Matty Meets Kimmy

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Hopefully just the beginning of a series.

Disclaimer: All characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18 years.

Comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated.



Between the sea and Sahara by Eugene Fromentin. It was quite the selection for Friday night reading but here I was, re-reading the last paragraph because I couldn’t bring myself to concentrate. That’s when Adam, my college roommate and best friend since age ten, knocked on my door and entered. It was Adam’s and I sophomore year at college and we shared an off campus apartment.

“Hey Matty, what are you doing tonight?”

I looked at him from behind the dull pages,

“Reading for my European Lit class,” I replied.

He chuckled,

“Okay, well as awesome as that sounds, you gotta come out with us tonight, we’re going to the fair,” Adam stated.

“No thanks man, I don’t feel like thirdwheeling it with you and Summer again,” I replied.

Summer was Adam’s girlfriend since high school; I had known her for quite a while too. We were pretty close but in a very brother sister way. She lived on across campus in an apartment.

“No, it’s not just the three of us, Summer’s roommate is coming with, and Jack and Sara from her chem class,” Adam explained.

I thought about Adam’s offer and stared back up to my book, it did seem pretty criminal to be spending a Friday night like this.

“Okay I’m in,” I announced.

“Great, go get ready, we have to pick up Summer and her roomie,” Adam stated.

I rolled out of my bed and took a quick shower. Dressed in a simple black cotton v-neck and jeans I met Adam in our humble living room slash kitchen. The drive across campus was a quick five minutes. When we pulled up, I willingly gave up the front seat as was my custom, to let Summer and Adam sit upfront together. Minutes after placing a call to Summer, we saw the two girls strolling along the walkway towards Adam’s black Acura. Summer had on jean shorts and an orange blouse, her roommate, ripped jeans and a fitted white shirt.

The passenger and rear door opened almost simultaneously and the girls got in. I smiled politely at the petite shy looking brunette that sat down beside me.

“Hey Matty, how’s it going?” Summer asked in her accustomed bubbly tone.

“Great Sum, everything’s great,” I replied.

Summer looked back from the passenger seat to her roommate and me,

“Matty Kimmy, Kimmy Matty,” she bluntly introduced.

I extended my hand to the girl,

“Matthew actually,” I introduced.

The girl shook my hand and smiled, her touch soft and delicate,

“Kimberly,” she replied.

Adam drove off headed in the direction of the fairgrounds, a twenty minute drive.

“So Jack and Sara are meeting us there?” Adam asked, looking over to Summer.

“Oh didn’t I tell you?” she asked, “They had to bail, they have to work on a class project, apparently one member of their group dropped the class, so now they have all his workload to cover,” she explained.

“Wow, that sucks,” Adam replied.

Kimberly and I now smiled awkwardly at each other as this night had just become some kind of weird unexpected double date.

When Adam pulled into the parking lot, an abandoned field, it was already dark out. We stepped out and noticed the temperature had dipped a little. The night sky was clear, brightly illuminated by a full moon, dotted with stars. The four of us made our way to the entrance, paid, and began walking around. We immediately tried our hands at some games, skeeball, whac-a-mole and the like. The place was filled, being a Friday night; it seemed like hundreds of kids running round, their parents in quick step after them. We rested awhile, Adam and Summer sharing a stick of cotton candy, Kimberly and I opting for some popcorn.

After a particularly competitive round of bumper cars between Adam and myself, we headed over to “The Spider.”

It was one of those rides with a centerpiece with a bunch of arms sticking out in a circle, and pods at the end of the arms that you sit in. Once started the centerpiece spins and, simultaneously, the arms move up and down, making for a thrilling ride, since the spinning can get up to some pretty terrifying speeds.

Adam and I had always loved rides like these ever since we were kids. We made our way into the line and Summer noticed Kimberly standing to the side.

“Come on Kimmy, you’ve gotta try it,” Summer prodded.

Kimberly politely declined, opting to sit this one out, but Summer continued to insist. The slender brunette finally relented, and reluctantly joined us in the line.

