Medication Issues Can Get Interesting

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Ok everyone… This is the first story I’ve written so I would like everyone to be brutally honest and let me know how they like it… All comments are appreciated… Thanks.

As he walked down the dark street, Samuel knew he was in a bit of trouble. It had been a week since he had run out of his blood thinning medication and he was starting to feel the unease of his problem. With the blood thinners, Samuel was able to be his normal self. Without them though, he would develop a series of partial blockages that would give him a very powerful erection that refused to subside. Samuel knew what he had to do to get his prescription refilled, which was why he was on this particular street tonight. The blood thinners he took weren’t exactly legal so he had to get them from a cute little pharmacist he knew that got them under the table. Her price was small… A night with him and his “iron soldier” once a month. Samuel didn’t really mind the sex, he rather enjoyed it actually. But, after six months, he was still getting used to the arrangement. As he approached the side street he meant to turn on, a young woman came jogging into view. The woman was a girl named Susan that Samuel had shared a lab table with in their high school chemistry class a few years before. As she neared him she stopped in surprise.


“Hi Susie,” he said nervously, suddenly aware of his raging erection and also of how Susan’s large firm breasts were pushing her jogging bra to its straining point. “Long time no see.” Her eyes seemed to look over him quickly though he did notice her stare lingering on his swollen manhood for what felt like far too long.

Susan seemed to compose herself and smiled. “I haven’t seen you in ages. What are you doing around here tonight?”

Samuel shifted slightly as he spoke, “I was just in the area to meet up with a friend.” He seemed to brighten slightly as an idea crossed his mind and he continued. “but they aren’t expecting me for a while now.” He gave Susan a hopeful smile and she returned it.

“Well, how much time do you have? I’ve got an hour or two to kill if you want to catch up.” Now it was Susan’s turn to give a hopeful smile, which Samuel returned this time.

“Sure that sounds great. Do you have a place around here we can go or would it be better to go to a diner or something?”

“My place is fine. It just a few houses away now. That white one there,” She said, pointing down the street to a small white house. “Can I get you a cup of coffee or soda or something?”

Samuel grinned sheepishly and said, “sure Susie, I’ll take something to drink.” As he followed her towards her house he couldn’t help but notice the way that her cute little ass wiggled as she walked. She led him all the way to her house and through the front door. He was so intent on staring at her ass he didn’t even realize they had stopped in front of a wall length mirror and that Susan was now watching him watch her.

“Like what you see?” She asked him with a grin?

Realizing that he had been caught Samuel could only smile nervously and say, “very much Susie, I didn’t realize you were so gorgeous.”

Susan looked at him with an almost feral look in her eye as her gaze once again locked on to his swelling pride. “You know what? I think you want something more than just a drink Sam.” She grinned at him as she took a step closer to him and shut the door behind him. As she got close to him, he could smell her body. It was a mixture of sweat and the sweet smell of her juices flowing. He could tell that she was already ready for him so he did the only thing he could think of. He kissed her.

As they kissed Susan’s hand started wandering down across his stomach to his waist. She unhooked his pants and reached inside for him. Samuel stiffened suddenly and looked worried. “Susie?”

She stopped after she had taken hold of him and looked up into his eyes. “Yes Sam?”

He returned her gaze with matched intensity, “I want to do you too Susie, together.”

She smiled at him and slowly let go of his engorged member. “Ok,” she said, taking off her bra and revealing her full round D-cup breasts and leading his hand to her left one. Her hand still over his she led him down the hallway of the small house to a bedroom and went inside. As he followed her, he gently rubbed at the breast he had in his hand, his thumb and forefinger rubbing across the nipple. As Susan led him to the bed, she kicked her jogging shoes off and let go of his hand to begin getting out of her tight running pants. Sam took the opportunity to get himself undressed as he watched her lithe form unfold. As they stood there a moment taking in each others bodies Sam became aware that his usual stiff seven inches was now about a rock solid nine and a half inches. Susan positively gaped at the sight of his manhood even though she had almost gotten it out in the hall way just a few moments ago. She stepped in close to him and resumed kissing him passionately. He returned the kiss with equal passion and began leading her to the bed. As they neared the foot of the bed Susan put both her hands on Samuels chest and pushed him down to fall on the bed. When he got situated Susan crawled across his body and lowered herself onto his face as she took him into her mouth. The sensation was so powerful that he felt as though he might cum there and then but he held off by focusing on what was in front of him. He smelled her sex and let his tongue flick out to taste her as she took him all the way down to the base in one movement. As she felt him she gagged slightly on his quivering love toy as an involuntary moan escaped her. He felt her and redoubled his efforts, searching out her clit with his tongue and, finding it, concentrating on it as he worked a finger into gaziantep swinger her tightness and began to please her that way as well. Susan began to buck uncontrollably as he continued his efforts, all the while she was sucking him and taking him all the way into her mouth with a feral hunger that he had never felt before. This was probably the best blowjob he had ever gotten in his life and she was responding to his tongue as though she had never had a man do this to her before. As he increased his pace he could feel her body responding to him as though she were about to explode. Suddenly she tensed up and moaned loudly as she clamped her thighs around his head tightly. He continued licking her clit as she convulsed wildly on top of him. She collapsed on top of him as her orgasm subsided though her quivering sex was still in range of his tongue and he licked her juices as they escaped her trembling mound causing her to spasm again and again for him. Eventually she rolled off of him and turned over to lay next to him.

