Married Preachers Daughter Seduction Ch 10

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Married Preachers Daughter Seduction Ch 10As I rode back toward Rays and Laura’s I ordered her to be at a hotel I had already arranged, I ordered her to get a sitter, to bring her collar and leash, the HD short shirt and panties I had bought her, to be wearing bright red lipstick, to be all made up and I would call five minutes from the hotel. She was to be in the room waiting. She was to be on her knees, on the bed, faceing away from me with her ass toward me, her head down watching me between her tits and legs as I opened the door. If this married trained slut did this, then I knew we had her fully hooked and getting close to being trained.I called, she answered. I said, “get ready Laura my slut” she said, “yes master”With that I stopped at the hotel front desk and got my key. The clerk, she knew what was up, a clean conservative looking mommy wearing a wedding ring, shy and nervous, checking in, then me, a hot, t shirt and tight jean wearing biker sweaty and tanned from the ride.I went to the door, opened it and there she was, Laura, the preachers daughter and my friends Ray wife, spread and ready just as I ordered. I decided to take her rough, as I told her.I closed the door and walked right up to the bed, slapped her ass cheeks hard making her yelp. I jerked those panties to the side and drove my tongue into her ass, and then licked her clit which was dripping wet with soaked panties, she shuttered and started to cum as I shoved my finger into her asshole and fingers on her pussy, I stopped, stood up and slapped that ass, “not yet slut” I said. I walked backwards towards the door and told her to turn around on the bed, and to set up. I told her to raise her short shirt over her big bouncy mommy tits. I was opening my belt, jeans fly and pulling out my hard cock. I told her to rub her tits and pinch her nipples, she did. I told her to reach down, finger her snatch and lick the juice from her nipples and fingers. She did, watching my cock with lust. I was slowly stroking. “CRAWL TO ME SLUT” She did. Tits hanging, long hair falling down around her, leash dragging behind her. I told her to stop and put the leash in her mouth, crawl to me and stand. She did. She was desiring to be touched so much. I gently caressed her sensitive nipples and kissed her lips, tasting that pussy juice. She moaned and started to melt into me and grab my shirt. I reached up grabbing her tits hard, pinched those nipples and pushed her back from me. I asked her, “Laura, the hottie preachers daughter, mommy and my friends wife — are you ready to totally slut yourself for me?” “Yes Master” she whispered, horny and hot and scared to a point. SLAP across her tits hard with my hand, then I asked her again and told her to say it louder. She did. SLAP SLAP SLAP three times with the leash I now held — she shed a tear as I twisted her nipple, she looked a little scared and I said, say it louder and tell me what you want. “Yes Master” she spoke loud türbanlı hatay escort and clear. She spoke loud and clear and said, “I want to please my Master Bill, please let me be your slut!” I knew now, I had her…I said, “get on your knees and suck my cock now” Holding the leash and her hair I let her work me, licking my sweaty cock and balls, tonging me good, I knew I could not last long. I grabbed her hair and tightened up on the leash and I face fucked this slut, watching her little hand with her glistening wedding ring on my cock, balls, and leg I face fucked her hard, stopping when she started to gag, then gagging her slightly, then pulling her back on me…if I held my cock back a few minutes after she caught her breath she was try to move forward to take me, damn, she was getting into it, I pulled my camera and filmed a video on the rough face fuck, which I later sent to her husband Ray. I fucked her mouth until I unloaded a pint of cum it seemed into her, she tried to swallow it all but some dripped out on her face, lips, cheek and tits. Damn she looked hot. After I cum I went to the bed dragging her behind. I laid on my back and held her leash as I had her remove my boots and jeans — then I raised my legs and ordered her to “tongue my balls and ass Laura” I knew I was sweaty from riding. Laura did this, I watched her wedding ring on me as she did so. Over the next several hours, I ripped her cloths from her body, I tossed her around roughly, I slapped her face and ass. I brought red marks onto her ass and tits from my thick leather belt. I tied her down, squatted over her to rim me and suck me. I fucked her mouth, I fucked her between her tits, I used her sexy hair wrapped around my cock to jack off in, I fucked that pussy everyway possible with my tongue, fingers, cock, and a bottle. I fucked that tight ass with my tongue finger, thumb and cock. I lost count at the times Laura came — I know she had at least 8-10 orgasms before I let her go. I wrote slut on her tits and “Bill property” on her ass with her red lipstick. I took pics of her like this. She had no idea, her hubby Ray would get to see them. Finally, I let her go, without a shower just barely in time to get her k**s and home before Ray arrived. I called Ray and told him I had spent the day using his slut wife and texted him some pics and video just before he left work. Ray drove home and she was in the shower trying to scrub all the lipstick away. Ray asked innocently, “hey baby, have you heard from Bill?”Laura from the shower, trying to turn so he did not see the writing on her ass or tits, putting lots of soap on those tits, ass against the wall said, “yes, he called this morning, he will be here in about a hour from now, about 6 or 7 PM” Ray says, “how about I jump in the shower with you Laura, I am horny?” he is grinning, “NO” I was working outside, got sweaty and nasty and you need to go check türbanlı hatay escort bayan on k**s, I have to hurry and start dinner for us.” “OK” says Ray, knowing his wife was