When we got to the front of the line, the ride attendant seated Adam and Summer in one pod, and Kimberly and I in another. We sat there silently, determined to match the other’s polite smile, although I could sense a look of nervousness on her face. We held on to the cold metal bar as the ride began. At first we went around and up and down very slowly, but the pace was just building. After circling a few times, we were almost up to full speed. The cool night air canlı bahis rushed against our faces and our hair blew haphazardly in the wind. I could hear Adam’s and Summer’s joyous screams from infront of our pod, I myself was happily yelling. It was when we were up to full speed that I heard the panicked sounds from Kimberly; it was definitely not joyous screams. I turned to face her and was heartbroken by the horrified look on her sweet face; I could even see the tears welling up in her eyes as she whimpered. I felt completely helpless as I watched on at Kimberly’s trauma. I placed my hand over hers, which was curled tightly over the metal bar, and did my best to scoot over to her side. I brought my face close to hers, feeling her hair brush harshly against my cheeks as it flew in the wind,

“It’s okay, you’re okay, it’ll be over soon, you’re fine, I promise,” I whispered into her ear. I repeated this to Kimberly for the duration of the ride, which for her must have seemed like an eternity. After a while the ride finally began to slow. When the bar automatically rose, I place my arm around Kimberly’s shoulder and helped her out of the pod. We made our way over to Adam and Summer who immediately saw the distressed look on Kimberly’s face, her eyes waterlogged.

“Oh my god! Babe, what happened?!?” a concerned Summer asked.

Kimberly began to stammer, searching for a response, when I interrupted her,

“Just a little too thrilling of a ride, she’ll be fine right?” I explained, then looked to Kimberly for a response. The brunette nodded. Summer had now also wrapped her arm around her friend, and rubbed her shoulder consolingly.

“Why don’t you guys go ahead with the rides, Kimberly and I are gonna take a little breather,” I suggested.

“Are you sure?” Adam asked with concern.

Kimberly looked up to Adam and Summer,

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, just need a minute or two, go ahead, we’ll catch up in bit,” she stated.

Summer hugged her roommate then she and Adam walked off hand in hand.

I placed my hand around Kimberly’s shoulder once more and looked down to her face; she still looked pretty shaken up.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked, raising my hand and wiping a tear from the corner of her eye.

“Yeah, I just feel so embarrassed, it’s so silly,” she replied.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Adam cried like a baby when we were kids and saw Jaws on VHS for the first time, I had to stand in the bathroom with him that night when he needed to pee, he was terrified.”

Kimberly giggled, now wiping her other eye.

“Don’t tell him I told you that,” I jokingly warned.

“Okay, I promise” Kimberly replied, still chuckling as we walked over to the beverage stand. I got her a water and we sat on a nearby park bench.

“So missy, no more thrill rides for you,” I said, handing her the water; my bad attempt at humor in an effort to keep Kimberly’s spirits up. She took a sip of water and smiled at me. We sat there, right in front of “The Spider,” chatting for a while.

“You ready to go find Adam and Sum?” I asked, watching Kimberly take a final sip before placing the cap back on the water bottle.

“Sure,” she replied.

We were about to get up when a little blonde girl walked past us with her father, aged ten or eleven at most; she was yelling at the top of her voice,

“Daddy! The Spider!! Again again! Please!!”

Kimberly and I couldn’t help but look at each other and burst into laughter. I held Kimberly’s hand, helping her to her feet and we set off to find Adam and Summer.

It took us about ten minutes to find the couple; they had just finished up at a basketball booth. Summer saw us coming as she clutched onto a blue giraffe that she or Adam had won. I noticed a very interesting smile on Summer’s face as we walked up to her. It took me a while to figure out her teasing smile, but I finally realized I was still holding Kimberly’s hand as we walked. I returned Summer’s goofy smile with one of my own.

“So who’s the basketball champ?” I asked, referring to the toy prize.

“Me!” Summer proudly yelled, “Adam couldn’t even make one,” she added. We all shared a chuckle before continuing to explore the rest of the fair, being sure to steer clear of any thrill rides.

At the end of the night we piled into Adam’s car, exhausted from all the walking. We dropped off Kimberly first

“Night guys, all in all, I had a great time,” she said before exiting the car. She shot me a smile, much warmer than the shy one I received when we first met, as she closed the door and walked off.

“Night Kimmy, see you in a bit,” Summer yelled out the window before Adam pulled off.

As Adam drove, Summer turned to me from the front seat, a wide grin on her face,

“So Matty, you and Kim seemed pretty friendly.”

I found myself blushing,

“Yeah, she seems really nice,” I replied.

“She is,” Summer affirmed, “And really hot right?” Summer prodded with a smile.

“Yes Summer, she’s really pretty,” I replied.

“So why don’t you ask her out?”

