Master Richard

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Richard had finally got his wish! His paradise! This was the place he considered heaven. It was heaven for Richard but for many others it was hell on earth.

Richard grew up in New York as a lonely kid, a loner with many problems. He got involved with drug smuggling, prostitution and much more.

Money? Yes, Richard had become rich over the years and at forty-five and never married he had everything he ever wanted in life and more.

Richard sat back in his chair looking over the list of new slaves brought to the compound. He sat there with a big smile on his face as he looked over the list of names.

There were eight names on the list and details including age, height, weight, measurements, marital status, hair and eye color. Every slave that arrived at the compound was married.

It was the only way Richard would have it! The list would have a cross reference the married female slave with her husband.

Richard began laughing to himself as he thought about that word. Husband! To Richard, the husband was only a servant and slave at the compound. The male slaves would perform all sorts of duties in the compound.

The eight new slaves brought into the compound today would now total sixty. They would be settled into their private barracks today. The males in one and the females in another barrack.

They would be addressed by the head guard this afternoon and given an introduction of a few of the rules.

The slaves were all kidnaped in many different scenarios and always done in a good clean manor. Richard would not tolerate any damage to any of the slaves arriving at the compound. That would take away from all of the fun. It would take away the fun for at least Richard’s sick mind.

Yes. Richard knew he was sick but he didn’t care what anyone thought as long as he satisfied his craving. Richard had everything he ever dreamed, was coming together nicely.

His crew of guards was all loyal to him and all thirty was all hand picked by Richard before he left the states. They were paid and came to central America on Richard’s promise that they would all benefit sexually and financially.

The guards that Richard had picked had something in common with each other. They were all tall, muscular, extremely endowed and most importantly. They were all black!

Richard had also hired two women that were fully trained in the lifestyle of dominance and bondage. Their names were Ginger and Silvia who were both in their mid thirties and very pretty blondes.

Their jobs were to train each slave to be completely obedient. Richard gave his full permission to use whatever form of method they needed to get each slave ready for his little community.

Richard made a point to take a tour of the barracks when new slaves arrive but he never introduced himself or gave them any indication that he was in charge. Once their training was completed and Ginger and Silvia felt they were ready, than and only than would they be introduced to their new Master.

Richard had dreamed up many different ways he could make money with his slaves. He had connections all over the world that dealt with human smuggling, and people that shared his desire for human humiliation and degrading.

There was a knock on the door just when Richard was about to go on his tour of the new slaves. One of the guards walked into the room and walked over to Richard and gave him a folder.

“Mistress Ginger has brought you the first two completely trained slaves for your inspection.”

“Good! Bring them here. I would like to take a look.”

Richard opened the folder while the guard walked out to retrieve the two slaves. Richard looked over the first page which gave him a basic outline of whom the two slaves that were ready to be inspected.

Their names were Tony and Jane and above their name’s were marked M100 and F100. The “F” in front of the number meant it was the name of the female slave and the “M” being that of the male. The numbers would correspond with their spouse. This would be their new name. They would be known as slave M100 or slave Sahabet F100.

They would never again use their real life name of Tony or Jane, just slave M100 or slave F100. It was a simple system! Richard didn’t want to make anything anymore complicated than was necessary.

The slaves walked into the room and stood directly in front of Richard’s chair without so much as a peep. Ginger followed behind the couple which she was dressed in nothing more than her tall black spike heels and leather black bra and thong.

She held her cattle proud in her hand and wasn’t afraid to use it when needed. The couple stood at attention in complete silence as they waited for their next instruction.

The male slave was completely naked and was wearing a stainless steel chastity tube on his dick which had a bend and kept the slave from obtaining an erection or playing with himself. Richard eyed the man and looked inside the folder and noted his age which was thirty-two and saw that he was six feet tall and had blonde hair. The female slave was thirty and was five foot four and had long blonde hair.

Richard glanced at her measurements which stated: 36D-23-34. The woman was wearing a white bikini. She had a face of a model! Very attractive!

Richard glanced at their records and noticed that they had been married for six years. They had no children.

The male slave also had rings pierced on his nipples and a tattoo on his shoulder indicating his name which was M100. The female slave had been tattooed on her shoulder as well with her new name.

