Medication and Lactation Pt. 02

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***All characters in this story are 18 years or older***

“Mmmm…” I groaned as I laid my head back on the couch and closed my eyes, the sound of wet slurping filling my ears.

The slurping stopped, but a soft, delicate hand continued to stroke my erection. “You like that, baby?” came a perky, feminine voice.

I looked down and smiled. If you could perfectly combine cute and sexy into one package, Katy would be the result. Her light freckled skin, almost-blonde straight brown hair, tiny button nose, long eyelashes, and sparkling blue-green eyes matched her personality. Perky, lovable, and so sweet.

Plus, she was drop-dead sexy. She had a rocking little toned body that she kept tight despite having gone through three pregnancies. She tanned frequently, which made those freckles on her arms and chest that I so adored stand out.

She blushed at my lingering gaze and pressed her cheek against my shaft with her slender fingers, on which she always grew long, beautifully manicured fingernails. They were painted red today, my favorite. “Are you ready to finish?” she asked.

I looked at my watch. I only had a few hours until my flight left and I still had to pack. “I guess we’d better.”

“On second thought,” she said mischievously as she raised an eyebrow. “If I just keep you like this maybe you won’t leave.”

I chuckled. “I gotta bring home that paycheck. But you know I always come back.” Her smile widened. Then the smile turned into a pucker and the slurping resumed. Her head bobbed faster and faster as she sucked and licked my cock like it was a race. One of her hands milked the bottom of my shaft, the other tickled my balls with her long fingernails.

“Uh…gonna cum,” I announced with a grunt.

She quickly popped her lips free long enough to say, “Cum in my mouth, baby.” Then her lips resumed their slick journey up and down my shaft.

My cock twitched and she wrapped her lips around the tip, her cheeks dented inward as she sucked. Her hand gripped my shaft and jerked furiously. I tried to keep my hips from bucking to avoid impaling her throat as my cum spewed into her delicate mouth. She never spilled a drop, even though she drained me every time. She swallowed hard a few times as the last of my streams shot from my spent cock.

When my testicles had stopped twitching, she popped her lips off the tip of my shaft and smiled excitedly. “My turn!” she chimed as she stood up. I never got tired of her lithe, petite body. She wore only her black Victoria’s Secret panties and gray Calvin Klein sports bra, which showed off her flat midriff and newly pierced belly button.

Katy picked up her pink vibrator from the cushion beside me and then straddled me on the couch where I sat. She grabbed the side of my face to tilt it up and pressed her lips into mine for a long, hard kiss. I tasted the salt of my cum on her lips when I ran my tongue across them, but I didn’t care.

Sitting back, she slipped her curved vibrator down the front of her underwear, which held it snug over her pussy mound. She clicked it on and her eyes shut as she soaked in the rhythmic buzzing. “Oooh,” she moaned, then narrowly opened her eyes. “Oh…yeah…” she said, remembering the other reason we were here.

She pulled her sports bra over her head and tossed it to the side. Her tits fell heavily from the bra, small white droplets already forming at the tips of her long nipples. They were full, all right.

I wrapped my hands around each breast, careful not to squeeze too hard and make a mess of things. Then I sucked her left nipple into my mouth and gently squeezed the flesh of her boob. The warm spray of her milk always took me by surprise, but I was learning to like the taste.

The first time I had done this was the day I met Katy. Her pump was broken, so I filled in as an emergency replacement. Even though she bought a new pump since then, we both enjoyed milking her this way so much more that we decided it would be better to forego the pump when possible and just let me do the work. Of course, it was sexy as hell, but it was also very intimate. She was such a sweet girl and I wanted to make her feel taken care of. This was a pleasurable way to do it.

Having made a good start on her left breast, I switched to the right. Again, the spray tickled the back of my tongue as I sucked hungrily. Katy pressed her groin into my pelvis and massaged herself on the vibrator between us.

“Oh, Mark…” she breathed. I glanced up with my lips still around her breast. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks flushed with pleasure. “That feels soooo good…”

I let her tit drop out of my mouth and rolled her nipples between my fingers. “Uhhh, yes,” she approved. I returned my mouth to her left nipple, this time nibbling lightly before I drained her of the rest of her supply, then repeated this on the other side.

“I think you’re empty,” I whispered, not to rush her, but just to let her know.

“Almost there…” she gasped.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her sakarya seks hikayeleri tight to me, making the vibrator buzz even stronger against my pelvis and her clit.