nasty but not in the yard. He wondered then if Bill (me) might take her into the yard and fuck her worn body tonight?To end the day, I rode up on my bike. Hugged everyone in the family pulling Laura tighter and whispered, “thanks sexy cum slut” and she smiled as our eyes met. I knew she was very sore.I visited with them, talked with them and when Ray went to shower I asked her if she wanted to slip Ray a sleeping pill again as she did before. She said she should not, was sore and worn and going crazy inside. She would think about it. I think she just wanted to try to gain some control back. I told her, “my slut will come suck me tonight at midnight”Well, at midnight, laying on the sofa I heard the bedroom door open, I heard her walk to me, I knew Ray had acted like he took the drink with the sleeping pill as we had done before in her seduction. I knew he would be listening and maybe watching. He had asked about the yard.She got to me and started sucking me, when I touched her pussy and clit she was sore and sensitive. She wanted to suck me off. I let her. Then I told her tomorrow night, same time.Tomorrow night came, we had sneaked in a few kisses and touching during that day. The next night after she sucked me and began to ride me, I stopped her and took her outside in her yard. I fucked her on all fours doggy style outside their bedroom window. She was nervous. I knew Ray was watching.The third day I had her get a sitter and I said I was going riding while Ray worked. I told her to go buy new panties, bra and summer dress for me that buttoned in front. She did. I met her back at the house at 1 PM. We had a couple hours. Just enough time for me to take her rough again, I ripped her dress off her, face fucked her, threw her on the kitchen table where I made love to her before and pulled her panties to the side and rough fucked her. I then took a cooking knife and cut away the panties and bra. I put her collar on her and led her to the sofa and watched porn as she tongued my ass balls and sucked her hard again. Her mouth was tired. She was still sore but wet and dripping my cum from the table rough fuck. Then I stood over her, spanking her ass as I made her crawl into her bedroom, I lay down on Rays side of the bed and I told this woman I had had almost ****d taking her so forcefully an hour earlier, “crawl up here slave and fuck me on your marital bed in Ray’s spot” I KNEW she felt guilty, horrible in some ways, but her lust was too strong she licked my, sucked me I am sure with more enthusiasm that she ever sucked Ray and she then rode my cock and she cum so very hard as I gently fondled her tits this time. I kissed her tenderly and she just had time to hide her cloths, get k**s from sitter türbanlı escort hatay dropping them off and from school and start dinner for Ray and I. She was full of my cum.During the day I did find out a confession, I knew she had to confide her infidelity to someone, I learned it was her sister Rachelle. Rachelle was coming to visit in a few days and Laura thought I would be gone, wanted me to be gone. She was ashamed and horny. She did not give all the details to Rachelle, but Rachelle was coming to pray with her and help her as Rachelle now knew that Laura was involved with one of Rays friends that lives away.Well, I had saw pictures of Rachelle. I knew I wanted her, and I had a feeling that Rachelle and her daddy were extra close…. I would find that out too. I was going to stay a extra week at Rays invitation, I was going to keep fucking Laura and I was going to fuck Rachelle too if possible… The night before Rachelle arrived, I told Ray, “when you take that sleeping drink” really lay still, If you hear something happening in your bed, don’t turn over. He laughed. Said, yeah right.Well, Laura, as her usual slipped her hubby sleeping pills in a drink thinking he would be sound asleep as she come for her nightly cock fix from Bill. She really wanted it tonight, because Rachelle was coming the next day and she thought she would not get a chance to fuck me. But just before midnight, instead of her slipping out, I opened their door and walked over to the side of there bed. She was wide eyes and shaking her head NO terrified Ray would wake up. I grabbed her hair and rubbed my stiff cock on her face and lips until she opened her mouth. She was trying to suck and lick quietly. There was not room in the bed for all three. So just before I cum, I stepped back pulling her by her wrist and hair from her marital bed. I pushed her down on the floor and pushed her legs apart. She whispered, “NO, PLEASE NO” “RAY MAY WAKE UP, PLEASE MASTER, PLEASE NO” but I continued. I sucked her nipples, kissed her neck nicely as I played with her wet pussy and hard nipples. Soon I was eating her, she bit her lip to be still. I ate her pussy until she cum hard. I then crawled up and began fucking her, Laura came again around my cock making me shoot her full of my cum. Knowing her husband was in the bed beside us “sleeping” made me cum extra hard and I thrust harder into her, taking her breath. Laura cum again (the slut) which was awesome. I then kissed her easy, I stood like a king by their bed and pulling her into a sitting position by her hair,I told Laura to clean my cock. She glanced over at Ray, “sleeping” back to us and she cleaned my cock and balls good. Then I went back to the sofa and she crawled back into bed, sleeping by her husband full of my fresh cum. Laura wondered what she had become…she loved having me here…hated she had told Rachelle about the affair….Rachelle would be there in a few hours!Oh yeah, Ray’s MILF mother had come by that week one night for supper. I told Ray later, “dude, I want to fuck your mom?” Ray said he doubted it could be done. But her added, I had seduced his preachers daughter ultra conservative wife, so if I could do that, he said I just might be able to fuck his sister-in-law Rachelle and his mom too…either way, he wanted pics and video!

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