Mary discovers the children’s secret

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Mary discovers David with the girls.
The three of them slept well for the following few nights, although oddly enough none of them felt inclined to immediately repeat the joys of that first session. It was almost as if they had reached a peak and were now relaxing in the knowledge that what they had done could be repeated anytime they liked.
Which is what they did.
Over the next few wonderful weeks of summer, while battles raged in the skies over the south coast of Britain, in a small village in Dorset, David enjoyed the attentions of Mrs Ellis and her children, miraculously ensuring that each relationship remained hidden from the others.
Until one fateful night early in September.
It was still warm at night; in fact it was the best summer weather that Britain had enjoyed for many a long year and David once again ventured into the girls’ bed. The three of them settled down to much kissing and cuddling. Kate was passionately exploring David’s mouth with her tongue whilst Sally was equally busy below the bedclothes, her young tongue quickly bringing David to full hardness. However their mutual joy was short-lived.
It was Kate who firstly cocked her head to one side, listening.
“What’s that?”
David shook himself from his reverie and raised his head. It was difficult to concentrate with Sally’s tongue still busy on his cock but there was the unmistakable drone of an aircraft.
Back in Southampton, David had been very familiar with such sounds. Although the city had not been bombed yet, and would not be so until later that year, he was well used to the sound of aircraft flying overhead, a sound which was not so familiar to the girls living in their sleepy village. However none of them were familiar with the sound that came next.
The room seemed to light up and an almighty whoosh followed by an explosion that rocked the whole house.
The bang was followed by a blast of air as the curtains flew from the windows and shards of glass shot across the room, scattering across the bedclothes. David held Kate close to to him and he heard a muffled shriek from Sally as she in turn clung to him whilst the thunderous noise rolled briefly around the room, followed by an eerie silence.
No one said anything as the curtains flapped at the shattered windows and the flickering lighting in the room suggested something, somewhere was on fire. It was apparent that the house itself had not been hit but the bomb, for that surely was what it was, had obviously fallen close by.
Within seconds the bedroom door flew open and the girl’s mother burst into the room with a cry.
“It’s the house across the road! Poor Mrs Hanson’s been hit!” She exclaimed rather oddly, seemingly more concerned about her neighbour rather than enquiring after the health of her children. By now Sally had scrambled from under the bedclothes and had burst into tears on seeing the debris. Mary carefully lifted the young child up from the bed and clutched her to her.
“Quickly, downstairs.” she ordered, as David and Kate leapt from the bed, scattering broken glass as they did so and self consciously grabbing their night clothes, putting them on as they made their way across to the open door.
The four of them went downstairs to the kitchen and with strict instructions not to move, Mary left the three children sat round a table whilst she pulled her dressing gown closer around her and went out the back door. The three children exchanged glances. Sally’s face was smeared with tears which had now dried up but she was still trembling. Kate was ashen faced, hugging herself as if to keep warm, and David pulled the two girls to him to comfort them.
“Is this how it’s going to be?” Kate gazed at him nervously. “Bombs and that?” David shook his head.
“I expect he was bombing somewhere else and had one left on his way back.” David explained how German aircraft travelling across from the continent could only go so far because of the fuel and if they didn’t drop all their bombs, or missed the target, they would dump their bombs anywhere so is to get back more easily.
They could hear the noise of activity outside and after a few minutes Mary came back in and smiled at them reassuringly.
“Mrs. Hanson’s okay…as soon as she heard the plane she dashed under the stairs!” Mary gave a brief laugh and then her expression dropped again. “The house is a mess though…” she looked distractedly round the kitchen and then, as if to take her mind off things, put the kettle on. She busied herself making tea and cocoa and soon the four of them sat silently drinking, each with their own thoughts.
“I expect he was off course don’t you?” Kate asked her mother as if seeking further reassurance. Mary nodded quickly.
