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My name is David and this is a brief story about my kinky sex life and mutual sandal fetish with my Mature Bodybuilder girlfriend Samantha.

It is mid May here in Tucson and the sun is rising over the rocky horizon. A cool breeze blows from the west as I step outside onto the back porch. It is about seventy degrees and seems to be getting warmer. I think the temperature will surely be in the mid 90’s today.

My loose pajama bottoms hang loosely around my waist. I breathe the fresh air into my lungs as I walk out onto the wooden deck. I am barefoot and avoid the various items on the porch that I can stub my toes on. My body aches from the wild sex I had with Samantha last night. I am thirty one years old and am six feet tall and weigh two hundred and twenty pounds. I physically am a good match for my mature muscled fifty five year old girlfriend Samantha. She retired last year after working nearly thirty years in the medical field. Sam also competed for more than ten years on the female body building circuit. I am shacked up and live with her here at her spacious home in Eastern Tucson. We met eighteen months ago and have been lovers ever since.

Samantha and I would dress in some light clothing today. I could only imagine what Sam would wear on her body today. We had planned a shopping trip to Tempe about two hours away. Samantha had recently decided to spend the day shopping at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. Samantha wants to buy several new summer outfits. She also wishes to expand her large collection of thong sandals.

I think of Samantha and am conflicted. I am in love with her in spite of the more than twenty years difference in our age. She and I have an uncontrollable lust for each other. I wonder what we will do to each other sexually tonight. Samantha’s sexual appetite is absolutely amazing for a woman that is eligible for AARP. Her fashion sense is very revealing and sexy. Short dresses and skirts with sleeve less tops are her favorite outfits. Samantha wears thong sandals of varying heel height. She will not adorn her feet in the ever popular rubber flip flop. The only time she didn’t wear sandals was during Tucson’s two month winter season. On some mild winter days she will wear sandals with jeans. During about nine or ten months of the year Samantha keeps her perfect feet displayed in her various styles of thong sandals. Her feet are flawless despite being large. Samantha wears a size ten or eleven depending on the manufacturer. Samantha is almost two hundred pounds with a height of six feet. Her size and muscular build are what attracts her to me. I think Sam is confident about herself due to her physical conditioning as a former professional body builder. She lifts weights several times a week to maintain her tone. She is the strongest woman I have ever seen. She and I are about equal in strength. I can out bench press her, but she squats and dead lifts more weight than I can.

Samantha’s old job as a radiologist had prevented her from dressing sexy. Upon retirement Sam got rid of all of her scrubs and crocs. Currently Samantha spends days sunbathing (nude), swimming, lifting weights, cooking, sucking cock and fucking. I am the lucky cock that Samantha sucks and fucks. My hours as an aeronautical engineer are fairly flexible. I am taking a two week vacation with Samantha starting today. After our shopping trip we will travel to San Diego. We plan celebrating our summer vacation at a resort in San Diego. We are leaving for San Diego in two days time.

I enjoy my coffee as I think of Samantha sleeping in the nude in the next room. The thought of Sam had produced a thick erection in my pants. I remove my pants and stroke my large thick cock and close my eyes. I think of Samantha’s muscular ripped body laying before me. I can see her smoothly shaven cunt splayed open for my tongue or cock. Due to Samantha’s steroid use in the past she has a huge clitoris. It is slightly over an inch long when erect. Sam had her clit pierced two years ago and wears a large steel stud that enhances her orgasms. As I masturbate I have a sudden feeling that I am not alone. I open my eyes and see Samantha’s pretty green eyed face smiling out the window of our kitchen. I start to pull my pants up and stop, as she motions for me to leave them off.

“Hey stud is that healthy cock for me? I hope you were thinking of me while you were milking that monster. “Samantha says as she moves closer to me.

“Yes I was thinking of you my love.” I respond.

“What were you thinking about? Tell me” She asks.

“I was thinking of your nude sexy body.” I say.

“What else were you thinking about David?” Samantha continues.

“I was thinks about your hard body, your shaved cunt, your mouth on my cock, your hard pierced clit, your great tits, and your sexy open thong sandals.” I say as I look at Samantha’s succulent nude body.

“I am glad we had that privacy fence put up last month David. You out here jacking off your immense penis would be a turn on for those old ladies canlı bahis that live behind us.” Samantha clarifies.

