Me, My Sister and the Nude Beach (Part I)

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Me, My Sister and the Nude Beach (Part I)This took place many years ago, the late ’60’s. I mention this because it has a bearing on how things turned out. The sexual revolution was just getting started, the pill was available but not much used by teenage girls. Most girls didn’t put out. Those who did were held in rather low esteem. Playboy with its rather mild, non-pubic photos of women was basically the extent of porn.I was se——n that summer and had gotten a job as a busboy in a rather popular restaurant. I was cleaning up a spilled mess underneath a counter when I accidentally overheard a private conversation between two customers. They didn’t know I was nearby.”Why did you drag me way over here?” a woman’s voice said.”Because I didn’t want anyone to overhear”, another woman’s voice said, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you. You remember my older brother Brian and his wife?””Vaguely.””Well, they bought a large property over on the other side of the lake, and it’s all rocky bluffs for shoreline except for a secluded small sandy beach. The bluffs extend out into the lake and there’s just a small channel into the beach that you can’t really see from the lake, so no boats going by will even know it’s there. It’s totally private, so Brian and Emily have been skinny-dipping there.””Oh neat, I’ve always wanted to do that.””Great that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. They’ve decided to make it a nudist beach for a few couples they can trust. They said I could offer you and Richard the chance to take part. Would you like to?””What? Wait…oh wow, uhm, uh,.. wow, have you been there? In the nude with a bunch of other nude people?”Yup”, Sam and I have been going nudist for a month now”.”Eeeek Cindy! Oh my God! Do the guys get hard-ons so you can compare?””Oh for sure Janice”, said Cindy, “they all get hard the first time, and usually a few times after that before they get accustomed enough for it to more or less stay down.””Oh God, I’d love to see that, oh I want to come but I don’t know if Richard will go for that” said Janice.”Don’t worry about him”, said Cindy, “guys are always willing and ready to do nudism, they never miss a chance to look at other naked women, he’ll be on board. Now here’s the deal. You have to swear to secrecy. They don’t want a whole lot of the public showing up, they don’t want a bunch of fat, middle aged nudists, just younger couples like us. And only couples, always there together, no singles. If it’s the wrong time of the month, you don’t go and neither does he. You OK with that?””Sounds great, I like it”, said Janice.”OK, here’s how you get there. Their house is at 1352 Franklin Road. You go about 100 yards past that and there’s another driveway on your left, basically just a dirt track. You go through the trees about 50 yards and there’s a locked gate. The combination is 36-24-38. Don’t write it down, Brian doesn’t want anyone unauthorized knowing it so he made it sound like a woman’s measurements so it would be memorable. Once you’re through the gate, lock it behind you and keep driving, you’ll come to a wide, open area. That’s the parking lot, you have to walk from there. It’s a path down through a narrow gully with a little trickle of a creek, not very far. At the bottom you’ll see a sign saying “changing area”. That’s where you get naked, because from then on it’s nudes only. Carry your clothes, blankets and towels to the beach and have fun.””Oh I will, we will”, squealed Janice, “Oh it’s going to be great!””OK, see you there” said Cindy as they walked away.Wow! I had information that I dearly wanted to put to use. At that age sex and girls was just about all I ever thought about. Somehow I had to figure out a way to sneak up to that beach and get an eyeful.————————————————————-The next day I had to drive my younger sister Donna to her hair appointment. She was still a couple months shy of her si—-nth birthday so she didn’t have her license and I frequently ended up being her chauffeur. That was part of the conditions I had to fulfill in order to be allowed to use the car for my own purposes. As we were driving along, she said, ” It’s going to be a nice day for the beach tomorrow, how about we go swimming. There’s going to be lots of the k**s from school there.””Might be an idea” I said, “Hey you know what I found out yesterday? There’s a new nude beach on the lake”. And I told her about the conversation I’d overheard. “I gotta find a way to sneak down there and take a peek” I concluded.Oooo, I wouldn’t mind doing