“That’s what we all think.” She jerked her head in the direction of bursa eskort outside. “Bastard Germans…” she was now shaking and quickly put her cup down as suddenly sobs racked her body. The three children looked at each other and it was Kate who quickly went round and put her arms round her mother holding her closer to her as she wept. After a minute or so the gulps and sniffs subsided and Mary composed herself.
“It was just that…well you’re safe aren’t you? That’s the main thing.” She looked at the three of them adoringly. Then her expression changed slightly and a frown crossed her face.
“Do you always sleep in the same bed?” The question hung in the air. Kate and David glanced at each other, each wondering what to say. Then Kate glared at Sally, who looked as if she was about to say something.
“If I get scared at night Kate lets me sleep in her bed sometimes.” The young girl piped up.
“I don’t mind honestly.” Kate quickly added. Then Mary turned to look at David and raised her eyebrows.
“I’m used to all this noise and stuff. The girls were scared so they asked if I would…look after them…you know…” David’s voice trailed off. Mary nodded as if satisfied at these explanations.
“We’ll talk about this in the morning.” Mary stood up and picking up the cups turned her back on the children and busied herself washing them up. The three children looked at each other again. Did she suspect? David had a horrible feeling…
That night all four of them make themselves comfortable in the small lounge, miraculously undamaged, with sheets and blankets on the floor, Mary suggesting that the children’s room could be cleared up in the morning. They would have to block up the window, and Mary explained that a lot of houses in their small street had broken windows. They would have to find some wood for the moment.
The following morning the sun shone in through the lounge window as if nothing had happened. Mary, who had not slept, gazed at the three children wrapped up next to her and thought about last night. Once she had calmed herself down and satisfied herself that the three them had gone off to sleep she started to think about when she had first gone into the room to find them.
At first she had thought it was just Kate and Sally in the bed but once her eyes had adjusted she realised that it was David and Kate. Although her main concern was the safety of the children, this hadn’t gone unnoticed. Neither had the fact that Sally had obviously been under the sheets when she had first gone in, and it was also obvious that none of them were dressed.
She swallowed hard. She could understand Kate being attracted to David. After all, her mother was. However she was concerned at Sally. She was so young! And what an earth had she been doing underneath the bedclothes? She shuddered to think…
It was Kate who stirred first and as she blearily opened her eyes she gave a start, as if remembering the previous night, and Mary put her hand on her shoulder reassuringly.
“It’s alright Kate…it’s all over.” Kate looked round the lounge taking in her surroundings and then settled back. She looked at her mother.
“What are we going to do?” Mary explained that someone would come round later that day and fix the bedroom window and between them they could clear up the mess.
“In the meantime you girls can sleep with me and David can sleep down here.” She gazed at Kate, almost challengingly, and Kate tried not to give away her feelings. “In fact I think it might be a good idea if David slept down here anyway don’t you? I’m not sure it’s right having him sleep in your room.” Kate felt herself blush. Mary noticed this and guessed her suspicions were correct.
She felt she ought to say something but of course nagging away in the back of her mind was the fact that she, too, had been to bed with David. Would he still want to sleep with her if he was forbidden to sleep with her daughter?
The subject of her concerns started to stir are and quickly sat up. He saw the looks on Kate’s and her mother’s faces and wondered what they had been talking about. He had a horrible feeling he knew. Kate quickly glanced down at Sally to satisfy herself that she was still asleep and then looked at the pair of them.
“Look – and I shall only say this once only. Whatever you do be careful. Don’t do anything silly…and don’t include Sally.” Mary nodded down at her young daughter. It was now David’s turn to blush and he turned to look at Kate.
“I didn’t say anything.” she muttered as if David was accusing her.
“Neither of you needed to say anything. It was pretty obvious wasn’t it? You were both naked in bed together when I came in last night.” Mary whispered. “All I’m saying is… I don’t mind.” Mary gave a faltering smile. She couldn’t believe bursa escort bayan she was saying this. “It’s just that Sally…well she’s very young isn’t she?”
