Masturbation fantasies 1: Girl’s night out

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Masturbation fantasies 1: Girl’s night out“Come on Darla, you act all modest but look at these fun bags you’re hiding from us!” Angela, one Margarita glass too much laying empty on the table, accompanied these words by insinuating her hands under the Darla’s loose gray shirt and firmly groping the brunette’s double-D tits.“Angie! You’re drunk and dangerous, stop it!” the buxom girl jokingly lamented, feeling a bit dizzy from the sum of all the evening drinks. Their other two friends sitting with them, Betty and Jennifer, respectively squealed with embarrassment and cheered loudly.It was almost closing time at the club and the only patron present beside the four college girls sitting together at a table littered with empty cocktail glasses were a bunch of men killing away the night at the bar, one drink after the other. Soft indirect warm light mixed with the blue neon glow of the insignia near the entrance stairs barely lighted the ample cellar that constituted the main hall of the venue.Darla grabbed on Angela’s wrists and with an embarrassed smile she tried to pull her hands away and get free from her clutch.“Stop it seriously, you have your own pair!” Angela let her grip on Darla go with a mischievous grin.”Yeah she does have a pair, but they’re not as satisfying to wrap your hands around!” said Jennifer while adjusting her blond hair in a ponytail, feeling sweaty and uncomfortable because of the hot climate. A girl with some curves, she wore a white blouse tucked tightly in a grey gown that reached just above the knees. Elegant black pumps framed her feet.Angela frowned, feigning offense at the comment. “I’ll let you know that this is deeply offensive to us mammary-impaired people, you normie” She pointed at her small chest, barely visible under her black tank-top decorated with strass in the shape of a red heart. She had incredibly short hot pants, almost like jeans panties, and wore brown sandals. Her short straw blonde hair, slender frame and small pointed nose gave her an impish look, a stark opposite to Darla’s lustrous long black hair, curvy but toned body and naive attitude.Betty, half hiding her face with her handbag and blushing visibly, tried to put some decorum back in her friends “Guys please! People are watching” The curly brunette was tall and had an air of elegance. This night she was dressed with a simple cream colored dress and ballerina shoes. She pointed to the other few patrons who, as soon as their gazes were noticed, went back to feigning disinterest and got back to their drinks and conversations.Darla was resting her hands on her thighs, adjusting her shirt and shorts in an attempt to get back some modesty; along with her casual sneakers, she gave the impression of a girl who tried to hide what a sensual bombshell she really was. “Right, Betty is right, we’re putting on a show”. She nodded her head as if trying to convince herself first of the impropriety of what was happening, as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.“I thought you liked shows” Angela voice dropped a bit while still remaining audible in the room. She continued as she put an arm around Darla’s shoulders “Last summer she gave quite a show to a veeery lonely fisherman”“Angie don’t tell that…” Darla was immediately interrupted by Jennifer.”Do tell that Angie!”.”Well…if you insist…” teased Angela before signaling the other girls to lean a bit forward “It was last summer, as I said. Me and this living pin-up right here were stopping by the river with our bikes to refresh ourselves a little. The day was incredibly hot and even if we didn’t have our swimsuits with us we wanted to take a swim nonetheless…””We just wanted to dip our feet in the river” corrected Darla, blushing profusely in full knowledge of how the story would soon take a turn for the indecent.”Right, but the sun was sooo hot, and we were so sweaty, and we said, there’s nobody around, let’s just get undressed and chill out a bit in the river. So we did, we were there, naked and carefree, splashing each other with cold water for a few minutes, when we hear a rustling in the bushes on the other side of the river: then we saw him!””The fisherman !?” intervened Jennifer.”This is so embarrassing…” Darla was hiding her face while Angela continued, taking a sip from Betty’s discarded half-full Moscow Mule with her free hand. “The fisherman!!” the narrating girl’s eyes glinted with mischief “There was this black dude, he probably was fishing for trout behind the bushes when he saw us. Well, now he had a bigger fish to handle if you know what I mean” She mimicked a forward and backward motion with her free hand.”He… was