Matt And Karen’s Adventures (Continued)

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The weeks that followed Andy’s visit were dominated by sexual activity.  Every morning Matt screwed Karen before getting out of bed and every night before they went to sleep.  Most evenings Matt returned home from work to find that Karen had set the scene for a sexy evening.  She might be lying naked on the floor just inside the front door or she might serve their meal wearing only her briefest underwear.  She wanted sex all the time and Matt was more than happy to oblige her and often brought home new toys or sexy clothing to enhance their passions.Their fun was not limited to their home.  On one occasion, Karen met Matt after work outside his office so that they could travel home together and suggested that they visit a wine bar to have a drink together.  The bar was almost deserted, it being a Monday and too early to get crowded.  They found a table in a secluded corner and Matt ordered some drinks then asked Karen if she’d like to take off her raincoat.  She stood to undo the buttons and, with her back to the large open room she opened the coat to reveal her stocking clad legs and totally naked body.  Matt almost choked on his drink when he glanced up in response to Karen asking him where she should hang her coat.  Panic stricken, he looked left and right, then realised that only he could see the breasts and pussy displayed before him.  He grinned broadly, taking in the erect nipples and swollen cunt of his sexually aroused wife. “I think you’d better keep it on, don’t you?”Karen sat facing Matt, but left her coat unbuttoned and slightly open.  Her breasts were visible and when she crossed her legs one smooth thigh gleamed under the subdued lighting.  She slid one hand under the coat and there was no doubt in Matt’s mind that she was stroking herself between the legs.  Even when the barmaid brought fresh drinks Karen made only a token gesture at covering her chest and all the time kept looking into Matt’s eyes, making him wonder what she’d do next.“I have a confession to make,” she whispered.Matt stared at her, wondering what was coming, and he nodded at her to go on.“I’ve been in town since this morning and I took some sandwiches into the park at lunchtime.  I spread out my coat on the grass and sat down to eat.  Don’t worry, I was fully clothed.  Afterwards I sat and read a newspaper and I noticed a man sitting on a park bench gazing at me and I realised he could see up my skirt to my panties.  I got really horny and I fidgeted in my bag and pretended to struggle to fold the paper so I’d have a reason to spread my legs a little.  Then I lay back to relax in the sun and I raised a leg knowing he’d get a good look at my crotch.”I closed my eyes for a while, so I don’t know how many other people walked past and had a good look but when I sat up the man was still there.  I gathered my things together and walked over and sat next to him.  I smiled at him and made a comment about the lovely warm weather.  “Then I asked him if he’d enjoyed looking at my knickers.  He got a bit panicky then so I put a hand high on his thigh and told him to relax because I wasn’t annoyed.  Then I told him that I’d be in the park again tomorrow and if the weather was fine enough he might see me without any underwear on.”He said he’d pray for a sunny day and we parted company.  I know I’ve been a bit silly tempting a stranger like that but it made me so horny I had to go to a ladies loo to bring myself off.  That’s where I stripped off and I’ve spent the afternoon strolling around the shops wearing only shoes, stockings and a raincoat.  I’ve never felt so randy but I’m sorry if you’re angry with me.”“I’m not angry at you, darling.  I’m just frightened something will happen to you if you play silly games like that.  If it’s the danger that turns you on then we have a problem but if simply the act of flashing or exposing yourself does it for you then I’m sure we can work something out.”“What have you got in mind?”“Well, what if you were to go to the park tomorrow and I’d be sitting on a nearby bench to keep an eye on things?  I promise I wouldn’t interfere with anything you did unless I thought you were in some sort of danger.”Karen nodded enthusiastically in agreement and they both stood to leave the bar, which was now becoming quite busy.  Matt was fully aroused, knowing a moment’s carelessness by Karen would allow her unbuttoned coat to fly open and reveal her nakedness.  They reached Üsküdar Escort the car park where Karen had left her car and waited for the lift in silence.  They both knew what was going to happen as soon as the lift doors closed on them.  Even before they were fully closed, in fact, Karen opened her coat and Matt dropped to his knees and dipped his face into the swamp between her thighs.  He licked and flicked her mercilessly with his tongue.  Chewing her labia and nudging her clit with his nose sent Karen into a powerful spasm that lasted well after the lift doors opened again.  Had there been anyone waiting they would have seen a woman in the throes of an orgasm and a man on his knees licking his lips.Little more was said that night about what was to happen the following day, but just after noon Matt left his office and headed into the park, admiring the shapely young girls in their summer dresses taking advantage of the late summer sun.  He spotted Karen ahead of him and fell into step behind her until she selected an area of grassy bank and laid her coat out.  She bent over to straighten it out and then knelt to finalise the job.  All the time, her back was to the path and to a man sitting on a park bench.  Matt wondered if he’d already got a look at Karen’s bare bottom under her short pleated skirt.  Matt sat on a bench about thirty yards away and pretended to read a newspaper while Karen took out her sandwiches.  