Masturbatory Fantasy

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I am sitting here alone stroking my fat, hard cock, thinking of you working that silver vibrator over your warm pussy. I love it when you get really slippery, perfect for me to work my hand deep into your pussy, opening you up.

This is what I’m planning for the next time I see you:

We’ve been out at a nice local bar, laughing, teasing, drinking a little. Under your fur you have a long skirt, a tight cashmere sweater. As we kiss inside the door, I reach in and unzip the skirt, that falls around your heels. I squeeze the naked cheeks of your ass, feel the wet strip of mesh thong running between them. You break the kiss, and start throwing your clothes off as you head to the bedroom.

When I walk in you are in your bra and thong, and you throw me on the bed. My fly is opened and you greedily suck down my hard cock. I pull my pants all the way off as you eat me, pull my shirt off, as you coat my cock in spit.

‘I think baby needs to be fucked,’ I say. ‘I think she needs a real ass reaming.’

Your suction is intense on my cock, your breathing ragged. I pull you by your hair onto the bed, pull the crotch of your thong aside and plunge my cock inside you. You ride me quick and hard, your pussy slowly swallowing me until you are literally bouncing against my pelvic bone, driving me inside you. Escort Akbatı We fuck like this for minutes, hard, intense, until your face tells me you going to come. ‘Fuuuuck’ you scream, as I feel wetness slide down my cock onto my balls. I hold you against me, tight.

Moments later, I roll you onto your back, slide out of you slowly, kissing your neck and nipples. I keep kissing, and massaging as you come down, my tongue lapping over your body as I remove your underwear.

Then I start to play with your swollen pussy, gently at first, then insistent as I move my cock up to your face. Your tongue reaches out, cleaning your come from my cock and balls. I move a little higher and your tongue snakes quickly into my asshole, two of my fingers inside your pussy.

I move down, and you pull your legs far apart, watching, fascinated as I ease 3, then 4, then finally 5 fingers into your stretched cunt, slowly rotating my fist inside you, your juices soaking your ass and the sheets. My mouth is on your clit, my tongue running over the join of my arm and your pussy. I ask you if you like that, if you like my hand in your just fucked cunt, and your eyes flash as you say ‘Yes…’

Then I turn you onto your hands and knees, my fist still in your pussy, the knuckles hard against the Aksaray escort entrance, and force my tongue into your tight wet ass. I slowly pull my hand from your dripping pussy, and replace it with the vibrator, until it hums nicely deep inside. I pour KY liberally all over your asshole, so that it drips heavily from your raised crotch over your own fingers working your clit. I gently work 2 fingers into your ass, spreading them the whole time until they reach the knuckle. All we can hear is the muted hum from your pussy, your deep grunts as my fingers work your ass open, and me, telling you how beautiful you look, how wet and open your ass is getting.

I work in another finger, rotating all the while, then reach for the anal beads. I put the first one in your mouth; you suck it avidly as it fills your mouth.

‘Get it real wet, baby, get it real wet before I shove it in your ass’

Covered in saliva, I push the first large bulbous bead inside you, gently pumping the vibrator as your fingers work your clit. You scream as it enters, as I work it through the entrance to your asshole until it disappears. You are panting hard. I pour more KY into your hole, and ease in the next bead, then the next. I feel you shake, and a muffled scream as you come again. ‘One more to go, darling,’ Ankara escort bayan I say. This one I have to force a little, and I feel your whole body flex beneath me. Then you relax, and I turn the beads slowly. Now the room is full of the smells of come, pussy and ass, and the sound of your fingers whirring in the soft wet folds of your pussy.

Then I start to fuck you with the beads, and you start screaming continuously.

‘Do you feel full baby, do you feel good?’

‘Fuck yes, but I need you to fuck my ass hard. I need you to stuff me with your cock.’

‘I cannot tell you how good that looks, these beads moving in and out of your stretched ass.’

After several more minutes of gentle ass fucking, I pull the beads out, hard. Your asshole is now beautifully open, your back arched with suprise, juices literally squirting from your pussy. I jam my hard cock into your open ass, and start to fuck you, feeling the vibrator, hard, still in your pussy. Your asshole feels beautiful; tight, elastic, slippery. I am blind with lust, fucking you deep, hard. I just want to come, filling your ass with my cock, hard, over and over. Suddenly my entire body tenses and I feel the liquid shoot out into you, deep into your bowels.

Time stretches.

What seems an eternity later, I pull myself from your ass. I see my come leaking from your gorgeous open asshole, the vibrator bathed in juices lying between your legs, ejected at some time I wasn’t there.

Sweat is pouring off me as I collapse on your back and reach down to kiss you.

Softly, my breath coming in hard, short gasps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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