Mating Rituals Ch. 03

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Cherie falls in love


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This is the third chapter of the ‘Mating Rituals’ series – it is a standalone story but will make more sense if you read chapters 1 and 2 first (and why would you not want to do that?).


The post was only on Facebook for an hour or so before it was removed by the organization, yet an hour was all that was needed for it to be spread widely. Many of Cherie’s ‘friends’ on Facebook unfriended her, often leaving hurtful, soul destroying messages as they did so. The photograph turned up elsewhere as well, thanks to some people taking screenshots of the original and reposting on other social media. As has been said many times, once something’s in cyberspace it’s there forever.

The recriminations continued late into Saturday night. “It’s so unfair,” said Cherie to her Mom and Dad, “He seemed a nice guy; I really liked him; we had fun together, danced and really enjoyed the date. I even brought him back here and let him make love to me and I dreamed of a life together, but it turned out he was a total scumbag. I feel so dirty, so demeaned, so betrayed. I didn’t want to be a prude, but I don’t want to be a slut either, so I tried to walk the fine line between those and look where it got me. The whole world thinks I’m a slut now. How will I ever get another date with someone who doesn’t just want to fuck me and leave me?”

“Sweetheart, trust us, this will blow over,” said Lance, “There’s a very true spiritual saying ‘This too will pass’ and it will. You’ll see. Just hang in there and be you. There are other sayings like ‘What other people think of you is none of your business’ and ‘Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission’. Actually, nobody can make you feel any way without your permission. How you feel is always your choice, but I guess that doesn’t help you much right now. Use this incident to develop your strength and fortitude. Don’t let those who would rub your good name in the dirt win. Yes, he seemed a decent sort of guy; he had us fooled too. But use this for your learning, do not let it grind you down. Remember that when people criticize you negatively it says more about them than it does about you.”

“Yes, but how will I face my friends? I mean my real friends, flesh and blood friends, not those who click a box on Facebook. What will I tell them?”

“Your real friends will stand by you,” Bel reassured her, “At the very least they will suspend judgement until they’ve heard your side of the story. If they don’t, then at least you’ll know who your real friends are and who your fake friends were.”

“I’m never going on Facebook again,” vowed Cherie.

“Facebook is an excellent tool for communication, but it can also be very dangerous, as you’ve seen. It’s something to be wary of but I wouldn’t withdraw from it completely. Just be very selective about who you accept as a friend.”

Eventually everything that needed to be said, and many things that didn’t, had been said and around midnight they fell silent, Lance and Bel cuddling Cherie between them. “We probably should get to bed,” said Lance, “I know for a fact that you didn’t get much sleep last night, Cherie.”

“You’re right, Daddy, as you usually are. Thank you both for being such wonderful parents.” Cherie kissed them both in turn then stood and went to the bathroom.

“She’ll be fine after a while,” said Lance, “It’s just a huge shock and it’s so unfair and unnecessary.”

“Yes, I do think it will make her think twice about who her real friends are though. She’ll come through it and be a better, more discerning person. Let’s go to bed.”

A short time later they were all in the big bed together. “It’s lucky there’s nobody to take a photo of this,” quipped Bel.

Cherie lay between her parents and turned to her dad.

“Please, Daddy, I need to relax, I’m so tense and upset. Could you please make sweet gentle love to me, Daddy?”

Bel watched as the two people she most loved in the world made love together. As usual, Lance was ready quickly and he spent a long time arousing Cherie, diverting her thoughts from the tragedy she felt she had suffered to the present, where he was arousing and stimulating her. Eventually she let go of the trauma and focussed on the present, feeling the sensations pouring over her and through her, healing her, removing the effects of her betrayal as she understood how loved she was by her parents.

Cherie lay on Lance, slowly allowing his hard cock to penetrate her, where Danny had been bursa eve gelen eskort bayan less than 24 hours before, she reminded herself, then dashed that memory from her mind. The gentle rhythmic movements and accompanying erotic sensations had a calming and almost mesmerizing effect on her as she felt herself being pushed closer to her climax. Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, it hit her and she tensed as waves of orgasm washed through her fragile nervous system, bringing her ecstasy, dispelling all hurt and pain from her earlier trauma. She felt him ejecting his hot semen inside her and then she was sobbing, her body racked with the grief, sadness, betrayal and anger she felt.