“Sam… Where did you learn that from? I’ve never had an orgasm like that before.” She began to kiss his neck and stroke his chest working her way down again while she waited for an answer.

He looked at her a little shocked and said, “ I’m not sure Susie… I just do what feels right to make women happy. Did it feel good to you?”

In response she kissed him fervently as she moved herself on top of him. As she got on top of him she reached back and guided him into her. She moaned loudly as he filled her and she began trembling as she slowly lowered herself inch by inch onto him. Before she got him all the way in she could feel another orgasm coming so she did the only thing she could think of and dropped the rest of the way down. After an explosion of pain and pleasure she clamped down on him inside of her and rocked herself through another intense orgasm. After the spasm subsided she started rocking back and forth on him gyrating her hips and clamping down on him with her inner muscles.

Samuel began feeling the oncoming surge of his own impending ejaculation and moaned, “I’m gonna cum.”

Susan increased her pace and panted shortly,” It’s… ok… I’m on… birth… control…”

Samuel rocked his hips up to get his member even father into Susan’s moist sex. As he did she began bucking wildly through yet another orgasm which in turn set him off into his own explosion of ecstasy. “I’m Cumming!!!” They both yelled simultaneously. With and grunt of pleasure Samuel felt his semen being sucked from him as though he were attached to a vacuum. Susan continued to milk his seed for almost two full minutes.

She stopped suddenly, looking down at him curiously. “Why are you still hard? I felt you cum…”

Samuel looked at her and grinned sheepishly, “I’m not going to go soft until I take my medicine. That’s why I was in the neighborhood tonight. I had an arrangement with someone that can get me the meds I need for free if I spent the night with her.

Susan looked down at him in shock. “You mean you were here tonight to screw some other girl? I should…” She lost her train of thought as she felt him swelling inside of her, seeming to cover a full ten inches now. He felt her shudder with pleasure as his swelling pride throbbed inside of her and he smiled as he felt another ripple of pleasure escape.

Samuel looked up at Susan, “You were saying?”

Susan looked at him, “I was saying I should kick your ass out of here but I’m starting to think that this could be interesting.”

That caught Samuel off guard and he couldn’t think of anything to say. Susan looked at him coyly and said, “What time do you need to be at your friends house? Maybe I can come with you.”

Samuel seemed to have forgotten how to use his mouth momentarily because he tried to speak and nothing would come out. He simply shrugged instead.

Susan grinned at him and squeezed her inner muscles around him again causing him to groan in pleasure. “There’s not a set time. Just whenever I get there.” He said finally.

Susan grinned again. “Good I think we can go one more round before she starts getting impatient then. I’m going to have to keep you around if this is what happens when you don’t take your meds. Does it still feel good for you?” She asked.

“It always feels good Susie. It’s just when I go without for too long when I’m like this it starts hurting,” he explained.

“So how long is too long baby?” She asked, slowly starting to rock back and forth again.

“A few hours or so. Maybe four at the most,” he said, closing his eyes and beginning to enjoy himself again.

“So when you’re like this…” she started to increase her pace a little. “You need it every few hours otherwise you start hurting?”

“Yes,” he answered, arching his back to give her more of him. “And it gets bigger the longer I go without my meds.”

“Mmmmm… I noticed,” She said, starting to move up and down on his shaft again.

With an effort Samuel grabbed her hips to stop her and lowered her down to kiss her passionately again. As he did, he rolled around to get her beneath him and broke the kiss as he nudged her to roll onto her stomach. Susan rolled onto her stomach and brought her knees under her. Samuel slowly entered her from behind and gently began thrusting. Susan couldn’t help but let out a cry of pleasure when he got all the way in. He grabbed her hips and angled his own back slightly and buried himself to the hilt in her already drenched slit. Feeling her tightness around his engorged manhood he let go of himself and began ramming into her with a fury he had never known. It wasn’t long before he had her on the brink again and then over it. Susan threw her head back and screamed with pleasure. Samuel was a man possessed and continued to ram into her through her orgasm and into the next one without even slowing. After she screamed out for a fourth time, Samuel felt the familiar tightening of his balls and grunted, “I’m about to cum again…” After a few more thrusts, Samuel slammed everything he was into Susan’s body and stayed there as a spasm rocked his own body into the orgasm he was expecting. Susan felt herself being filled by his seed and screamed out in pleasure a fifth time as it sent her into another uncontrolled orgasm that milked Samuel of what remained inside of him for the second time. They sprawled out across the bed exhausted, neither knowing who’s limbs were who’s.