My eyes look at Samantha. Her pretty brown hair is very short cut in a pixy style. I think better access for cock sucking. She has stopped dying her hair which is a natural light brown color. Her ear lobe piercings stretch to accommodate the large brass ring hoop ear rings that hang from her lobes. Her sculpted body is tall, wide, muscled, toned and tan with a light brown hue from Samantha’s frequent nude sunbathing. Her tits are not very big, but are a firm C cup on her body builder physique. Sam is completely nude except for very thin strapped thong sandals with high heels.

Samantha moves on her sandaled feet toward me. “Like what you see?”

“You put those on to excite me Sam?” I ask.

“Actually I was planning on wearing these today. I am making sure the straps are adjusted. I heard noise out here and caught you out here beating off.” She explains.

“Those are so hot. What will you wear with them?” I ask as I stare at her perfect feet.

“My white sundress that you like so much will go with these nicely. I plan to wear my white hat that I bought last week.” She clarifies.

Samantha’s long red fingernails lightly scratch my smooth ball sack as she squats before me.

“I think I will eat some breakfast before we get ready.” Sam says as she looks up at me.

Samantha looks at my nearly nine inch swollen cock with lust in her heart. I feel her lips slide over the pointed head of my cock. Slowly her mouth slides down further and swallows another inch. Another bob of her head and another inch slips into her pretty mouth. Sam swallows me until she has about five inches in her mouth. As I look down I see her green eyes locking into my eyes.

“I love you.” I grunt as Sam opens her throat past her gag reflex.

I hold her head as her eyes watch me as her throat swallows me down until her lips meet my large testicles. Sam brings her head back up until my cock is free. She holds me in her hands.

“I love you too honey. I bet you love me more when I deep throat you.” She grins.

I look down at her perfect face. Her eyes meet mine again. Her lips take me in again. I gaze down at her and from this angle and I see her head and her outstretched arms as they hold my hips. She squats on the balls of her feet. I watch as her toes spread open as she moves her head down on my erection. Sam knows that I can see her thong sandals and feet and positions herself so they are in view. Her expression is of pure lust as she opens her throat. Samantha bobs her head forward and deep throats me. She picks up a steady rhythm and moves her head with only my cock head in her mouth and takes my length down to the balls on each down stroke. Sam is an amazing cock sucker. After about nine or ten deep throat strokes Sam holds my cock down her throat and uses her throat muscles to milk the head and shaft while my hanging balls dance on her chin. She uses this internal cock massage for about ten seconds and quickly deep throats my cock from head to base for anther ten strokes in about a five second duration. Her head is a blur as she deep throats me. She uses several hundred throat strokes and dozens of deep throat swallow massages on me before I start to shake.

“Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh!

I am coming honey! Sam deep throat my cock!”

I grip the sides of her head and fuck her throat with my cock. I go hard deep and fast. After about twenty deep throat strokes I come.

“Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh” I scream as I hold Sam’s head onto my shooting cock. Sam performs her swallow massage while I am balls deep in her throat. I put about eight or nine bolts of thick salty froth into her throat. She looks up into my eyes and swallows each spasm into her throat and stomach.

“Good morning, my love. Thank you for breakfast. That must have been about two fluid ounces. I love your semen. David I love your cock. You taste so splendid. I think your large healthy large portions of semen are keeping me young and healthy.” Sam says as she stands and licks her lips for stray drops of cum.

“We need to shower quickly honey. We need to get cleaned up and be on the road.” Sam says as she stands up.

We go into our large bathroom and shower and freshen up. We drink a cup of coffee together in our kitchen. I load our bags and an ice chest into our car. I get into the car and look at Sam as she sits next to me in the passenger seat of our SUV. Samantha’s face is lightly wrinkled and her cheek bones are prominent that gives her an almost feline appearance. Her lips are extremely full and they make her wide face sensuous. Her neck line is tight there are no wrinkles or excess skin. If I didn’t already know her age I would estimate that she is around forty. Many people on first glance think she is my older sister. 3d slot oyunları

Her white sundress is sleeveless and displays Samantha’s large veined biceps. Her powerful wide shoulders top her muscular frame. Her full 46 C cleavage is revealed by her minimal bra worn underneath her dress. Her waist is thick and with a small tummy to accent her figure. The skirt portion of the dress is wide, loose and short. It ends about eight inches above her knees. The lower portions of her muscled thighs are visible. Muscled tanned calves are prominently revealed. Thick blood vessel s cross throughout the length of her leg muscles. Her ankles are thin for a large woman as are her wrists. She wears very thin golden chains around each ankle. Her white thong sandals that she had worn earlier are a style from Victoria’s Secret. They are from an older collection by the designer Colin Stuart. The tan foot bed consists of a five inch spike heel on a thin sole. The thin thongs connect to a delicate ankle strap that connects to a cup strap at her heel. Sam’s sexy toes are all visible in this minimal sandal.

