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Shelly learns about sex from her mother and practices with a friend.


This is a story of a mother teaching her daughter about recreational sex which grows to encompass other women. I struggled: Is it incest or girl-girl sex? I decided the former because it begins with mother/daughter sex.


Marge was a single parent. Her husband had been killed in Iraq. Her daughter, Shelly, had recently turned 18. On her birthday Marge agreed to give her more latitude. Shelly could stay out until midnight on dates.

After her husband’s death Marge continued to live in a military community where she found understanding and support. There were several other single parents, mothers, living there who had also lost their husbands in a military action. Marge had graduated university with a degree in Information Technology. She subsequently obtained an advanced degree in Information Sciences while Shelly was a baby. She now consulted with companies that “mined data” from operational databases. Much of the work she did was from home. She had sufficient income to pursue a secure life style. Marge was a conscientious and caring mother. She was always “there” for Shelly. They enjoyed a close and open relationship.

Shelly was a nice person, a good daughter and had “her head screwed on right”. Her parents raised her to be independent and self sufficient and to strive to be all that she could. She was liked by others and had no difficulty fitting in as she moved from base to base as her father was reassigned during his military career. Her mother allowed her to begin dating when she was 16 with a 10 pm curfew. Now at 18 she was looking forward to being able to stay out later. She knew about the “birds and the bees”, how babies were created, the correct anatomical names for the key “parts” and how they all worked. She also knew the names that her friends used.

Marge had decided to retire early that Saturday night. Shelly had been out on several dates since having been granted the midnight curfew and was always home in time. She had earned Marge’s full trust. Marge was tired.

She was awoken from her sleep by a strange sound. She heard sobbing. It was 11.30 PM. It must be Shelly, she thought. Marge found Shelly curled up on her bed in a fetal position, sobbing. She immediately lay down behind her and put her arms around her and held her without saying anything.

When Shelly stopped crying, she asked the motherly questions: “What’s the matter, sweetheart? What happened?”

Shelly turned over. They lay there, facing one another, lit by the light coming through the windows.

Shelly began her story:

“Jason and I went to the early movie.” Marge knew Jason and thought well of him. Shelly had dated him before and felt comfortable with him. They appeared to like one another. “After the movie we decided to drive to the lake. It was a beautiful night. The moon reflected off the water. The stars were shining brightly in the clear sky. Several months ago we had started kissing. We had started feeling one another over our clothes. We liked it. We had always run out of time though. Now, we had two more hours in which to play. I was looking forward to it, Mom.

“When Jason began caressing my breast I undid the buttons on my blouse and unhooked my bra to encourage and give him access to my breasts. I was eager to feel his hand on my bare breasts. When he did, it felt so good. It felt even better when he leaned down and began sucking my nipples. I held his head to my breast. I felt stirrings in my pussy.

“I reached down and caressed his penis over his pants. He quickly unzipped his fly and reached in and pulled his cock out so I could touch it. I was thrilled by the feel of it in my hand. He covered my hand with his and showed me how to stroke him.

“We pleasured one another for a while, he playing with my breast and nipples and me stroking his cock and fondling his crown and testicles. When he slipped his hand under my skirt and began caressing my inner thigh, I opened my knees to enable him easier access. I was anticipating him stroking my pussy.

“He caressed my inner thighs working towards my pussy. Once arriving there he brushed the back of his fingers against the crotch of my panties. I whimpered and reached over and kissed him as he continued to caress my pussy. He attempted to slip his fingers under the crotch band of the panties but it was too tight. I lifted my bottom and removed my panties. Sitting back down, I opened my knees. I took Jason’s hand and placed it back on my bare pussy. I was excited with anticipation.

“Jason fondled my pussy and slipped his finger between my labia and wiggled it. I moved his hand up so that he could caress my clit but once I removed my hand he immediately went back to wiggling his finger between my labia. I guess that he doesn’t know anything about the clit.

“I began French kissing Jason. I was trying to coax him to insert his finger into my pussy. It was completely lost on him. He continued to wiggle his fingers between my lips. I took his finger and positioned it at the entrance to my vagina and gently pushed it in. He understood. bursa escort bayanlar I was looking forward to pleasure by a finger other than my own.

