Maxine Does ‘Em All Ch. 06

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Maxine made two trips to the gynecologist over the next month. She got another prescription for antibiotics, but was relieved that the check-up revealed that the chlamydia had been nipped in the bud. Her anus had however required some additional treatment for the abuse it had sustained.

Clive did not mention the two previous gangbangs, in fact he hardly spoke to her at all, and Maxine was somewhat relieved at this. She didn’t know what to say. They had not made love in a month and she had started to think of herself as untouchable. She had at least started venturing outside the house again, but avoided the gym. She didn’t want to see Bruce again. She suspected it was him who had been calling the house and then putting the phone down when Clive answered.

The biggest relief Maxine felt was that there had been no more gangbang visits. They had received another note from Matt, demanding more cash as compensation for five of the gang members who had been infected with chlamydia. They blamed this all on Maxine, even though she had merely been the receptacle for their sperm and whatever diseases they carried. Knowing that she had been infected has at least kept them away, she thought. As far as the doctors knew, she was clean now, but she wasn’t about to broadcast that.

Then came the surprise phone call. Clive called Maxine to the phone and she got a start. She picked up the receiver and heard the voice on the other end as if in a dream. Could it be…? Buddy? It was. They had an awkward conversation, exchanging pleasantries. Maxine felt like her world was crashing in, but deep inside her she wanted desperately to see her brother again. They arranged to meet for lunch.

“I didn’t know you had a brother,” Clive said, after she put down the phone.

“Oh!” Maxine was startled. “We were kind of estranged…” she said after a pause. “We’re going to meet for lunch tomorrow.”

“Hm-hm,” Clive grunted behind his newspaper.

The next day Maxine walked into the Italian bistro and scanned the dining area for her brother. She saw a familiar, but older face looking back at her with a smile. In fact, several men had looked up at her entrance, so appealing was her obscured beauty, but she was drawn to the face she knew. She walked over to the table and sat down. Buddy just smiled silently at her for a while and she got uncomfortable.

“Well…” she started.

“Well,” said Buddy.

She let out a little laugh. “This is so weird.” “I know,” he said. “It was hard trying to find you. Why did you disappear like that?”

He got right to the point didn’t he, thought Maxine.

“Oh Buddy, let’s not talk about that. Let’s just enjoy seeing each other again. It’s…” she faltered.

“It’s been 16 years,” he finished. “Sixteen years without contact. Oh, there were those letters you sent the first couple years of college and then the occasional postcard from who-knows-where. But you basically cut us off.”

Maxine was looking down, nervously brushing her hair out of her eyes. “How is Mom?” she asked.

“Mom is fine. She would like to see you.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I could,” Maxine blurted out.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to see Mom?”

Maxine was shaking her head.

“Maxine, we love you,” said Buddy.

Maxine’s eyes were misting up.

“Did I tell you how lovely you look? You…”

“Oh, I don’t,” Maxine interrupted. “I look like an old frump.”

“You can’t fool me. You’re beautiful Maxine.” He said it like it like beautiful was her first name. She touched her slim fingers to the corner of one eye. Buddy leaned across the table and wiped a tear from her cheek, lightly touching her skin. She felt it like an electric shock.

Buddy brought his hand to his mouth and licked her salty tear off a finger. Maxine wanted to run out of there, but she was rooted to her seat.

“Let’s order something,” he said.

They ate in silence, but Buddy kept looking at her. She tried to avoid his piercing blue eyes.

“So, is the guy who answered your phone your husband?” he asked eventually.

“Yes,” she said. “You’re happy?” he ventured.

She looked up at the question, her mind racing through the past again, the reasons why she had left home, why she could never go back. Buddy had not wanted her to leave for college, but she had already delayed it by a year. She felt trapped in her incestuous lifestyle, having been in a sexual relationship first with her father, then her two older brothers, then finally Buddy and Mom. She trembled at the memory.

At first, her desire to leave was because she wanted to do something with her life, to be something other than a farm girl. Her older brothers had certainly left for that reason. But then, while she was at college, in her own space and with time to reflect, she had been horrified at her past. Many hours of therapy had followed and she had almost managed to bury the memories. The story she told her subsequent friends and boyfriends was that she was an orphan and an only child. Her father’s life insurance had bequeathed sex izle her a tidy sum at age 21, her sophomore year at college, and she had been self-sufficient since then. She had gradually written less and less to Buddy and Mom, till she eventually stopped communicating with them altogether.