“Ohhhh yes!” she exclaimed, grinding her pussy into the toy even harder. She wrapped her arms around my neck and shoulders and hugged us tightly together. “Fuck…” she squeaked into my ear. “Fuck…”

As she shuddered I felt her panties become damp against my skin. She quivered again and again, her hot breath blowing in irregular gasps against my neck. Finally, her quaking slowed and she reached between us to pull the vibrator out of her underwear. She clicked the wet toy off and tossed it onto the cushion.

“That was nice,” she said through a contented smile and half-closed eyes.

“Very nice,” I agreed as I ran a finger through her hair to free a strand from her face. “You’ll be okay with the pump for a few days?”

“I guess,” she shrugged. “I have a neighbor who wants some breast milk, so I should probably stop giving it all to you.”

I cocked a confused eyebrow. I didn’t know there was a market for breast milk. I wasn’t really in a position to judge, though.

She snickered, “Don’t worry, there will be plenty for you when you get back. But you WILL have to learn to share.” She leaned forward, gently bit my ear, and then whispered, “I’m pregnant…”

She leaned back to see the look on my face. I couldn’t have been happier. “What?! That’s great news!” I said excitedly. “I’m gonna be an uncle!”

“Yes, you are!” she confirmed. The baby wasn’t mine. Katy was acting as a surrogate for my sister, which was how we met in the first place.

“Um,” I mumbled as I thought through what this meant. “This isn’t going to make our little arrangement weird, is it?”

“Not for me,” Katy reassured me. “But if you’re uncomfortable…”

I didn’t give her the chance to finish that thought. Instead, I wrapped my arms around her and brought our lips together for a long kiss. Breaking contact, I said with our faces mere centimeters apart, “I’m here for it all, Katy. Just let me know what I can do to help.”

She kissed me on the nose and said, “Just get your ass back from this trip. I’m going to have a lot of pent-up stress I’ll need to release…” Putting her lips to my ear, she whispered, “All over your cock.”


A few days later I returned from my trip. After a quick shower, I drove over to Katy’s apartment to surprise her with a breastfeeding blanket for nursing mothers that I had picked up. I was going to suggest we practice with it.

I rang the doorbell a few times with no answer. So much for a surprise visit, I thought as I reached for my phone to text her. My hand stopped short when the door across the hall opened and I heard a female voice say, “Hey!”

I turned around to see a woman emerge from the apartment opposite Katy’s. “Hi!” I responded.

The woman stopped in her doorway and leaned on the frame. She was very cute, but I couldn’t tell much about her figure through the baggy gray sweatshirt and pants she wore. She had her strawberry-blonde hair up in pigtails and sported wide-rimmed glasses. She only wore a little make-up, just enough to accent her light skin. The only things odd about her were her black school uniform shoes with white socks underneath, which clashed with her otherwise casual outfit.

“Are you Mark?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. Apparently, Katy talked about me to her neighbors. “What’s your name?”

“Lisa,” she said as she raised her hand in a half-hearted wave. “Are you busy?”

“Nope. Can I help you with something?”

Instead of responding, Lisa squinted and eyed me closely. I had no idea what she was looking for, but she was apparently satisfied. “Yeah, you can. Come inside,” she said assertively. I never pass up a chance to flirt with a beautiful woman, so I did.

Lisa’s apartment was almost exactly like Katy’s, only in Lisa’s, there were the tell-tale signs of a male roommate. Football seemed to be his thing, judging by the decor. That being the case, I decided to skip the flirting and just see what she needed.

Lisa turned around midway into the living room and crossed her arms. “So, what can I do for you?” I asked as I stopped in front of her.

“Something I hope you’re comfortable with because I’m running out of options,” she answered cryptically.

“Name it.”

“Alright. I’m a camgirl.”

“Ok…” I said, not sure where this was going.

“I’m supposed to live stream for my subscribers in fifteen minutes, but my partner canceled at the last minute. And, well,” she paused. “I need you to fill in.”

Well, that was unexpected.

“Katy always talks about how nice and helpful you are,” Lisa explained. “So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if you could help me too.”

My first thought, which took even me by surprise, was, “What would Katy think about this?” But she and I weren’t exclusive. We weren’t even dating. We just enjoyed being there for each other, in every sense of the phrase.

Concluding that she wouldn’t mind, I was still hesitant. “I’d love to help,” I said sincerely. “But I’ve never been filmed…in the act.”

