Maureen’s Sweet Treat

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Maureen’s Sweet Treatmaureen is a older woman i used to work with she is 62 years old short brown hair to her neck glasses,nice tits, some sag to them but still nice, nice ass and a trimmed pussy, this happened a few years ago, i meet maureen at work very nice from the day i started, sweet lady, grandma like, would help you out anything you need she was there, very sweet lady.she was set to retire and the office staff wanted to take her out for drinks and dinner, maureen was surprised when she showed up gifts,cards everything.we ate,drank had a blast. i talked to her most of the night me and maureen were close i cared alot about her she was so sweet. the end of the night she needed a ride i told her i could take her, she told me she didnt want to go home yet she wanted to hang out, it was getting late i told her if she wants we can hang at my house for a little i have stuff to drink and we can talk. she was all in for that.we get to my place we talked and drank enjoying each others comapny it was nicenow i was not thinking about sex with her untill i asked about her husband. her husband all he wants to do is go fishing, watch tv,drink beer,watch sports i told her there is nothing wrong with that, she said there is when he wont touch,hug,kiss or fuck you she said. i looked at her that was the first time i have ever heard her curse,she looked at me what tom? you dont think i like to fuck cause im old? no i just dont bring it up,i love to fuck tom i have not fucked in a long time.she had on a white shirt, and a gray skirt with stockings and heels,so i told her well your a beautiful women and kocaeli escort your husband is a fool for not fucking you any normal man would, thats when she asked if i would fuck her, your normal right tom? fucking a right i am,she moved over to me and gave me a long deep kiss, my cock was jumping in my pants. i started to rub her tits and kiss on her neck she took off her shirt and bra, i sucked on her nipples, kissing and licking them, tom we should move this to your bedroom, in there maureen took her skirt off and she had on a black gater and stockings oh my god that was so hot she took my pants down and my cock sprung out at her,jesus christ tom! your cock is fucking huge! so much bigger than my husband ever was.i laid down on my bed as maureen laid down on my legs i could feel her kissing and licking my head, she sucked my head a little and rubbed my balls, licking the shaft and sucking my balls, it felt so good, she swallowed my cock right in her mouth,she moved her head up and down on my cock with alot of suction, she could suck a cock,she was jerking me off and licking my balls, tom you have a nice cock tastes very good,maureen i wanna taste you,i wanna eat that pussyi have not had that done in years, eat this old pussy tom eat it, i pulled her black panties down waititng to see a full bush when her pussy was neat and trimmed, her lips were nice and fat i dove on that pussy slurping and eating sucking on her clit. i was rubbing her clit and eating that sweet old cuntmaureen thrust her pussy in my face. oh tom fuck me please its been waytoo long fuck me.i told her to get on all fours kocaeli escort bayan on my bed i stood behind her, rubbing my head all over her swollen opening and clit, i slide my fat cock into her, oh shit tom that feels wonderful! ohs its been too long i pushed my cock all the way in her oh!!!!! she cried out my god thats a huge cock your stretching my pussy!! oh my god, fuck you cocksucker fuck me hard now!! i was moving in and out of her pussy hard and fast smacking her old ass, and pulling on her shoulders not real hard and rough she is 62 now, i keep pounding that pussy fast she was moaning and sweating sweet jesus tom fuck me!! fuck my old pussy!!!damn i loved a foul mouthed woman, i stuck a wet finger in her ass, while banging that twat, she wanted to be on top i was on my back she climbed over took my cock put it in her pussy and sat right down, she was riding me hard i held her ass, and sucked on those titties, man she was a great fuck for an old womenmy cock felt so good in her, pounding that sweet cunt. maureen laid on her back as i took my throbbing purple cock and put it all in her her eyes almost popped out of her head, i held her under her knees and fucking her hard and fast, oh tom fuck me hard you asshole fuck me hard, i was tearing that pussy up she was hot and wet, i kicked in and fucked her harder now,oh my god tom,jesus thats hard, yeah you like hard you old fuck i told her,i kept going faster and fasterits too hard tom, oh shit tom, you like it hard and rough maureen its been long for you take my hard cock bitch,oh this feels so good but hard oh my,oh myyeah come izmit escort on you old whore cum on tom’s cock cum on it bitch.oh tom she scremedim going to cum!!!!!!! i felt my cock and balls soaked she was red in the face and sweating, yeah you like maureen you like that pussy cumming like that oh god tom!! its felts very very good, fuck this old pussy, this is your old pussy!fuck me, cum tom cum for me,i could feel my cum boiling deep with evry thrust in her pussy, shit im going to cum maureen im going to cum, i pull my cock and move to her and shoot my thick creamy white load on her face and in her mouthshe was sucking up all my cum, that was amazing tom you fucked me good, she got herself back together and sat next to me on the bed and told me how wonderful it was, and she liked the finger in her ass.i told her a cock would feel good in her ass too, she thought about it and said ok but please do it easy i have never had it, i got some baby oil and poured it all over and in her ass, i rubbed my cock with it and i was hard as hell and ready to go again, i got behind her, and with ease put my cock in her ass, taking it slow i moved in deeper and deeper untill my balls hit her pussy lips, holy shit tom oh my god oh my god thats fucking deep, i fucked her ass slow and she really enjoyed it. her ass was so fucking tight it felt like i could not get my cock out, it felt so good and went a little faster she moaned loud,i held her hips and kept going, it didnt last too long i yelled out im gonna cum, cum in my ass tom cum in that tight asshole, i blew my wad again deep. what a fucking night, maureen had fun and said deff do it again tom your are a good fuck she said, we cleaned up and i took her home she kissed me on the cheek thanking me for the night the gifts, and one hell of a fuckingmaureen you are one fine lady.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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