“Well…” Susan started. “I had intended to make this a one night thing but I think we could really make a fun routine out of this if you’re available.”

Samuel looked at her surprised. “You were going to use me?”

Susan smiled coyly. “Well think about it Sam. I went for a jog tonight and run into the guy I happened to have a crush on in high school and notice that he’s got the biggest hard-on I’ve seen in years. I didn’t really care if you were involved earlier but if you aren’t then I think we might have some chemistry together. So… Are you available?”

Samuel looked across Susan’s lithe, naked body and then into her gorgeous hazel eyes and said, “Susan, would you be my girlfriend?”

Susan laughed and said, “Yes Sam. I will.” and gave him a kiss, her tongue flicking out to brush across his lips then his tongue as he parted them. They embraced and kissed deeply for a while that could have been and few minutes or a few hours before they broke and searched around to find their cloths.

“So,” Susan said at last. “When are we going to meet up with this friend of yours? I’ve always wanted to have a threesome.”

Samuel’s jaw dropped.

Samuel knocked on the door of the house at a little after one in the morning, using his code of four loud and two sharp knocks to identify himself to Helen, the pharmacist. He heard the deadbolt unlock and felt slightly uneasy about what was about to happen, but his hard-on was still swelling and he knew that this would be worth it in the end. Helen answered the door in a robe of white cashmere as she had done three times before. This meant that she had been waiting for him and was already fired up.

Samuel looked at Helen and stammered, “Umm… I was thinking about maybe a change of plan for tonight if that’s ok with you.”

Helen’s lustful look turned to one of confusion as she asked hesitantly, “What do you mean?”

From behind Samuel, Susan took a step into view and seemed to appraise Helen, whom she had known for a few months as a rather shy neighbor. “Hi Helen. Sam told me about his condition… And the arrangement.”

Helen’s eyes narrowed at Samuel. “I don’t have a clue what you guys are talking about. Why are you here tonight?”

“I came by to thank you for all the help you’ve given me Helen. And Susie here knows about the payment I was planning and wanted to know if she could thank you too?” Samuel explained uncomfortably. He was having trouble concentrating on what he was saying because his mounting tool was in the annoying process of swelling again.

“Why would she want to thank me? I haven’t done anything for her…” Helen said, still a little defensive but beginning to calm down.

“Oh yes you did,” Susan stated. “You’re the reason I ran into Sam here earlier. I have so much to thank you for,” she said holding her hands about a foot apart suggestively.

“Ok then,” Helen said impatiently. “Come inside so we can talk about it and we’ll see what happens.”

Helen stepped aside and let them in, closing the door behind them. She led them into a living area and motioned to a sofa and took the middle cushion for herself. Samuel sat on her left side and Susan, her right. Susan’s hand rested naturally on Helen’s thigh as she sat down and Helen didn’t seem to mind.
“So what was this thanks you were thinking of Susan?” asked Helen.

“Oh it was along the same lines as Sam’s usual payment,” Susan began. “And please, call me Susie… Everyone does.”

“So what was the plan? Were you going to gang up on me?” Helen asked. Her robe opened slightly revealing her shapely left thigh.

“Not exactly,” Susan let her hand brush aside the soft robe to stroke Helen‘s inner thigh high on the leg. “I figured there was enough of Sam to go around and we could keep each other busy with him and still play around ourselves.”

Helen closed her eyes and seemed to melt at Susan’s soft touch. “That sounds fun,” she said through a slight gasp as Susan let her finger tip brush across her hairless lips. “I just have one question.”

“And that would be?” Samuels asked with a grin. Having played this game before.