As far as Matt could tell she wasn’t showing anything but as soon as she’d finished eating she put on her sun glasses and lay back to relax with one knee raised in the air.  Matt had no doubt that her pussy was on display, not only to the man on the nearby bench but also to three other men who glanced across at her as they walked past.  After about twenty minutes the man stood up and went across to Karen and spoke to her very briefly before walking off.Once he was out of sight Karen joined Matt and kissed and hugged him, then they walked arm in arm out of the park.  She told Matt that her pussy was very wet and aroused and needed to be touched.  Matt grinned and said she’d just have to wait.  He wanted to know what the friendly voyeur had said to her before he left. “Oh! He thanked me for displaying my cunt, said how beautiful it was and told me I had a very lucky husband.”“He was dead right on both counts,” said Matt.  “Come on, let’s stroll around town, I’ve arranged to take the afternoon off.”As they ambled along they looked in a travel agent’s window at the holiday offers.  They hadn’t considered having a holiday that year because of the expense of Mel’s wedding.  However, one particular offer, a ten-day trip to the Canary Isles, was too good to turn down and they booked it there and then, even though they would have to leave in only three days’ time.  Although it was late summer they knew it would still be hot on Gran Canaria and they spent the next few hours in the shops searching for summer clothes, most stores having already set up their winter displays.Loaded with bags they made their way back to their car and Matt stopped outside a shoe shop and told Karen to go in and buy some sandals.  Matt waited outside for a few moments before following her into the shop then he looked through the display of men’s shoes, all the time keeping an eye on Karen.  She sat down with a few pairs of sandals and immediately a young salesman knelt at her feet to assist her.  Matt caught the look of panic in her eyes when she remembered that her skirt was short and she had no panties on.  Then she calmly tried on the shoes, keeping her hem down and her legs together until right at the end she caught Matt grinning at her.  Then she let her legs open, as if by accident, and let the young man have a few seconds look at her cunt in all its naked glory.Four days later, Matt and Karen were enjoying the heat of the Canary Islands.  The hotel was perfect, right on the beach but it was quiet and peaceful.  The first leisurely days were spent finding their way around the local town and exploring the numerous bars and cafes.  Inevitably, as they wandered around they bumped into fellow guests and people they’d seen on their flight over.  Stopped for a morning coffee, they grinned at each other when they saw that the two single girls who were in the room next to theirs were already being chatted up by two lads, and judging from the cheerful laughter, Üsküdar Escort Bayan they were thoroughly enjoying the attention.  Matt and Karen amused themselves by speculating on which boy would end up screwing which girl, finally agreeing that they’d probably swap partners fairly regularly.One young couple from the hotel they particularly noticed was Mark and Emma.  They were physically complete opposites, Mark being thick set, dark and swarthy whereas Emma was a slim, very fair girl.  For the first few days they were always together, usually hand in hand.  From the way they touched each other it appeared that they were very much in love but then Emma was often seen alone during the day, only getting together with Mark in the evenings.  It became obvious that all was not well, as their interest in each other seemed to diminish and their overheard conversations confirmed that there was some sort of problem between them.One afternoon, while Matt was dozing beside the hotel pool Karen spotted Emma in the coffee shop looking very withdrawn.  Karen took a seat beside her and before long all the young girl’s troubles were aired.She and Mark had only been together for a few months and she’d wanted a romantic holiday so they could devote time to each other without any competing distractions.  She told Karen that they really enjoyed being together but they had totally different interests.  She enjoyed music and amateur dramatics while Mark was a keen athlete and sportsman.  The holiday she had wanted hadn’t come about because Mark had become friendly with a bunch of guys who were expert wind surfers and he latched onto them so he could improve his ability.  Mark put so much effort into his hobby that he neglected his bedroom duties and things had come to a head three days ago.“Mark had hardly touched me for days and I was really horny,” she told Karen.  “So I decided to take the initiative.  I knew he’d be back from the beach about five o’clock so I lay on the bed with my knickers around my ankles and started to masturbate.  At first I was going to pretend I was doing it but by the time Mark came through the door I was doing it for real.  If he’d just stood and watched everything may have been all right.  If he’d stripped off and joined me on the bed we’d have been fine, but he hardly looked at me.  He grabbed a bag, put some of his things in it telling me he had a chance to go with his new mates to another part of the island where the wind surfing was fantastic.  He couldn’t wait as they were going immediately.“We had a big row; he didn’t even seem to notice I was completely naked.  I told him to go and not to come back.  Well, he went and I haven’t seen him since.  That night I went to a club on my own determined to enjoy myself.  It was really difficult because I don’t like going to places like that by myself; I don’t find it easy to get talking to strangers.“I hated it there.  All the boys were drunk and all they wanted to do was squeeze my tits and bum.  Then one boy held me close and started to kiss me as we danced and I began to enjoy it, then I realised that he was slowly lifting up the back of my short dress so that his friends could see my bottom.  