As she sobbed out her emotional stress, Lance simply lay beneath her and held her comfortingly, tight enough to let her know he was there for her, loose enough for her to move and writhe under the influences of the cathartic outpouring of emotions. Eventually she lay still, silent, breathing easily. She was asleep. Lance slowly and carefully rolled onto his side and lay beside her, gently stroking her hair until he also slept.

On Monday Cherie knew that the worst was not yet over. At college, most of the young women she had regarded as friends snubbed her, avoiding her or going out of their way to insult her. A lot of guys also seemed to seek her out and try to feel her up or get a fuck date with her. Her reputation as a pleasant, loving young woman and a pleasure to date had diminished to that of a quick fuck, a love me and leave me person for obtaining guaranteed sexual release, but certainly not someone to introduce to your mom.

She was interviewed by faculty, who tended to believe her story of the incident, and as a result she was not disciplined, simply warned of the dangers of the internet, while Danny was expelled from the college for bringing the college into disrepute. The effect of this was that now Danny’s mates who remained in college had a target and a mission to avenge his expulsion.

Somehow, through this maelstrom, Cherie survived. Increasingly, however, she had the feeling of not knowing who she was. There is a saying about giving a dog a bad name and they will live up to it; this applies equally to people. In fact, it applies more so because people have the ability to believe what they are told, if they are told it often enough and especially if it is a large enough lie to appear credible. The first casualty of war is truth, and this felt very much like war to Cherie. However, it is hard to live up to your ideals when everyone is intent on tearing them down. She was told repeatedly that she was a slut so eventually she believed it. She went shopping.

“What do you think, Mommy and Daddy?” she asked as she flounced into the living room wearing her latest purchases.

Lance and Bel looked at their beautiful daughter and their jaws dropped. She was dressed, if you could call it that, in a very short black skirt that barely covered her crotch, beneath which could clearly be seen her almost transparent white G string panties which showed every detail of her now completely bald pussy. Her white top was simply a wrap-around sheer scarf-like garment that went around the back of her neck, over her breasts, around her midriff immediately below her breasts and was tied in a bow in the front. Her breasts and nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. She finished the outfit off with black fishnet stockings reaching mid-thigh and held up with a black suspender belt which hung below her short miniskirt. Cherie did a pirouette, causing her skirt to splay out and reveal all her many charms, then she sat in a chair opposite them both with her legs spread apart and her pussy on display.

Bel and Lance looked at her, then at each other, before Lance answered her question.

“Do you think it may be a bit revealing?” he asked.

“No, people say I’m a slut so I’ll be one. Why not?”

“Darling, I know you’ve had a hard time recently, but lowering your standards is not the way to deal with this,” counselled Bel.

“Oh, Mommy, you just don’t understand. People call me a slut because I am. I’m the one who’s been in denial, trying to uphold standards that I thought I adhered to. Obviously I was wrong so I now accept that and have dressed as I really am, slutty.”

“Well, I will say one thing,” began Lance cautiously, “Your outfit is hot and it’s got me hard. But I would never expect you to wear it outside the bedroom, and then only there when the guy who was with you knew you well and you could trust him completely. In that situation I can see it could lead to many enjoyable evenings.”

Bel glared at him, then turned to Cherie in an attempt to undo the harm his comments may have done. “Sweetheart, just have a think about what you’re doing. Right now you’re not thinking straight and you’re making bad decisions; decisions you will regret in later years, or even later weeks. All bursa eskort bayanlar that wearing this outfit would do would be to confirm people’s judgements of you as a slut. After that it would be an uphill battle to change their opinions. Despite what your father said, I really do urge you to reconsider wearing your present outfit in public.”