“What the hell are our clothes still on for?!?” Helen practically yelled as she jumped up and dropped the robe around her ankles revealing her slim athletic figure and a pair of perky C-cups. She immediately dropped between Samuels legs and began to unbutton his pants, already rubbing his swollen shaft as she undid the zipper. Susan stood up and pulled off her clothes as Helen wrapped her lips around Samuels member and began to suck it. Samuel was already pulling off his shirt so it wouldn’t get in the way. Susan went down to her knees next to Helen and reached under her ass to rub her from behind as she scooted closer to share Samuel’s delight. They took turns as Helen released Samuel from her mouth and guided it into Susan’s for her as Susan continued rubbing her already soaked pussy from behind. Helen resumed sucking on Samuel and Susan took the opportunity to lie down on her back and slid under Helens kneeling body. She had never eaten a girl out before but she remembered how good it felt when Samuel had done it for her so she imitated his actions from earlier. Soon enough Helen began moaning through her mouthful of Samuels organ and Susan knew she was doing it right. Susan, having never tasted another woman before, was becoming so turned on by what she was doing that she started rubbing on herself as she continued to lick Helen. Helen meanwhile was enjoying Susan so much that she stopped what she was doing to Samuel and sat there enjoying it. Finally Helen got up quickly and turned around to face Susan’s lower half and bent down to taste her as Susan resumed her slick snack. Samuel just sat there watching them as they squirmed around on the floor, two beautiful naked women in the 69 position was even more of a turn on then he realized, though it wasn’t as though he needed to be turned on any more than he already was. As he watched them squirm, Samuel thought of something that he had always wanted to try. Samuel got to his knees and positioned himself behind Helen. Susan saw what he was going to do and stopped what she was doing so he could enter Helen from behind. After a few thrusts into her wetness he pulled out and repositioned a little higher. His organ stretched her tight hole but her own juices made ample lubrication for him to slide into her. Susan resumed her licking as Samuel began thrusting slowly. Helen, on the edge of an orgasm already, began screaming in pain and pleasure as Samuel got all the way in and buried his member into her colon. Meanwhile, Susan was licking away on Helen’s sex, causing her to spasm uncontrollably. Helen had only had anal sex once before and it had hurt her that time, but Samuel’s member being moistened and her arousal already from Susan’s tongue made this an entirely new experience for her and she began to have an orgasm like she had never had before. Helen tightened down on Samuel’s hardness so hard that Samuel again buried himself into her as he groaned his pleasure and shot a full load into her colon. Susan on the other hand was licking away as Helen began to orgasm and Helen squirted juices all over Susan’s face as she screamed in surprise. Helen quivered and collapsed after Samuel pulled out of her, then rolled off of Susan and lay on the floor trembling. Susan lay there covered in Helen’s juices while Samuel went into the bathroom to shower quickly. While Samuel was getting the water going, Susan looked mischievously at Helen and nodded towards the bathroom.

As Samuel got into the shower to clean himself off, the shower door opened and Susan climbed in followed by Helen. “I hope you weren’t planning on leaving us out there.” Susan said. “I still haven’t gotten any yet.”

Samuel grinned and said, “No baby I was just cleaning off real quick.”

Susan reached down and began to stroke his stiffness again and said, “I don’t mind baby. I’m already covered in Helen’s juice, why not add some to it yourself?”

Susan turned around and guided him into her before he could react, except to offer a half muttered apology. She felt his manhood slide into her easily from Helen’s tongue bath a few minutes before and began meeting his thrusts with some of her own. After a minute or so, she had him well lubed up again and pulled him out of her.

“I want it here too,” she said, motioning into her tight anus with a finger.

Samuel pressed the tip of himself against her hole and, slowly and gently as he could, applied pressure. At first he didn’t think he would be able to get it in but after a few more seconds, he finally pushed past the barrier and eased into her, going a millimeter at a time. Susan relaxed as best she could, but having something that big inside her virgin back door was very painful and she couldn’t help but tense up. Samuel reached under her and softly rubbed on her clit and as he did he felt it working as she relaxed her muscles again and began feeling the pleasure of it as he worked his way inside her tight spot. Once he got the head of his member in he pulled back out slowly and gave his shaft a stroke to make sure it was slick from all the flowing juices then, seeing that he was still well lubricated, he put it back in slowly but surely until he hit a barrier inside her signaling that he was at her colon. As he started to pull out and ready another thrust, Susan pushed off of the shower wall and sent Samuel’s organ to its destination with a scream of ecstasy. Meanwhile, Helen had moved around to the front of Susan, dropped to her knees and began licking her again. The combination of Samuels ever swelling pride and Helens caressing tongue made it too much for Susan to bear as she started her climax but Helen wasn’t done yet. She had just slipped a finger inside Susan’s wet as she continued licking and began prodding her g-spot as well. Every muscle in Susan’s body tightened as she climaxed. The sudden tightening as he thrusted made it too much for Samuel to bear as his body stiffened as well when he shot a load into her clenching colon with a grunt of pleasure. Samuel relaxed first as he steadied Susan so she wouldn’t fall. He had to keep a hold of her while he pulled out so neither would get hurt. As they made their way to the shower floor, Helen reached over and turned the water off and sat next to Samuel with one hand on his leg and the other massaging Susan’s tight ass.

Susan looked at the two of them with a smile on her face and said, “Now that was something that I’d like to do a lot more. We’re going to have to keep her around Baby.”

Samuel grinned at the two beautiful naked women in his arms and thought about what the doctor had told him about this condition and how this was probably the best night of the last year of his life. His smile faded though as he thought of the doctors warning. “Girls,” he said. “We need to talk…”

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