The Mistresses had trained them well, they were standing in complete silence as they waited for Richard to address them.

“Slave M100! My name is Master Richard and I’m very pleased to se that your training with your new mistress has been coming along so well. We have a little ceremony to do today and you will do as you’re told and obey me and address me as your master. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

Richard looked back down at the folder with a grin on his face. He than looked up at the male slave and noticed that he was still wearing his wedding band as was instructed by him. He than glanced at the female slave and made sure she was still wearing her wedding rings as well and she was.

“Slave M100. I want you to step forward and take your wedding band off your finger and hand it to me.”

The slave took the ring off his finger and stepped forward and gave it to Master Richard. He stood there waiting for his next instruction.

“You can step back now.”

Richard took the ring and placed it inside a small brown envelope wit the slaves names on it. He than looked up at the make slave again.

“Slave M100. I want you to walk over to your former wife and without touching any other part of her body and remove the wedding rings from her finger.”

The male slave hesitated as he looked over at his wife when suddenly, Mistress Ginger poked him with the cattle proud giving him a jolt.

“You better obey your master when he gives you an order or you will be punished. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Mistress.”

The slave walked over in front of his wife and took her left hand and began wiggling the ring off her finger. Tears were beginning to drip down her cheeks as she watched her husband remove her wedding rings from her finger.

This had been the first time that they were together in more than three months. They were kept apart during their training. He stepped forward and gave them to Master Richard who placed them into the same envelope and handed them to Mistress Ginger.

Richard stood up from his chair and starred at the couple.

“Slave M100. Take your former wife’s hand and bring her forward and stand at her side in front of me.”

The male slave took hold of his wife’s hand and hesitated for a second but stepped forward before Mistress Ginger had time to stick him with the proud again.

“Slave M100. I want you to repeat after me!”

The couple looked terrified as they waited for Master Richard to continue.

“I Sahabet Giriş Slave M100, give up my rights as the husband of slave F100.”

The slave choked up at first but was reluctantly able to repeat what Master Richard had said. He repeated the next sentences without any hesitation but reluctantly.

“I no longer have any rights, what so ever as her husband, nor do I have any desire to engage in any sort of sexual act with her. I understand that I maybe asked at times to give her pleasure when I’m told and only in the presence of my Master or my Mistress.”

Master Richard wasn’t done yet.

“Slave M100. I want you to step behind your former wife and unsnap her top and pull down her bikini bottom than put your hands on her waist and wait until I give you the order to repeat what I say.”

The male slave walked around behind his former wife and unsnapped her to letting it fall to the floor. The female slave tried to cover her tits with her hands but was soon given a shock from the proud that Ginger was holding.

The female slave yelped in pain but caught herself quickly knowing that she would get more punishment if she didn’t stand at attention. Her panties came off next as her former husband slipped them down her legs.

The slaves pussy had been shaven bald by her Mistress who liked to keep her female slaves neat and clean.

“Put your hands on her waist and bring her forward to me and repeat what I say.”

The female slave felt a little bit of false security when she felt her former husband touch her waist. Her eyes closed for a couple seconds before Master Richard began to speak.

“Master. Please accept this slave as my gift to you. She will honor and obey you and entertain you as you so please.”

Mistress Ginger roughly grabbed the male slave’s hand and placed a ring in his palm.

“Give this to Master Richard.”

The male slave handed the ring to his Master and waited for the next order.

“Take her hand and hold it out to me and I want your former wife to repeat what I say.”

The slave took her hand and held it out to his Master and nervously waited.

“Please take me as your wife and your slave. I will honor you and obey you and perform any and all duties that you may ask of me. It is my desire to take you as my new husband. I also understand that the male slave standing beside me will no longer be allowed to speak to me under any conditions.”

Richard carefully slipped the wide wedding band on her finger. It had the initial’s of Master Richard on it.

The female slave had gone through a great deal of stress repeating those words but she felt relieved that it was over.

Richard moved around next to the trembling female slave. He motioned for the male slave to walk around the other side of his former wife and stand. Richard leaned over and kissed his new wife on the lips.

Her whole body was trembling as she reluctantly opened her mouth to accept his tongue. Her former husband was standing only a foot away from her on the other side. Richard was making sure he was getting a good view of his former wife being kissed so passionately.