that myself” she said.”Really? You?””Yeah, tuzla escort I’d like to see what a hard-on looks like”.”Well hell” I thought to myself, “if that’s what you want all you have to do is get naked in front of me and I’ll show you one”. But out loud I said, “Well why don’t you and I head over there tomorrow. That way if someone sees us they’ll assume we’re an authorized couple, since we know the way in and we know the combination. We’ll bring some towels so we look authentic. We could get close and maybe hide in the trees or bushes and get a good look.”Donna giggled. “You think we could get away with that?””Sure” I said, “we’ll tell Mom and Dad we’re going to the beach, just like you were thinking of. We just won’t tell them which beach we’re going to.””But what if somebody catches us on the path before we get a chance to get hidden in the trees?””Well then we’ll probably have to get naked like the rest of them” I said, “but that wouldn’t be bad as long as we get to see what we came to see.””I’m not getting naked in public” declared Donna, “no way!””It wouldn’t really be in public” I said, “it’s a private beach. Besides, remember when we were k**s and we used to get naked and check out each other’s privates? It won’t be much different than that. It’s not like you haven’t done it before. And chances that we’ll be caught are slim. It’s a fantastic opportunity, what do you say?””Well…OK why not?” she said, “it’s worth the risk.——————————————And there we were, the next afternoon at 1:30, turning off Franklin road onto the dirt track, unlocking the gate and re-locking it behind us, then driving until we reached the parking lot, just as Cindy had described. There were already 8 cars parked there, so we knew there would be plenty to see. We were a bit nervous and very excited, filled with anticipation. We got out of the car, grabbed our towels and a blanket and started down the path. I was wearing Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt. Donna had on pedal pushers (what Capri pants were called back then) and a short sleeveless top that left her midriff exposed. We looked the part.We got to the changing area and realized we had a problem. The gully was indeed narrow, with almost sheer rock walls and not much room on the bottom for more than the small creek and the pathway which had widened out at this spot. The changing area was about 10 ft. across and there was a sign on the other side that said “Nude Bathers Only Beyond This Point”. There were few trees or bushes behind which to hide in such a narrow space. I went a couple steps past the sign and the beach was right there, I got a quick glimpse of nudists and jumped back so I wouldn’t be discovered. What to do? We didn’t want to give up and head out, we were so close.”We could undress and walk out there” I suggested.NO! I’m not doing that” said Donna.And then another couple came walking down the path.”Hi there”, said the woman whose voice was vaguely familiar, “It’s your first time here, isn’t it?””Uh, yeah” I said, “How did you know?””It’s obvious” she said, “you’re standing around, trying to get up the courage to get undressed and step out on the beach. It’s not unusual for first timers. Tell you what, why don’t we all get undressed together, it’s always easier that way. By the way, I’m Cindy and this is Sam.”OK, so that explained the familiar voice. Donna and I looked at each other. This was the scenario she had really wanted to avoid, and now I could see that she felt trapped. I suspected she was about to chicken out and run up the hill, so I spoke up quickly.”OK, let’s do it together. I’m Robert and this is Donna”.And with that Sam pulled his shirt up over his head, so I did the same and Cindy removed her halter top exposing her C cup breasts. Feeling a bit pressured, in spiteof her reluctance, Donna removed her top as well and then hesitantly unfastened her bra and let it drop. Wow! I had never seen breasts in person before, and these were two superb pairs. Cindy’s were nicely formed and showed almost no droop, but Donna’s were beautifully shaped B cups, jutting firmly from her chest. Keeping my eyes on those beauties I noticed Sam and Cindy pushing down their shorts so I hooked my thumbs in mine, pushed them to my ankles and stepped out of them. Keeping her eyes downcast, Donna did the same, but as she straightened up I noticed her glancing at Sam’s crotch and then mine. We were both sporting hard-ons. I looked at Donna’s pussy. The triangle of hair thinned out at the bottom and I was able see her slit.”Honey” said Cindy to Donna, “with a body tuzla escort bayan like that you don’t ever need to be shy, you should show it to the world, You are gorgeous. Come on guys, grab your stuff and let’s hit the beach.” And we did. I don’t know why they didn’t notice how young we looked, maybe they just assumed that if we got that far, we were legit.The beach area was fairly small, about 100 feet of shoreline with the sand extending back about 25 ft. from the water, hemmed in by the rocky cliffs. 