Meeting a French Lady from Xhamster

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Meeting a French Lady from XhamsterWe had been chatting for a couple of weeks until she said she felt happy to meet me. She was in the UK on a business trip and would be able to book a hotel close to me in the West Midlands.I was looking forward to meeting her as she had sent me pictures of her sexy little body, she was only 1m49 she told me which is around 4ft 10 in our language, me being 6ft 2 and very heavy set I looked forward to having such a delicate little lady to use as my plaything for a while.She arrived in the UK from France and sent me a text letting me know her room number and time she would be ready for me. She had been given strict instructions on what to wear, what position to adopt once she had let me into the room and what to say and do once I was there.She opened the door to me wearing her sexy french maid’s outfit, she then walked into the middle of the room, bent over and lifted her maid’s outfit to let me see her sexy naked ass encircled in the stockings and suspenders she had been instructed to wear. She opened her legs wider as she leant forward making sure I could see her delicate little lips open up for my viewing pleasure.I heard voices and looked down the hall, there were three young business type gents walking towards me laughing and talking about their conference being crap. I stood with the door open and leaned out into the hallway as they walked towards me. I looked at them and smiled, they could have been no more than early ’20s and were so uptight about wearing a suit and acting like they were professional businessmen. I just had to see their reaction to my french fancy bent over exposing her sexy ass and pussy for their viewing bahis siteleri pleasure.As they got closer they noticed me standing there with my finger on my lips asking them to be quiet. They slowed down and walked towards me looking into my face to try to understand what was going on. I pointed into the room and asked them if they liked what they saw. They all stood there for a couple of minutes just looking at the sexy little ass and pussy on display for them.I then pointed to the room and ushered them inside, I walked over to my french fancy and started to spank and caress her ass, then instructed the guys to strip for me. I am not sure if there is a world record for three men stripping the fastest, but let me tell you they would probably hold it if there was. I soon had three very hard very horny young men stood in front of me looking at my fingers working their way into the ass and pussy of a woman they didn’t know bent over dressed in a french maids outfit waiting for them to have their way with her.I stepped to the side and said she is all yours guys, do as you will with her. She was lifted stripped of her top and then moved over to the hotel bed. The first lad dropped onto the bed and his friends lowered her onto his cock, the next lad knelt behind her and forced his cock deep into her ass, then the third one jumped on the bed, squeezed his body between the wall and her head then shoved his cock down her throat.I walked over and sat in a chair by the window, looking out at the night sky, seeing all the people running around down below while the reflection of these three young men fucking my french fancy rolled across the window as if I was watching canlı bahis siteleri the tele.It was amazing watching her allow these three strangers to fuck and use her body for their pleasure. I noticed how she really seemed to like the attention of three men all at once. They all fucked her in the ass, mouth and pussy, the cum was leaking out of her from every hole as the lads all shook my hand and thanked me for making their night.Once they had left I picker her little body up and carried her into the bathroom. I turned the shower on and lowered her under it as the warmth came through. I then stripped off and joined her in the shower, we held each other for a while until she said she was shocked that I treated her as a slut. I said I was just sharing her with young men who would never forget her for as long as they lived.She then dropped to her knees and sucked my cock saying she would thank me for making her night special. I lifted her up and said you need to get ready my dear we are going out dancing. An hour later we were walking into one of the rooms in the hotel where a DJ was playing the typical wedding after-party type music. We just walked in and acted like we were part of the family. We danced for a while then I could see a couple of young lads who looked like they needed to unload.I instructed my french fancy that she needed to go over and ask them to dance, she was then instructed to dirty dance with them allowing them to touch and grope her body as much as they liked, once I then gave her the signal she was to invite them back to her room and let them fuck her while I watched.I sat there watching as she danced with one then the other, canlı bahis you could see them allowing their hands to slide down and caress her bottom first, then they got brave and groped her ass and tried to kiss her, she looked over at me. I gave the signal for her to kiss them, soon they were both kissing and groping her like there was no one else in the room. It didn’t take long for her to look over letting me know she wanted to go back to the room and fuck these two young men.She whispered into their ears telling them the room number then she walked away after instructing them to wait a couple of minutes before they followed her. The look on their face as I opened the door and called them into the hotel room, but as soon as they saw her on the bed dressed in her red basque their cocks took over and they were soon naked and walking towards her on the bed.She knelt there and allowed them to flick her body over and pull her tits out and suck them, you could tell they were probably virgins as they groped and squeezed her body in a slightly rough and none sensual manner, but she seemed to like the roughness to their sex session, they soon had her back in doggy style and one entered her as the other fucked her mouth. It was almost like an instant moment but they both climaxed and filled her with their cum within seconds of entering her body. I sat there smiling and feeling a little smug knowing they had no staying power.But they then shocked me as their cocks stayed hard and they changed over and fucked her in the opposite positions she must have been shocked too, as she looked over at me with almost a pleading look on her face as they slammed into her like crazed men with a mission to cum. I then woke from my dream and realised it was all in my head, and I was sat on my recliner with my laptop on my lap with several friends now not there to chat with me as I must have fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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