All I had on was a g-string and I was really embarrassed.  I pushed him away and got a taxi back here and cried all night.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  My own boyfriend isn’t interested in me and the first guy who takes an interest in me tries to humiliate me.”Then to cap it all, this morning the tour rep brings a message to me from Mark.  He’s damaged his Achilles tendon and is in plaster from foot to thigh.  He’s being flown home tonight and expects me to pack everything and meet him at the airport.  He must be kidding.  Anyway, I packed his case and the rep is taking it to him later on.  I’ve written him a ‘get lost’ letter.”The young girl was sobbing by now and Karen held her hand to comfort her.  “I think you’ve done the right thing in dumping him, he’s nowhere near good enough for you.  There are plenty of guys about who’d like you as their girlfriend; you really are a very sexy looking girl.”Emma cheered up at the compliment but then went on, “I may be sexy but my passionate holiday is in ruins and I go home tomorrow.”Karen thought for a moment and then asked, “Tell me, Emma, are you very experienced sexually?”“No, I suppose I’m not, if I’m honest.  I lost my virginity Escort Üsküdar during a one night stand when I was seventeen then didn’t have sex again for almost two years, until I met Mark a few months ago.  Why do you ask?”“Well, I have a suggestion to make but I need to know if you’re broadminded enough not to take offence and discreet enough to keep it to yourself.”“I may not have had much sex but I know enough to know I want lots of it and, despite all I’ve just said, I don’t normally go telling all and sundry about my sex life, or lack of it. It’s just that you were so easy to talk to.”Karen made her decision and told Emma how Matt had let her have a well-endowed lover and that she wanted him to enjoy himself too.  “Mind you, he is old enough to be your father.  In fact our daughter is only five years older than you.”Emma frowned and hesitated, “I don’t know.  I could easily say yes now but then get cold feet at the last moment.  I must say I like your husband, he seems to be a lovely man.”“He is, and he’s a very kind and considerate lover.  If you want a sexual adventure before you go home I recommend him highly.”Still Emma hesitated.“Look,” Karen added, “join us for dinner tonight and get to know us both better.  We’ll have a few drinks afterwards and if you want to go to bed with Matt just give me a nod and I’ll put him in the picture.  How does that sound?”A broad grin broke across the girl’s lovely face, the first time Karen had seen her look happy.  “Okay, that sounds like a good idea.  I’ll go along with that but don’t let me drink too much.  If I’m going to get laid I want to remember it.”If Matt was surprised when Karen invited Emma to sit with them during dinner he didn’t show it and made her very welcome.  He showed an interest in her job and hobbies and made her feel very wanted.  With Karen sharing an interest in music Emma very soon lost her initial shyness and as her confidence grew she began to enjoy herself immensely, probably for the first time in over a week.  She even found she was able to talk about her ex-boyfriend, as she now thought of Mark, and she realised how badly he had treated her.  She reflected on their relationship and how she had been almost completely absorbed into his lifestyle without any reciprocation.  She’d often gone to watch him play football, although she had little interest in the game and even less in the post-match drinking sessions, but he’d never had the inclination to come to see her singing in a concert.  The relationship had been very one sided and, she realised, she was relieved it was over.With dinner almost over Emma wondered to herself if she really wanted to have sex with Matt.  She knew the age gap wasn’t important because she’d often had erotic fantasies about being taken by her best friend’s father and, she had to admit, she found Matt very appealing sexually.  Maybe it was because she knew that he was a very sexual man underneath the respectable exterior and that he shared a very erotic life with Karen.  Emma’s thoughts ran away and she began to imagine being in her room with Matt.  Would he undress her or ask her to strip for him?  What if he wanted her to suck his cock?  She knew she was far from being an expert.Her thoughts were interrupted by Karen asking her if she wanted any more to eat.  It was obvious that she’d been day dreaming and Karen had been trying to get her attention for a few moments.  What was even more obvious to Emma was that her nipples were very hard.  Usually she’d have been embarrassed and tried to cover up but tonight she almost felt proud of herself and sat back in her chair so that Matt could see the effect he was having on her.  Her body had made the decision for her and she turned to Karen and simply nodded her head.Karen turned to her puzzled husband and said, “Emma and I had a chat this afternoon and I suggested she might like to spend her last night on holiday in bed with the sexiest man I know.  That little nod she gave me says that she wants to do it so, my darling; I’m lending you to Emma tonight.  I want you to make love to her, satisfy her and give her night to remember.”Matt looked at Karen then at Emma, whose nipples hardened again.“Are you sure you are happy for me to do this?” he asked his wife, and got a definite nod in response.“And what about you Emma, are you sure this is what you want to do?”The young blonde turned pink at the thought of spreading her legs for this experienced man but managed to whisper, “Oh yes!  Please say yes.  I really want it.  I’m so horny, I really need sex.  I’ve never felt like this before, I can’t quite believe what’s happening to me.”“I’m not very experienced though,” she added. “I hope I won’t disappoint you.”

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