3 couples were on shore, the rest were swimming and splashing in the water.”Janice, you made it” exclaimed Cindy, and she and Sam joined one of the other couples. The man (that would be Richard) also had a hard-on, being a first timer like myself. Donna and I decided to spread our blanket in the shade of a tree so certain body parts that had never been tanned before wouldn’t get sunburned. We laid down and ogled the other nudists, myself gawking at the women while Donna satisfied her desire to know what a hard-on looked like.”They’re not all the same” she said.”What? What aren’t the same?””Hard-ons. Yours sticks straight out but those other two curve up. And they’re thicker at the base but yours is a bit narrower at the base and it gets thicker farther out.””Well you’re certainly observant when it comes to cocks” I said, “are you glad we came?””Oh for sure, but I feel kind of…exposed…well I guess I am exposed…oh I don’t know how to say it. It feels like…like I’m naked and they’re all looking at me.””Well of course” I said, “with a body like yours it’s to be expected. But I know what you mean, I feel kinda the same way with my hard-on sticking up like a flag pole. Let’s get in the water, maybe it will be cold enough to deflate it.”So we walked toward the water, my member pointing the way. I took hold of Donna’s hand and said, “Hold hands, we’re supposed to be a couple so we have to act like it.” When we got to the water all the swimmers there took a good look at us until we were submerged. There was a raft with a diving board anchored a short way out and we had a good time, swimming, diving and splashing, enjoying the sensation of feeling the water everywhere on our naked bodies. After an hour or so everyone else was out of the water and we were getting chilled, so we came out too and towelled off. The cold had worked, my hard-on was gone, but not for long. About 10 ft. from our blanket, four of the couples had drawn a line in the sand and were hitting a beach ball back and forth across it. Volleyball without a net. Two soft cocks were swinging, two hard-ons were bobbing up and down and four sets of boobs were bouncing and jiggling. All four of the women had shaved pussies (unusual back then) and I was entranced by that view. My hard-on returned.Donna finally noticed (her attention had been elsewhere). “Those women have no hair on their pussies” she whispered to me, “they must have shaved them. Why would they do that?””Well you shave your underarms, why not the pussy too? Maybe it’s so the guys can see it. Part of being a nudist is to show everything. When we were k**s I liked to look at yours, now with hair it’s almost invisible. I sure like what I’m seeing on those women over there.””When I first started growing hair down there, I didn’t like it” said Donna, “so I cut it off. But it kept growing back so after a while I just let it grow.””I bet the rest of the women will shave soon if they keep coming here” I said, they won’t want their men always looking at other women’s bald pussies and not theirs. Next time we’re here you’ll see, more will be hairless.””Next time? Are we coming back””Why not? You’re enjoying this and so am I. They’ve accepted us, we can come back any time we want to.””Donna giggled. “OK, let’s come here again. I’m liking being a nudist.”After a while the game wound down and couples started to leave and we realized we should too. I didn’t know how I could get dressed with my boner rock hard so I suggested a quick swim to try and deflate it. It worked, with my dick only half hard we quickly towelled off, grabbed our things and headed out to the changing area where we got dressed. I left my jockey shorts off and Donna didn’t bother with her bra. With her boobs jiggling beside me as we walked back to the car, my shorts were soon tented out. We got in the car and headed out. As we turned onto Franklin Road Donna said, “You have a hard-on again.””Yeah, no k**ding””You can’t go home like that.””No I can’t. I’m going to have to do something about it.””You mean masturbate?””Uh…yeah I guess that would work.” escort tuzla “Quick, turn off here” she said, “see that little road there?””Yeah, not much of a road, it’s all overgrown. Why do you want to go in there?””Because it’ll be hidden from view and you