Cherie burst into tears. “You just don’t understand. I thought I could count on you for support but you’re just like everyone else. Cherie do this, Cherie do that. WELL, I’M SICK OF IT!!” Cherie stood and stormed out of the room leaving her stunned parents lost for words. That night she slept on her own.

The next day, Friday, Cherie went to college as usual but when Bel checked her room the outfit she had worn the previous evening was gone. Bel thought she must have taken it and was going to change sometime later. She just hoped that Cherie would see sense and also, even more than that, that she would stay safe.

Early afternoon the phone rang and Bel answered it.

“Hi, Mommy,” said Cherie’s voice, “I just rang to tell you that I won’t be home for dinner tonight. I have a date with a guy named Jared so I’ll probably be home late, unless he decides to take me home in which case I’ll see you sometime over the weekend, maybe.”

“Ok, sweetheart, but remember to stay safe,” replied a worried Bel. “We love you and don’t want anything to happen to you, so come home safe to us when you’re ready.”

“I will, Mommy, love you both too. ‘Bye.”

“‘Bye, darling.”

Bel held the phone in her hand for several minutes after the connection was broken. What could she have done differently, she wondered. What could anyone have done differently? Cherie was a grown woman and had to be free to make her own choices in life, but she was till her little baby, Bel felt, and she seemed so ill-prepared to face the predatory world that seemed to be hungry for another victim. Well, she could only guide, not force, and parenthood did not come with an instruction manual. She replaced the phone on the counter and busied herself making a cup of coffee, thoughts whirling round in her head.

After college Cherie went to the home of one of the few friends who had remained loyal to hang out for a while before excusing herself and using a bedroom to change into her new hot outfit. When she reappeared in the living room, Casey, her friend, couldn’t take her eyes off her.

“You’re wearing that on a date?” she asked astounded.

“Yes, what’s wrong with that?” Cherie replied defensively.

“It’s a bit revealing, don’t you think?”

“Well, everyone says I’m a slut so I should dress like one. My good reputation’s gone so it can’t get any worse, can it?”

“Well, maybe not. But it’s still a bit dangerous. What you’re wearing will be taken as an open signal by males that you’re available to be fucked. Nobody dresses like that if they’re not available.”

“So? I am available to be fucked. I want to be fucked. I’m hanging out for it. What’s wrong with that? I like sex and I’m not ashamed of my body or to advertise the fact.”

“Ok, it is, of course, your choice, but take care and be sure not to get yourself into deeper water than you can manage.” The doorbell rang. “I guess that’s Jared now. Have a good evening.”

When Cherie opened the door to meet Jared he simply stared at her for a few seconds. Was this really the college girl he thought he knew? Instead of the trendy but conservative clothes she had worn to class she was wearing an outfit that would have made a hooker blush. He greeted her and gave her a chaste kiss on her cheek then led the way to his car, holding the door open for her. She sat inside, flashing him a near naked pussy beneath the micro skirt she wore, which was more like a broad belt than a skirt, he thought. She was hot, he’d say that for her, he thought as he closed the door and walked around the car, readjusting his trousers to accommodate his now hard cock. He looked forward to a great evening.

They first went to a restaurant where the maître d’, after noticing Cherie’s clothing, seated them in a secluded and shadowy corner away from other diners, sitting opposite each other at a small table. Cherie and Jared read the menu, each wondering how to make small talk when the elephant in the room was clearly Cherie’s wanton outfit. They ordered and began discussing one of the classes they both studied. During that time Cherie broke the ice by kicking off a shoe and running her foot along Jared’s thigh, each time pushing it closer to his crotch, until she could feel his hard cock beneath her toes. She began using her foot to rub it inside his trousers.

Jared correctly interpreted her move as notice that it was game on, and hoped that she was serious and not simply a cock teaser. He removed a shoe and used his toe to explore her crotch, rubbing his toes across her damp slit and wiggling them, pushing her thin panties into her görükle escort bayanlar slit. He watched her face and saw her smile, obviously an encouraging response.