She chuckled, “‘In the act?’ You mean fucking? Don’t worry about that. I know what I’m doing. Just follow my lead.”

“Well, the other problem is my job. It probably wouldn’t be the best idea to have a sex tape with my face in it floating out there.”

“One second,” she said, holding up a finger and walking briskly down the hall to the back of the apartment. She returned moments later holding a red cloth. She handed it to me and I held it up to look at it. It was a soft, silky hood that covered the entire head and had holes cut out for the mouth and eyes. Well, that solved that problem.

“What else?” Lisa asked.

“Is there a boyfriend who’s gonna hunt me down if I do this?”

“No,” she shook her head. “Well, yes, there is a boyfriend. He’s super supportive of my work, but he’s out of town, or else I’d have him do it. But he won’t mind. I promise.”

“I forgot a condom.” With Katy pregnant already, I didn’t think I’d need it.

“I’m on birth control and I get tested regularly.”

My excuses were evaporating, but I was still on the fence. “You’re sure you don’t want to just grab someone off Tinder?”

“I got banned from Tinder,” she said matter-of-factly. “Plus, you’re cute. Katy vouches for you. And more importantly, you’re available.”

After a few seconds of silence, she mused, “Maybe this will help you make up your mind.” Grabbing the hem of her sweater, she pulled it off and quickly did the same with her pants, tossing both to the ground.

Beneath the baggy sweatsuit she wore a sexy schoolgirl outfit (which explained the shoes, glasses, and pigtails). The white top was so tight you could see right through it. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, her white tits and light pink nipples clearly visible, and the top stopped above her midriff. A green plaid schoolgirl skirt wrapped around her waist and flared out over her hips.

She spun around so I could appreciate all she was offering. The bottom of the skirt stopped at the top of her plump white ass and above her pussy mound, which was covered by a thin olive green thong that left little to the imagination. Her long white socks rose from her shoes up her legs, not ending until they covered her knees.

“So,” she asked as she came out of her twirl, “Whaddya say?”

“I…uh,” I muttered. I couldn’t turn her down now, and she knew it. My jeans were already tightening around the front.

To seal the deal, she turned around and bent over. Looking over her shoulder, she reached behind her and pulled her buttcheeks apart to reveal a pretty pink asshole peeking from behind her thong. “C’mon…don’t you want a taste?” she mewed seductively.

I broke. “Who am I kidding?” I said with resignation. “Of course I do…”

“Great!” she said, snapping upright. She immediately started walking back to her bedroom and beckoned me to follow. “We can’t be late!”


Her bedroom was small, but she made good use of the space for her makeshift studio. The bed was in the center of the room with the head pushed against a wall. Near the foot of the bed was a stand with a smartphone attached to the top.

When we entered the room, Lisa was all business. “I’m gonna log in,” she said. “Just take your clothes off and put your hood on. Stay out of the frame until I tell you.”

I felt pretty silly standing in the entrance to the room after shedding my clothes and donning the hood. It wasn’t that I was insecure, as I made a point to stay in shape. But standing there naked with a now-flaccid penis and crimson fabric wrapped around my head was a new, not entirely comfortable, experience for me.

Lisa must have sensed this, because after she logged in and had everything ready to stream she walked over to stand in front of me. Suddenly her demeanor changed. She rocked back and forth, bending her knees alternately, and nervously twirled one of her pigtails with her hand. “You need some help relaxing, Mr. Mark?” she said playfully.

I couldn’t think of anything witty to say, so I just nodded. Lisa pulled a stick of gum from her sock popped it into her mouth. She giggled like the schoolgirl she was dressed as, then stepped forward to press her body against mine. Grabbing the back of my neck with one hand and my bare ass with the other, she stood up on her toes and stuck her tongue into my mouth.

I immediately forgot how nervous I was. Both of my hands shot to her plump white asscheeks as I sucked on her tongue. Then we passed the chewed-up piece of gum back and forth between us. I moved my hips back a bit to give my cock room to rise and pressed my shaft against her covered pussy mound as I grabbed a handful of her breast through her shirt.

She broke off our kiss and giggled again. “I think you’re ready now, Sir,” she confirmed as she gave my erection a playful squeeze. Her other hand smacked my ass as she said, “Let’s fuck!”