can do what you have to do.””Good idea” I said turning off, “what will you be doing while I’m taking care of business?””I thought maybe I could do it for you” she said quietly.”What? You want to…to.. masturbate me?””Yeah.” She was looking down shyly. “I’ve been looking at hard-ons for hours and I reallyt want to know what it feels like to hold one, and I want to see it cum.””OK” I said, pulling to a stop, well out of sight of the main road.”OK?” she asked, looking at me, smiling happily.”Yup. But you have to be naked and I get to feel you up while you do it.””OK” she said and grabbed hold of her top pulling it off over her head. She quickly lifted her butt off the seat and pushed her pants down and off and was naked before I got my shorts halfway down. I moved over to the middle of the bench seat, close beside her and she hesitantly reached out and put her left hand around my boner. Pre-cum fluid was practically dribbling from the end as she slowly started stroking. I was in Heaven. I put my right arm around her bare shoulders and cupped my left hand on her left breast. It felt amazing. I had never felt a breast before. I had imagined what it would feel like but my imagination fell far short of the real thing. I moved my hand over to the other one and it felt just as awesome. Donna continued stroking me, the copious amount of pre-cum providing maximum lubrication and soaking her hand, and after all that time on the nude beach I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I reluctantly removed my hand from her breasts and slid it down toward her pussy. She spread her legs wide as I got close and then I was feeling her slit through the sparse hair between her legs. It was sopping wet. I put a little pressure on my middle finger and it slipped between her lips. She let out a little gasp. I started moving my finger back and forth in her slit and inserted it into her vagina up to her hymen. I then went back to moving it back and forth in her slit. I didn’t know much about the physiology of cunts, but I did know that the clit was somewhere between the lips and she didn’t need to have her vagina stimulated in order to have an orgasm. I knew I must be doing something right when she spread her legs farther apart. I pressed another finger into her slit and with the two of them started moving in circles. She was breathing heavily, her eyes closed and her head tilted back. Her grip on my cock tightened and the pace of her strokes speeded up. That was all it took.”I’m going to cum” I said.She quickly looked down at my cock just as it started to spurt onto her legs and the seat. The best, most intense orgasm I’d ever had, by far. A completely different experience because I was in the actual presence of a beautiful naked girl, not just imagining it, her hand was doing it and my hands were nowhere near my cock like they always had been every time I orgasmed before.”Wow” she panted when the spurting stopped. Then, “Don’t stop.”I had no intention of stopping until she came and about ten seconds later her hand which was still holding my cock tightened to a vise grip, her body jerked forward and she gave out a series of soft grunts as she spasmed repeatedly with her orgasm. When the spasms stopped I stopped massaging her cunt and just left my hand there. She leaned back with her eyes closed, panting and said “Wow”. Then another spasm jerked her and after another five seconds, the final spasm. After a while her breathing slowed, she opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled.”That was great” she said. Then she turned to me, reached her right arm around my neck, snuggled her head under mine and stayed there. We held each other for a couple minutes, then she lifted her head, looked at me and kissed me. Just a light peck on the lips. Then another, slower kiss, me kissing her back. She drew back, looked into my eyes and then came toward me again, her lips parting. This time is was a lovers kiss, a long passionate kiss with tongues exploring each other’s mouths and then snuggled back in each other’s arms. We held each other for another minute and then she said, “We’d better get cleaned up and get home before Mom and Dad start wondering where we are.”Fortunately the car had plastic seat covers so there would be no telltale stains. We wiped off her legs and the seat with Kleenex, got dressed and headed home with the windows open, hoping the smell of sex would dissipate before we got there. Donna sat in the middle of the seat until we got close to home, next to me with her head on my shoulder like a girlfriend, not a sister.

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