We drive for a little more than two hours to Mesa and take the exit to Tempe. We begin our shopping around mid day as we enter the entrance of the mall near the Harkin Theatres at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. After finding the mall registry of stores we began our first lap of the giant rectangular structure. This is the ultimate place to shop for almost anything. Sam wants to shop for clothing and shoes. This shopping spree is totally for Samantha..

As we exited our SUV “Hey what are you looking at?” Sam scolds me.

A nice looking young girl of about twenty five walks by us wearing some killer thong sandals. She has real nice feet mounted on a three inch heel. Her toes have multiple toe rings and spread slightly open as she walks. Her feet look very much like Sam’s.

“I was just looking at your competition.” I say.

“You are drooling at her feet aren’t you?” Sam asks. I smile and nod that I lust after her feet.

” I love her sandals. I am going to ask her where she got them. If you asked she would think that was creepy. ” Sam says.

Sam caught up with the sandal girl. She had purchased the sandals at Ross. We walk to Ross and find the same sandal, but all of them are in sizes too small for Samantha’s large feet. We find and purchase a pair of brown flat thong sandals with thin straps that Sam likes. We leave Ross and go to four of five other stores near Ross and didn’t find any sandals to Sam’s liking.

We decide to shop for Sam’s toes. We stop at Zales and I purchase four toe rings for Samantha. I sit in a chair and place them on her sandal clad feet. I receive some funny looks from several of the employees as I place the rings on Sam’s toes. Each baby toe and second toe receives a ring. Sam’s second toes are a tiny bit longer than her big toes and I think this makes her feet even more attractive.

We eat a late lunch and decide to shop at Spencer’s Gifts. Sam finds a thick steel ring bracelet that has an adjustable clamp for a smaller wrist. I try to clasp the ring on Sam’s wrist Sam whispers “Cock and Ball ring!” in my ear. I grin in reply. “For $7.99 that’s not bad.” I know we will try the thick ring tonight in our nightly copulation.

We stop at Old Navy and find identical brown and pink outfits for her. Both outfits are very revealing with bare midriffs and very low cut. The skirts are very short and leave little to the imagination. Sam has some pink thong sandals at home that match the pink outfit. We need some sexy brown sandals for the second outfit. Old Navy has mostly ugly flip flops and flat sandals. Sam wants a higher heel thong that matches the exact shade of brown on her outfit. At Marshal’s we immediately find a thong sandal that Sam falls in love with. They are a brown thong with a two inch raised platform sole mounted on a seven inch wedge heel. The thong strap is nearly an inch wide and connects to an equally wide adjustable ankle strap that clasps to the closed heel. They have a zipper at the rear of the heel to help with putting them on. The size ten is too small, so Sam finds an eleven and tightens them all the way to the last holes of each strap. “One hundred and twenty dollars you have to be kidding me?” I say as I question Sam.

“I have paid over one hundred dollars for designer sandals several times.” She responds.

“OK. I get to fuck you while you wear them. Is that a deal?” I ask.

“Of course you can. Would you like me to put them on after we buy them?” She asks.

“Yes I was going to ask you that. I am getting an erection just looking at your feet in those sandals.” I said as I admire her sculpted feet in an almost bondage style sandal.

“I have changed my mind.” Samantha says.” You are going to fist fuck my pussy while you suck my toes. After I am satisfied with my toe job you get to eat my pussy until I cum in your face.”

We find a Holiday Inn a few miles from klasik slot the mall and check in. It is nearly 4 PM and we decide to stay in a large suite. We are hot and sweaty so a great room with all the bells and whistles will enhance our sexual Olympics. The temperature outside is 95 degrees. The cool room feels refreshing. A nice cool shower is in store for our bodies. I get cleaned up first and shave my entire body smooth. I keep myself smooth. Sam prefers me smooth for fellatio. She even insists I shave my anus. She often enjoys rimming me before sucking me. Since I had shaven three days ago it only took me about ten minutes extra during my shower.

