. outside the car the wind is blowing and the trees are swaying and spots of rain appear on the windscreen, but inside the car its hot and the smell of sex and the aroma of cock fills the air. he opens his eyes looks at me and then says put it in your mouth then smiles, i hesitate for a moment then he says go on try it! see what its like to take a man in your mouth, taste his cock!! i see that i must and lean over his lap. the smell of cock fills my nostrils and i open my mouth and feel it slip in and close my lips around it, slowly i bob up and down on him licking my tongue all around it and the slit where i can feel his pre-cum oozing out, its silky than the rest of my mouths juices. oh god oh god thats it thats lovely don’t stop and then puts his hand on my head slightly pushing me onto him then saying ooo take it take it now and jolts in his seat as a hot jet of cum shoots all over my tongue. his hand is firmly pressed on my head as another shoots into my mouth then another. my mouth is filling mobilbahis giriş up with his cum and his cock, some seeps out down his shaft as i keep licking the cum all round his cock. then he pulls my head off him as he has reached the point where his cock will be too sensitive to touch and sits there still as he gasps for breath. i lean back my lips sticky with his cum. he reaches over with his left hand and slides it down my tummy until he reaches my cock and takes it in his hand and shakes it as he rubs me, ohh that wasgorgeous he says wow, now let me show you what it feels like.he has my cock nice and hard again and is wanking me nice and slow, squeezing my balls with his right hand at the same time. it feels really good.. his hands work together in harmony as he works my cock into a state of ecstasy. i start to grab hold of the door handle and the seat as it intensifies. he sees how turned on i am and says to me, mmm like that don’t you? only a man can make you feel this turned on! and this what you wanted wasn’t it? an older man to play with this lovely cock of yours, getting it nice and hard and wet mmmm you going to cum for daddy? you going to show me all that lovely hot spunk you have in those tight little balls hmmhe wanks me hard and i moan and groan and gasp for breath,, thats it boy come on ! he commands i tense and jerk and give out a cry as an eruption begings at the base my cock, it tightens and he knows whats about to happen,, good boy thats it empty those balls for me ! and at that i shout out as a hot stream of spunk burns through my cock and pisses all over my tummy, then more another long stream splashing all over me. i am frozen in my seat as he is still wanking me and still commanding more. yes yes lovely don’t stop your so sexy when you cum let it out good boy! daddy likes it mmmm daddy want more !!! i manage a couple more spurts until i have spent my last, yet he still wanks me as i reach that sensitive stage where a i can’t bare my cock touched. come on like it like that dirty boy! i am jerking and dancing in my seat as he won’t let go making me squirm in his hand, my cock is on fire and electric to his fingers running along my shaft making it twitch uncontrollably. and then i begin to soften, i slowly get back my breath and sitting there i am on an almost incredible high, looking down to see my cum drenched chest and slimy cock still in his fingers as he rubs my spunk all over it. i look at him and he smiles, i think you enjoyed that didn’t you? it was lovely to see your hot cum spraying your chest and it trickling down so horny, he said. and look at you now mmmm as he continues to drive his hand across my wet slimy skin wiping my cum all over me. i lie back and just enjoy those last few moments as it all starts to come back to normal again.i dress and we chat a little before bidding farewell, and he drives off leaving me alone in the carpark. my clothes are sticking to my skin and my cock is shrivelled and spunky but i am completely satisfied. one of the best orgasms i have ever had. and not my last encounter with older men either, after that I’ve been back for more and met some very interesting gentlemen……….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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