“He thrust his finger in. I shrieked and immediately held his hand so that it would not move. Oh, Mommy, it hurt so much! I just held his hand thinking that my vagina would adjust. When I thought that I had given it enough time, I moved his finger. It still hurt. I couldn’t bear the pain. I withdrew his finger gently. My pussy was hurting. When I looked at Jason he had this “lost puppy look”. He didn’t know what he had done or what to do. I took his hand and placed it on my breast, leaned into him and kissed him, and begun stroking his cock to masturbate him.

“When he came I caught his cum in my hand and wiped it clean on my panties. Jason kissed me appreciatively. We cuddled for a while until he took me home. We didn’t speak much on our way home.

“I was still feeling hurt in my pussy after I got home. I went to the bathroom and using a mirror looked at it but didn’t see any bleeding or anything. I readied for bed and climbed in. As I thought about the evening and the discomfort that I was feeling in my pussy I began to weep. Weeping became sobbing.”

She reached out to Marge and hugged her tightly. She felt safe. Mom would take care of everything.

Marge was bisexual. She began exploring her sexuality while in college and found that she enjoyed sex with girls. She was rarely disappointed when sharing a bed and her body with another girl. That was not the case with most of the guys she dated in college and afterwards until she meet the guy who would eventually become her husband and the father of her daughter. Her husband was aware of her bisexuality and encouraged it. He realized that she needed to have a way to satisfy her sexual needs while he was away.” If it was good for her, it was good for him” was the way that he had looked at it.

Marge didn’t think of “incest” in the broadest of terms, of a parent having sex with a child. She thought of it in terms of sex in which the objective was intercourse. She was not intending to have intercourse with Shelly. She just wanted to show her a few things.

She reached down and placed the flat of her fingers atop of Shelly labia and began massaging it. She was massaging Shelly’s clit with her palm. When she heard Shelly whimper, she brought her close, bringing Shelly’s head to her bosom.

Shelly felt Marge’s breast against her face. She felt Marge’s nipple. She reached a hand up to part Marge’s nightgown to bare her nipple and then nudged forward to grab it and suckle it gently. Shelly felt safe. She had warm feelings in her pussy. The discomfort seemed to be dissipating.

They stayed like that, one gently suckling, the other massaging. Shelly orgasmed quietly. She continued to suckle until she fell off to sleep.

Sometime later Marge slipped out of Shelly’s bed and returned to her own. Her last thought as sleep overtook her was “What can I do to help Shelly?”

She awoke with a possible answer. She’d have to discuss it with Shelly.

When she went down to make breakfast she found Shelly eating cereal. “Good morning sweetheart, how are you feeling this morning?”

“Fine, Mom. Thank you for last night. It was kind of weird but what you did fixed whatever. I love you.”

“I’d like to discuss that later. How about we do our morning chores and go out for brunch?”

“I’d like that. Thanks Mom.”

During brunch Marge asked Shelly to consider letting her, Marge, introduce her to things sexual. She would learn about her body instead of hoping to learn haphazardly. When Shelly asked if that would be asking too much from a mother, Marge shared with her about her past bisexual activities. And then she asked Shelly: “Who better to introduce you to the practical aspects than your mother who loves and cares for you so much? Did you not come from me?”

Shelly smiled broadly. She was experiencing a feeling for her mother that she had never sensed before. It was love of a person. “Thanks, Mom. I’d like that very much.”

“Come sleep in my bed tonight.”

Shelly responded with a smile.

That night they both came to bed freshly showered. By prior arrangement they both wore only short robes.

“Here is the basic game plan.” said Marge. I’m going to kiss you, excite your breasts and excite your pussy in that order until you orgasm. Then will chat and address whatever questions that you might have. Then you’ll do it to me to demonstrate that you understood. OK?”

Shelly nodded timidly, “Yes.”

Marge had decided that her lessons were going to be ones of subtlet. Her objective was to make Shelly aware of the finesse of intimacy not its brashness. In doing so she was hoping that it would enable Shelly to be more selective of her lovers, girl or boy. Marge had remembered seeing a movie in which the woman had said pointing to her lips, “If they can’t satisfy these,” then pointing to her breasts, “they won’t be given the opportunity to play with these and if they can’t satisfy these”, and then pointing bayan sarisin escort bursa to her pussy, “they won’t get an opportunity to play with this.”