he totally doing…it?! I mean, with his hand?!” it was Betty this time: apparently the sordid detail freed her from the embarrassment she felt before and now she was hanging from Angela’s lips.”Oh yes…he was standing there with this BIG BLACK COCK in his fist, stroking it like he thought we wouldn’t notice, waiting to shoot his load””Angie you sound like a porn actress, dial it down!” Darla looked at her friend with surprise at the obscene wording while Angela laughed at her comment and her embarrassment. “And you would know how a porn actress sounds like because…?”Darla turned red at the implications, as the event Angela was narrating strongly influenced Darla’s erotic fantasies ever since and along with that her viewing history on porn sites: since the incident she left behind the pretty tame vids she sometimes watched to focus on scenes that depicted one or more guys masturbating to a teasing actress, sometimes covering the girl in semen.Angela was ready to continue the story when Jessica suddenly inquired “Did he cum?”Angela’s smiled “As soon as he realized that we noticed him, he pulled up his pants and ran like he saw the devil! Darla here screamed terrified and bolted to our discarded clothes””And you Angie?” asked Betty.”This madwoman waved at him, asking if he liked the show and wanted to see more. I told you this was embarrassing!” Answered Darla sighing.”I just asked him if he liked the show you provided dear, who would be interested in my two tangerines?”Darla rebutted her friend “You are just fishing for compliments Angie, you look hot in everything and have no hard time finding clothes” “But you have such an inviting body Darla honey, every man in the room is looking at you right now. Surely the fisherman had eyes only for you” Angie spoke loudly, making sure the other patrons heard her.Darla mumbled “I am sure he was looking at you too” as she diverted her eyes from her. She was more than tipsy and normally wouldn’t have said this kind of things.Jennifer was a bit disappointed, hoping the spicy story would get even spicier”Girls, are you two flirting now?”It was then that Angela, ignoring Jenny’s voice, surprised everyone: she let go of Darla, put down her cocktail, stood up and in an instant got rid of her tank top, revealing that she was wearing no bra. With her perky, small tits well visible she turned to the room, confirming what she already knew in her mind, that every man there was eavesdropping and glancing at them from all over the room.”Let’s check if you are right Darla! Are you interested in these guys???”As Angela caught everyone’s attention, Betty’s jaw dropped to the floor while Jennifer laughed with glee at the turn of events.The room stood silent for a while. Angela was making a good show of her chest, arms outstretched above her head. All eyes were on the girls.”But maybe you would prefer to see miss gazongas here wouldn’t you guys? Wouldn’t you?””I sure would!” said one of the patrons, followed by laughter from some other guys.It was then that Darla stood up, trying to put Angela’s tank top back on her “Stop it, we’ll get in trouble like this!”Betty was almost panicking “Let’s pay the check and get out, I don’t want to go to jail or worse!”She started counting the dollars in her purse and putting them on the table but nobody was really listening to her.Jennifer got a perverse pleasure in teasing Darla hoping that things would get naughty “Come on Darla, everybody here heard the story, your best friend is standing there boobs to the wind, are you going to let her do this alone?”Angela looked at Darla with a fake exaggerated karşıyaka escort frown “Are you gonna let your bestest of friends be the crazy girl alone?”Darla replied snappily “If you want to show these guys tits, show yours Jenny. We need to get going and you” she gave a stern look to the petite undressed blonde “you need to put your clothes back on!”Angela kept frowning with her arms crossed, unconvinced by her friend’s words.”YOU need to be a good sport and show these poor dudes those melons. Come ooon just a second!” Angela kept nagging her while Jennifer pressed on “Come on Darla, just a moment, it will be fun, do this stupid shit while you’re young and hot or you will regret not having had a bunch of horny men leering at you when you had the chance!”Darla wondered what kind of logic was that, but she started realizing the only way to get out of this situation was to go along with the insanity just for a bit, to get her drunk(er) friends satisfied with this craziness and get out of the club quickly. Then on another night they would laugh recounting this incident and all would be right.”Ok, fine let’s do this quickly, and then we haul your drunken asses home!” She took a deep