As far as Clive knew, she came from money. An inheritance left to her by her father had paid for their house and made Maxine into a stuck-up bitch when she wanted to be. No members of her family had come to their wedding.

Buddy paid the bill and helped Maxine into her jacket.

“Let’s go for a walk,” he said.

They walked down some city blocks, then crossed the street to a park, chatting on the way about other things: what had she studied at school, was she working now, did she have any kids? She tried to pretend she was with an old friend and they were catching up. Then suddenly Buddy leaned in to kiss her and she pulled away defensively.

“What are you doing, Buddy?” she asked, irritated.

“What do you mean? I want to give my sister a kiss,” he said with innocence.

“But…” she said.

“Come on, give your little brother a kiss. We haven’t even hugged each other since we said hello.”

Maxine begrudgingly leaned forward and turned her cheek. Buddy pecked her cheek, but lifted his hand to touch his thumb to her lips. She pulled away again.

Buddy smiled at her as she stood there awkwardly. “I love you, sis,” he said.

“Don’t say that!” she retorted. “I love you Maxine,” he said.


He stepped closer again, to embrace her, and she didn’t resist. She felt like she was melting in his arms, so big and grown up now. She still had her hands clutched over her chest, but now she relaxed them, even gingerly holding onto his coat. Buddy held her tightly to him, cheek to cheek, and she thought she would faint, her body full of needles and pins.

Then Buddy moved his face in front of hers and looked deeply into her big blue eyes. He felt such passion for her – he couldn’t believe how it stirred in his loins again at the sight of her. Sixteen years had passed and she had only grown more beautiful, more womanly, more desirable.

He moved his face closer and she kept staring at him wide-eyed. Then their noses touched, then their lips brushed, then his lips were fastened on hers and the tip of his tongue touched hers. Maxine’s arms came up to embrace him like he was embracing her, her fingers pressed on his back. They kissed gently but passionately like that for several minutes, and any passerby would have thought they were just like any young lovers.

Buddy broke the kiss and looked at her lovingly. “Come to my hotel room,” he said.

“Buddy…” she said again, but he put a finger against his lips, then against hers and led her by the hand to his rental car. They drove the short distance to his hotel and he got his key from the receptionist, then they were in the elevator. He pulled her to him in the elevator and kissed her again. She was anxious someone would come in on them like this. They stopped at his floor, he fumbled with the key and dropped it, laughing, continuing to look at her as though she might run at any moment.

That’s exactly how she felt – she wanted to run, but she was a confused tangle of emotions. She stood nervously as Buddy got the key in the door. She knew that once they were behind that door there would be no going back. One last desperate urge to run, but then she was through the door and it closed behind her.

Buddy immediately began kissing her again, and she was moaning and closing her eyes. He pulled her coat off and ran his hands up and down her back, then felt for the zip at the back of her skirt and went down on his knees as he unzipped it. She stood before him in her white blouse and cotton underwear and low black heels. He hugged her around her thighs and pressed his cheek to her mound, then his lips and nose and she gasped and stroked his hair.

He stood up again and undid the buttons on her blouse and she stood there gazing dreamily at him. She was now in her white satin bra and white cotton briefs and she stepped out of her heels, standing barefoot. He picked her up in his arms and she gasped at his gentle strength, then he laid her on the bed. He looked down at her as he got out of his own clothes, ripping a couple buttons off his shirt, then stumbling around a bit as he tried to get off his pants. She let out a little laugh and smiled. He was so pleased to see her smile. He was hungry for her. He stripped down to nothing and her eyes were riveted on his crotch as that was bared to her. She remembered that penis well. It had fit in her so well. At nine inches, it was shorter than many of the pricks that had been in her recently, but it was nice and fat around. She knew it would stretch her pussy nicely. He stood there like an Adonis, not knowing all that was going through her mind, but hoping he appealed to her again.