The waitress arrived with their meals and they temporarily ceased their exploration of each other’s genitals while they ate, continuing their discussion of class work and, on the surface anyway, becoming more familiar with each other’s interests. Dessert followed the main and another couple were seated at a table close by, curtailing their explorations. Once finished, they paid their bill and left the restaurant, accompanied by the stares of many of the diners as they judged Cherie on her choice of clothing.

When they arrived at the dance hall the band was playing and it was crowded with people around their own age moving to the beat of the music. They pushed their way through the crowd and Jared met up with a couple of his mates who eyed Cherie’s choice or evening wear with lascivious looks. After Cherie excused herself to find the bathroom, Jared spoke confidentially to his mates about matters only they will know and we must guess. Once Cherie returned, she and Jared hit the dance floor, twisting and turning amongst the couples and enjoying themselves immensely. In the crush of people Cherie’s lack of clothing was not obvious to many, but a few people took advantage of the situation presented to them to have the odd grope or fondle, which Cherie did little to discourage. After all, she reasoned as yet another male hand cupped her ass, if I think of myself as a slut, dress like a slut, and behave like a slut I can hardly complain when people treat me like a slut.

The evening passed quickly and after one slower dance, in which Jared and Cherie held each other close and tightly, allowing Cherie to feel Jared’s hard cock against her pussy through the thin material, he suggested it was time to leave.

“Do you think it’s time to leave?” asked Jared.

“Yes, darling, that would be wonderful,” Cherie agreed, anticipating a sensual night of love making ahead.

They made their way across the floor and out into the cooler air to his car. After they had entered they kissed lovingly, each exploring the other’s mouth with their tongue, then Jared drove carefully, anticipating the action once he arrived at his destination, knowing that she was hot to trot and, from her reputation, she was promiscuous and unlikely to refuse what he had in mind.

They arrived at a house after a ten minute drive and both jumped from the car and ran inside holding hands. Once through the door Cherie stopped aghast, looking at four guys sitting in the living room ogling her. She turned to Jared angrily.

“What’s the meaning of this,” she asked, “I expected a memorable night of sweet love making with you and find you’ve organized what is obviously supposed to be a group sex evening with me as the star attraction. Let me out; I want to go home now.”

“Darling, you wouldn’t want to disappoint my mates, would you? From what I hear you’re a really hot chick and I doubt that any one man could satisfy you. That’s why I organized reinforcements. Come on, honey, we can leave these guys here and go into my bedroom if you wish.”

Cherie had a few seconds to think and once again realized the implications of her slutty behavior. These guys obviously expected her to be willing to fuck them all. She eyed them up; they weren’t all that bad, she thought, and she was sexy as hell after dancing nearly naked and being felt up all evening. What did she have to lose, she thought. Her reputation? In tatters already. If anything, being the star attraction at this orgy would undoubtedly only add to it. Mentally she acquiesced.

“Ok, only one at a time in the bedroom,” she said, “You first.”

“Would you let me strip you out here so the boys know what they have to look forward to?”

Cherie considered this request. They were all going to see her naked at some stage, so why not now. How could she drive a harder bargain, she wondered.

“Yes, so long as they all strip as well,” she replied after a few seconds.

The guys all looked at one another then Jared shrugged.

“You heard the lady,” he said, “If you want fun tonight get naked. After all, you will anyway very soon.”

The four guys and Jared began stripping, removing their clothes in a frenzy possibly aimed at covering their own embarrassment at stripping in front of mates. Cherie had realized that guys tended to be more cautious about exposing their genitals in front of other males and just generally; why else would men at the beach wear long shorts while women wore very brief bikinis? In short order she was facing five naked men all with rampant hard cocks, all leering at her.

“Now your turn, darling,” said Jared as he approached her.

He untied the knot for her top and unwrapped her as he would an expensive and fragile present, exposing her breasts. He cupped them with his hands, squeezing her pointy nipples between his fingers and smiled at her kindly. He then unfastened her skirt and dropped that to the floor where she kicked it and her shoes off. He then knelt before her and unclipped her stockings from the suspender belt, then rolled each stocking down her legs and off her foot as she supported herself with a hand on his head as she lifted her feet in turn.

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