Matching High Heels

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She had wandered into the store about a half hour earlier, intent on buying something quickly and getting home. She was shy when it came to this sort of thing, just wanting to get something and be on her way. At this point though, she was stuck.

“Can I help you with something?” the store’s lone employee on the floor asked.

“No…no its ok,” Ashley responded. The truth was she did need help, but was too embarrassed to ask.

“Are you sure? I didn’t want to bother, but you’ve been over here a while and I thought I might be able to help…what are you looking for?”

Ashley looked up at the girl and was caught off guard. She was intoxicating. “Um…well…I guess.” She stared blankly for a bit until she realized there was a second part to the question she was supposed to answer. “I don’t know quite what I’m looking for…I bought these heels a couple of days ago and wanted something to go with them.” She lifted them so the girl could see.

“Oh, those are beautiful! I love them!” As the employee moved forward Ashley felt a strong desire to run away and leave the store for good. It was too much. This girl had some sort of power over her. She had to get her mind under control. What was happening to her? She decided to try to turn the switch off and focus on her purchase. “I’ve done this thousands of times, just get something and get out of here,” she thought.

As the girl moved forward she could sense a bit of apprehension in her customer. She reached her hand forward and introduced herself, “Hi, my name is Lauren.”

So much for focusing on the purchase. As she shook hands with the girl she was amazed at the softness of her skin and the smell of the girl…it was something else. She wanted more, she wanted to reach in and hug the girl, she wanted, no needed to be closer to the girl. “My name is Ashley. I’m kind of in a hurry to get out of here-

“So that’s why you’ve been standing in the same spot for the last half hour?” the girl giggled.

“No…well I…I wanted to pick something quickly but I’m not good with this sort of thing.” Ashley was flustered. Did the girl no the power she held over her? Ugh. Get me out of here!

“Well I would love to help you out. Let’s find something to match those heels. I don’t think you need a corset, you’ve pretty much nailed the hourglass figure on your own. What about a teddy?” She pointed to a black one on the upper rack and then turned to Ashley and looked her over. “Ohhh, no you have to try this babydoll on. And this one. You are going to look amazing in these!”

Was this girl checking her out or just doing her job? “Um, okay. Yeah I will try those on.”

After a few minutes she stood in front of the mirror admiring herself. The black sheen worked well with her light skin and the red bows went perfectly with her heels. “When are you coming out? I wanna see how Bayan Escort Gaziantep cute you look!”

Lauren’s voice sent a small shock through her. Oh no. She knew there was no backing out. She turned and opened the door, just standing there as Lauren approached. “Oh my. You look good.”

Ashley wasn’t sure, but she noticed a small bit of moisture on Lauren’s lips. Maybe Lauren thought she looked a little better than just good.

“Are you going to get both?”

“No, I only have the money for one,” Ashley responded. She was gaining confidence as she learned she might have some sex appeal to the other girl as well.

As she began to leave the checkout stand Lauren stopped her. “Hey, you know, I have like a ton of lingerie back at my apartment. Like way too much. I need to get rid of some of it. If you want, you can come over sometime…it would be fun! You can try some things on and see if there is anything you want. I wrote my number on the back of this card and I’m off Friday and Saturday.”

“Thanks, that sounds like fun,” Ashley said, knowing she would probably never make the call.


Home alone, again. Her roommate was in and out, she had a job with some big law firm and was always visiting clients. After she had broken up with her last serious boyfriend a year ago, Ashley had more than enough time for herself. The truth was she hadn’t needed the outfit, or the heels, but she missed buying that sort of thing for someone special. For now, she just bought it for herself.

It was Thursday night and she had nothing to do tomorrow. She grabbed a bottle of wine from the cupboard and turned on the tv. A couple of hours later and the bottle half gone she lost interest in sitcoms. She swayed into her bedroom and took her clothes off. As she reached in her pocket for her cell phone she felt the card Lauren had given her. Her name was on the top, encircled by a heart, underneath of which Lauren had placed her seven digits. Her guard was replaced by the wine and she quickly punched in the digits. Knowing it was late, Ashley typed up a text message that read, “Thanks for the help the other day. I couldn’t be happier :)”

Wearing a pink lace thong and nothing else, she slid into bed and wrapped herself in the soft sheets and warm comforter. As she started to doze off, she heard her cell phone. Lauren had already replied. “No problem honey…does that mean I will see you tomorrow?” Ashley had forgotten about the proposal. She laid there wondering if she could actually do it. If she should do it. Would she be able to control herself? Could she forget about the sex appeal and make a friend? She could use more friends.

“Yeah, I would love that. I didn’t know if you were serious.” Send.

“Of course!!! I will see you at 8. Bring something to drink. My address is 6419 E. Wemsley St. I’m excited!”

Ashley read the text and felt moisture fill her pussy. She thought about masturbating, but decided against it and fell asleep quickly.