He got onto the bed and crawled over her on his hands and knees, straddling her and she felt her alt yazılı porno heart pounding. He lowered his face to hers again and they kissed. Maxine didn’t know whether to keep her eyes open or closed. He lay alongside her and stroked his right hand over her bra-covered breasts. Her nipples were getting hard and pointy. He could feel it through the satin. He continued rubbing them, then moved his hand over her flat belly. Her skin tingled to touch and he loved her warmth. He moved his hand lower still and touched the edge of her cotton panties. Her stomach went concave as she drew in breath. He placed his hand lightly over her cotton-covered mound, stroking her pubic hair through the material, and then he cupped her pussy in his hand. She jerked her hips upward to his touch and he knew he had her. She was his again.

He unsnapped the front snap to her bra and pulled the cups back. Her big breasts were exposed. They looked even bigger than when she was 18, he thought. They were beautiful, perfectly and naturally rounded, with wide pink areolas. Her hard nipples strained into the air. He rubbed the curvature of her breasts, then played with her nipples. She was breathing hard, looking up at the ceiling. He moved his head to lick a nipple, then sucked on it. He repeated it with the other nipple. He sucked her like he was trying to get milk from her and she felt like she was about to produce it for him. After some minutes on her breasts, he left them coated with saliva and moved his head down towards her panties. There was already a damp spot over her slit and Buddy noticed.

Maxine was feeling helpless and yet enormously aroused. She was delirious from the foreplay, wanting him inside her already, thrusting into her clutching pussy. She could imagine how her pussy would cling to him, spurring him on to give her his seed.

Buddy put his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them slowly down her legs, relishing the sight of her womanhood being revealed to him again. She kept her pussy so pretty, he thought. Her slit was still straight and neat and her bush was a nice triangle above it. He gently pried her legs apart.

“You shave down there,” he said out loud, then wondered if he should have mentioned it.

“Yes,” she smiled shyly. Do you like it?”

“I love it,” he said, and proving it, leaned in to kiss her slit. He pushed her smooth, long legs wider. He showered kisses on her, nuzzling her pubic hair, gently pecking her clitoris and kissing her slit sideways, like it was a mouth. He kissed and she flowered open to him. Maxine was gasping, clutching the sheet as he slipped his tongue in between her moist labia and French-kissed her pussy. He did this for a while as well and she felt her orgasm rising. He licked deep into her hole and swathed his tongue up and down her slit. She tasted so sweet to him, as sweet as the first day he had done this with her, 17 years ago, when they were both teenagers. Buddy had her legs pushed out at 180 degrees now. He sucked on her clitoris, which swelled in his mouth. More wetness was dripping out of her and he was lapping it up.

Maxine’s orgasm started with a tingling in her feet and fuzzy feeling in her head, radiating out from the sensations she was feeling in her pussy. Her nipples felt like they were connected by invisible wires to her clit and deep inside her vagina. Her body was trembling. Buddy noticed and licked her with even greater fervor. He wanted her to come like she hadn’t in a long time. In truth, it had been a month for Maxine, since the last time she was gang-banged, the last time actually being when she had a huge black penis shoved up her pretty white ass.

She exploded, arching her shapely hips off the bed and spurting some of her moisture out on Buddy’s tongue. He was surprised but delighted. He hadn’t remembered his sister being able to do that when they were together. He carried on licking her pussy as she came down from her orgasm.

“Ohhh, stop and come here!” she exclaimed, reaching her hands down to grasp his ears and pull his head up towards her face. He kissed her belly and breasts on the way. Then they looked into each other’s eyes and she let her eyes roam all over his face, noting her slick cum on his lips, cheeks and chin. She pulled him in to kiss him, sticking her tongue deep into his mouth and kissing him furiously. She tasted her own pussy juice. Buddy was surprised at her ferocity, but returned the kiss, loving her mouth with his own.

After they kissed awhile, Buddy leaned back.

“We’re not done yet,” he said.

“Oh, I know. I want you inside me now!” she said.

“No, not yet,” he laughed. “I want to make love to all of you.”

She looked up at him curiously, then Buddy was moving down between her legs again. But he had a different object in mind this time – her asshole. He admired the cute hairless pucker, a pink-brown star surrounded by her smooth white flesh. Then he leaned in to lick it. As he touched his tongue to her, Maxine gasped and tried to pull away.

“No, altyazılı sex izle you don’t want to lick me there,” she said, her face flushing red.

“Oh, but I do,” he said. “I want to make love to all of you, remember?”

“But it’s… dirty,” she managed to get out.

