Me, Myself, and I

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“Just a little further…” Jim thought to himself as he cranked his back into moves fit for a contortionist. His throbbing cock was only millimeters from his mouth. He could lick every drop of precum, and kiss the head, but, try as he may, auto-fallatio was still just out of reach.

Jim longed for the day that his flexibility training would pay off and he could reach his final goal: to comfortably suck all 6 1/2 inches of himself, and bring himself to orgasm with just his mouth, swallowing every last drop of salty goo. Today, however, was not that day. Knowing that it wasn’t worth the risk of straining or breaking something, Jim went back to watching video clips of luckier folks sucking themselves off.

“I wish I could just be like them.” Jim sighed to himself, as he began rummaging through his extensive collection of guys and shemales blowing themselves. As much as he enjoyed the thought of a cock in his mouth, his preference in watching pornos was to see a shemale with HER cock in HER mouth. It just always seemed so much more delicate and expected to him. Just as the girl in the video began to roll her eyes back into her head, Jim and the video girl came together.

“… Someday.”

Every day, Jim would go to work, come home, relax a bit, do some stretches, and go again at his auto-fallacious goal. Bit by bit, he’d advance, first, being able to bend down and lick his dickhead without curling up upside down, then being able to lick and kiss himself with a bit of tugging whilst standing in the shower, and lastly, to be able to get the head in his mouth through some heavy contorting. He was even able to go so far as to cum in his own mouth completely, happily gulping down every drop of the warm, salty load. He knew he was close to his dream.

One night, Jim decided that it would be a good idea curl his legs up over his shoulders and try sleeping like that, to further acclimate his body to the stretch and position, and as he was limbering şişli escort up pretty well already, he found he could hold the position quite well. As he slept, his head was filled with the most vivid dreams of sucking and cumming, followed by more sucking and cumming, until, at last, he awoke the next morning.

His morning wood was strong, and he noticed something else about it… it was already 2 inches into his mouth! Overjoyed by the realization that he was sucking his own dick already, he started to go to town on the delicious cock. When suddenly, a strange thing happened: he felt as if he was going to choke on his cock, as it was being forced deeper still into his mouth, gradually at first, but with more and more force each time. He was so surprised by this that at first he tensed up, which caused him a great deal of pain, but he then relaxed again, and let it happen, sucking as hard as he could on as much of his cock he could hold. Finally, after what seemed like only a few glorious minutes, his eyes rolled back in his head, and his cock erupted strings of creamy man-milk straight to the back of his throat. He devoured the first few strong jets of it in gulps, but left the rest in his mouth to taste and enjoy.

Now that the delicious deed was over, the rest of the world was starting to come back into focus, starting primarily with the aching pulled muscle in his back. Giving a few last loving sucks and licks, he sucked his cock clean, and unrolled his body. His bones and cartilage straightening back out gave him a numb sensation for a few seconds, which coincided with a head-rush temporary white out. As the world faded back into perception, Jim made the realization for the first time that morning that he was not alone in his room.

Sitting on his bed next to his freshly unrolled body, was… himself, watching himself lay there.


“Good morning, obviously.” the Jim next to him sivas escort exclaimed with a smile. “Did that taste as good as it looked?”

Jim immediately recoiled to the corner of his bed and yelled, “Who the fuck are you, and what the fuck are you doing in my room?” Jim’s heart was racing. Not only had he just succeeded in a task that he’d been working for so long toward, but someone else, who looked like him, was sitting there watching him as he did it. He’d been outed, this doppelganger will never allow this to remain a secret.

“Relax.” The second Jim began. “I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m here, and I’m pretty sure I’m you. However, I wish I’d thought of sleeping all curled up like that, you should’ve seen yourself while you were sleeping!”

“Yea, and what did I do while I was sleeping?” Jim asked in a defensive tone, still not fully believing what he was seeing. The person sitting on his bed, looking like a spitting image of himself, wearing nothing but a pair of his own pajama pants.

“Oh man, you went to town!” The second Jim announced. “You started out with your cock resting on your lips, and you started licking it and kissing it in your sleep. You looked like you were so close to getting it, I couldn’t help but give you a hand, so I pushed on your hips a bit, and your dick went into your mouth, and then came back out. So I kind of… Dribbled you like a basketball, and you came all over your face!”

Jim looked as his storytelling double in shock and horror, reaching up to his face to feel the dried semen all over his cheeks, neck, and chin. Unable to think of anything intelligible to say, Jim trembled with fury and yelled, “Get out!”

“Not gonna happen.” The double replied. “Where would I go? What would I do? I’m a second you, and I’m not sure why I’m here. However, your little BJ this morning may have satisfied your thirst, but it just made me horny. So if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go take care of myself here sıhhiye escort quick.” And so the amused looking Jim

stood up, walked over to Jim’s computer, immediately went to Jim’s painstakingly disguised and hidden porno collection, opened up Jim’s favorite vid of the shemale, and bent over and started licking his own cock. Being as nimble as Jim was only a couple days ago, Jim

cranked down on the head of his cock and gulped up the quantity of his cum as he orgasmed. Jim looked on in astonishment at the spectacle, becoming slightly aroused as he did. Jim considered going down on himself while watching the the video and his double doing so, he bent over to begin just as his double began to cum, and a burning shot of searing pain fired up his back.

“Yeeeeow!” Jim yelled. And although he expected an immediate response from the double, he noticed that he was slurping and gulping at that moment. A couple seconds later, Jim

sits up with an expression of concern on his face, as well as some stray swimmers that didn’t quite make in into his mouth.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He exclaimed, worried.

“My back. I think I pulled something when I woke up this morning.” Jim replied.

“Oh shit.” Jim

said. “That might have been from when you tensed up, I totally felt that when you did it this morning. That’ll probably be a bad strain. May take a few days to get over.”

“This is all your fault for pushing me!” Jim yelled, beginning to lose his temper again. “How am I supposed to go to work like this? I can barely walk!”

“Calm down, calm down. Remember, I’m you, so I can go to work for you, and you can rest and recover.” Jim

‘s idea was appealing, and seemed to be an adequate way to recover the situation.

“And what do I do about me in the mean time?” Jim asked.

“About you?”

“Yea, about when I have to ‘Take care of business'” Jim finger-quoted into the air.

“Do it the old fashioned way, stroke one off. If you try to bend too far, you’re only going to end up hurting yourself worse.” Jim

‘s reasoning was flawless. This was far from ideal for Jim, but it seemed as if he really didn’t have a choice. “So if you don’t mind, I’m gonna change and make sure you’re not late for work.”

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