breath and pulled up her shirt, letting it rest on the top of her ample bosom.”Girl you still have your bra on””I know Angie, I know” she clumsily unbuttoned her bra, looking around the club at the same time. “Thank God I am not fully lucid right now” she thought, as she saw all the other patrons, eight in total it seemed, staring at her in amazement, disbelief and with a glint of lust in their eyes.Her bra came off and fell slowly on the floor, as her chest bounced slightly when set free from the constraint. Her breasts, glistening with sweat droplets, were plump, full, begging to be firmly seized. Ample pink areolae surrounded her firm nipples, now erect with a self denied arousal.She felt a bit uncomfortable, but at the same time in power: everyone was ogling her chest, and time seemed to distort and slow down in her mind. She turned around, exposing herself for everyone there to see.After a while, she couldn’t tell how much, she started to pull down the shirt “OK, happy now? Let’s get…” Angela got her by surprise, grabbing her keeping Darla’s shirt up forcibly from behind her “Not so quick, that was like, five seconds?! Give a bit more of a show!”Darla’s heart jumped as she was being forced to keep her tits out longer than she expected to. She was at a loss for words and actions as she heard Jennifer’s voice, talking to the patrons.”Come on, be honest, you all heard the story, aren’t there any fisherman here?” “What is she saying, is she insane!?”, Darla thought, while every muscle of her body froze.”What I mean is, give yourself some relief guys, you must be hard as a plank down there” Jennifer, flustered and almost trembling for the excitement, obscenely gestured at her crotch level, quickly stroking the air with her hand.The mood in the room changed completely, as if something switched in the mind of everyone present. Darla found herself panting at loss for air. She felt Angela grinning even if she couldn’t look her in the face. Was this something she was preparing for or just improvisation? Did she know that Jenny would turn in such a horndog when drunk? Her friend was no saint but wasn’t it too much even for her?”This is wonderful idea I think” the words, like an answer to her thoughts, were coming from Angela’s mouth, the tickle of her breath on Darla’s ear made the buxom girl tremble.Lust was almost palpable in the room, and after a while the girls noticed one of the patrons, what looked like a grizzled trucker sitting on a stool at the bar, was grasping with gusto at a bulge that formed on the front of his pants.Another guy, dark haired and in leather jacket, was standing near the bathroom door with hand moving rhythmically inside his trousers pocket.Among the patrons everyone agreed implicitly “Well, if the girls are asking for it…”.Angela let go of Darla’s shirt and quickly grabbed her tits while turning her like a doll so that everyone could get a good look.” Look at what you are making them do, you lustful piece of meat” She squeezed Darla’s chest playing with her nipples as the girl let out a soft moan. “Do you want me to stop? All of this can stop if you want”.Darla was used to Angela’s playful groping and teasing but this was different, the blatantly erotic intention of her movements was something new in their friendship that she struggled to process: she felt the wrongness inherent but couldn’t really bring herself to stop it. The whole situation, it was insanity. She realized that if this went on everyone here would tell the story of the whore who made a bunch of strangers jack off to her body late at night in a sleazy club. However, the lowered inhibitions caused by the alcohol and the perfect aligning of reality and her sexual fantasies were too much to oppose. She simply started moaning and as an invitation to everyone present she said in a low begging voice “Please, do it!”By now all eight other people in the room were caressing their cocks through their pants, lost completely in the spectacle of Darla being groped by her topless friend, unaware even of each other.The only other movement beside the masturbating men was the bartender, his erect member visible under his pants, going up the short ramp of stairs to the club door; he put a key in and closed the door, trying to reassure the girls that “if someone comes in he may get the wrong idea; besides the club was already closing” Fully bathed in the blue neon glow is voice came as if from another place, unreal and heavy with the implications of naughty pleasures to come.While all of this was happening, Betty, embarrassed and terrified, was trying to access her smartphone: her mind was a blank however, and she kept fumbling with the code. What was she going to do anyway? Call the police? Was this