She laid Shelly onto her back and lying partially on her started to kiss her. She lightly brushed Shelly’s lips with her own. Marge brushed Shelly’s lips with her wet tongue and then brushed them again with her lips. She continued doing this until their lips were so wet that they glided smoothly along one another. Shelly was murmuring. She yearned for a firmer contact. She would lift her head up searching for it. Then Marge would back off a bit and do it over again. She was baiting Shelly and Shelly was rising to the bait. She continued until Shelly “took” control. Shelly brought her hand to the back of Marge’s head and brought her in and held her for a long, pronounced, very wet kiss. Shelly kissed Marge repeatedly until her kissing needs were satisfied. Marge smiled inwardly.

Marge kissed down to Shelly’s neck, licking her sensitive spots, sucking but not hard enough to leave a hickey. She continued down to Shelly’s areolas and nipples. She did to the areolas and nipples what she did to Shelly’s lips until they were so slick that her lips slide over them. As with the kissing, Marge teased Shelly until Shelly brought her hands to behind Marge’s head and gently guided her in and held her mouth on her teat. She moved Marge’s head from teat to teat. “I like that,” she said.

Marge lavished attention on Shelly’s areolas and nipples. She’d opened her mouth wide capturing all of Shelly’s areola into her mouth and sucked firmly as she withdrew her mouth capturing the nipple between her lips and pulling on it. She would pinch the nipple between her lips and scrape its sides carefully with the edge of her teeth. She knew that it was having an effect upon Shelly. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Shelly squeeze her thighs tightly together and squirm her pelvis in an attempt to apply more pressure on her pussy.

When Shelly’s breasts complained to Shelly, she pushed Marge’s face away. Marge looked down upon very red, very “angry” teats. She smiled. She continued to kiss and lick her way down to Shelly’s pussy. She wasn’t ready to lick her pussy. Cunnilingus seemed to be crossing the line. She kissed it though, with wet kisses. She used her fingers to spread Shelly’s labia lips apart and dropped dollops of saliva between them. She then used her index finger to spread it wetting Shelly’s pussy such that her finger glided as her lips had done above.

She teased Shelly’s clit, flicking it with her finger nail, circling it, stroking it. She kept dropping dollops of saliva to keep everything wet. She penetrated Shelly’s now very wet and well lubricated vagina to reach her G-spot and teased it causing the expected reaction in Shelly’s body. Keeping her index finger in her Marge positioned her thumb to rub on Shelly’s clit and she proceeded to bring Shelly to an orgasm. It was an intense one. Shelly’s body shuddered and her pelvis rose from the bed.

Marge scooted back up and brought Shelly to sit up and kissed her deeply and continued to kiss her until she recovered. “Are you OK?” she asked.

Shelly looked at her and smiled. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never experienced feelings like that before.”

Marge explained her strategy, objective and hope. “Any questions?” she asked.

“No., I understand. Can I try it with you?”

“I would like that very much.” Marge responded.

Marge allowed Shelly to do what she wanted and how. She would critique her afterwards. As it unfolded, Marge found herself enjoying the experience. She felt a closeness to Shelly that she had not previous felt. She recognized that she would have to ponder upon that. She also recognized that Shelly should experience cunnilingus but wasn’t sure how to approach it. It wasn’t something that she’d feel comfortable doing.

Shelly was aware that her mother was very close to some of the other single mothers in the community. It was like an extended family of “sisters”, a “sisterhood”. She wasn’t aware, though, of the full nature of that “closeness”.

Marge shared with a couple of her closest “sisters “what she and Shelly had done. They were impressed with Marge’s effort to teach her daughter and understood her limits. They encouraged her to share it with others. When she did she found that they liked the idea of a mother teaching her child about sexual practices for the same reason that drove Marge to do it.

The women were open and honest with one another. Doing so underlay the sisterhood. When Marge broached the subject it was openly discussed. It was soon recognized that, in general, mothers with daughters were uncomfortable with teaching their daughters about cunniligus. Those members of the sisterhood who had sons, indicated that would have no difficulty teaching their sons about how to pleasure a girl but similarly to Marge they had difficulty with the idea of oral pleasuring or having intercourse with them.

The next day, Marge received a phone call from Kathy, a member of the sisterhood. Shelly and Kathy’s bayan esmer escort bursa daughter, Joanna, were close friends. They had attended a number of slumber parties over the years at each other’s house. Kathy shared with Marge that she had had a similar session with Joanna. Maybe Joanna and Shelly could get together to practice in general and to experience cunnilingus.