I rolled my eyes at her when Adam interrupted,

“Don’t bahis siteleri rush my boy, I’m almost certain he’s already working on it,” he stated, staring at me in the rearview mirror.

We drove another five minutes before we pulled into Adam’s and mine apartment parking lot.

“Thank god,” I sighed in relief.

I sat up in the middle of the driver’s and passenger seat. I turned to the right,

“Night Sum,” I said, placing a peck on her cheek.

“See you Matty,” she gleefully replied.

“Catch you later Adam,” I added before exiting the car.

I had to get one jab in before I left,

“Have fun you guys,” I teased, alluding to what they were gonna get up to once I left. I could hear them laugh as I walked off.


I was sat on the couch with my laptop, dressed in PJs, boxers and a t-shirt, when I heard keys jingling on the other side of the door. Summer entered a second later,

“Hey Kimmy,” she beamed, collapsing onto the loveseat to my right.

“Hi Summer, good night I take it?” I teased, looking at her through my reading glasses, bathed in the glow of my laptop screen.

She looked over to me, “What’s with you two tonight?” Summer said, almost to herself, before focusing her attention to me,

“Sooo Kimmy, had a good time tonight?” she asked, almost in a childlike voice.

I smiled at her, knowing exactly what she was getting at,

“Yes Summer, I had a good time.”

“You and Matty seemed to be having a nice time,” she continued.

“Yes, I guess,” I answered.

“So, do you like him?” Summer bluntly asked, as was her nature.

“We’ll I’ve only known him a couple hours, but yes, I suppose,” I confessed.

“I know for a fact that he likes you, even said you were hot,” Summer stated.

“What? He said that?!” I asked in disbelief.

“Well,” Summer began before pausing, “I believe his exact words were ‘really pretty’,” she continued.

I began to blush, feeling blood rush to my face.

“Well…” Summer stated, waiting for a response.

“Well what? What’s with you and the questions?” I joked.

“I just thought you two looked cute together tonight. And you should know, I’ve known Matt for as long as I’ve known Adam; he’s a really nice guy,” Summer explained.

“I know, he was really sweet to me tonight,” I admitted.

We chatted for a while before Summer got up to take a shower and I went to bed.


I was just packing up my stuff, getting ready to leave the library when I spotted Kimberly across the large room. It was three days since we went to the fair. She looked even prettier than the first time I met her, her hair was down and flowed as she walked, jeans and a navy blue t-shirt never looked so amazing.

I zipped up my bag and walked over in her direction. She had taken a seat at a desk and gotten out a textbook.

“Hey Kimberly,” I greeted, keeping in mind to try to be quiet.

She looked up and me a smiled; I seemed to have a weakness of that smile.

“Hi Matthew, how have you been?”

“Good, just gearing up for midterms,” I replied.

“Yup, same here,” she retorted holding up her textbook.

We chatted a bit as I worked up the courage to ask her what I had set out to ask. Finally, I took a deep breath and put it out there,

“So um, Kimberly, I had a really great time at the fair. I was wondering, if you’re not busy this weekend, would you maybe want to do something with me; go out I guess, would you like to go out with me?” I asked. It was a bit of a ramble but I finally got the words out there.

“Sure Matt, I’d love to,” she sweetly replied.

“Great then, so I’ll pick you up Saturday? Is seven okay with you?”

“Seven sounds great.”

“Okay then, I’ll leave you to your studies, see you Saturday,” I finally stated before I spun round and walked off, a wide immovable grin plastered on my face.


Saturday had finally arrived. It had been a tough week but thankfully, all my midterms were over with. Summer and I had just gotten back from a late lunch and an hour at the gym. Matt would be here in little over an hour so I set about getting ready. Closing my bedroom door behind me, I threw my gymbag in the corner and began to undress. I removed my head band and cotton wrist bands, then peeled my loose grey t-shirt off. I strolled into my bathroom and tossed the items in the laundry basket. I turned the shower on as it took a while to warm up. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. The black sports bra and black spandex shorts clung to my every curve. I removed my tight fitting bra and immediately felt relief as I felt the cool air against my naked breasts. I looked down at my chest adoringly, not C-cups like Summer, but modest B-cups, with rosy pebbled tips, which were inexplicably erect at the moment. Bent at the knee, I peeled off my spandex shorts, hanging them with my bra on the hook behind my bathroom door. That same cool bahis şirketleri rush of air now made its way across my nether region and felt just as relieving. I looked down, and passed my hand over my trimmed bush. I had tried the whole shaved clean thing but preferred having a little something, even if it was very little. I stared at my body in the mirror and smiled nervously thinking about my date tonight. As I noticed my bathroom filling with steam I stepped into the tub and proceeded with my shower.

