Meeting Again – For Love!

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Story two, our second meeting

After our amazing first meeting in the pub, images of Debbie monopolised my mind, I wanted to see her again but wondered how she would react to me, Still, she had given me her mobile phone number so a couple of days after our first meeting I called her.

“Hi Debbie,” I said when she answered, “Its Jeff, are you OK to talk?”

“Hello Jeff, Yes, I am on my own,” she said, “Its good to hear from you.”

“I can’t get you out of my mind after the other day,” I said, “I want to see you again.”

“I would like to see you too Jeff,” said Debbie, “It would be best if it could be during the day though.”

“That will suit me very well,” I said, “I go to the Gym some Wednesdays when I can, will you come with me tomorrow?”

“MMM Yes” she said, “I can make tomorrow, and I could probably do with some exercise,” she ended with a laugh.

“I will make sure you get plenty of that, But from what I recall from the other day you are in pretty good shape now,” I said with a laugh.

I made arrangements to pick her up and put the phone down, thrilled that she had said yes.

The next morning I met Debbie at our prearranged meeting point and she climbed into my car.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hello,” Debbie replied with a big smile.

We were both a little nervous, we didn’t have much to say. Even though we had been so intimate only a few days before we were still very much like strangers with each other. To break the ice I started to talk about the exercises we could do which got us talking.

It was just a short drive to the gym and after parking the car, I turned to Debbie and put my arms around her to kiss her. She kissed me back eagerly and I was reminded of how delicious her kisses are. My dick remembered too because he started to rise. I wanted to touch and caress her breasts rising from her top beside me, but right now was not the place.

“Come on Debs, Lets go in,” I said, and she laughed at me because she knew she was turning me on.

We went inside and I registered Debbie as my guest. I explained to her that this club was liberal in its attitude and allowed mixed Saunas, Jacuzzi and showers, only as bostancı escort long as other members did not object, but changing rooms were strictly same sex only. I directed her to the ladies area, and I went into the men’s.

I quickly changed into my shorts and Tshirt, my usual attire here and I went out to wait for Debbie.

My eyes popped out of my head when she sauntered out to me, she wore a super black leotard that so emphasised her curves. my eyes swept over her body, her rounded breasts and soft nipples pushed against the fabric. It even dipped into her belly button and I could sense the shape of her pussy nestling in the vee between her elegant shapely legs.

The way I was ogling her body amused her,

“Come on lets exercise,” Debbie said, “And you had better do something with him,” pointing to my front where once more my cock was embarrassing me by making my shorts stand out at right angles. I held him down with one hand and taking her hand with the other we ran into the apparatus room.

It was very early and the place was deserted so we had our choice of exercises to perform, for the next 45 minutes, we ran, walked, and cycled, We lifted weights and vaulted the horse until we were spent.

“Shall we go into the jacuzzi to cool off?” I asked Debbie.

“Mmm yes,” She agreed, and climbing in we sat amongst the bubbles. We splashed around a bit and both enjoyed the experience of sitting over the inlets, that made us giggle.

“Is the sauna on?” She asked me.

“Oh yes it is bound to be,” I replied, “Do you want to go in there?”

“Yes please, Its been ages since I had a sauna,” she said.

We opened the door and went inside, it was warm but not yet up to full heat.

Still standing, I pulled her to me, and we kissed ravenously, I held her tightly to my body my passion rising, My cock wasn’t far behind, once again he began to thicken up, only this time she encouraged him by stroking him,then by slipping her hand down the front of my shorts and fondling him.

Debbie lifted her hand out and pulled my shorts right down, she fell to her knees in front of büyükçekmece escort me and cupped my balls in one hand and gripped my cock with the other.

I stood over her and she guided my cock to her mouth, I eased forward and pushed much of my Dick to the back of her throat. I could feel her teeth nipping my shaft, I was so hard now.

Debbie’s loose hand felt round my bum and played outside my arse hole, I moved backward and forwards nearly pulling out of her mouth then plunging back in, I could hear her sucking noisily on my knob, and I felt my balls begin to tingle, her head bobbed up and down as she sucked me, I stroked her hair and closed my eyes.

I tried to hold my ejaculation back but it burst from the end of my cock and splattered into Debbie’s open mouth,

“Aaaaaaaaagggghhhh!” I cried as my sperm squirted over her tongue and slipped to the back of her throat, what she couldn’t swallow dribbled out of her lips.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and fell to my knees beside her, I held her tight and we kissed aggressively, I could taste my own cum on her lips.

“Oh Debs that was wonderful,” I whispered. and I felt her arms squeeze me in response.

We were beginning to sweat now as the heat built up. We got to our feet and I peeled Debbie’s leotard from her body, I looked at her admiringly, It was the first time I had seen her totally naked, I looked at her breasts round and soft and more than a handful, her large erect nipples jutting from them, The way her hips flaired out and at the bottom of her stomach, her lovely female sex. I ran my finger down her slit, and stroked the soft hairs of her plump pussy lips.

“Lets get up on the bench,” I said, tearing off my only remaining garment, my tshirt, and left our towels and clothes on the sauna floor.

I helped her to climb up on to the bench, aiding her by pushing on her bottom and letting my finger slip into her pussy hole.

We sat on the top bench completely naked for about fifteen minutes, until it was becoming too hot to move, sweat ran off our bodies and I watched one driblet as it began life under her çekmeköy escort chin, ran down between her breasts and past her middle until it disappeared into her belly button, we smiled and kissed.

I had just said, ” We had better go for a shower,” when the door opened and another couple came in.

I recognised the man as Mike the manager of the gym, but I didn’t know the woman. They had towels around them, we were naked and our towels were on the sauna floor,

“Hello Jeff,” said Mike, surprised at seeing me, “We don’t usually get any one in here at this time,”

“No,” I replied, “we were very early.”

I helped Debbie down and we stood in front of them still naked,

” Well hello,” said Mike, with a smirk on his face, while shaking Debbie’s hand, “Jeff has kept you well hidden,”

“We only met recently,” she said defensively,

“Oh yes?” he said,raising his eyebrows questioningly as though he only half believed us.

He then introduced his companion, “This is my friend Jane.” She was smiling as she held your hand.

“You have a lovely body!” she told Debbie, and Debbie blushed.

“Thank you” she murmured, but did not let her eyes drop from Jane’s face,

I picked up our towels and I handed Debbie one.

“We should have a drink together Jeff,” suggested Mike, “Give me a ring,”

“OK, we would like that,” I said as I accepted for both of us, I held Debbie’s hand and we walked out to the showers, knowing that they were watching our naked bottoms.

I turned the shower water on and Debbie and I stood under the spray together. I pressed my body to hers and kissed her.

I said, “Will you come back to my place afterwards, I want to make wild passionate love to you.”

“Do you, I hope your actions can live up to your words,” She grinned.

“Oh I can promise you they will,” I said and I sucked on her neck.

The hot water poured over us and our naked bodies pressed together, my hands roamed all over Debbie’s silky body.I sucked on her nipples and and my hands clutched her bum cheeks.

Debbie stroked my rock hard cock and placed it between her legs so that it fitted into the groove of her cunt, but not inside her, I could so easily have fucked her there and then, but I wanted to take her body to my bed, there I could possess her body entirely.

Against all of my instincts and much to Debbie’s disgust, I turned the shower water off.

“No no Jeff!” Debbie complained, “Fuck me now, Pleeese!”

“Later darling,” I said firmly, “Lets go to my bed.”

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