“Sally wasn’t doing…” Kate quickly protested but her mother put her finger to her lips. She pointed down at Sally.
“What was she doing under the bedclothes then?”
Kate quickly backed down. Her mother was actually looking quite angry. David meanwhile had his eyes fixed firmly to the floor, blushing beetroot red. He knew he was at the centre of all this.
“And as for you David…” he quickly looked up but was reassured to see an uncertain smile flickering around Mrs Ellis’s lips. “It’s all your fault you know that don’t you? If you weren’t so gorgeous none of this would have happened!” Kate looked at the pair of them and then the penny dropped.
“You’ve done it too haven’t you?” she muttered hoarsely. The guilt on her mother’s face said it all. Mary could have kicked herself for being so stupid. She had now lost any advantage she had.
“God I can’t believe it!” Kate now looked at David. “You’ve been doing it with my mum and me!”
“Doing what?” A sleepy voice indicated that Sally was now stirring. Mary panicked, wondering how much she had heard and shot warning glances to the other two.
“Nothing sweetie!” Mary exclaimed brightly. “Who wants breakfast then?” She looked around and David, grateful for the distraction, offered to help.
The four of them got up and tidied up the lounge before Mary went through to the kitchen and the three children could hear her busying herself with china from the cupboards. Kate was still shooting dirty glances at David, and Sally, whilst realizing that something wasn’t right, was relieved to be doing something to take her mind off the night before.
Breakfast was eaten in an awkward silence, with only Sally making the occasional comment, still trying to work out if the atmosphere was just to do with all the fuss last night or whether something else had happened.
“Now then…” announced Mary when breakfast had been cleared away. “I want you girls to go up and clear all the glass from the bedroom. Use the bucket and broom and put on these gloves.” The two girls scampered upstairs, each glad to be doing something. David guessed that he had not been included for a reason and turned to look at Mrs. Ellis who gazed steadily back at him.
“Now then David…” Mary seemed be turning something over in her mind. However David knew what she wanted to say.
“Mrs. Ellis I’ve been thinking. I think perhaps I ought to write to my mum and see if I can go and stay with my Aunty Rose in the New Forest. She’s got a cottage there and it’s very safe apparently. I couldn’t live there before because it was empty but in her last letter to me mum said that my auntie had moved in there and perhaps I should go and stay there?”
This took the wind out of Mary’s sails. It was, of course, the obvious answer but not what she had planned. She had great ideas of a stern talk with David, especially about Sally, but it had been obvious to her that knowing what had happened, Kate wouldn’t want to sleep with him again. If, as Mary had suggested, the girls slept by themselves and David slept downstairs, what was to stop him wandering up to see her every now then?. However, all things considered David’s suggestion was by far the most sensible…
“You’re right of course.” Mary reached out and ruffled David’s hair with her hand. God how she would miss him!
It took a few days but the arrangements were made and the “family”, for that was what they all felt they had become, sat down to their final evening meal. One of the local farmers had kindly provided a couple of rabbits which Mary had made into a delicious pie and once the meal was over they relaxed in the lounge.
The atmosphere between them had changed considerably since the night of the bomb. Kate and David were now back on speaking terms, although following the new sleeping arrangements they’d had no chance to sleep together. Kate had, of course, explained to Sally what had passed between her and her mother that evening and she was suitably mortified and somewhat disappointed. She felt like someone who had been given the key to a sweet shop, only to find someone had changed the locks.
The matter had not been discussed any further between the four of them since that night, and they happily played cards until it was time for the children to retire. They were now back in their own room and Mary had got into the habit of going up to her own bedroom early so that David could settle down in the lounge and she would happily read a book until it was time for her to sleep.
That night she sat reading as usual but found it difficult to concentrate. She görükle escort was sad at losing David not just from the physical point of view but his help around the house had been invaluable. He was also a good company for the girls, although in retrospect perhaps this was not such a good idea!