Lisa twirled, bent over, and pulled her thong from under her skirt down to her ankles. She stepped out of it and walked to her phone. She was about to tap it when she looked over at me and said, “One more thing. I’ll lead, but feel free to improv if something feels sexy.”

“I can do that,” I said with more confidence than I felt. “What do you like?”

She thought for a second, then said, “I like it from behind. I like it hard, deep and fast. Aaand,” she wrapped a hand around her throat and winked, “I love to be choked.” Her hand fell from her theoat. “I also like butt stuff and I’m great at sucking dick.”

“Wow,” I replied. “That’s plenty to go on.”

She tapped the phone and grabbed two items from the floor next to it. One was a box of Lucky Charms cereal. The other was a comically oversized baby bottle.

She sat down on the foot of the bed facing the camera and set the items beside her. Her thighs were squeezed together and she pulled the bottom of her skirt down to barely hide her pussy.

“Hey, guys!” she chirped. “It’s your favorite slut! I didn’t have breakfast today and I thought you all might want to watch me play with it.”

She held up the box of cereal. “When I say breakfast,” she continued, “A lot of you might think I want to eat something like this. But there are more fun things to do with cereal than eat it.”

She unsnapped a button on the waistband of her skirt and pulled the band away from her body. Then she poured the cereal down the front, allowing it to pool up in her lap. “I think cereal,” she said as she poured, “looks better on me than in a bowl.”

When she finished pouring, she set the box aside and pulled a zipper down the side of her skirt. Once unzipped, she pulled the top of the skirt, nowbin one long piece, from her lap and laid it on the bed. Completely naked from her stomach to her knees, the only thing between her pussy and her hungry viewers was the pile of cereal sitting in her lap.

My cock twitched at the sight of her squeezed thighs and the crease in her hips. “Oh!” she said in mock surprise, eyes and mouth wide open. “I made a mess! Good thing I brought something to clean up with.”

She picked up the large baby bottle and, pointing it at her chest, squeezed. A spray of milk shot out, soaking her tight white top and making it even easier to see through than it already was. “Oops,” she giggled as she rubbed the milk into the fabric by groping her tits.

“I should tell you, this is special milk. This came from a friend who’s breastfeeding, and it tastes SO much better than the store-bought stuff.”

I chuckled to myself. I wouldn’t put it in my cereal, but I enjoyed the process of extracting it.

She turned the bottle upside down. As she sprayed the milk onto the cereal she slowly opened her legs, letting the cereal fall onto the ground. When the cereal had all fallen and her legs were wide open, she sprayed her pussy lips copiously. The breast milk soaked into the blanket on the mattress between her legs. As one of her hands squeezed the bottle the other played with her pretty little pussy. She ran her fingers between her lips and circled her clit with her fingertips.

“This is nice,” she said, “But my tits feel neglected now.” She winked in my direction as she said this.

Recognizing my cue, I climbed up on the bed and kneeled behind Lisa, my knees on either side of her hips. “Ooh!” she squeeked as the head of my erect dick poked her in the back. She giggled and I blushed under the mask as I lifted it to lay flat against her back.

Reaching over her shoulders, I ran my fingers over her soaked top. When I wrapped my hands around her tits and squeezed, she rubbed her clit a little harder. “Mmm, yes sir!” she exclaimed.

We did this for a while. I massaged her tits and played with her nipples while she massaged her clit. Every so often she reapplied the milk to her crotch. Eventually, she worked her fingers into her pussy, making sloppy wet sounds as she shoved her digits into her opening. She took one of my hands from her chest and sucked on my fingers, first one at a time, then managing to wrap her mouth around four at once.

“You guys ready to watch me get fucked?!” she said at last to the camera. She released my hand and I scooted back to the middle of the bed. She swung her legs up and turned over onto her front. Settling on her hands and knees on the foot of the bed with her side toward the camera, she picked up the baby bottle and flicked her tongue across the rubber nipple.

As Lisa started to tongue and suck the baby bottle, I repositioned myself to kneel behind her. I was determined to last as long as I could, but this view of Lisa’s juicy white asscheeks, pretty pink butthole, and cute pussy lips made me wonder how long that would be. I comforted myself by remembering, this wasn’t about me at all. No one was watching this for my dick. She could get fucked by a soggy miniature hot dog and still make it look sexy.

So, I lined my cock up with her wet opening and slid into her. Fuck, that was nice. “Ooh, fuck yes,” she agreed, moaning around the tip of the baby bottle. “Gimme that mystery cock.”

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