When I exit the shower Sam hands me the ring from Spencer’s to wear. As Sam walks past me I see our sexual apparatus in the center of the room.

“I thought you might like a work out during our fun.” Sam says.

“I had no idea you brought it with us I didn’t see it in the car.” I respond.

“I put it in the car after I gave you head.” She smiles.

“You are a magnificent slut. I didn’t know that contraption of yours would fold up small enough to put in the back of the Tahoe.” I say.

Sam smiles at me and enters the bath room. “I am cleaning my ass for you I expect to be sodomized tonight.” She hollers through the door.

“I can’t wait any longer. Hurry up.” I shout back.

I can hear the water running and she is taking a long time. I knew from experience that she is cleaning and shaving her entire body in and out. Sam always brings a large enema bag to cleanse her rectum and colon in preparation for anal sex. Sam has electrolysis on her arms, legs and face. She only needs to shave her pussy, ass, and underarms.

As I wait I put the metal ring around my scrotum and penis. I am hard now and the ring fits nicely around my genitals. Samantha will love this. I look over at the sex machine Samantha set up while I had showered. It was made of strong light aluminum rods that are connected by sleeves. The base has a base that is a triangular grid for stability. The base is attached to two columns that are about four feet off the floor. In the columns there is an axle that is attached to a short rack. The rack could be adjusted to form a flat bed or chair. Every part of the devise is adjustable to each a person’s preference. I place myself on the rack and swung until I was upright.

“Hey get off that. I go first. You are going to eat me out.” Sam says as she opens the bathroom door.

She is totally nude except for a brown dog collar around her neck and her platform brown thong sandals she had purchased earlier. Sam wears large steel rings in her pierced nipples. They accent her metal hoop ear rings. Sam has replaced her clit stud with a large golden ring. Her clit hung above her shaven cunt like a small penis. She walks toward me with a coy smile on her face.

“Now get off. I am first. Thirty minutes you do what I say. You belong to me. I sucked your cock this morning. Now you will return the favor.” Sam commands.

“OK. What do you want me to do?” I ask as I got off the rack.

“Get over here and eat my ass.” She says as she put herself on the rack and raised her legs up and apart for my access.

I place my hands on the edge of the rack as the tip of my tongue finds her rosebud.

“That feels nice David. You can sure eat ass. I am going to fist my pussy while you eat my ass.”

I rim her anus using the tip of my tongue. After a few minutes I am able to penetrate her rectum with an inch of my tongue. Sam fist is buried wrist deep in her cunt as I continue her rim job.

“I want you to eat my cunt.” Sam says.

Sam lowers her legs to less of an angle.” I want you to fuck me hard in my ass with my dildo while you eat my cunt.”

I secure the 8 and 3/4 inch lifelike dildo from the suitcase. This was custom made it was made from a cast taken of my erect penis. Sam had it made about a year ago.

“Shove the dildo in my cunt and get it wet first.” She instructs me.

I eat her open cunt as fuck her deeply with the dildo.

“That feels great. Suck my clit into your mouth hard as you do that. That is enough of the dildo in my pussy. Put it in my asshole.” Samantha growls.

“UUUgggghhhh.” she yelps as I buried the slick dildo in her rectum to the hilt.

“Stop messing around fuck me hard and fast while you eat my pussy.” Sam says.

“Um. Um. Um.”I gurgle with her erect clit and gold ring in my mouth.

Her eyes lock onto mine as she pushes into my face. I look up into her eyes as I suck her clit like a small penis. She smiles and smacks a kiss in the air at me.

“Use your tongue now on my clit and flick it “She says as she starts to shake.

I flick her tongue rapidly as I fuck her ass with the dildo. Her pussy gaps open like a cave below my tongue. I flick along Sam’s labia lips and stick my tongue into her vagina. This drives her crazy. I go back and attack her clitoris with my mouth. As I lick and suck her love button her body begins to spasm and shake.

“I am coming! Don’t stop keep eating me.” She screams.

She shakes and quivers. “Arhhh.Arhhh.Arhhh.” She bellows as she shits the dildo from her asshole in a huge orgasm. The dildo flies about ten feet and strikes the floor.

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