situation even i*****l? Was anyone really doing something to them against their will? As a strange thought, she wondered if they still had to pay for their drinks now. While she was there, crouched and half hidden under the table, lost in her attempt to cope with what was happening, she suddenly noticed what was going on with Jennifer: still sitting on her chair, her legs where splayed, her panties down to her calves, resting on the top of her black pumps. She was keeping her gown up with one hand while with the other she was rubbing her clitoris with a squishy sound. Her wet pussy was neatly shaved and Betty could see her friend’s nipples poking from under her blouse. While obscenely panting with her mouth half-open, she was fixing her eyes at the closest patron with an expression of pure desire: he was a blonde, long haired hunk who was grasping at his hidden dick with both hands while watching Darla’s chest.Betty stood there transfixed, and after a short time she got up from the crouching pose she was in, while still watching her friend masturbate publicly without any decency. As if some will beside her own suggested it, she calmly sat on a chair beside her and looked around, catching glimpses of the horny patrons who where now unzipping, unbuttoning, pulling down pants and underwear to let free their throbbing members. Some of them were sitting on their chairs or stools, stroking deliberately, while other were standing and jerking like there was no tomorrow. When she started to hear moans and grunts accompanied by the pervading smell of male sweat, she found her hands moving on their own toward her chest, delicately starting to caress her breasts over the dress she wore.By now all eight of the men present where openly wanking their cocks, but all of them were keeping to their place, as if even in the extreme situation that was going on they were afraid to cross an invisible line, a last barrier of decency. Then one of the guys, a latino looking man in a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball cap standing near the counter, started to get closer to Darla, walking awkwardly with his pants down to his knees, and stopped two meters from her. “Mind if I get a better view sweety?” he said with a strong accent.Darla kept moaning while Angela fondled her breast, escort karşıyaka the girl’s gaze betrayed both concern for having a man so close and desire as she ogled the guy’s erect penis pointing toward her.It was Angela that answered. “Please do, you’re all welcome to get closer”. She sported a naughty grin.Soon more men closed in, forming a loose semi-circle in front of Darla. The bartender, the trucker, the leather jacket guy, two jocks who were sitting at the same table before and a pretty ordinary man with gray hair where standing there, gripping their members and jacking off entranced by the show in front of them; the long haired blond guy, noticing Jennifer interest, instead moved closer to her, looking her in the eyes while slowly and deliberately masturbating with a reverse grip while thrusting his hips forward.Betty’eyes darted from one man to the next, her hands firmly squeezing her tits as she felt waves of pleasures shaking her from her core: she was getting soaking wet and knew that her juices had already got beyond her panties and dress and were reaching the seat of the plastic chair.Jennifer diverted her attention for a moment from the blonde guy, mindful of Betty’s soft moans. She looked at her friend, mouth open with surprise. “Betty, that’s not what good girls do” she teased. “I’m sorry I just…” The brunette felt apologetic, suddenly stopped groping herself and looked away, red with embarrassment.”It’s just that…”. Jennifer let go of her gown and suddenly put a hand on Betty’s tight, and quickly reached her panties under the dress while still masturbating.”What I mean is, you’re not doing it right. This is what you do” Her eyes where crazed with lust as she put her hand in Betty pants and started to explore her pussy with two fingers.”WHAT ARE YOU…” Betty grabbed Jennifer’s wrist with both hands: this would have been too much for her to tolerate if not for the fact that the other girl’s touch sent a wave of pleasure through her body: with her clit swollen and pussy moist, she completely lose her train of thoughts. She let out a long, loud moan, the pleasure of fondling her tits adding to the sudden intimate intrusion, and soon only one thing was clear in her mind: she wanted to cum, she needed to climax and to hell with everything else.”Oh fuck…yes, YES!” Betty’s hips started to run back and forth on Jennifer’s hand, something that sent the blonde girl that much closer to cumming, so incredible and perverted it was coming from the uptight