After blow-drying my hair, I walked into my bedroom and removed my light blue bathrobe, hanging it on a nearby chair. I rifled through my underwear draw finally finding the matching pair I had mentally picked out earlier in the day. I held up the bra and bikini cut panty set; white, dotted with deep red roses. After slipping on my underwear, I went to my closet and pulled out my intended dress. I held it against my body and watched in the mirror. Smiling, I excitedly slid into the sleeveless corset type teal dress with a flowing lace bodice overlay. The A-line skirt of the dress ended right above my knees. I tied the matching teal ribbon sash cinching at the waist then put on some perfume and a minimal amount of makeup. I slid on some dressy white flats then finished off with a thin silver necklace. I went out into the living room for Summer to zip up my dress.

Summer was on the couch watching television when I entered the living room. She looked in my direction and began making cat calls as I walked over to her. She almost had me blushing as I turned my back to her,

“Zip please,” I pleaded.

She stood up behind me and placed her hands on my back. I felt her tugging on the zip, all the way up to the back of my neck, then patting the back of my dress. She spun me round and looked me up and down.

“Well, do I look okay?” I asked.

“You’re a knockout babe,” she confidently stated. She reached out and hooked my hair behind my ears,

“You look wonderful, “Summer reaffirmed.

“Thanks Sum,” I replied, feeling as if she had lifted an incredible weight off me. We sat down on the couch and began chatting. Five minutes hadn’t passed and buzz at the intercom. Summer walked over and pressed the button,

“Yes?” she asked.

“Hey Sum, it’s Matt,” replied the voice.

Summer buzzed him and turned to me. She could see the nervous excitement plastered on my face as I looked at her wide eyed. She almost had to walk me over to the door, but thankfully I managed the last few feet on my own. I opened the door and was taken aback by Matthew. The first thing I noticed was his clean shaved face, as opposed to the light stubble he wore on the previous occasions I had seen him. He was a pretty handsome sight, casual white fitted short sleeved shirt, the top button undone, skinny navy blue chinos, one fold at the base over his white and blue checkered converse shoes. We stared at each other for a brief second till he spoke,

“Wow, you look amazing,” he exalted.

“Thanks Matthew,” I blushed, “You look pretty nice yourself,” I added.

“Hey Matty, you’ll be sure to have my Kimmy home by curfew right?” Summer shouted from the couch.

Matthew looked around my shoulder to my roommate,

“Yes mom, she’ll be back before curfew,” he joked.

He reached out an open hand,

“Shall we go?” he asked politely.

I placed my hand in his as we walked off.

Walking through the parking lot towards his car, I turned to Matthew,

“So where are we headed?” I asked.

“Oh I thought we’d check out the rollercoaster emporium, then maybe some bungee jumping, and to top it off I’ve booked us a skydiving appointment,” he said with a smile.

I laughed embarrassingly then playfully punched him on the shoulder.

He chuckled, pretending to rub his shoulder,

“I thought we’d take it easy, how does some miniature golf sound?” he genuinely asked.

“Sounds wonderful,” I replied as I got into the passenger seat of his silver Honda Accord.

We got to the miniature golf place in about fifteen minutes. Matthew paid and we picked out our putters. We were right behind a family of three; mom, dad, and an adorable little boy, seven or eight maybe, so Matthew and I had plenty of time to chat and get to know each other.

We weren’t officially keeping score but I knew I was at least five or six strokes behind. Coming down to the last couple of holes, the parents of the kid in front of us expressed their apologies for taking such a long time. Although we didn’t mind, they insisted we go before them. To put their minds at ease, Matt and I agreed.

On the final hole of the course, Matthew watched and waited as I took my put. The ball skimmed along the faux grass and into the giant cardboard windmill. We made our way behind the windmill to see where our balls had ended up. Matthew made a two put to sink his, and I surprised us both, sinking mine with just the one additional put. We picked up our balls and were about to leave when we saw the little boy’s red golf ball come rolling out of the windmill; it landed about two feet from the hole. Out of sight from the trio, Matthew used his foot and tapped the boy’s ball into the hole. He smiled at me as we walked off. As we returned the golf clubs and balls, we could hear the child’s distant screams,

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