Married life by Lucy. part four..

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Married life by Lucy. part four..part four.After the birth of our son James we decided to have another baby so my story continues with me five & a half months pregnant. Money has become tight because there’s an overtime ban where John works & with me not working we needed some income to see us through the next few months. John came home after having a drink with friends. saying that he had a solution to our problem. A friend that he hadn’t seen for a long time was splitting up with his wife & needed somewhere to stay till he moved away. How long will he be here, I said. Two or three months he said. give it a try, so I agreed. That weekend Viv moved in, things went well he was helpful & quite funny. I felt a bit awkward at first because I always wore a short smock dress & when I was playing with James on the floor I showed a lot of leg & maybe knickers, but Viv joined in helping to play games with James & started getting on the floor to help. Well everything went well, then when John was on his week of nights something happened. It was Monday night John went to work on his motorbike leaving Viv & me watching tv. Well we sat there chatting, I could feel the baby moving & it was kicking. Ouch! I said. Are you alright Viv asked. I held my belly saying that he was kicking me, Viv said he had never felt a baby moving inside of someone’s belly. bursa escort I didn’t hesitate & told him to put his hand here, he moved closer putting his hand on top of my dress to feel, wow that’s feels strange. He then said it must feel different to have my hand on your skin. No! he said I shouldn’t have asked. I thought about it, I was wearing knickers they were white & not see through (I wasn’t wearing a bra) so I said it does feel better & you can see the baby moving to. As I lifted my dress over my large belly the baby moved look I said he’s moving. Viv put his hands on my belly & gently felt for movement as his hand circled the top of my belly his fingers touched the underside of my breasts. He kept doing this. It felt good so I rested back on the couch, Because I didn’t stop him he slipped his hand between my boobs then onto my breast, it sent a tingle through my body. Both of his hands were now caressing my breasts pulling & teasing my nipple’s, he leaned forward & kissed me putting his tongue into my mouth. I was really turned on & put my arms around his neck. As he kissed me his hand went over my belly down into my knickers his fingers slide through my pubes finding my clit, I gasped as he rubbed it, l started moving my hips in response to his fingers slipping into my pussy. He pulled my knickers down, as he slide onto bursa escort bayan the floor taking my right leg out of my knickers then lifting my leg into the couch spreading legs. Kneeling between my legs he looked over my naked body & said I wanted you the first time I saw you now I’ve going to have , what a great body you’ve got. I smiled at him as his head went down between my legs his tongue licked my clit making me squirm his fingers slipping into my pussy, I gripped his head and rubbed myself against his mouth, the more I moved the more his fingers & tongue worked in & out of my pussy. SUDDENLY I heard the back door open I pulled my dress down but my knickers were still around my left ankle, as Viv got up onto the couch in walked John, he stopped in shock at what was happening what the fucks going on John shouted, I started crying saying I was sorry Viv to was apologizing.( John is a very gentle man) John said I only came home because I didn’t have my sandwiches, if I hadn’t come back now you would have been fucking him. He didn’t know what to do he had to get back to work but didn’t want to leave me alone. I told him again that I was sorry I will go to bed you have to go back to work or you might lose your job. Yes he said he took me up to bed asking if I would be alright yes I will stay in bed & go to sleep.I heard him escort bursa go downstairs & shouted a Viv then he was gone riding his bike back to work.I lay there sobbing thinking of what had happened, then I heard Viv coming up stairs he went into his bedroom but the landing light was still on, a few minutes later he knocked on the door leave me alone I said but he opened the door the light gleaming in lighting up my bed. He asked if I was alright as he walked towards the bed. Don’t cry he said as he leaned over & wiped the tears from my eyes, kneeling on the floor he started to kiss my eyes then my face to my mouth, noI whispered but his hand was already pulling the covers back revealing my naked body his tongue went over my nipple’s as he sucked & licked them. He stood up & took off his clothes standing there In Front of me with his erect cock he said I want you & I’m not going till I have you. He knelt between my legs getting closer he rubbed his erect cock on my pussy, as he started to enter me I lifted my hips and he slid inside of me. He stayed up on his arms & thrusted into me more & more, I moaned loudly as I came he to jerked & pulsed his hot sperm inside of me. After, He lay next to me, holding me close telling me how beautiful I was & how he had enjoyed it. I got up and went to the bathroom & washed. When I got back he was laying there watching me walking naked to the bed, you had better go to your own room, soon he said.In the morning I felt a cold body against my hot body it was John as he put his arm around me he said we will talk later.TO BE CONTINUED!!

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