Kathy and Marge agreed to let the other share with their daughter about their conversation and encourage their daughters to call one another pointing out that the other would be a perfect practice partner. Behind the scene Kathy and Marge would encourage their daughters to experience cunnilingus.

An opportunity soon presented itself. Kathy had to be away over a weekend for business. Joanna would be staying with Shelly. Both Shelly and Joanna were eager. They had both shared about their experiences with their respective mothers and were eager to practice and learn from the other.

Kathy dropped Joanna off on her way to the airport. That evening, immediately after cleaning the kitchen from dinner, the girls excused themselves for the night and went to their bedroom. Shelly had two twin beds in her room. Joanna would be sleeping In Shelly’s room.

The girls were eager. They had been anticipating doing this since the subject of Joanna staying came up. They both had stripped and wore only robes. They climbed into bed together. It would be a first for them to share intimacies with another girl. It was awkward. They really didn’t know how to begin. They didn’t have emotional feelings for one another. They were just good friends. They went to search out Marge and ask her.

Marge suggested that they get into bed, lying, facing one another and start talking about what they liked in the other and to recount experiences that they did together that they enjoyed. While they talked they should caress one another, not sexually, more just to enjoy the smoothness of skin underneath their palm and to become comfortable with being touched by another. They should kiss playfully. They were good enough friends, they were young, and their natural sexual needs would emerge and lead them to a wonderful adventure.

They returned to the bedroom, removed their robes and climbed into bed lying, facing one another. As they were lying there touching one another, Shelly couldn’t take her eyes off of Joanna’s nipples. They were as long and thick as the first joint on her baby finger. Joanna noticed Shelly’s interest in her breasts. She reached behind Shelly’s head and brought Shelly’s mouth to her nipple. Shelly played with it. She sucked on it like it was a peppermint stick. She flipped it with the tip of her tongue. She remembered what Marge had taught her, the subtlety of it all. As she was doing it Joanna was telling her about some of the fun things that had happened with her and Shelly like when they went and had their first fitting for a bra. Joanna was caressing Shelly’s back and her arms. Smiling Shelly raised her head and kissed Joanna appreciatively thanking her for the pleasures she had just enjoyed. That kiss opened the “flood waters”. More kisses followed.

They kissed one another sharing what they had been both taught, learning from one another and adapting their way. Finally they were kissing in harmony each giving what the other wanted, each getting what they needed. As they were kissing each began fondling the other’s breasts. It was Joanna’s turn to explore. She did to Shelly what she enjoyed having done to her. She was sensitive to Shelly’s body language and murmurings. She adjusted what she was doing do get the best response from Shelly. Eventually Shelly pushed Joanna’s hand down to her pussy. When she let Joanna’s hand go, she placed her hand over Joanna’s pussy and began messaging it. Again, they were both sensitive to what the other was doing to them and the effects of what they were doing to the other. They were learning. They were adapting. They were enjoying. They were giving enjoyment. They were having fun. They brought each to a wonderful orgasm. They hugged one another tightly and kissed appreciatively. They both had broad smiles on their faces.

Shelly had a TV in her room attached to a DVD player. It was too early to go to sleep. They found a DVD that they both liked and went about setting up to watch it. Shelly propped herself up against the headboard and Joanna positioned herself between Shelly’s legs, leaning back against Shelley.

As they watched the movie Shelly’s hands began to wander aimlessly over the front of Joanna. She seemed to be enjoying the feel of Joanna’s skin under her palm. She wandered down to Joanna’s pussy glazing over her labia and up to the neck and ears and everywhere in between. When Joanna’s nipples hardened, Shelly found it felt good on her palms when she’d lightly move them over the tips of Joanna’s nipples. Shelly wasn’t aware of how she was arousing Joana until Joanna turned slightly towards her, reached her arm around Shelly’s neck and brought Shelly into a kiss. The kiss made Shelly aware of the hunger than she raised in Joanna. The movie was forgotten. Shelly held the kiss. She moved her hand down to Joanna’s pussy and ran a finger between her lips. Joanna was wet! Shelly easily collected enough of her nectar to bring it to Joanna’s clit. She began teasing Joanna’s clit. With her other hand she was softly pinching and pulling on Joanna’s nipple. Joanna’s murmuring vibrated in the kiss arousing Shelly to “work” harder.

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