“Not if it’s yours,” he said and touched his tongue to her pucker again. “You have a beautiful asshole, Maxine, and I want to make love to it.”

She trembled. “Then at least come up here and let me make love to your cock while you’re down there,” she said.

Buddy hesitated then obliged, clambering over in a 69. He lowered his stiff cock to her face and watched through his legs as she reached up to take it in one of her elegant hands and brought it to her mouth. She noticed he was dripping pre-cum and wondered how he was managing to last so long. She flicked her tongue at the head and Buddy groaned, then she sucked on the head and he felt her warm mouth around him.

He turned his attention back to his sister’s asshole. He had to pull her legs up to round her ass in the air more, then dragged his tongue across her anus. A shudder passed through Maxine again. Buddy drilled his tongue against the pucker. Maxine’s ass had recovered nicely since the last gangbang buttfuck, when her poor ass was left a gaping ruin, but her asshole now instinctively opened a bit on sensing it was going to be fucked. Buddy was surprised to see her tight pucker open into a little hole, but kept drilling his tongue into her. He guessed she had been fucked there recently. Her husband – or someone else, he wondered. He felt jealous.

Maxine was now sucking on his shaft, doing her best to lift her head up and get as much of him in her mouth as she could. She loved the feel of his smooth hard cock, familiar to her again after so many years. She too wondered who he had made love to in the intervening years. She tried not to think of her mother.

Buddy was getting his tongue as far as it could go into Maxine’s asshole, lathing the delicate pink flesh inside. She was clean inside, having returned to regular enemas. He loved the taste of her musk, though, alternatively sucking on her entrance and drilling his tongue into the little hole. Her pussy was still leaking fluid and he returned to it, licking her slit again, then returning to her asshole. He repeated this a few times, transferring his attention to her pussy then back to her asshole. Maxine was delirious with passion. No man had ever made tender love to her asshole like Buddy was doing right now. The last time… was her mother. She groaned as she felt another orgasm arise.

She sucked furiously on her brother’s cock, wanting to taste his seed in her mouth. She stoked his balls. She grasped his cock in her hand and withdrew it from her mouth so she could lick his balls. Buddy groaned. He didn’t remember her being this aggressive. His penis was twitching. Maxine quickly put him back in her mouth and moved her face up as far as it could go, feeling Buddy’s cockhead at the entrance to her throat. Her red lips were stretched obscenely wide over the base of his shaft. She choked a bit, but she wanted to please him more than any other. Buddy hadn’t expected her to try deepthroat him but he wasn’t about to argue. He groaned into her winking asshole and did his best to continue eating her ass as she sucked him. They started coming at the same time, his cock jerking and spurting his seed into her mouth and down her throat, and her pussy and ass convulsing, more juice dripping out of her slit and her ass making its own juices.

She kept him in her mouth and swallowed all his sperm. Buddy, for his part, licked up her vaginal fluids and ass juice. He lowered his body and they lay head to crotch for a while, embracing and caressing each other’s bodies. Then he moved around to face her again, and they kissed. This time she could taste her ass as well as her pussy, and Buddy could taste traces of his semen in her sweet mouth. He loved his big sister.

They lay like that for a while, stroking each other’s bodies. Maxine continued to fondle her brother’s flaccid cock till it started hardening again. Buddy was ecstatic that his sister was still in the zone. He was going to fuck her in every orifice. He put his hand to her pussy and started fingering her as she stroked his cock. He squeezed lightly on her swollen clit and moved his index finger up and down her slit before pushing it inside. Maxine gasped and arched her hips upward. He pushed his finger in up to the knuckle and rotated it inside her. She was staring into his eyes seductively and opening her mouth into a little “O”.

He pushed in a second finger, then a third, pumping them in and out of her. She continued to feverishly stroke his cock. He was back to full erection. He pulled away from her and moved between her spread legs. He positioned himself, holding his cock in his hand and gazing at her glistening cunt. Maxine spread her legs as wide as she could, doing the splits. Her neat slit parted and he could see the wet pink inner labia. She wanted him to desire her with a passion. She wanted to be more desirable to him than any of the women he must certainly have slept with over the last 16 years. She saw the glazed look in his eyes as he saw her pink inner flesh beckoning him, the way she flowered open for him.

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