Richard had wrapped one arm around her and was squeezing her nipple in his hand while reaching down and stroked her shaven pussy with the other hand.

Richard looked over at the male slave as he inserted his finger between her pussy lips.

“Boy! You must not have been taking care of this woman when you were married to her. Her pussy is as tight as a virgin. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this! Get down on your knee’s and kiss her pussy mound.”

Slave M100 got on his knee’s in front of his former wife and kissed her mound. The female slave was glaring down at him as he glanced up at her.

Richard laughed as he noticed them locking eyes at each other. Richard massaged one of her full tits in his hand being a little rough at first than giving her nipple a pinch.

“Yes. I’m going to have a lot of fun with the two of you!”

Master Richard turned to Ginger.

“Take them into Sahabet Güncel Giriş my bedroom and have them wait for me in there. I’m expecting Mistress Silvia up here in a few minutes with another couple.”

Richard chuckled, his large belly jiggled as he laughed and watched Ginger escorting them out of the room. Richard looked over to the tall black guard that came in with them and smiled.

“Lee. You might as well get the next couple coming in for yourself. I was looking over the files and it mentioned that she had long red hair! I know you love women with red hair.”

Lee was one of the hired men at the compound. He was one of the men that Richard promised would get his own personal slave couple. Lee was jet black like all of the other guards Richard had hired. He was tall and muscular and well endowed and didn’t take any shit from anyone.

Richard laughed again as he starred at Lee. “Lee. Do you remember what I told you about pumping those babies out?”

“Yes I do, Mr. Richard. I’m not going to disappoint you. She’ll be knocked up before the end of the week. I can promise you that much!”

Both men laughed as they waited for the next couple to arrive. Richard’s other plan was to sell the mixed children that were born at the compound in the United States. He had a long list of buyers just waiting for interracially mixed babies.

He could fetch up to five million for each kid he sold. His other method of profiting from his sick mind was to sell memberships to special clients who would come to the compound and be a spectator in the breeding and humiliation of the slaves.

Richard sat down and within a few seconds, the next couple had walked through the door with Mistress Silvia. The male slave was tall and slim and the female was a knockout redhead!

Richard glanced through the folder and saw their names first. Julie and Pete and they would be known as M101 and F101 from now on.

Pete was twenty-eight years old and six feet four inches tall. The female slave was five-six and had the smallest waist Richard had ever seen on a woman. He looked down at her measurements which were 40D-22-34.

The size of her huge tits made her waist look so much smaller. The couple was very somber as they starred down at the floor. They didn’t have any idea why they were brought up to see Richard that day.

Richard had met them when they first arrived at the compound more than three months ago and had since been in training with Mistress Silvia. The male slave had a metal chastity tube like all of the other male slaves at the compound.

Richard was starring at the slave’s penis and saw how large the head of it was sticking through the end of the curved tube. He must be fairly large Richard had thought. His beautiful former wife must be accustomed to a larger dick.

“How long has it been since they put you in this metal chastity tube?”

The slave was surprised that Richard was asking him a question as he hesitated at first and thought about his answer before replying.

“It’s been about three months now. I guess! Um, Sir . . . “

“Well. I guess your balls have to be aching right about now. How often did you and the Missus fuck before you were brought here?”

“Um . . . I guess we made love just about every day.”

Richard laughed as he glanced over at Lee.

“Did you hear what the man said, Lee? They screwed every day before they were brought here! I’m not going to deprive you of having sex with this gorgeous woman. I want you to take her by the hand and take her over to that sofa and make love to her right now.”

The male slave appeared very confused because he was told he would remain a slave and never screw his wife again. He didn’t waste anytime taking the female slave by her hand and walking over to the sofa.

He looked back at Richard for approval before kissing the female slave on the mouth. This was the first time they had any physical contact in that time. They embraced each other as they passionately kissed.

They finally sat down on the sofa and continued kissing as the female slave began fondling with her husband’s penis. Frustration was showing on his face as he was unable to obtain any sort of an erection.

Richard smiled at Lee and Mistress Sylvia knowing how much frustration the slave must be going through.

To be continued……….

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