miss she knew from the college: the hand she was using to masturbate started running much faster, her breath got quicker, and she almost forgot the hunk jerking off to her (or both of them now, giving the spectacle they were providing). “Betty shit, what a bitch you are, rub off, rub off on my hand you little whore” Jennifer gritted her teeth, her eyes wide open” “Jennyyyy, oh my, oh my, I’m no lesbian I swear, but Jenny please let me”. Betty was sweating profusely, tears of pleasure in her eyes. “Let me what?” Jennifer thought. She found out as soon as Betty opened her blouse with force ,ripping a button in the process, and proceeded to pull out one of her breasts, groping it hard. The pervy blonde, one hand on her clit, on hand digging in her friend’s pussy let out a loud moan heard from all over the room.That caught Angela attention, and the show was too much for her. “Fuck I need to do it, you keep up your boobs for the guys, you milk factory” She let go of Darla’s breast as she quickly unbuttoned her hot-pants, pulled them down along with her panties and sat naked on the chair beside Darla, one hand touching her left breast and the other furiously rubbing her pussy.Darla stood there surprised, as she didn’t know where to look and what to do with all the activity going on around her. She watched all the cocks being stroked, closing inch by inch as if she was a center of gravity. Then she turned to Angela, dumbfounded as if the waif girl was the director of the whole scene, and she suddenly renounced her duty to instead get involved in it: the blondie had her hips pointed up toward the ceiling, her back curved on the chair, lost in her masturbation. When she caught Darla’s gaze she frowned and rebuked her with a stern voice broken by moans “Keep…them…up…damn it! Toward them! Give a good show you jerk off girl””Eeeek! Yes ma’am” Darla quickly turned away from her and toward the guys, the chaos in her mind finding purpose in Angela’s order as she held up her breasts with both hands, shaking them a bit with an embarrassed smile.The trucker got forward, he was barely more than one meter away from her. “Fuck it I’m coming!” A spurt of semen shoot from his cock, landing on Darla’s left sneaker: then a second spurt who didn’t go very far, and a steady drip of cum that ran over the guy’s fingers and fell on his pants and boots. The girl felt horrified for a moment, then like a lighting a lustful awareness ran through her body: she really was there, showing her body like a stripper whore, with a bunch of male perverts wanking their cocks to her and one of them just shoot his load on her foot. She wanted to cum too, she needed to touch herself while these men finished pleasuring themselves to her pornstar-like body. As soon as she let go of one of her tits and unbuttoned her pants, she heard Angela’s voice: evidently she was more aware of the situation than she appeared to be, what with her moaning and the wild masturbation she was engaged in. “What did I say just now ?! Show them properly, you want to make me mad !?” “But I need to cum Angieee” Darla’s voice had a pitiful note to it.”Oh for the love of… I’ll do it, you keep shaking the goods” Angela got down from the chair and knelt behind Darla. She then pulled down the girl’s short pants until they fell to the ground and then with one hand kept rubbing herself, while she insinuated the other between Darla’s thighs from behind and went to her pussy, penetrating it with two fingers. The huge titted girl gasped and then settled on Angela’s fingers, slightly bending her legs at the knees.”You like it whore? You like it, me finger fucking you while a bunch of degenerates jerk off?””Yes, YES!!!””Oh but there is a price to pay” sweating, red-faced, her short hair sticking to her face, the kneeling girl had a devilish grin.”I want you all of these guys to cum on your whore tits, you get me? YOU HEAR ME GUYS, GET NEAR AND CUM ON THIS BITCH!”The men where amazed at the request, the very words along with the show provided by the girls was enough to send the leather jacket guy suddenly over the edge and before he realized it he was shooting cum in the direction of Darla, three long streams that landed on the floor without reaching her. The trucker meanwhile was still jerking, hard again and harder after he heard the invitation. The two jocks where talking among themselves, wondering. “Can we, really? I mean man is it legal? We’ll get in trouble for this!””Man, I am not letting this chance pass, the bitch is asking we do it, that’s legal enough ain’t it?”