She realized she had read the same page three times so quickly snapped the book shut and put it down on her bedside table. She settled down under the covers and soon fell asleep.
She was awoken suddenly, but by what, she had no idea. She peered blearily at the big alarm clock. It was only just after midnight. And she had been having such a wonderful dream too. The stickiness between her legs brought her up short…the dream was coming back to her!
She had to have one last…
Mary jumped out of bed, quickly put on her nightgown and quietly opened the bedroom door. She tiptoed past the girls’ room, listening in and hearing nothing. She carefully went downstairs, avoiding the familiar squeak on the third step.
Mary quietly opened the lounge door and as her eyes became accustomed to the inky darkness she made out the large sofa on which David was sleeping. There were no light on in the room so she carefully pulled the curtains apart slightly to allow a shaft of moonlight to slide across the room and bathe young David in its silvery glow. He stirred and turned his face towards her.
“Mrs. Ellis?” He mumbled. She was relieved that he hadn’t said her daughter’s name…
“Shush, David.” In two steps Mary was next to the sofa and she knelt down placing her finger against David’s lips. She replaced the finger with her own lips and gently kissed him, rubbing her lips softly against his and allowing her left hand to rest on his chest. David responded and they kissed more firmly, Mary’s hand now sliding under the covers and down his body towards his groin.
Nothing was said as Mary gently eased her hand under the waistband of David’s pyjama trousers and found the soft, warm coil of his cock, now starting to stir. She wanted him one last time…
Becoming more aroused now, Mary started to pull back the sheets and unbutton David’s pyjama jacket. She planted kissess as his chest was revealed, working her way down his tummy towards his waist. She quickly pulled off the remaining sheets and tucking her fingers into the waistband of his pyjama trousers, drew these down.
“Mrs. Ellis… Mary…” David muttered and Mary quickly shushed him again. Now his cock was revealed, rapidly stiffening in all its glory. She gazed at it longingly and then curling her fingers around the shaft she leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss at its tip.
She pulled back puzzled. She leaned forward again and this time tentatively extended her tongue and licked the exposed helmet. The taste was unmistakable…
She turned to look at David.
“Which one?” she asked simply. David swallowed hard.
“Kate…it was only Kate honest!” he whispered hoarsely. Mary closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe she had been beaten to it…
David’s erection was now rapidly wilting.
“Oh no you don’t…” Mary muttered and leaning forward she parted her lips and slid David’s cock into her mouth. It only took a few seconds of her slurping tongue to bring David to full stiffness again and she began to greedily suck at his erection. She didn’t care what had happened. She didn’t care that her daughter had been here before, and that she was getting second-hand goods. She didn’t give a fuck!
She wanted this cock. She wanted nothing more than David’s thick hard cock in her mouth. She wanted to taste one last time the glorious young spunk that she knew he would surely be producing soon. David began to wriggle and jerk about on the bed, and knowing that he had come recently Mary wondered how long it would be before…
Then it happened. She felt David’s hands clutching at her head and suddenly he jerked his hips up, almost ramming his cock into the back of her throat as he erupted, sending spunk splattering against the back of her throat. Mary swallowed greedily as David continued to feed her until there was no more and she felt him subside onto the sofa.
Mary raised her head and swallowed one last time, licking her lips to remove every last drop. She gazed down at David. She felt no need come herself. She felt complete, finished. She carefully stood up and wordlessly left the lounge.
Breakfast the following morning was a tense affair, each of them mulling over their own thoughts. All too soon there was a knock at the door and a pony and trap was ready to take David to the station. They gave each other one last hug before David took his place next to the driver and with a click of the reins the cart started off down the road. David turned to look and wave. Blinking back a tear he sniffed and focussed his attention on the coming day.
He was being evacuated again.
He had a train to catch and then a couple of days he would be with his mum and Auntie Rose.
Not to mention his posh young cousin Caroline…

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