She showed up at Lauren’s apartment a little past 8:15. The place was nice, wood flooring with marble countertops and soft lighting. That wasn’t the first thing Ashley noticed though. Lauren was standing there, wearing nothing but a baby blue corset and small matching panties. Ashley looked her over and stood in awe. The outfit looked amazing against her soft dark skin and long black hair, held up by a ponytail. Lauren had a fit body with long, supple legs and perky breasts that she guessed to be a B cup.

“I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t want you to be uncomfortable trying stuff on for me, so I thought I would match. Come in!

They moved their way into the kitchen where Ashley put down the wine and Lauren began to pour. Ashley looked her over and nervously licked her lips as she saw Lauren’s firm, sexy ass hugged tightly in the sexy panties. She wanted to grab Lauren and grind against her body, kiss her way down and taste her body. “Okay, so I picked out five outfits for you, they are on the couch. The bathroom is down the hall on the right if you need to change in there,” Lauren said.

Need to change in there? Ashley picked up the first outfit and went to change in the bathroom.

Four outfits later, she was in a good mood. She loved all the lingerie, and she was having a blast with Lauren. Something about her made Ashley feel fun and sexy, made her forget any shyness and let whatever emotions she had get the better of her. They were already on their second bottle of wine, which may have helped. Ashley had always thought that the alcohol she drank had sent wetness straight to her sex, and tonight was no different. She needed to get off, but hated that she would have to wait until she got home.

“Stay hereee, I’m tired of you leaving all the time! I won’t mind if you change in front of me. I’d love to see what you look like naked.” Lauren exclaimed.

Ashley let go of her pretenses and began to strip out of the last outfit. She stood their naked for a moment and looked over the black teddy she was about to put on. She took a quick glance at Lauren, who began to move toward her. Ashley knew what was about to happen and couldn’t have wanted it more. She grabbed Lauren and pulled her, kissing her pouty lips fully. It felt as if time had stopped as the two girls explored each other’s mouths with their tongues, feeling the gentle pulls and pushes of the other. The brash excitement at the initial touch was replaced by a sensual glow, understanding that they didn’t need to move so quickly, but could enjoy each other at whatever pace they desired.

Lauren’s hands moved about Ashley’s body softly, running her fingers along the curves and massaging when she felt like it. It wasn’t too long before her right hand moved up to Ashley’s breast, grabbing deeply into the fullness she felt. Ashley broke the kiss with a moan and began to kiss her way down Lauren’s neck until she realized she had been sucking too long in the same place. She backed her face away for a moment and asked Lauren to turn around. Ashley untied the corset slowly and put her arms around Lauren as she removed the top. She ran her hands up along Lauren’s flat stomach until she reached her breasts, grabbing one in each hand and kissing her neck from behind.

“Mmmm…that feels so good. You are amazing baby,” Lauren said softly. She turned around to meet Ashley face to face and began to kiss her way down her body. As she moved down Ashley began to spread her legs in anticipation. The first touch of Lauren’s mouth to her naked pussy gave her such a rush she almost came immediately. She wanted to enjoy this. Laurens lips kissed along her sex vertically before she pushed her tongue along each one of Ashley’s lips.

“Oh myyy,” Ashley’s breaths took on a different tone, one that lets a lover know when he or she is on the right track. Lauren’s mouth made brief contact with the top of her sex before pushing her tongue through the folds of her pussy. It felt incredible, but she needed to be fucked and Lauren knew it. She moved her mouth up to her clit and began to suck lightly as she pushed two fingers deep into Ashley’s wet pussy. She felt stretched and filled, but the most intense feelings came from her clit. Lauren had moved her tongue directly onto her clit and was sucking with her lips repeatedly, all in perfect rhythm. Lauren had built her up to a climax, and she knew it was going to be incredible. Ashley looked down at Lauren’s soft brown eyes, beautiful luscious lips snugged tightly against her pussy and began to lose whatever control she had left. Lauren picked up the pace, moving her fingers through the depths of her vagina quickly and thoroughly as Ashley began to buck against Lauren’s face.

“Ah…Oh, yes! Suck my pussy baby yes! Fuck! Ah…ahhhhhh…ahhhhhh!!!!!!” Ashley began to scream and hump wildly against Lauren as her vagina exploded and sent her cumming everywhere. Ashley gushed wetness from her pussy, squirting three or four times as Lauren lapped up anything she produced with hunger. She held Lauren’s face tight to her pussy as she came down from the orgasm, never wanting to let go of the comfort it brought her. Ashley looked down at her new friend and dropped down to kiss Lauren’s face, not minding whatsoever that it was covered in her own girl cum.

After a long kiss, Lauren grabbed her hand and headed for the bedroom.

Lauren was beyond horny for her new lover, but she knew it would be a couple moments until Ashley was ready to return the favor. “Cuddle with me a bit Ashley?”

“That sounds amazing, but I am dying to taste you right now,” Ashley responded with a twinkle in her eye.

End Part One

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