. As he said this, the second guy, wearing with a tight shirt over his heavily tattooed chest and basketball pants down to half his thighs, moved forward standing two steps from Darla.”Angela no I can’t…” realizing what was going to happen, the moaning girl getting fingered tried to deny that depraved request, but the penetration got stronger and fiercer. Screaming she squeezed her tits.”So do you want me to stop do you?””Nooo, nooo, I’ll do it, I’ll do it” she pushed her hips down, feeling Angela’s fingers get deeper inside her; then she knelt in front of her audience while the girl behind her hugged her back following the downward motion. She looked longingly at the men, holding up her tits like she was offering them “GUYS, PLEASE, COME ALL OVER M…”.She couldn’t finish her sentence that the jock nearest her started coming, spurting his load on her chest; the girl gasped as two ropes of hot semen landed on her shirt near her shoulder, on her left boob and just above her belly button.Nearby Betty was getting aroused as he never had been in her life. She got a clue from Darla’s situation and stopped touching Jennifer’s tits. She looked karşıyaka escort bayan straight at the blonde guy near them who looked torn between going to finish off on Darla or staying there. Completely lost in lust and with a boldness she never displayed before she said to Jennifer “I want him do it on both of us”. Jennifer stopped touching her for a moment stunned by the development. Betty straightened on her seat, opening her legs well apart for Jenny while going straight to her friend’s pussy, pushing Jennifer’s hand away and starting to rub the girl’s clit vigorously “Oh fuck Betty, fuck! Yes let have him do it” Both girls turned to the man near them, ogling his swollen dick as his hand was going back and forward rhythmically.The long haired guy couldn’t believe his eyes and his stroking got faster and faster as the two girls where lost in their mutual masturbation. One second later he let out a moan and cum started to fly all over the two girls, hitting them on their clothes, faces, hair and chests. “Fuck, take it you bitches, take all my cum!” With his last wank he dropped a huge rope of cum that landed on Jennifer’s right pump. Both girls started letting out cries of pleasures as they came along with him. Jennifer then licked off a string of cum from Betty’s cheek, and soon both girls tongues and lips were intertwined in a semen-flavored kiss.On Darla’s and Angela side, all the guys where now close to the duo, masturbating with abandon. As the jock who just came stepped aside, shaking off the last drops of cum, the latino guy approached Darla from the left side, shooting two thick ropes of cum across both of her tits. Then the bartender spurted on her right breast with a grunt . As the two men stepped back the trucker, ready to go again, quickly got in front of Darla and started cumming with poor aim, hitting her on her just below the sternum, his semen forming rivulets on her body that ran all the way to her pussy. Then it was the turn of the middle-aged man who with a couple of muffled moans came mostly on her shirt near her face, with one the spurts hitting her below the chin.The other jock, instead of focusing on Darla, was entranced by Angela’s complete lustful abandon and as he neared his orgasm he grabbed her by the shoulder, taking her away from Darla and toward him. The girl, forced to take her fingers off of Darla’s pussy was looking at him bothered for the interruption. Suddenly he unloaded his load half on her naked chest and half on her face. Angela squealed, pleasantly surprised “So Darla was right, I can be jack off material too” she thought as she licked off a bit of cum that landed on her lips. Angela caressed the guy’s nearest leg while entrancingly staring at him, waiting for him to finish shooting every last drop, rubbing herself to climax while murmuring obscenities to him as she came. “…yes…shoot it…shoot it, fuck…every last drop…yes yes make this bitch cum by stroking off your huge cock on her…”Meanwhile, the guy with the leather jacket was masturbating furiously, getting his cock ready again, keen on not missing the chance to shoot his cum on the big tits in front of him. Darla watched him go, he was sweating profusely and grinning his teeth like a b**st while staring at her chest. She instinctively looked for Angela who had just stopped slipped out of her a few moments ago: his intensity was almost scary, and she wanted to feel her friends reassuring touch. When she turned behind her she saw Angela sucking on the second jock cock, cleaning off the cum who had dribbled on his member while at the same time getting him hard again.”I guess I’ll have to handle this one by myself”Darla turned to the man, pushing her tits together for him, the cum on her breast making them slick, droplets of semen hanging from the tips of her nipples. He kept jacking in front of her, his hand continuously going back and forward on his still soft member. This went on till it became a bit awkward, and Darla thought she needed to spice up her game. She let go of her left breast and started fingering herself in front of him; at the same time she pulled up her right breast to her mouth and started sucking on her own nipple while looking him in the eyes: forgetting her tits were covered with semen, she felt with some surprise the salty taste of the cum belonging to all the men who already covered her. She found herself aroused by the act of licking body fluids out of her chest: feeling shaken by primal sensations, she pictured herself as similar to a feral a****l. It was not long before the guy standing there was fully erect, panting with his mouth agape. “Ok Darla, now talk like Angie would.” The girl stopped sucking her nipple and with words she remembered from her porn viewing said “Come on you perv, are you not man enough to spunk all over these tits? Come on stroke it I want all of your man-juice on me!”. The guy looked stunned. “Did I over do it?” worried Darla. Judging by his reaction however it seemed her dirty talk accomplished her aim: he went so close to her that she could smell his cock, stroking it hard a couple of inches from her chest.”Gonna shoot it bitch, gonna cover you in my spunk” His voice was just above a whisper, but she could hear him clearly. She continued the game, but she underestimated the effect that talking like that had on her, as she was getting more excited every second that passed “Then do it you pig, I want to be soaked in your cum!”. Waves of pleasures started rocking her body: her fingering accelerated, and she let out a scream with her eyes rolled back as the earth-rendering orgasm made her nearly faint. The man muttered “Oh fuck” as he spurted one shot straight on Darla’s face, then pressed the head of his dick on her tits, letting his cum dribble all over her. He then walked back, dazed.After she came, Darla felt a little more clear-headed and assessed the surrounding situation. Things had really gone wild it seemed. Angela was kneeling in front of both jocks, holding their dicks in her hands as she jerked off them at the same time. As she rubbed their cock heads one against the other while licking them and putting them in her mouth together, she teased the guys “Do you like this, boys? You love this flat chested girl rubbing your dicks together? Maybe you like each other dicks more than you like me”. She had them completely in her power and her teasing tinged with homoeroticism seemingly hit a soft spot as they both quickly came all over her face and each other’s members. Jennifer and Betty meanwhile had quickly become the new stars of the night: they had discarded their clothes and were touching themselves with abandon while moaning obscenely as all the remaining guys where around them getting ready for a second (or third shot), this time with the two girls as targets. She caught a glimpse of the duo kneeling and then getting on the floor. She saw them starting to lick each other pussy in a sixty-nine position before the remaining guys blocked the view by surrounding them: a couple of them were already coming, dripping spunk on her friends.Darla, as if regaining modesty, covered a bit her breasts with one arm while she touched her lips with a worried look “Oh no, this time we really went too far. Forget the fisherman’s tale, this is one story that must never be told. It’s all of Angela’s fault, if she…”Her thoughts were suddenly derailed by what seemed an uninteresting detail in all the depravity going on: the clock on the wall.”Shit! We lost the last bus to the dorms!!!” After all the men finished, the bartender, as the guy in charge of the club, unexpectedly behaved like a complete gentleman and fended off the numerous suspicious offers by the patrons to take the girls home; he then let them use the shower in the employee bathroom to clean up before he called them a paid taxi. Darla felt it was awfully considerate for someone who minutes before was masturbating on her boobs. With exception of Angela who looked giddy, after they sobered up the other girls where too embarrassed by what they had done to really talk.When the taxi arrived three girls boarded it somberly: Angela instead went in humming a song and waving goodbye to the bartender, who was paying the cabbie in advance for their ride.The taxi left the club and after some minutes of silence the driver tried to get a conversation going.”So, you had a good night girls?”While Darla, Betty and Jennifer froze, Angela sported a mischievous grin.”You would never guess mister! Let me tell you our story…”

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